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Dad's extradition ruling delayed; accused of raping daughter (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Of course, all this is made tricky by dad LIAM ADAMS' political connections....

Liam Adam's Extradition Ruling Delayed

A Belfast man will have to wait until Monday to hear whether he will be extradited back to Northern Ireland on charges of raping and abusing his daughter.

Liam Adams is wanted by the PSNI in relation to 18 alleged offences against his daughter, Aine Tyrell, who has waived her right to anonymity.

The brother of Sinn Fein President and Louth TD Gerry Adams was in the High Court in Dublin this morning where a decision was deferred by the judge, who said he wants further time to make his judgment more "polished".

Mr Adams has denied the charges put to him. He said he did not assault his daughter on numerous occasions between 1977 and 1983.

Both father and daughter were in court today as Mr Justice John Edwards was expected to rule on whether the extradition should proceed.

The judge refused to give a decision of whether he would rule toward Mr Adam’s extradition back to the North of the island until he delivered a full ruling on Monday.

The Background

It is nearly three years ago that the media alleged the 56-year-old has abused his daughter.

In December 2009, a UTV programme claimed that Liam Adams had sexually abused his daughter for a period spanning about a decade.

During 2009–10 there was a significant amount of controversy concerning allegations of child abuse in the family of Gerry Adams, a senior Irish politician and leader of Sinn Féin. The allegations of abuse are against Gerry's brother and father and not against Gerry Adams himself.

In response to the programme, Gerry urged his brother to turn himself in to the police and he also alleged that his deceased father, Gerry Adams, Sr., had subjected family members to emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland issued a European Arrest Warrant for Liam Adams’ arrest.

Liam Adams presented himself at a Garda Síochána police station in Sligo in December 2009. However they were not able to arrest him as they did not have the necessary European Arrest Warrant. Adams did not wish to hand himself into police in Northern Ireland,citing unfairness.

On the 3 March 2010, the High Court in Dublin endorsed the European arrest warrant, which was issued in Liam Adams' name by the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

The following day, 4 March, Adams again handed himself over to the authorities in the Republic. When he was arrested he said, "I just want to say I'm not guilty."

Coroner: Dad killed 3-year-old daughter in murder-suicide; dad "upset over pending custody issues" (Longmont, Colorado)

Well, we knew this was a murder-suicide last month, didn't we? But now it's official.

Notice the media blames this girl's murder on dad DAVID HEYDENBERG's frustration over "pending custody issues." He was apparently "disatisfied" thus far--unhappy enough, it seems, to murder a preschooler in cold blood.

Just have to show everybody that Daddy's Not Happy, don't we?

Let's look at this without all the crap, okay? This guy was able to slaughter this innocent little girl because, in fact, HE HAD ACCESS. As a matter of fact, the mother and an older son triggered the police investigation when they were unable to reach the father after his visitation period with the little girl had ended.

"Frustration" had nothing to do with this crime. The problem is providing abusive control freak fathers with access to vulnerable victims, especially when the fathers are being triggered by a loss of family "control."

Coroner rules August deaths of daughter and father as homicide, suicide
By Pierrette J. Shields Longmont Times-Call
Posted: 09/28/2011 04:15:17 PM MDT

LONGMONT -- The Boulder County Coroner's Office on Wednesday confirmed that a father and child found shot to death on Aug. 7 in a Longmont home died in a murder-suicide.

The coroner's office determined 3-year-old Allyson Heydenburg died from gunshots to the head and chest and concluded her manner of death was a homicide. David Heydenburg died of a gunshot wound to the head in a suicide.

Police suspected the deaths were a murder-suicide from the outset of the investigation. The coroner verified investigators' beliefs with the official ruling Wednesday.

According to police, David Heydenburg was upset over pending custody issues and apparently shot and killed his daughter and then himself in his home at 1260 Red Mountain Drive. His wife and her son called police when they arrived at the home to pick up the toddler after a weekend visit and found the house locked up and could not reach David Heydenburg on his cellphone. Police officers who entered the house to check on the welfare of the father and daughter discovered the bodies.

Investigators later learned that David Heydenburg had sent a number of people letters that said he was dissatisfied with the circumstances of his marriage and pending custody of the toddler.

Police found evidence that David Heydenburg had left his car running in the garage, likely in an attempt to asphyxiate himself and the child. Blood toxicology results were not immediately available from the Boulder County Coroner's Office on Wednesday, but Longmont Police Cmdr. Jeff Satur said the results revealed both carbon monoxide and Ambien in David and Allyson Heydenburg's blood.

