Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mothers aren't kidnappers, they're victims deprived of their children (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Kudos to Haya Al-Manie for a very brave article. Mothers in the Mideast have almost no rights. And unfortunately, we seem to be seeing a worldwide race to the bottom on these issues thanks to a now international fathers rights movement.


Local Press: Mothers stealing own children

Published: Nov 30, 2010 23:36 Updated: Nov 30, 2010 23:36

FROM time to time, newspapers report stories about children who go missing.

Then days later, we hear reports of the child being found with his mother who “kidnapped” him before he is reunited with his father. These types of stories crop up from time to time.

The problem lies in the reason of why the mother kidnapped the child. I would not call it a kidnapping because the mother is not the criminal in this case, but the victim.

Yes, she is a victim when she is deprived of the right to see her children. The mother will do anything to see her children even if that means storming into schools with a machine gun, just like what one did recently in Hail.

This problem will not be solved by returning the child to his father. We need a system that gives rights to the mother enabling her to see her child and fulfill her duties.

Consideration of the children’s needs after a divorce is totally absent. This points to the urgent need of having a clear law that specifies the parents’ custody rights over their children after divorce. This law should consider the child first and foremost.

Depriving the mother of the right to see her child simply because she asked for a divorce totally goes against Islam.

I am sure the psychological condition of the child is a matter of concern and that he lives in fear of the father, especially if he has been taken away from his mother. It beggars belief that a mother took the extreme measure of storming into an elementary school with a machine gun to see her child.

This shows how desperate the mother is to see her child thanks to her ex-husband. Government agencies have a responsibility to protect the mother and the child.

Dad, girlfriend on trial for burning 10-year-old daughter (Corpus Christi, Texas)

Another case where a father (in this case PALANCO TATMAN) and his girlfriend are on trial for child abuse. Where is the mother of this child? Once again, we don't know if the mother is alive or dead. Whether dad had custody or just visitation. Logically, it would have to be one or the other. But we're not told how this poor girl came to live with these animals. There's just silence. Notice that the child went to CPS, and not to her mother.



Two on trial in burned child case
Girl suffered burns on more than 20 percent of body

By Mary Ann Cavazos
Posted November 30, 2010 at 3:02 p.m.

CORPUS CHRISTI — The father of a 10-year-old girl and his girlfriend are on trial this week related to allegations that they intentionally burned the girl with a scalding hot shower.

Palanco Tatman, 30, and Crystal Robinson, 27, each face seven felony counts of injury to a child.

The girl, who also was bruised and covered in blisters, was brought to Driscoll Children's Hospital on June 15. She was flown that same day to a specialized burn unit in Galveston for treatment of burns on more than 20 percent of her body.

The couple also are accused of waiting four days to seek medical treatment for the girl, who was later placed in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Dr. Carlos Jimenez, who helped treat the girl in Galveston, said her burns weren't consistent with the claim that she was accidentally burned because of the burn pattern. Jimenez said that instead it seemed the girl was held in scalding water that caused first, second-and third-degree burns that have left her disfigured.

Photos shown to the jury showed the girl's bloody and burned back along with the bruises on her body. Jimenez said the bruises the girl had weren't related to the scalding water and that it seemed odd that she told him she didn't remember how she was burned.

Candace Tovar, a social worker for the local hospital, said Tatman told her that the girl hadn't wanted to go to a hospital and that he tried to treat her himself with gauze and burn gel.

Tovar said Tatman also told her he hadn't known about his daughter's bruises and that she had told him she was fine.

The trial is being held in 214th District Judge Jose Longoria's court.

Dad in custody "argument" with mom sentenced to 50 years for murder of 3-year-old son (Baltimore, Maryland)

This is another case we first reported on a long time ago. Finally, dad STEPHEN NELSON has pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree murder in the death of his 3-year-old son. He will receive a maximum of 50 years in prison under his plea bargain. Dad had been hassling the mother over custody, and finally decided to assert HIS control by throwing their 3-year-old son off a bridge in February 2008. The boy's body wasn't found for another five months. Still another case where daddy wanting custody had nothing to do with parental love...and everything to do with evil spite and hurting the mother.


Father jailed for killing his three-year-old son by throwing him off a bridge
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 10:58 PM on 30th November 2010

A man who killed his 3-year-old son by throwing him off a bridge in Baltimore will receive a maximum of 50 years in prison under a plea bargain.

Stephen Nelson, 40, pleaded guilty today to second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death.

A judge rejected a plea deal yesterday under which Nelson would serve a maximum of 30years, calling that sentence too lenient.

The case was sent to a different judge for trial, and attorneys negotiated a deal with a 50-year sentencing cap.

Nelson acknowledged in court that he threw son Turner Nelson off the Francis Scott Key Bridge into the Patapsco River in February 2008.

The boy's body was found five months later.

Prosecutors said the man had been arguing with the boy's mother over a transfer of custody, and after killing his son, he tried to commit suicide by drinking cleaning chemicals.

Natisha Johnson, Turner's mother, said she is satisfied with the plea and it gives her closure.

Ms Johnson wept in court as Assistant State's Attorney Julie Drake read the facts of the case.

After throwing the boy from the bridge, Nelson called Ms Johnson and told her, 'I killed our son and it's all your fault. You're going to have to live with this in your heart.'

Robert Linthicum, one of Nelson's public defenders, said his client also did not want to go through the ordeal of a trial.

'It's a fair resolution to a difficult case,' Mr Linthicum said.

Attorneys for both sides downplayed the significance of the longer maximum sentence.
Ms Drake said her goal in pursuing the plea deal was to ensure that Nelson went to prison and not to a 'cushy mental hospital.'

As part of the deal, Nelson's attorneys withdrew a previous plea of not criminally responsible - the equivalent of an insanity defense.

The toddler's mother Natisha Johnson (left) said today that she is satisfied with the plea - her former partner Stephen Nelson (right) will be sentenced in January

'The primary concern was making sure that the defendant was held accountable for what he did, Ms Drake said.

She said she believed Nelson was criminally responsible for his actions but could not be certain that a jury would agree.

Attorneys revealed today that Nelson had suffered a stroke around the time that he killed his son.

Mr Linthicum said that was one of many mitigating factors the defense planned to present at sentencing, scheduled for January

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1334500/Father-receive-maximum-50-years-prison-throwing-3-year-old-son-bridge.html#ixzz16oHK0n8K

Dad held in "disappearance" of 5-year-old son during "scheduled" visit considers plea deal (Salem, Massachusetts)

We first reported on this case a long time ago. Now it appears that dad ERNESTO GONZALEZ is considering a plea agreement in the 2008 "disappearance" (presumed murder) of his 5-year-old son during"scheduled" (but not yet court-ordered) weekend visitation. A "formal" (court-ordered) agreement was apparently in the works at the time of the boy's "disappearance."

Notice that Daddy has a history of assault, that he has already confessed to the child's murder and dismemberment in a jailhouse interview, and that traces of the boy's blood were found in the father's apartment.

Why did this man have any visitation at all? Why would any court allow this man anywhere near a child, or even entertain the idea of granting him visitation? Still additional evidence of the influence of fathers rights-inspired "exaltation" over and beyond the father's actual merits as a parent or human being.


Man held in son’s disappearance reportedly considers a plea deal

By Maria Sacchetti
Globe Staff / November 27, 2010

The father of a missing East Boston boy is considering a plea agreement in connection with the child’s 2008 disappearance during a weekend visit in Lynn.

The development, disclosed this week in Essex Superior Court in Salem, could mark a significant shift in a case that has frustrated investigators since Giovanni Gonzalez, then 5, disappeared during a scheduled visit with his father, Ernesto Gonzalez, in Lynn.

In November 2008, Ernesto Gonzalez confessed in a jailhouse interview with the Globe that he stabbed the boy to death, dismembered his body, and disposed of the remains in trash bins throughout the city.

The 38-year-old former meatpacker has since pleaded not guilty to charges of parental kidnapping and misleading police and is being held without bail in Essex County Jail in Middleton.

Giovanni’s mother, Daisy Colon, urged authorities yesterday to fight a possible plea until Giovanni is found. She said a reward is still posted for the boy’s safe return.

“I still believe he’s alive,’’ she said in a telephone interview. “I’m not losing my faith that my son is alive.’’

Authorities conducted a massive search for the boy but found no trace of him.

In Essex Superior Court this week, Gonzalez’s defense attorney, Christopher Skinner, asked the judge for a conference on Dec. 29 to discuss a possible plea agreement, which was first reported by the Daily Item of Lynn. Skinner was unavailable for comment yesterday.

It is unclear whether the Essex district attorney’s office would support such a plea. Spokesman Stephen O’Connell would not comment on the matter yesterday, citing the ongoing investigation.
After the confession in 2008, authorities conducted new searches of Gonzalez’s apartment. Subsequent DNA testing found the boy’s blood in his father’s apartment in Lynn, on a red-handled knife, on a piece of wood flooring, on the bathroom threshold, and on the cap to a bottle of pine-scented cleaner.

