Monday, May 23, 2011

Trial of dad who killed his 3 kids delayed (Israel)

Somewhere, we have developed this myth that only killer moms play the mental illness card. Obviously, this is not true, as we can see from the case of dad ITAY BEN DROR.,7340,L-4072317,00.html

Trial of dad who killed his 3 kids delayed
Attorney of Itay Ben Dror, who is accused of stabbing his children to death, demands that court push hearing until client's psychiatric evaluation is completed. 'We all know he did it. Where's justice?' children's mother asks

Raanan Ben-Zur Published: 05.22.11, 19:20 / Israel News

The hearing of Itay Ben Dror, who is being tried for the murder of his three children, was postponed yet again Sunday, due to his lawyer's request to wait for the results of his client's psychiatric evaluation.

Ben Dror was expected to announce during the hearing whether he admits to the murder allegations. His attorney, Ran Alon, said that Ben Dror did not deny the charges pressed against him, except for some minor details.

He added that while he did not plan to use an insanity defense, "the district psychiatrist must address the fact that my client is suffering from a severe disorder."

The judges in the case attempted to dissuade Alon, arguing that the psychiatric evaluation results should be used after the defendant is convicted, during the argumentation of punishment stage. They eventually agreed to postpone the hearing until the results are submitted.

Lilach Shem Tov, the mother of the three children - Omer (10), Roni (8), and Or, (5) - who were stabbed to death last July, said after leaving the courtroom on Sunday: "We all know he did it. I want answers. Ten months have passed, the trial hasn't even begun yet. Where's the justice?"