Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sister forced to abuse brother tried to save him; he was caged by custodial dad so he wouldn't run back to mom (East Chicago, Indiana)

I never believed for one second that this mother "voluntarily" relinquished custody. When you're dealing with a custodial daddy like RILEY LOWELL CHOATE, a man this twisted and evil, there is no straightforward negotiation. And that's not even going into the step, a woman truly worthy of Daddy's hand....

Check out the real story. The abused mom was BLOCKED from seeing the children. See link here:

Major hat tip to C.H.

Sister forced to abuse brother tried to save him
06:00 AEST Wed May 11 2011

By ninemsn staff

A Chicago father and stepmother have been charged with the murder of their 13-year-old son, who they allegedly abused for years before burying him in a shallow concrete grave.

Riley Lowell Choate, 59, and Kimberly Leona Kubina, 45, allegedly kept Christian Choate in a locked dog cage and forced his older sister to beat and confine him before he was killed in April, 2009.

The 17-year-old sister, who was 15 at the time of her brother's death, told police it was her responsibility to feed Christian, take him to the bathroom and ensure that he did exercises.

But at least once, she was also forced to beat and choke him while Kubina videotaped it.

On April 4 , 2009, the day before Christian died, the boy refused to eat.

His enraged father punched him repeatedly before locking him in the cage, his sister told police.

His sister was told by Choate to check on Christian every five minutes or she would receive the same punishment.

On April 5, she checked on him, found that he was not breathing and tried to revive him with a mattress pump.

The girl witnessed the couple wrap Christian's body in bags before driving away to bury him.

Her stepmother later told her he was buried in concrete so he couldn't get out.

Christian's absence remained unnoticed for two years before his biological mother contacted police and told them her daughter, who had been living with Christian, had concerning information about Christian.

His mother had relinquished custody of her son and daughter in July, 2005 and it is believed Christian was kept in a cage to prevent him from running away and finding her.

Chicago police began investigating the boy's death last week before they uncovered his body, with a Bible on his chest, in a makeshift grave.