Gonzalez had resumed weekend visits with Giovanni shortly before the boy disappeared. He had not been in his son’s life for a year because he and Colon differed over his approach to disciplining the boy. He and Colon had planned to work out a formal visitation agreement in court.
But that Sunday, Aug. 17, 2008, when Colon went to pick up Giovanni, Gonzalez denied having the boy that weekend.

Gonzalez was arrested after Colon showed police that they had been in touch by telephone, and later indicted on the current charges. Neighbors also said they saw Giovanni with his father that weekend.

For three months after his disappearance, Gonzalez refused to speak to investigators. Then, in November 2008, he unexpectedly confessed to a Globe reporter that his son had been behaving badly during the visit and that he lost control and killed him. Gonzalez said that he was regretful and that the stabbing just “happened.’’

Giovanni, who lived in East Boston with his mother and younger sister, has been described as an energetic boy who loved to play ball.

His mother dismissed the DNA test results that found Giovanni’s blood in his father’s apartment, saying that he often suffered cuts while playing. She said Giovanni had also suffered a nosebleed during a recent visit with his father.

Colon believed that she spotted her son in October 2008 walking down a Lynn street with a man. Police investigated the sighting, but did not find them.

Gonzalez had previous convictions in 2001 that included assault with a dangerous weapon, a knife.

He was deemed competent to stand trial in January 2010.

Dad charged with domestic assault, child neglect (Palmyra, Tennessee)

What a charming fellow. Dad BRIAN BRIC "allegedly" punched his wife in the face, then ran off in the rain, in 37 degree weather, with their 2-year-old daughter. When the little girl was retrieved an hour later, she was soaking wet and had no shoes.


Palmyra father charged with child neglect


Palmyra man was arrested after he allegedly punched his wife and ran away in the rain with their 2-year-old child.

Thursday, Brian Bric was arguing with his wife at a gas station on Cumberland Drive when he hit her in the face, causing a large cut to her forehead, according to a warrant signed by Officer Jason Hankins

After assaulting his wife, Bric took his daughter from the car and ran away with the child on foot, the warrant said.

It was 37 degrees outside and raining at the time. The child was found an hour later with her father a short distance from the scene of the argument.

She was not wearing shoes and was soaking wet from the rain, the warrant said.

Bric, 32, who gave a 4209 Tarsus Road address, was charged with domestic assault and child abuse/neglect. His bond was set at $11,000.

Dad charged with parental kidnapping; "positive outcome" for missing boys not anticipated (Morenci, Michigan)

Dad JOHN SKELTON is certainly more imaginative than a lot of abuser daddies who are separating from the mothers of their children. It's a rollicking good tale he's been spinning: how Daddy got sooooo depressed that he attempted to hang himself--but not before handing off the kids to some Woman of Mystery he met on the Internet.

Yup, too rollicking to be true. What it appears we have here is just another garden-variety abuser daddy who apparently killed his kids during his court-ordered visitation time. In other words, just another spiteful @$$shole intent on hurting his soon-to-be ex-wife for leaving his sorry butt.

A question that has yet to be answered: what Judge gave this "depressed" pathological liar (and probable killer) visitation rights and why?


Dad charged with kidnapping 3 missing sons
Police chief says mother's 'worst nightmare' may be realized

MORENCI, Mich. — The father of three missing Michigan boys has been charged with three counts of parental kidnapping, police said Tuesday.

Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks said John Skelton was arrested by FBI agents after he was released Tuesday from a medical facility in Lucas County, Ohio.

Earlier Tuesday, Weeks warned that the search for the boys is unlikely to end in a "positive outcome."

Tanner Skelton, 5, and his brothers Alexander, 7, and Andrew, 9, were last seen Thursday in the backyard of their father's southern Michigan home and authorities have said they believe they are in danger.

Skelton, 39, had been in an Ohio hospital since Friday, receiving treatment for "mental health issues" after telling police he tried to hang himself, police said.

Police have said they do not believe his claim that he gave his children to a woman — named in news reports as Joann Taylor — he said he had met online.

Weeks told reporters Tuesday that the authorities "do not anticipate a positive outcome" in the search for the children, based on information including statements made by their father.
Weeks declined to provide specifics.

"Because it's an ongoing and fluid situation, that information is not going to be made available to the public," Weeks said, according to a report in the Detroit Free Press.

He was asked how the boy's mother, Tayna Skelton, was coping with the situation. "Imagine your worst nightmare coming true. How would you respond?" he reportedly said.

Skelton was awarded custody after filing for divorce on Sept. 13 and reported the boys as missing Friday. They had been with their father as part of court-ordered visitation.

Crews have been searching areas in Michigan and along an Ohio highway where the FBI said Skelton's blue minivan had been seen Thursday or Friday.

Story: Missing Mich. boys' dad had lost job, custody

Ernie Allen, the president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which has sent search experts to help find the boys, told the Detroit Free Press said there was still hope of finding the children alive.

"What we know is that time is the enemy. The good news in this case is that response was swift," he told the paper.

Allen added that 60 percent of children in abduction cases were recovered safely. However he said abductors who kill children usually do so within three hours.

Superintendent Michael Osborne, of the boys' school Morenci Elementary, said many students and staff were preparing for the worst.

"This could be a very serious situation. We might find out the students have passed," he told the Free Press.

Authorities and volunteers searched Monday afternoon along busy U.S. 20 in northern Ohio highway for evidence of the boys. Cambridge Township fire chief Scott Damon said he had a crew searching east of Pioneer, Ohio, about 12 miles from the boys' home in Morenci.

"It's pretty flat land. We're just walking along," Damon said. "We're looking for any type of evidence. My group has not found anything."

About 50 people spent nearly three hours searching the Lazy River Resort Campground in Pioneer.

The owner, Doug Rowland, said he was told cell towers in the area carried calls from John Skelton's phone last week. The campground is closed, but some trailers are parked there for the winter.

"They looked in every nook and cranny," Rowland said. "They peered in windows of campers and checked doors to see if they were locked. I just feel bad. I wish they would find something so the mother could get some resolution. The search turned up empty."

Dad charged with raping daughter over 30 years (Santa Fe Province, Argentina)

Notice that this is the SECOND case like this to come out of Argentina in the past year. Makes you really wonder how many girls and women in this world are basically imprisoned and repeatedly raped like this woman was by her UNNAMED DAD. Especially in isolated, rural areas where it's hard to get help. Notice also that there is no mention of a mother in the home. As we know, the lack of a mother raises the likelihood of paternal sexual abuse significantly.


Argentinian incest case 'worse than Fritzl'
By Nick Olle in Buenos Aires, wires

Posted Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:53am AEDT

A 62-year-old Argentine man has been arrested for raping his daughter over a 30-year period and fathering 10 children with her.

The woman, who is now 43 years old and cannot be named, accuses her father of raping her since she was 13.

She says her 10 children were the product of this sexual abuse, all of which took place in the family home in Santa Fe Province, 600km north of the capital Buenos Aires.

The judge hearing the matter described the case as "far worse than what happened in Austria", a reference to Josef Fritzl who locked his daughter away for 24 years and fathered seven children with her.

The judge also says that while the accused is denying the charges, DNA tests prove paternity.

"The accused denied the allegations but DNA tests have confirmed paternity," Judge Virgilio Palud told local radio.

The man was charged with repeated sexual abuse and incest, crimes which carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, the judge said.

In the Argentine case, one of the 10 children born of the rapes has already died.

The victim, whose identity was not released, said she waited so long to accuse her father because he had threatened her. She got her chance when he was arrested for the theft of some livestock.

The case is the second such shocking father-daughter abuse to emerge in Argentina in as many years.

Last year, in the case of the "Monster of Mendoza" that gripped Argentina, a 67-year-old man was accused of raping and fathering seven children with one of his three daughters.

Teenage girlfriend accuses dad of beating 2-year-old son to death during his visitation (Staten Island, New York)

We started reporting on this case just recently. Now it seems that Daddy's teenage girlfriend is saying she didn't abuse her boyfriend's 2-year-old son and kill him. That Dad DARRELL TAYLOR had been beating him before he left the child with her and headed off to work. While these two accuse and counter-accuse each other, we avoid the real question: why should a father get child visitation if all he does is dump the kid off on somebody else (nearly always another woman, it seems)? Why not just leave the children with their mothers and let them stick to their usual routine? That way you avoid the girlfriend/caretaker-of-the-week syndrome.


Teen baby-sitter cuffed in death of Staten Island 2-year-old Josiah Taylor; dad may also be charged
BY Jonathan Lemire

Friday, November 26th 2010, 4:00 AM

The Staten Island teenager who was baby-sitting her boyfriend's 2-year-old son when he died was arrested Thursday - and the child's father also could face charges, police sources said.

Josiah Taylor stopped breathing Tuesday afternoon and could not be revived after he was taken from the Mosel Ave. home of Cynthia Dubois to Staten Island University Hospital North.

Dubois, 18, admitted she shook Josiah but claims she did so only after the child stopped breathing, police said.

The city medical examiner ruled Josiah's death a homicide. Dubois, who was initially arrested for endangering the welfare of a child, could face additional charges, the police sources said.

The autopsy also revealed that Josiah had suffered injuries over an extended period of time.