Dad who used shock collar on child to be resentenced (Paintersville, Ohio)

Dad DAVID O. LISKANY sounds like a sicko torture freak. Why are the courts coddling this guy? And notice there is not one word about a mother in this home. Was there one?


Father who used shock collar on child to be re-sentenced Court says the state improperly tried to influence sentence.

By Cornelius Frolik, Staff Writer
12:09 AM Thursday, September 29, 2011

The 2nd District Court of Appeals of Ohio has ordered that a Paintersville man — who admitted he held his children underwater until they ran out of breath and forced them to wear dog shock collars as punishment — must be re-sentenced because the state improperly tried to influence his original sentence.

David O. Liskany, 42, was sentenced to 16 years in prison in January 2009 after he pleaded guilty to two counts of felonious assault and one count of attempted felonious assault for abusing his three children.

Liskany appealed the sentence on the grounds that his legal representation was ineffective, the sentence was the result of a misrepresentation of the state’s recommendation, and the state reneged on its plea agreement because of a letter sent to Campbell by county sheriff’s Capt. Eric Spicer.

In the letter, Spicer said Liskany was a “dangerous serial child abuser” whose actions were the worst case of “systematic mind control and physical abuse from a parent upon their own child,” according to court records.

The abuse was discovered after one of Liskany’s sons walked nearly 20 miles over two days to a relative’s home to escape Liskany, authorities said.

The appellate court determined that two of Liskany’s legal arguments in his appeal were without merit, but the court ruled that because Spicer is an “agent of the state,” his letter was an improper attempt to influence the sentencing by breaking the state’s promise to recommend a sentence of four years or less.

Greene County Prosecutor Stephen Haller said the trial court has been ordered to re-sentence Liskany without considering Spicer’s letter, even though there is no evidence the letter had any influence over Campbell’s decision. Haller said his office continues to recommend a prison term of four or fewer years.

Haller said his office was unaware of Spicer’s letter until the appeals process. He said his office is planning to craft a policy about how law enforcement and others can write letters to the court.

“On one hand, I think law enforcement needs to have a voice,” he said. “But on the other hand, I understand the position that the state speaks with one voice.”

John H. Rion, Liskany’s attorney, said his client’s case was mishandled, and the sentence of 16 years was shocking considering the state’s recommendation.

“Our objective was to get the sentencing reversed because we felt that it was harsh and comparatively different than typical sentences passed out throughout the state for similar situations,” he said.

Teenage girl: Policeman raped her after she reported sexual abuse by father (Cape Town, South Africa)

Horrifying story.

Cop in court for allegedly raping teenager
NASHIRA DAVIDS and PHILANI NOMBEMBE | 29 September, 2011 00:32

A Cape Town teenage girl has accused a policeman of raping her twice on the day she went to him to allege that her father had been sexually abusing her for nine months.

The 15-year-old lives in Woodlands, Mitchells Plain, where domestic violence and sexual abuse are reportedly spiralling out of control.

Yesterday, the policeman - a "highly respected" member of the Family Violence, Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Unit - appeared in the Mitchells Plain Magistrate's Court to apply for bail.

But he will remain in custody until the case returns to court on October 6.

The officer, who cannot be named because he is yet to plead, chatted and joked with colleagues while waiting for the hearing to begin. His family and friends filled the public gallery.

Police say the teenager first broke her silence about her father's alleged abuse at the Mitchells Plain police station on September 5.

She told officers that she had been repeatedly raped by her 37-year-old father. Her father was arrested and the case was investigated by the accused officer's unit.

But it was in her dealings with this unit that the girl's nightmare is said to have continued.

"On Monday September 19, at 8.45pm, the same 15-year-old victim alleged that she was raped by the detective who investigated her rape case," said police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk.

"According to [the teenager], the detective, a 31-year-old male, interviewed her in his office, where he then forced himself on her and raped her on three occasions."

The girl alleged that she was raped twice by the officer on the day that she said her father had raped her. On September 9, she alleged, the officer raped her again.

But in court yesterday the officer said he would plead not guilty to the three rape charges.

He said he had heard about the child's case from a social worker before interviewing her at school on September 5. After that, he told the court, he took her to his office to prepare a statement.

He said he took her home and then to a hospital for an examination in the company of her grandmother.

But the prosecution alleges that he raped the teenager without a condom.

The investigating officer opposed bail, saying he believed that the accused would interfere with his alleged victim.

"I'm not dangerous. My superior at work said he would make means for me go and work at another police station . I will not threaten the complainant," the officer told the court.

"I'm a breadwinner and I have a family that I'm supposed to support. My wife is studying and I'm paying her fees. I'm renting the house that I stay in. I also have accounts to pay, including my loans."

