Friday, May 27, 2011

Perverted father abused own children for ten years (Rugby, England, United Kingdom)

Gotta love the U.K. press. They don't tip toe around or mince words. Of course it's an UNNAMED DAD--with no mention of a mother in the home.


Perverted father abused own children for ten years

27 May. Updated: 27 May 10:18

A FATHER who has been sexually abusing his children over the last ten years has finally admitted to his perverted crimes.

The Rugby man - who is in his mid 30s but cannot be named to protect his victims - pleaded guilty to carrying out a catalogue of child abuse between 2000 and last year after originally denying it.

But a judge at Warwick Crown Court heard the perverted father maintains he did not rape one of his young victims - despite pleading guilty to doing so.

Defending him, Sarah Buckingham told the court he had decided to admit to what he did so he could 'spare his children' the ordeal of a trial and allow to them to start trying to recover from their trauma.

He was facing numerous charges of rape, indecent assault, indecency with a child and assault by penetration against four children all aged under ten-years-old.

At an earlier hearing the man pleaded guilty to some of the charges but denied others, including many of the rape offences.

But he later admitted to all of the charges after his barrister Sarah Buckingham asked for them to be put to him again.

Prosecutor Adrian Keeling QC told the judge he accepted the pleas because they meant two of the children in particular would be able to avoid give evidence.

Sarah Buckingham, defending, said the defendant had made ‘full admissions to all the offences,’ with the exception of the rape of last girl when she was aged nine or ten.

“It was difficult for him to accept that count as alleged, but he accepts he is guilty even though he maintains he has not done that act," Ms Buckingham said.

“He does so because he wishes to avoid a trial and to spare his children so they can begin the passage to recovery.”

But Judge Richard Griffith-Jones responded: “There is no hiding from it. There is no point him saying ‘I am not really guilty.’ He has pleaded guilty.”

From the dock the defendant said: “I don’t want to put my children through any more. I am pleading guilty.”

The case was adjourned for a report to be prepared on the father to consider ‘the issue of dangerousness’ he poses to children before he is sentenced.

He was remanded in custody after Miss Buckingham told the judge: “He does not wish to be re-admitted to bail. He asks Your Honour to remand him in custody today so he can begin his sentence.”