Dubois blamed the boy's father, her boyfriend, whom she claimed had been beating the child, the sources said. Police were questioning the dad, 28-year-old Darrell Taylor, late yesterday.

Taylor told cops he was at work when the toddler lost consciousness, but investigators are trying to determine whether he - or another adult - previously injured the child, the sources said.

Dubois is to be arraigned today in Staten Island Criminal Court.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2010/11/26/2010-11-26_teen_babysitter_cuffed_in_death_of_si_tot_2.html#ixzz16naYCbp2

"Devoted" dad with "sole custody" accused of murdering daughter's mother--in front of the daughter (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

This is getting so old. All the damn social workers who claim that some father who later "allegedly" murdered somebody was really "caring and devoted." Sorry for sounding flippant, but you could almost turn this into a drinking game. Every time you hear an idiotic CPS representative, social worker, court whore/ shrink, or GAL insist that a killer dad was really a "nice" or "loving" or "caring" or "devoted" father, you take another swig. Wouldn't take long to get truly wasted, I'm afraid.

Take a double swig when the accused daddy killer was CUSTODIAL. And that is the case with dad WILLIAM MAWHINNEY. Dad is now on trial for murdering his daughter's mother by drowning her in her own bathtub--AND IN FRONT OF THEIR DAUGHTER. This was back in 1995. (Yes, the wheels of justice roll slowly.) This is the same man who took "full custody" because of Mom's alleged alcohol "problems". Can't help but wonder how real or extensive these "problems" really were apart from self-medication to deal with Daddy's abuse, but that's not addressed here.

Of course Daddy is denying that the daughter ever saw anything of the kind. I'm sure if Mom were alive and this were a case of an alleged attempted murder, he'd be accusing Mom of parental alienation syndrome (PAS). But given how sloppy PAS diagnoses have become, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if even dead people are now being accused of being PAS perpetrators. Of course, there is also the minor issue of a later, now "estranged" wife being told about the murder, too. Presumably by Daddy. Maybe she has PAS as well! Got to watch out for dead ex's, you know. All kinds of amazing PAS powers--even from the grave....


Man accused of drowning partner ‘is a devoted dad’

By Deborah McAleese
Friday, 26 November 2010

A man who allegedly murdered his partner in front of their daughter by drowning her in the bath, was a caring and devoted father, a social worker has told a court.

Linda Wisener, a social worker with the Northern Health and Social Care Trust, told Belfast Crown Court yesterday that murder accused William Mawhinney had a very “loving and affectionate” relationship with his two daughters, who he had sole custody of because of his partner’s problems with alcohol.

His partner Lorraine Mills (35) was discovered drowned in the bath at his Ballymena home on May 28, 1995. His daughter Kelly, now 22, alleged that she saw him drown her.

Mawhinney (51) was living at Staffa Road in Ballymena at the time of Ms Mills’ death. Although Ms Mills had moved into her own flat in the town she was often at Mawhinney’s house.

An earlier court hearing also heard that several years after Ms Mills’ death Mawhinney coldly confessed to his estranged English wife that he had drowned his first partner and later boasted that he had “committed the perfect murder”.

Yesterday Mawhinney, who has an address at Highfield Road, March, in Cambridgeshire, bowed his head and rubbed his face as Ms Wisener described how he had been a very committed father to his daughters.

The social worker said that before their mother’s death the children were on the child protection register because of her alcohol abuse problems. Mawhinney took over full custody of the children to ensure that they were not put into care.

“I felt he presented as a very caring and committed father to his two daughters,” Ms Wisener said.

She added that Mawhinney was keen that Ms Mills would have contact with their children.

Mawhinney has denied killing Ms Mills and recently told the court that he cannot understand how his daughter Kelly “witnessed anything that never took place.”

The case will resume on Monday when prosecution and defence barristers will make their final submissions to the court.

Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/man-accused-of-drowning-partner-lsquois-a-devoted-dadrsquo-15014067.html#ixzz16nRkAhvX

Dad arrested on murder charges after 5-year-old daughter dies at hospital (Riverside, California)

Dad ANGEL GARCIA III has been arrested on child abuse and murder charges after his 5-year-old daughter died in the hospital after being seriously injured earlier in the day.

Note that there is mention of a step who has been arrested as an accessory. And that both the dad and the step are referred to as the "parents." Nice trick. Manages to effectively erase the fact that this little girl--at least at one time--must have had a mother. So what happened to her? Is she dead, alive? Did Dad have custody? Or just visitation rights? At minimum, we know it has to be one or the other. Yet the fact that this must be a custody and/or visitation-related murder isn't acknowledged in the slightest. The public can't be made aware of a growing problem if the problem's existence is continually denied or covered up.



Man Arrested For Child Abuse After 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Death
November 26, 2010 8:11 AM

RIVERSIDE (AP) — A Riverside County man has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse and murder after his 5-year-old daughter died at a hospital.

A sheriff’s statement says deputies were called to a hospital Tuesday to investigate the death of the girl, who suffered a serious injury earlier in the day.

Authorities say the parents did not seek medical help. Authorities didn’t immediately say how she got to the hospital.

An autopsy Wednesday concluded that the girl had been physically abused and sheriff’s investigators arrested her father, 22-year-old Angel Garcia III of Moreno Valley, on suspicion of child abuse and murder. The girl’s stepmother, 23-year-old Yadira Onofre, was booked on suspicion of abuse and being an accessory to murder.

Both remained jailed Friday.

Dad charged with abusing 9-year-old son (Clarksville, Tennessee)

While dad JOHN RICHARD BARKLEY JR. was "allegedly" dragging his 9-year-old son away from the dinner table by hair on his head, where was Mom? There is no mention. Is this a single dad? Though it's not unheard of for moms to abuse their children in this way, this aggressive show of strength is more typical of dads and other male "caretakers."



Clarksville father charged with child abuse
By TAVIA D. GREEN • The Leaf-Chronicle • November 24, 2010

A Clarksville father was arrested after he allegedly injured his 9-year-old by dragging him by his hair, according to a Clarksville Police report.

At 9:15 p.m. Tuesday the 9-year-old son of John Barkey, Jr., reported his father grabbed him by the back of the neck while he was sitting at the dinner table and dragged him out of his chair and away from table, according to a Clarksville Police report.

The boy was pinned to the ground in the kitchen and then dragged back to the table by his hair, the report said.

The police did observe visible signs of injury on the boy, the report said.

John Richard Barkey Jr., 34, who gave a 324 Bancroft Court address, was charged with one count of a child abuse/neglect. His bond was set at $9,000. He bonded out today.

Dad arrested on 1st-degree murder charges in death of 2-month-old daughter (Brunswick, Virginia)

Dad JASON AUGUST ZIRINSKY has been arrested on 1st-degree murder charges in the death of his 2-month-old daughter. The baby died from multiple traumatic injuries. Notice that there is no mention of the baby's mother. Was Dad babysitting? Was Mom working? There's no explanation.



Brunswick father arrested in baby's death
November 29, 2010 - 6:18pm

The father of an infant girl discovered dead in Brunswick has been arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder and child abuse, the Frederick County Sheriff's Office says.

Sheriff's deputies and Brunswick police officers arrested Jason August Zirinsky, 25, of Brunswick Monday at 415 W. Potomac St. in connection with the death of his 2-month-old daughter, Lexi Regina Zirinsky, Capt. Tim Clarke says in a news release.

His arrest came after the State Medical Examiner's Office in Baltimore classified the infant's manner of death as homicide and the cause of death from multiple traumatic injuries.

While responding to central booking, Zirinsky complained of chest pains and was taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital, where he is in custody awaiting treatment.

Brunswick Police were called to the residence on West Potomac Street at about 7 a.m. Sunday about a baby girl who was unresponsive. The infant was deceased when officers arrived, the Brunswick Police Department says.

Dad left alone with 4-month-old daughter for first time--and within 12 hours she's dead of blunt force trauma (Houston, Texas)

Mom had to go back to work, so FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, dad INIUBONG EFFIONG EBONG was enlisted to be the caretaker. Seems Daddy couldn't even get through 12 hours of infant caretaking before he hit their 5-month-old daughter in the abdomen for crying (which he has admitted to the police to doing), causing her to die from the effects of blunt force trauma. Of course, he never bothered to contact a hospital or the mother. The mother came home to find the dead baby laying on Daddy while he was "nodded off" on the couch. Of course, he lied to the mother about what happened.


Father held in daughter's death
Mother called to home and finds the 5-month-old limp, not breathing

Nov. 29, 2010, 11:04PM

Indya Ebong was happy, smiling and healthy when she awoke shortly before 5 a.m. Friday as her mother changed her diaper. The 5-month-old girl was, as always, joyful — despite the early hour.

"I said, 'Indya, it is too early in the morning for you to be smiling,' " her mother, Laquisha Downs, 26, recalled fondly on Monday. "She was just the sweetest baby — she would just laugh."

Downs went to work before sunrise, leaving the baby in the care of the little girl's father, Iniubong Effiong Ebong, 31, a Lamar University student, at her west Houston apartment. It was the first time the Beaumont man had been left alone to care for his infant daughter. Little more than 12 hours later, little Indya was dead, a victim of severe blunt trauma to the abdomen, an autopsy later revealed. Her death was ruled a homicide.