Crime statistics released earlier this month reveal that more than 500 sex crimes were reported in Mitchells Plain alone in the year to March.

Michael Jacobs, chairman of the local community policing forum , said many, if not most, of the victims were minors.

"We are very disturbed by this allegation - that the very person who is tasked with protecting our children could have done something like this," said Jacobs.

"We have been trying to build a positive relationship [between] the community and the police. I fear that this could be a severe setback in the community's trust in our officers."

Jacobs said the Mitchells Plain's Family Violence, Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Unit was "probably one of the best" of its kind in Western Cape. He said it had an "excellent track record" and was in good standing with both the community and the Department of Social Development.

Of the detective, who had been in the police force for 10 years, he said: "He is a good detective and has done excellent work in the past. He is trustworthy and an excellent worker. At the moment, it is still an allegation, so one cannot crucify him.''

Jacobs said he had received numerous phone calls about the case from outraged residents.

The investigation has been referred to Bellville police station on the instructions of provincial police commissioner Arno Lamoer.

Pastor Alfonso Schilder, of Mount Hope Church, Woodlands, said many rapes in the area were not reported.

"In some areas in Woodlands, especially where the flats are, there are many social ills. The unemployment rate is high; there are dysfunctional families and many single parents. Often, rape is not reported because drug dealers are involved and they would threaten the victims," he said.

"There are also incidents of incest, but these things are swept under the carpet. Unfortunately, the abnormalities have become the norm here. This case involving the 15-year-old really angers me. We can only continue to educate and support such victims."

Daughter accuses father of rape, molesting granddaughter (Allegan County, Michigan)

Notice that dad HARRY BETKE is not only accused of sexually abusing his daughter, but of stripping her of custody of her own daughter, so he could abuse the grandchild.

Woman accuses her father of sexual abuseSeptember 28, 2011 9:51 PM

ALLEGAN COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – An Allegan County man is accused of sexually assaulting a child and investigators are concerned there may be other victims out there.

Harry Betke is charged with two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct and two counts of second degree criminal sexual conduct. One of those accusing him is his own daughter, who spoke to Newschannel 3 on Wednesday.

Newschannel 3 had also arranged to meet with Betke to talk about these charges, but when we arrived at his home he was gone because his attorney told him not to speak to us. We did however get a statement from his attorney saying that Betke has been falsely accused and eagerly awaits exoneration at his jury trial. You can find the whole of that statement at the end of this story.

According to Betke's daughter, Stacey Sparks, there is a long history of abuse here, starting with her when she was very young.

“I have some memories,” said Sparks. “I'm working with a counselor to bring the rest of them out.”

Sparks says the abuse happened in a home in Plainwell where her parents still live. Sparks says she was repeatedly raped by Betke and even introduced to meth.

“I just did it because he told me to,” said Sparks. “He's a very controlling person, very manipulative and very scary.”

Sparks says she and her husband Rick were addicted to meth for years, but they've been sober since 2004, and says it wasn't until very recently that they learned their daughter had also allegedly been abused.

“We both kind of came out with it in the same year, this past summer,” said Sparks. “She said what had happened in my father's house when he had guardianship over her while I was a drug addict.”

Sparks says she found a journal entry that her daughter wrote in 2008 when she was thirteen, saying she's not a virgin because her grandfather raped her.

“I just think she came to a breaking point,” said Sparks.

“Do you believe you and your daughter are isolated victims or do you fear that there are more victims?” asked Newschannel 3's Jared Werksma.

“I fear that there are more and I know that there are more,” said Sparks.

Sparks says her mother ran a daycare out of the family home in the 80s and 90s, and state police came to talk to her then about her father possibly abusing another young girl.

“My dad had given the girl a bath, but I was a minor at the time and my dad told me to tell them that I was sleeping because I had the flu, and I did, so it was dropped and I'm still in contact with the victim,” said Sparks.

“Is it hard for you to talk about this, knowing how your family and your sisters will likely view this interview?” asked Newschannel 3's Jared Werksma.

“Yeah,” said Sparks, “I fear retribution, I probably won't sleep well tonight.”

Sparks says despite her fears, she needed to talk.

“I'm hoping more victims come forward,” said Sparks. “I'm hoping he is taken off the streets, cause I feel he is a danger to other children.”

Sparks says she's talked to the Allegan County prosecutor about the sexual abuse she says she experienced and it is possible more charges could be coming against Betke. Newschannel 3 put in a call to the prosecutor's office to confirm that, but have not been able to yet.

Betke is currently out of jail on a $50,000 bond.

The full statement sent to Newschannel 3 by Betke's attorney follows below.