Houston homicide investigators say Iniubong Ebong admitted to them that he used his hand to strike his infant daughter on the abdomen when she would not stop crying Friday. But Downs said Ebong told her a different story, saying he had accidentally dropped the baby.

No history of abuse
Iniubong Ebong remains in the Harris County Jail with bail set at $200,000, charged with injury to a child causing serious bodily injury. Downs said she and her entire family are in shock.

"Everyone is heartbroken and trying to figure out what actually happened and why," Downs said Monday. "Me and my family, we're all shocked that this could have happened because he's so overprotective."

Downs said she has never seen Ebong mistreat their infant daughter or her other child, a 5-year-old girl, who also was in the apartment in the 2100 block of South Kirkwood when the baby was injured Friday. Child Protective Services has no history of ever investigating either parent, said spokeswoman Estella Olguin.

"I didn't know the importance of it because he never said, 'I accidentally dropped her,' " Downs said Monday. "He never told me that part. He just said she was sick, and he thought she needed to go to the hospital."

Mom tried CPR
Downs said she arrived home a short time later to find Ebong had "nodded off" on the couch while holding their infant daughter in his arms. She said the baby appeared to be sleeping with a pacifier in her mouth. But Downs soon realized the infant was limp and wasn't breathing.

After Downs attempted CPR on the baby, Ebong drove them to West Houston Medical Center.

"He was nervous and crying and saying he was sorry, he was sorry, he should have taken her to the hospital when he texted me," Downs recalled.

The family arrived at the hospital at 5:45 p.m. Friday, and baby Indya was pronounced dead at 6 p.m. Doctors told CPS caseworkers that it appeared she had been dead for several hours, Olguin said.

The baby had some bruising on the upper center of her front torso, and her abdomen seemed distended, but she had no apparent fractures, Olguin said.

Downs said she was at work Friday when Ebong sent a text message to her cell phone telling her the baby had not been eating that day and needed to go to the hospital.

Downs said she was driving to Louisiana with her 5-year-old daughter to make funeral arrangements around 7 p.m. Saturday when Ebong called her and told her he had dropped the baby.

"He called me and he let me know he didn't tell me he dropped her because he thought it was something that he could handle himself, and he was sorry," Downs recalled. "And he kept apologizing. And I was like, 'OK, so why didn't you say anything?' And he said he just thought it was something he could take care of, he didn't think it was really serious. He never admitted to me that he hit her."

"He called me and he let me know he didn't tell me he dropped her because he thought it was something that he could handle himself, and he was sorry," Downs recalled. "And he kept apologizing. And I was like, 'OK, so why didn't you say anything?' And he said he just thought it was something he could take care of, he didn't think it was really serious. He never admitted to me that he hit her."

Downs later learned from media reports that Houston police said Ebong confessed to investigators that he hit the baby. She said she is reserving judgment until she can talk to him herself about what happened.

On dean's list
She said Ebong moved to Beaumont to attend Lamar University, where he is pursuing a degree in electrical engineering. Earlier this year, he earned a spot on the university's President's List for achieving a perfect 4.0 grade point average. He also works as a math tutor for college students, Downs said.

Public records show he previously lived in the Fort Bend County town of Fresno, where his family has lived for at least 12 years and his sister still resides. But his parents are now in Nigeria, Downs said.

Houston homicide investigators working the case could not be reached for comment Monday. CPS caseworkers likely will try to interview the baby's 5-year-old sister at a later date to see if she witnessed anything, Olguin said.

Dad who pleads guilty to killing 4-month-old son gets just 3 1/2 years in jail (Plymouth, England, United Kingdom)

Dad GRAME DRAPER has confessed to killing his 4-month-old son in a "moment of madness." For pleading guilty to manslaughter charges--but not to murder--he will get just 3 1/2 years in prison. The mother is outraged--as she has every right to be. Note that Daddy has a history of assault.


Father who killed his baby son jailed for three and a half years

A FATHER who killed his baby son has been jailed for three and a half years after admitting a 'moment of madness'.

Graeme Draper, pictured right, aged 26, pleaded guilty to manslaughter, admitting at Truro Crown Court that he forcibly dropped his four-month-old son Kodi Martin into a baby bouncer on November 1 last year.

Draper, of Beaumont Road, St Judes, denied murdering the baby and the Crown Prosecution Service accepted his guilty plea to the lesser charge.

Kodi was flown by helicopter from Derriford Hospital to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol, where he died on November 24, the life support machine having been turned off after three weeks of intensive treatment.

Mr Justice Royce said Kodi suffered from a 'classic shaken baby' injury. He noted how there was an earlier incident, on October 25, when Kodi went stiff and acted 'as though he was not there' when taken out of the bouncer by Draper.

He said: "On November 1, when you were left in charge of the baby for a few minutes while your partner, Tammy Martin, went to a shop, it is apparent you were in a bad temper and, as you ultimately admitted, you had a mad couple of minutes.

"You told the police you had thrown Kodi into a baby bouncer before picking him up again.

"I have to take into account your knowledge of the previous incident.

"In my judgment, that is an aggravating feature in this case", he said.

Apart from a warning for common assault in 2000, Draper was of previous good character.
Mr Justice Royce said: "I accept you are remorseful and you will have to bear the burden of knowing you killed your son for the rest of your life. You did not intend to cause your son really serious harm or to kill him; that is accepted by the prosecution."

In mitigation, Geoffrey Mercer QC said Draper was considered a 'pleasant, friendly polite young man' and this incident was out of character.

He added: "It happened in a few moments of frustration and temper and his remorse is genuine and very deep."

Kodi's mother, Tammy Martin, expressed her anger at both the sentence and how it came about.
She said: "I am extremely angry the Crown Prosecution Service did not inform me the sentencing was going ahead yesterday.

"The three-and-a-half-year sentence will never make up for the loss of Kodi, who we miss very much.

"I would like to thank the police, social workers and other agencies for their support during this difficult last year.

"I wish to be able to try and build a normal life with my other son and move on."

Family friend and former councillor Mark King was with Kodi when he passed away.

"Kodi died in my arms, and to see a very young life pass away for no reason is one of the most difficult, horrible and upsetting things I have ever had to see", he said. "The three-and-half year sentence is an insult to Kodi's short life."

Detective Sergeant Steve Foale, lead investigator in the case, said: "There are only losers in this sentencing today. The mother has lost a son, a brother has lost a playmate and Graeme Draper has lost his liberty.

"This was a detailed and lengthy investigation involving police and social services and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved.

"There were no winners here today but, due to the diligent work of those involved, Draper has been made accountable for his actions.

"Social services and the police will continue to monitor Draper following his release to ensure he will not pose a risk to any other child", he said.

"Hopefully, the Martin family can begin to look to the future."

He said the case highlighted the lethal dangers of losing control when caring for a young baby.

"As a parent myself, I – and I think many other parents – understand and recognise the incredible stresses you can go through when looking after young children.

"While Draper claimed he suffered a 'moment of madness', this case clearly shows what happens when you have such a loss of control and a loss of judgment.

"Whereas many other parents would walk out of the room and return in better control of their emotions, the death of Kodi Martin highlights the tragic result when you lose such control of yourself while in the care of a vulnerable and fragile baby."

Dad and "roommate" "allegedly" break into home, kidnap child, shoot mother; yet dad only charged with being "disorderly" (Janesville, Wisconsin)

More information on the case posted directly below.

This is making less and less sense. Why is Daddy's "roommate" taking the hit here? If the whole point behind this home invasion was dad JOHN TEK's "custody battle" --in reality, a vicious attempt to eliminate this child's mother (who is NEVER identified as the mother, but only as a "woman") and obtain full control of "his" child (but not "her" child?)--then why is Daddy looking at nothing but disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing charges? What interest would the "roommate" have in shooting Daddy's ex--especially if he's just a "roommate"? And are you going to try to tell me that Daddy was just an innocent bystander in all this while two people were shot? Don't think so. The "roommate" looks like nothing more than the muscle guy who was brought along at Daddy's behest, to do a job. So why is Tek not looking at felony kidnapping and attempted murder charges when it seems clear that his child custody "agenda" was behind all this? Why are the police kissing up to this guy? A little fathers rights movement influence here?


Janesville man arrested in child custody shooting

Posted: Nov 26, 2010 9:47 AM ESTUpdated: Nov 26, 2010 9:47 AM EST

JANESVILLE (WREX) - A Janesville man faces attempted homicide charges after firing several shots at people inside a home during a custody battle.

Samuel Morrow, 25, is charged with two counts of attempted first degree intentional homicide. Police say Morrow went with his roommate, John Tek, to 407 South High Street to take custody of Tek's child from a woman at the home.

Police say the two men went into the home without permission and got into an argument with a man inside the home. Tek left the home with his child, but before Morrow left the home he's accused of firing several shots through the front door. Those shots hit Eileen Than in the head and Robert Bowman in the back. Both victims remain in critical condition.

Tek, 27, is charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.

Dad abducts 3-year-old child, after critically wounding the mother (Janesville, Wisconsin)

I'm still catching up from last week, so this is a story I am just now following up on now.

There is something very peculiar going on in Janesville. If you read this account carefully, it is clear that what happened here is that dad JOHN TEK broke into his ex-girlfriend's house, and brought along his buddy as the gun-toting strong man. Two people, including the ex-girlfriend, were critically shot. Police don't seem to be sure who actually did the shooting (they suspect it was the buddy), but it seems to me that the whole incident had to have been orchestrated by the father, so ultimately the responsibility has to rest with him.

Now it appears that all this was a set up to kidnap/abduct this woman's child--though the fact that the injured woman is apparently the child's mother (and Tek the apparent father) is not spelled out very clearly at all. And I'm not sure why. Is it now taboo to simply state that the child's mother was nearly killed by the child's father?

And what in the world is this crap? The child went "willingly"?! What the hell does "willingly" mean in this context, when you're mother was nearly shot to death--either by your daddy or daddy's "friend"? And what does this reporter mean about "no force" being involved? Two people we're critically shot in this child's home!

Make no bones about it. This is a case of attempted murder and felony kidnapping--despite all the efforts to minimize or confuse what took place here.


Two critical in Janesville shooting
Friday, Nov. 26, 2010

JANESVILLE — Two Janesville men were in custody after a Thanksgiving Day shooting that left two people in critical condition, Janesville police reported.

At 6:20 p.m., Janesville authorities responded to a report of a shooting at 407 S. High St., across the street from Fourth Ward Park, according to a news release from the Janesville Police Department.

Officers secured the scene and began CPR on one of the victims until paramedics took over.

The two victims were transported to Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center in Janesville.

One of the shooting suspects, John Tek, 27, Janesville, was in custody shortly after the incident. Police found him at his home on Park Street, near the site of the shooting, Deputy Police Chief John Olson said.

One of the victims is Tek’s ex-girlfriend, Olson said.

A 3-year-old child left the house with Tek, Olson said. There was no indication that Tek used force; the child went willingly with him, Olson said.

Later in the evening three children were seen leaving the home on High Street with an adult, according to WISC-TV Channel 3.

The other suspect in the incident, Samuel A. Morrow, 25, Janesville, left the area in a dark-colored Dodge Durango, according to the news release.

Just after 10 p.m., a Janesville Police officer spotted Morrow’s Durango in the parking lot behind Wilson Elementary School, 465 Rockport Road, Janesville.

Morrow was taken into custody without incident, Olson said.

Police think Morrow was the shooter, Olson said, but police did not list specific charges in the arrests.

Police continue to investigate.

Dad murders mom, abandons infant in car (Delano, California)

This is unbelievably badly written. Almost a parody of all the worst tendencies in domestic violence reporting.

We start with a ridiculous headline based on a ridiculous claim that is made with no evidence, that "the couple" in fact "left" this baby in the car before both inexplicably died in what is labeled a murder-suicide.

First, notice the complete lack of agency here. It's as if they had been randomly hit by a meteor and just happened to die. What is not in fact made explicit till you read further is that dad VICTOR MOTA murdered the mother of their child, then offed himself.

Second, given that we had a killer and a victim who lost her life, where is the "we" that "left" this infant behind? Do we think Mom consented to be being murdered, that she consented to "leaving" her baby behind? Would it not be more accurate to say that this killer in fact ABANDONED a living infant at a murder scene by killing the baby's mother?

And third, what is this crap about a "troubled relationship"? The murder of a mother and the abandonment of a helpless infant at the murder scene is not a symptom of a "troubled relationship." It's a vicious and inexcusable crime.


Couple leaves infant in car during apparent murder-suicide
Submitted by Cory Smith, Web producer
Monday, November 29th, 5:38 pm

A Delano couple is dead in an apparent murder-suicide.

A passerby found the man and woman shot dead in a car on Thanksgiving evening in an orchard near Road 148 and County Line Road. The Tulare County Sheriff's Office suspects 19-year-old Victor Mota shot his girlfriend, 23-year-old Vanessa Majarro, and then turned the gun on himself.

The couple left their infant alive in the car, according to the sheriff's office.

Investigators said the couple had a troubled relationship, but no other details were released about the events that led to the shootings.

The couple were likely in the car for several hours before their bodies were discovered, according to the sheriff's office.

Deputies: 11-year-old daughter witnessed dad kill mom, grandfather (Stone Island, Florida)

Unbelievably revolting what dad CARLOS NEGRON has done to his family. He shot and killed his wife, who was in the process of divorcing him, and his father-in-law. And all in front of their 11-year-old daughter--another act of unbelievable cruelty. Then the coward offed himself.


Deputies: 11-year-old witnessed father kill mother, grandfather and himself near Deltona
Carlos Negron had a previous domestic-violence arrest for allegedly battering his wife, Lara Negron.
November 29, 2010By Gary Taylor and Walter Pacheco, Orlando Sentinel

STONE ISLAND – The shots that rang out in this quiet Southeast Volusia County neighborhood Monday morning didn't just leave three people dead. They shattered the life of an 11-year-old girl who watched in horror as her father killed her mother and grandfather and then turned the gun on himself.

Adrianna Negron ran from the house and sought help from a neighbor who, along with a woman walking her dog, dialed 911 to report the shooting. That was just before 8:15 a.m. Minutes later, deputies arrived to find three bodies on the back porch of the home in the 400 block of Sunset Road, on the north shore of Lake Monroe.

Deputies identified the gunman as 39-year-old Carlos Negron and the victims as Philip T. Spinney, 73, and his daughter, Lara Negron, 41. A gun was found near Carlos Negron's body, Sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson said.

To experience such a loss would be devastating for any child, but for Adrianna, it is much worse because she witnessed it, said Elizabeth R. Hollingsworth, a licensed mental health counselor at the Hollingsworth Counseling Center in Orlando.

"The initial reaction is shock. At first it may not even seem real," said Hollingsworth, adding that the child's feelings toward her father before the shooting will play into how she reacts. "It's hard for an 11-year-old to comprehend. It's so imperative that the child get therapy from someone who specializes in both children and trauma."

Hollingsworth and other experts say the experience will change the way Adrianna thinks about human beings, about mankind and even about the safety of the world.

"This is a major tragedy for this child," said John Harrell, a spokesman with the state Department of Children and Families. "Our priority is to connect the child with counseling services as soon as possible. We will evaluate the counseling and therapy she will receive over an ongoing period of time. We will try to help relieve the pain this child might be feeling."

Harrell could not disclose if DCF had previous investigations involving the child or the Negrons. He said DCF will try to find a suitable relative with whom to place the girl. Officials must make sure that the home is safe and that the relatives are qualified to take care of the girl, he said.

Investigators said the Negrons were separated and in the process of divorcing. Lara Negron and Adrianna were living with Spinney at his Stone Island home. She and Carlos Negron married in Seminole County in 1999, court records show.

Spinney was a "nationally known" commercial real estate broker, said Steven Moreira, president and principal broker at Magic Properties & Investments Inc. in Longwood.

"Phil and I have been together for 15 years," Moreira said. "He has been my commercial real estate broker for 12 years."

Everyone in his office "is still in a state of shock," he said.

Spinney had a liver transplant nine years ago and lived every day as if it was his last, Moreira said.

"He was a religious man. He was a man of faith and principals," Moreira said. "He was not afraid to die. He was more worried about the safety of his daughter and his granddaughter."

As revolting as Negron's actions were, they didn't take place in a vacuum. They didn't come out of the blue or without warning. Thanks to my buddy Annie's skill in ferreting out legal records, we can see that this guy had an extensive record of domestic violence going back for nearly a decade--and probably further back than that. Notice that Negron was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor battery/domestic violence in 2001, but the charge was dropped. Typical for the state of Florida. Go easy on batterers--that way they know they will never be held accountable for their actions.


Detailed Information for Case 592001MM007280A
Case Number:
Defendant Name: CARLOS NEGRON
DOB: 01/1971

07/10/2001 MNFD MINUTES
07/10/2001 CH00 BATTERY
07/09/2001 BDDC BOND DISCHARGED #2044302
07/09/2001 NINF NO INFORMATION FILED 07/09/2001
06/26/2001 BNNO POWER NUMBER 2044302
06/26/2001 BDSL BOND SLIP CA $2000.00
06/25/2001 ARSC ARRAIGNMENT SET 07/10/2001 0900AM
06/25/2001 BDBD SET BONDSMAN $2000.00
06/25/2001 MNFD MINUTES
06/25/2001 FREE ARRAIGNMENT ON 07/10/2001; CTRM F ; 0900AM
06/25/2001 FREE BOND SET IN THE AMOUNT OF 2000.00
06/25/2001 FIAP FIRST APPEARANCE SET 06/25/2001 0130PM
06/25/2001 ATFD ARREST REPORT 06/24/2001

Monday, November 29, 2010

Deadbeat custodial dad seeks child support from working mom with 3 other children (St. Sauveur, Canada)

The fathers rights people are always lecturing us on deadbeat, mooching moms. Now that daddies are getting custody more and more, it seems we're seeing an explosion of deadbeat dads looking for handouts--sometimes from the government, sometimes from working moms who make, on average, much less than working dads--when the dads bother to work. Not that "equal" custodial rights for fathers will end job discrimination against women, mind you.


Single mom facing child-support squeeze

Sheila Gauthier supports three teenagers on a job paying $11.20 an hour, and might have to pay her former partner child support.
Updated: Mon Nov. 22 2010 9:37:06 PM


ST. SAUVEUR — The boyfriend of a single mother making just over $11 per hour is seeking child support, not because he wants to, but due to a welfare stipulation.

Sheila Gauthier, who supports three teenagers on the money she earns as a cashier at a Jean Coutu pharmacy in St. Sauveur, north of Montreal, said she was surprised to learn her former partner was seeking child support for one of their children, who lives with him.

"I said, 'Why are you doing this to me?' He said, ‘It's not me, but I'm getting letters from the government saying they're going to cut off my cheque... what am I going to live on?'" said Gauthier.

On and off welfare herself for several years, Gauthier's ex is unable to work and sought social assistance.

Under Quebec regulations, welfare is considered a last-resort form of financial aid, and anyone who seeks it must first look for other sources of income, including child support.

Gauthier's ex-boyfriend, who preferred not to be interviewed, told CTV Montreal he does not want to seek money from his former partner.

Both parties are due in court for a decision at the end of January.

"I have three children under my care, he has one, and I make $11.20 an hour. How can I pay child support?" said Gauthier, who is now on stress leave from her job.

"During all this process, all the stress, all the money, I had to spend to prove my point... I'm here today, off work," she said.

Family lawyer Maria Battaglia said the case is using up legal resources, all for the sake of about $60 per month.

"One has to do that math and ask; what are we doing here? This woman has, from what I understand, just gotten herself off welfare. Do we want to discourage her from working or do we have a system that encourages work?" said Battaglia.

Dad charged in death of 9-month-old son's death; baby died during dad's holiday visitation (Oakland, Tennessee)

Notice that once again, we have a case of a baby that was clearly killed during child visitation--this time during Daddy's Christmas visitation last year. Dad SEAN LEIFER has now been charged in the murder of his 9-month-old son. I wonder if he had a history of violence or child abuse--and managed to get child visitation with an infant and two other kids anyway.


Father Charged in 9-Month Old Baby’s Death
Updated: Wednesday, 24 Nov 2010, 8:19 PM CST
Published : Wednesday, 24 Nov 2010, 8:19 PM CST

OAKLAND, Tenn. - An Oakland father has been charged with killing his nine month old son.

Sean Leifer has been charged with the 2009 murder of 9-month old Gage.

Cops say Sean choked Gage to death last Christmas. The child and two of his siblings were staying with Sean during the holidays.

Sean is charged with first degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

Dad charged after baby hospitalized with severe head injuries (Eau Claire, Wisconsin)

So far, it's an UNNAMED DAD in this case.


Baby not breathing; father charged
Posted: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 11:00 pm

By Leader-Telegram staff Leader-Telegram

An Eau Claire man was arrested for child abuse after emergency medical technicians resuscitated his 5-month-old daughter early Wednesday.

The girl was in critical condition with severe head injuries at Children's Hospital in St. Paul, according to an Eau Claire police news release.

2-year-old boy dies during visitation with dad--after he leaves him with girlfriend to watch (Staten Island, New York)

Was last week Bad Girlfriend Week or what?

This is the third cases I've posted today about a child who died during his father's visitation--after Daddy dumped the caregiving responsibilities onto his latest pissy and resentful girlfriend. So far, it's an UNNAMED DAD.

If you can keep an abusive boyfriend out of the home, babies are overwhelmingly the safest--statistically speaking--when they are with their mothers. Period. Not Daddy. And not Daddy's new Gal Pal.


Boy’s Death on Staten Island Is Ruled a Homicide
Published: November 24, 2010

The death of a 2-year-old boy on Staten Island was ruled a homicide on Wednesday.

The boy, Josiah Taylor, died of battered child syndrome on Tuesday, the city medical examiner’s office determined. He had injuries in various states of healing, indicating they had occurred over time, said Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the office.

The boy lived with his mother in the Bronx, but his 28-year-old father was caring for him on Tuesday, the police said. The father left Josiah with his 18-year-old girlfriend at her Staten Island residence on Tuesday while he went to work, the police said. She called 911 when she found the child unconscious. Josiah was pronounced dead at Staten Island University Hospital, North Site.

The police did not release the names of the father and girlfriend because the investigation was continuing and no charges had been filed.

The girlfriend was questioned in the boy’s death on Wednesday night, the police said. A man who answered the telephone at her home, just north of the Staten Island Expressway, declined to comment.

A law enforcement official said the girlfriend indicated she had shaken the child because he was unresponsive.

A spokesman for the Administration for Children’s Services said the agency was also investigating Josiah’s death.

2-year-old boy dies of methadone overdose while visiting dad; girlfriend charged with aggravated manslaughter (Jacksonville, Florida)

Honestly, what's the point of granting Daddy visitation--either "voluntarily" or through the courts--when he just hands the kid over to his new gal pal to take care of? And what a track record this woman has. Believe me, had this been Mom's boyfriend, all we'd be hearing is what a useless slut the mom was for "letting" this happen. But the fact that Daddy ERNEST WRIGHT dumped the child with the girlfriend as a free babysitter--apparently since the baby was just 3 months old--will get a pass. Just watch. And besides, 3-month-old infants don't need to be passed back and forth like stolen goods in so-called "shared" parenting situations. If Daddy couldn't even bother to stick with Mom for that long, the child doesn't even know the father. And there is ZERO evidence to show that children that age get any benefit from visitation. On the contrary, these "hot potato" babies are being set up for attachment disorders and other problems. Especially problems with indifferent or incompetent drug-addicted caregivers with criminal records like this one.


Mom Grieves Child's Overdose Death
Father's Girlfriend Charged With Aggravated Manslaughter

POSTED: Wednesday, November 24, 2010
UPDATED: 6:55 pm EST November 24, 2010

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Photos and memories are all Makisha Gaffney has left of her 2-year-old son, Mesia Wright.

More than a week after the toddler died of a methadone overdose, she is having trouble coping with Mesia's loss.

"It's so hard," Gaffney said. "I haven't been to work. I haven't been to school. I haven't eaten."

Police said the boy died after coming in contact with methadone in a child's plastic drinking cup left on a dresser in Mesia's father's home.

The father, Ernest Wright, said he came home from school Nov. 15 to find his son unconscious. He took the boy to a hospital, where the boy was pronounced dead on arrival.

The autopsy revealed Masia died from methadone toxicity and the medical examiner ruled the case a homicide.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo of Dana Michell Anderson

Wright's 30-year-old girlfriend, Dana Anderson, was arrested Monday and charged with aggravated manslaughter.

According to the arrest report, Anderson admitted to leaving a purple sippy cup with about 80 mg of methadone in it on the dresser in her bedroom.

The drug is often used to curb heroin or other opiate addictions, and experts told Channel 4 it is so powerful that t 5 mg of the liquid would have been enough to kill a small child.

Gaffney said she had primary custody of Masia but allowed her son to stay with his father while she was at work and school.

"It's one thing to put something in a cup, but to put it in a sippy cup -- it looks really attractive to a 2-year-old," Gaffney said. "So I don't understand why it was put in there for my son to get a hold to, and now my son doesn't have a life."

Makisha Gaffney holds a photo of her 2-year-old son, Mesia Wright.

Gaffney said that she will fight for justice for Masia.

"He's gone now and he has no voice, so I will be sure to make it my business to be his voice," Gaffney said.

Wright said that Anderson had helped raise the boy since he was 3 months old. He believes his son must have seen the cup and thought there was juice inside.

Police records show Anderson has several previous arrests, including several drug charges, petty theft and traffic charges.

Gaffney said she wasn't aware that the woman had a history of arrests.

"I wouldn't have had my son in that environment," she said.

Minister calls for abusive partners to lose custody of children (Spain)

Spain's Minster of Health & Equality has joined my list of heroes. It's too bad that other national leaders don't follow her example in defending the rights of children to a happy, safe, and secure childhood. Abusers should not be awarded the "right" to custody of their children. And amazingly, some of these guys have murdered the mother, and still got the right to call the shots on custody. I know of several cases in the U.S. where jailed fathers have been given the right to dictate who takes care of their kids or demand jailhouse visitation. That's just wrong.

Hat tip to Annie.


Minister calls for abusive partners to lose custody of children
Thursday, 25 November 2010 11:00

Health & Equality Minister, Leire Pajín, announced today her intention to suggest a change in the law at tomorrow's Council of Ministers meeting, which would give judges the power to stop abusive partners from having custody of their children.

Pajín made her announcement as part of today's "International Day against home Violence", in which she remembered the 64 women who have perished in Spain this year at the hands of their partners.

"We cannot allow those who are violent or who kill to have custody of their children", she stressed.

Current law provides for the removal of shared custody rights from the perpetrators of home violence, but does not regulate those cases where a mother dies as the result of her partner's violence, leaving custody in the hands of the Her dad.The changes proposed by Pajín today would also see the correct of the perpetrator to inherit his dead partner's property removed.

"We need to keep working to make rid society of this scourge," she went on, "and to make sure that victims report violence against them." She insisted that it was essential that women denounced violent behaviour against them, reassuring victims that they are not alone and that the state provides people to help them recover their self-esteem and dignity.

Dad charged with pulling gun, throwing son against wall; why wasn't he in jail for drug dealing? (Great Falls, Montana)

Of course, we all just know that every divorced daddy wants access to the kids for the very best of motives--all that lovey-dovey bonding, don't you know.


Check out dad ANDREW DIAZ II. He decided to make a scene at the home of his "estranged" ex-wife--poor daddy just wanted to see the kids, see. And for what? To play catch? Walk around the zoo? Nah. Daddy wanted to take them on his "business rounds" while he did a "couple of meth and weed deals." Naturally, like any decent mother, she objected. So Daddy showed his utter devotion to quality family time by punching her in the head. And when the son tried to intervene, Daddy picked him up by the hair and threw him into the wall, leaving an actual hole in the wall from the impact. Then just to make sure that everybody knew that Daddy Wasn't Happy, he pulled a gun on them and threatened to kill the mother.

I see that Daddy was set to go on trial for in a drug distribution case in January. Such a surprise. And I bet this moron has a history of domestic violence too. But the Great Falls, Montana authorities just can't be bothered to keep him in jail. Nope, Daddy gets to walk around town, continue his drug peddling, and terrorize people. Disgusting.


Diaz charged with pulling gun, throwing son against wall
Posted: Nov 24, 2010 4:52 PM by Heath Heggem (Great Falls)
Updated: Nov 24, 2010 6:37 PM

Andrew Diaz III, accused of pulling a gun on his ex-wife and slamming his son against a wall, made his initial court appearance in Great Falls on Wednesday.

Diaz faces charges of assault with a weapon, assault on a minor, and partner-family member assault.

On Monday, Diaz went to the home of his estranged wife and demanded to take his kids while he did a "couple of meth and weed deals."

When the woman refused, Diaz allegedly punched her in the head.

The couple's son tried to intervene, but the boy was picked up by his hair and thrown, leaving a hole in the wall where the child made impact.

Diaz then pulled a handgun, pointed it at the female victim, and threatened to kill her.

Diaz is scheduled for trial in a drug distribution case in January.

His bail in this case is set at $50,000.

Little girl suffers "suspicious" death in home of dad with "shared custody"; step being "investigated" (New Haven, Michigan)

Notice that the dad JEFF WOLFENBARGER had "shared custody" of this 3-year-old girl--and that this basically meant he dumped caretaking duties on an apparently resentful new step. Even AFTER he filed for a divorce or annulment to end their marriage he left this child with her. Even AFTER there were concerns that the step was abusing this child in his absence.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that dads with "shared" or "joint" custody don't actually do an "equal" share of the child rearing--they just delegate it to somebody else other than the mother.

And though it's theoretically possible this woman was bigger and stronger than the father, and that she forced him into caring for this child, that scenario is extremely unlikely. In other words, it's not one of those cases that many single mothers get into with a deadbeat abusive live-in boyfriend who is bigger and stronger than the mother, a guy who refuses to get a job and financially support the household. In desparation, these women end up enlisting these idiots as "caretakers" while they work, and the result is often severely abused or even murdered children. The public uniformly condemns these mothers. Yet you won't see a dad like this be challenged by the media or the general public--even though he easily could have left the little girl with her real mother if he was unable or unwilling to care for her. But he didn't do that, did he? Just had to have his rights....


Child abuse focus of investigation after New Haven girl's death
Published: Monday, November 22, 2010
By Mitch Hotts, For The Voice

New Haven police on Sunday were investigating whether the "suspicious" death of a 2-year-old girl was an accident or the result of child abuse.

As relatives of Lily Furneaux-Wolfenbarger awaited word from police, they also began preparing funeral arrangements for the precocious little girl whose smile warmed their hearts.

"She was a very sweet child who loved her mom - she was everything in this world to her mom," said Lynette Furneaux, the girl's grandmother who resides in Lapeer.

According to police, officers were called Saturday afternoon to a home on Apple Blossom Court in the Meadowcreek

Mobile Home Community near 27 Mile and Gratiot in New Haven for an unresponsive child. The girl was rushed to a hospital but was pronounced dead.

"The cause of death has not yet been determined and right now it remains as suspicious and under investigation," Police Chief Michael Henry said in a news release.

New Haven police Sunday afternoon indicated there would be an update on the case later in the day, but none was provided as officers continued their investigation. An officer Sunday evening said additional information would be provided today.

An autopsy was conducted Sunday but Macomb County Medical Examiner Dr. Daniel Spitz said he could not comment on the manner or cause of death because it's an ongoing investigation.

The child lived with her mother, 24-year-old Lauren Fureneaux, at Lauren's parent's house in Lapeer. The mother shared custody with the child's father, Jeff Wolfenbarger, who resides in New Haven.

Relatives who did not want to be named said Lily seemed to be afraid of Renee King, Jeff's wife, who has three children of her own. Lily sometimes came home with bruises, a family member said.

Jeff Wolfenbarger could not be reached for comment Sunday, but he told WDIV-TV (Channel 4) that he didn't want to believe his wife could have harmed the girl. He said his wife's version of the incident was Lily fell out of King's arms after being bathed.

"She did what she could, she told me," Wolfenbarger told the TV station, adding his wife splashed water on Lily's face in an attempt to revive her.

The status of the union between Renee King and Jeff Wolfenbarger was not clear Sunday.

Macomb County Circuit Court online records show Wolfenbarger filed for a divorce or annulment on Oct. 7, but the two appear to still be living together and he referred to her as his wife.

Friends of the family said Lauren is understandably devastated by her daughter's death.

"Lily was intelligent beyond her years," said Elizabeth Makedonsky of Imlay City, a friend of Lauren's, and whose children sometimes played with Lily. "She was an amazing child with a vocabulary that was quite extensive for a 2-year-old."

The family plans to have the funeral at Lynch & Sons Funeral Directors in Lapeer. Anyone who would like to help the family pay for expenses may make a donation to a memorial fund that will be opened at the Lapeer County Bank & Trust.

Dad in "custody dispute" charged with assault, kidnapping (Corbin, Kentucky)

What a brave and resourceful little girl. She very possibly saved her own life. I have found that in nearly all of these child kidnapping/abduction cases where the father who uses violence against the mother or caretaker, he tends not to have good intentions. In other words, "quality time" with the child is not the motive. Hurting and controlling people is. Pretty dang stupid for a guy who "allegedly" assaulted someone to feign concern for somebody else being "in danger." I don't buy that for a second. And the fact that this 8-year-old girl sensed in a very real way that she was in danger with Dad DONNIE LEE SHELTON--and not with Mom--pretty much tells you what's going on here.

And once again, the media labels and minimizes a violent child abduction as a "custody dispute." This is not a "dispute." This is a classic case of an abusive father exploiting child custody issues to harrass and threaten the mother and child.

Hat tip to S.


Girl fakes illness to end abduction, officials say
8-year-old brought to the hospital by her dad, who had absconded with her

Donnie Lee Shelton was arrested and charged with being a fugitive from another state when he took his daughter to a hospital in Kentucky.msnbc.com staff and news service reports msnbc.com staff and news service reports

updated 11/24/2010 10:02:42 AM ET 2010-11-24T15:02:42

CORBIN, Ky. — A South Carolina girl abducted by her dad following a custody dispute faked stomach pains so that he would take her to a hospital where she could be rescued, police said.

Donnie Lee Shelton brought his 8-year-old daughter to the emergency room at Baptist Regional Medical Center early Tuesday in Corbin in the central part of Kentucky, according to police.

A nurse became suspicious when the girl wouldn't make eye contact with her, so staffers checked the Amber Alert website, then called police at about 3:40 a.m., the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper reported.

Hospital official John Henson said the girl faked being sick after she saw a hospital sign.

"She feigned abdominal pain so that her dad would bring her to the emergency room when she saw a hospital sign," John Henson of Baptist Regional Medical Center said.

'I just thank God'

The 46-year-old Shelton was arrested and charged with being a fugitive from another state. The Herald-Leader reported that Shelton was wanted in South Carolina not only for the abduction of a child but also on charges of first-degree assault and battery.

The girl's mother, Kim Shelton, said her ex-husband barged into their home on Monday afternoon and took her, WYFF4 reported.

Interviewed by WYMT-TV at the jail, Shelton said he took his daughter in Pickens County, S.C., because he felt she was in danger.

Dad convicted in beating death of 3-week-old son (Denver, Colorado)

I know that we'd all like to think we'd be big and brave in the face of adversity, but in fact, many of us cannot live up to our own ideals. This article doesn't tell us whether the mother was also facing threats of violence if she "told." But it wouldn't surprise me if she did--given that Daddy has a history of threats and domestic violence. If you scroll through Dastardly Dads, you'll find that her 14 year sentence for failing to seek medical care in a manner considered prompt by outsiders is LONGER than many dads get for the actual vicious battering or murdering itself. Sure, there are times people should be held accountable for failing to prevent violence or failing to seek help for the victims in a timely fashion--assuming they had the ability and the means to act. But it appears to me that only mothers are condemned for this in a uniform fashion, without any accounting for their real life circumstances. I see lots of cases where the step "mom" murders or abuses the kids, and everybody buys the poor daddy's innocence or ignorance act. I think that's crap.

And of course, judges and assorts court whores give visitation rights and/or custody to abusers and even child killers all the time--and no one ever holds them responsible. Even when it can be proved that they willfully ignored prior evidence of threats or abuse.

At any rate, dad TRAVIS ANDERSON has now been found guilty in the beating death of his 3-week-old son. A newborn. Words fail....

Hat tip to A.


Denver dad guilty in death of 3-year-old
By The Denver Post
Posted: 11/23/2010 05:42:10 PM MSTUpdated: 11/24/2010 06:57:09 AM MST

A Denver jury Tuesday found 27-year-old Travis Anderson guilty of killing his 3-week-old son last year.

Anderson faces up to 48 years in prison when he is sentenced on Jan. 13.

Anderson was accused of "brutally" beating his son, Sean, on Dec. 15. When the boy arrived at The Children's Hospital in Aurora, he had two skull fractures, profuse bleeding of the brain, bruises on his scalp and burns on his face and foot, according to police.

Anderson was found guilty of child abuse resulting in death and manslaughter, both felonies. He was originally been charged with first-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death.

The child's mother, Crystal Eccleston, 28, failed to seek medical attention for the child.

Crystal Eccleston (Denver District Attorney's Office)Earlier this year she pleaded guilty to child abuse resulting in death and was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

The child survived four days after he was taken to a hospital, about a day after his injuries.

According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Anderson was arrested in March 2009 for telephone harassment and threatening to injure a person or property.

Eccleston, according to CBI records, was arrested in March 2008 for misdemeanor domestic violence and in November 2008 for vehicular eluding or attempting to elude, driving under the influence and no driver's license.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dad sentenced to 12 years for sodomizing 8-year-old daughter (Fredericksburg, Virginia)

Of course it's an UNNAMED DAD. Given the stories I've heard out of Virginia as of late, it's pretty unusual this father was even prosecuted.


Father sentenced to 12 years for molesting his daughter, 8

Man gets 12 years for molesting daughter.

Date published: 11/23/2010


A man whose wife caught him molesting their 8-year-old daughter was ordered yesterday to serve 12 years in prison.

The 32-year-old Spotsylvania County man, who is not being named to protect the identity of the child, had previously pleaded guilty to three counts of forcible sodomy in Spotsylvania Circuit Court.

Judge David Beck sentenced him to a total of 60 years in prison with all but 12 years suspended.

According to the evidence presented by prosecutor Crystal Montague, the child's mother walked into her bedroom on July 26 of last year and saw her husband with his genitals exposed and her daughter with a piece of clothing over her head.

The child told the mother that she had been ordered to perform a sex act in exchange for using the computer.

It had happened several times before, the child said, and she had been instructed not to tell anyone.

The irate mother began hitting her husband as she tried to call 911. The husband pulled the battery out of her cell phone and yanked a phone plug from the wall, but one of the calls got through.

Deputy Andrew Boone responded to the 911 hang-up and was greeted by a sobbing woman. The man walked to Boone with his hands extended as if he wanted to be handcuffed.

"Take me away. I have done something bad," the man told Boone.

Beck's sentence was below the recommended state sentencing guidelines, which call for an active prison term of 15 to 33 years. Montague sought a term of at least 27 years.

The victim's mother suggested that he spend the rest of his life in prison.

But defense attorney Mark Gardner said the defendant is truly remorseful and can be redeemed with the proper help.

Among the claims presented by the defense was that the Adderall the man was taking increased his libido and made it harder to control his urges.

The man was ordered to have no contact with either of his two children.

Keith Epps: 540/374-5404
Email: kepps@freelancestar.com

Dad "allegedly" tortured 3-year-old son by forcing him to drink cleaning product (Brisbane, Australia)

UNNAMED DAD is now on trial on torture, grievous bodily harm, and assault charges for "allegedly" forcing his 3- and 5-year-old year-old sons to drink cleaning and/or disinfectant fluid. At least one child suffered a severe respiratory reaction as a result. Notice that this "incident" took place "at the family home," but there is no mention of a mother at all. Why?



Father allegedly tortured toddler by forcing him to drink cleaning product as punishment, court told
By Tony Keim From: The Courier-Mail November 23, 2010 3:48PM

A YOUNG Brisbane dad tried to discipline his three-year-old son for making a mess while snacking by forcing him to drink household cleaning products, a jury had been told.

A Brisbane District Court jury was told the father, then aged 23, tortured the toddler by trying to have him ingest "green and white soap" at their family home at Keperra, northwest of Brisbane, on February 1 last year, The Courier-Mail reported.

Prosecutor Dennis Kinsella said the man tried to chastise both his sons, aged three and five, by pouring "dishwashing liquidt'', disinfectant or both into their mouths.

He said the father's punishment was the result of waking up to find the boys had made a mess while snacking on ham, Weet-Bix, ice cream and Milo.

The now 25-year-old man, who cannot be named to protect his son's identity, today pleaded not guilty to one count each of torture, grievous bodily harm and common assault.

Mr Kinsella said details of the alleged incident only became apparent when ambulance officers were called to the home in response to the toddler suffering serious respiratory problems.

The jury was told the child was rushed to Brisbane's Royal Children's Hospital -- wrere doctors noticed he had a partial airway obstruction, swelling to his lips and bruising about his face and upper body.

Mr Kinsella said it was later suggested, by medical staff, the boy's health problems may have been the result of ingesting chemicals.

He said the five-year-old child later revealed their father had punished both he and his younger brother by trying to force them to drink "green and white soap''.

Mr Kinsella said the prosecution alleges the father caused the injuries to his son with the intention of causing him "severe pain and suffering''.

The trial before judge Hugh Botting continues.

Read more about the trial at The Courier-Mail.

Dad accused of attempting to sell 1-year-old albino child (Kehancha, Zimbabwe)

I had heard before that certain African tribal cultures have beliefs about the supposed curative powers of albino people. But I hadn't heard of a father--up until now--who had seen the birth of an albino child as a profit-making opportunity. It seems dad BENSON NYAISUBA is quite the entrepreneur. Notice that Dad "chased away" the baby's protective mother in an attempt to execute his scheme.


Kenyan father accused of attempting to sell albino child

Written By:Rose Kamau & KNA, Posted: Tue, Nov 23, 2010

A man who attempted to sell his one-year-old albino daughter for Ksh 1 million has been apprehended in Kuria district, Nyanza region.

Benson Nyaisuba who has been in hiding for the past two weeks presented himself to the children's office in Kehancha town in a bid to clear his name against allegations that he attempted to sell his child to Tanzanians.

The district children's officer Mr. John Lang'at however whisked him to the nearby police station through the help of administration police officers where he was immediately locked up.

"The accused brought himself here but we arrested him for the accusations made against him by his wife. He will be possibly arraigned in court to answer to the charges arising from his act," said Mr. Lang'at.

The accused reportedly tried to force his wife to agree with his plans to sell or kill the girl because she was a "curse" to the family. The couple has another child who does not have albinism.

His wife accused him of constantly harassing her ever since the child was born because she refused to be party to his plans.

The woman who left her matrimonial home and lives with relatives claimed Nyaisuba chased her away and had made elaborate plans to sell the girl to Tanzanian witchdoctors.

The sale of albinos or their body parts has been big business in Tanzania where some people believe they can be used to make medicinal concoctions able to give remedy to various ailments and socio- economic problems.

The Tanzania government has however declared war on people threatening the lives of albinos in the country.

In September this year a Kenyan tried to sell his albino friend to Tanzanian witchdoctors but his plans were thwarted and he was arrested and jailed.

Custodial dad charged with "severely assaulting" 8-year-old son (Hwange, Zimbabwe)

Notice that this story about the custodial UNNAMED DAD who beat his son with an electrical cord is nearly identical to the one posted below from Saudi Arabia. Creepy. However, I don't see here that the mother regained custody after the father's abuse.


Father up for child abuse

Sunday News Reporter

A 34-YEAR-OLD man from Number 5 in Hwange, has been hauled before the courts to face charges of abusing his 8-year-old son whom he severely assaulted with an electric cord for poor performance at school.

The man, pleaded guilty and was convicted for the offence when he appeared before Hwange magistrate, Mr Peter Tomupeyi Madiba, on 11 November for contravening section 7 (i) of the children’s act (ill-treating a child).

The prosecution led by Mr Sifelumusa Fuzane said the accused was a divorcee who stays with his son and is employed by Hwange Colliey Company.

Mr Fuzane said during 2009 and in October this year at their house, the accused assaulted the child in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury. He said the assault was also likely to have detrimental effects on the child’s health as the accused beat him with an electric cord all over his body.

This abuse, the court was told, always happened whenever the child failed to perform well at school and whenever he failed to clean up the house.

The abuse came to light when the child reported the matter to his mother who took him to St Patrick’s Hospital for medical examination where a medical report was compiled and the matter was reported to the police leading to the arrest of the accused.

He was remanded out of custody to 30 November for sentence.