“Harry Betke has been falsely accused of sexually molesting his teen-aged granddaughter when she was a young child. Harry is innocent of these charges and eagerly awaits exoneration at his jury trial.

Harry and his wife, Laury, accepted guardianship of their granddaughter when she was very young. A difficult custody battle developed, and during that custody battle, the Allegan County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office accused Harry of enticing his granddaughter to steal rings from her paternal grandmother. After a trial in 2006, a jury found Harry not guilty of those charges.

Now, years later, the Allegan County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has undertaken a second effort to prosecute Harry for conduct alleged to have occurred years ago when he had custody of his granddaughter. Just like the first allegations, these second allegations are untrue; and Harry trusts the jury to reach the same result–that he is not guilty.

Because the prior prosecution was supervised by the Honorable Margaret Zuzich Bakker in her prior role as chief assistant prosecutor, Harry has requested that a different judge review the appropriateness of Judge Bakker presiding over his case.

Again, Harry Betke, a loving husband, father, and grandfather, is entirely innocent of these charges, and we are looking forward to his jury trial.”

"Sadistic" American dad gets custody of kids--because Russian mom made them study violin

Interesting story from Pravda.

One error in this account: it is no longer unusual for abusive men to make a custody bid by smearing the mother with bogus claims. Notice that Mom is accused of phony "psychological abuse" and "cultural torture" for such things as making the kids play violin (!). Yet UNNAMED DAD once hit Mom hard enough for her to lose sight in one eye, and also made broke the arm of one of the sons (not to mention trying to strangle him).

Another curious thing. Notice that the U.S. Embassy in Italy DID NOTHING. The State Department gets all in a twitter about dads who lose access when the moms take off to their home country (like the Goldman case).  But they don't give a sh** when an American father is beating the crap out of his wife and kids in a foreign land. (In fact, according to the Russians, the American Embassy in Russia eventually did an illegal search of HER apartment after she left Italy and returned home!)

Notice that DAD GOT CUSTODY ANYWAY, despite his accelerating violence. The kids hated living with him, and it response, the lawyer/father tried to get the 14-year-old son thrown into a mental institution. Shades of Alanna Krauss, a California teenager who received similar treatment at the hands of her custodial father, also a lawyer.

But notice that Mom did get help from the Russian Embassy in Italy.

Russian woman escapes from her US sadistic husband

Marianne Grin of Russia secretly took out her four children from Italy to Russia, saving them from their sadistic father. The Italian authorities not only failed to protect the children from the constant abuse, but on the contrary, gave full custody to their father. The situation is complicated by the fact that he is an American lawyer working in a large international company. Today Marianne seriously fears for her family. Employees of the U.S. Consulate in St. Petersburg have already attempted an intrusion into her apartment.

Marianne's parents moved to the U.S. when she was 15 years old. The girl successfully graduated from high school and enrolled at the prestigious Harvard University, where she earned his doctorate in law. She met her husband while working in a law office in Manhattan. Soon after the wedding, he invited her to move to Italy, where he has previously worked.

"I did not want to leave, because my career was progressing well. But my husband was very persistent. The only advantage of the move was the proximity of Italy to Russia, with which I never broke ties. All my children have Russian citizenship. Almost every summer we went with them to St. Petersburg, where I still have close family," says Marianne.

Marianne had hoped that after a couple of years they would return to the States. As it turned out, her husband settled in Italy for a long time. As a lawyer, he represented the interests of large U.S. companies. "I was surprised that my husband preferred to stay in a small Italian town. Typically, the company's employees with branches nearly all over the world often move because of career considerations. He did not seem interested," says Marianne.

A few years later it became clear that their family life was failing. The husband frequently disappeared from the house without warning. Soon he moved to another apartment. According to Marianne, she was fine with this situation: "I understood that our feelings have cooled down long time ago. He wanted freedom - he got it. I was busy raising children." But as it turned out, her husband wanted not just freedom - he also had to protect himself from possible financial claims of the wife in the future.

"He once told me that he has filed an action against me," says Marianne. Interestingly, it was not about a divorce. According to the statement, the husband accused the wife of "psychological abuse" towards their children. "Violence" was manifested in the fact that children were forced to learn to play violin and speak foreign languages. Outraged by this "cultural tortures," the father insisted that the court limited the mother's rights for the children. According to Marianne, this unusual move was made by her husband so he would not have to pay child support in case of a divorce.

Since then, the life of this successful woman has changed drastically. She was assigned at least five social workers, one of which practically settled at her home. All of them had to watch how well the mother treated the children to determine whether the children's psyche was threatened by her behavior.

However, despite her husband's connection to the local courts, he was not successful at quickly depriving the mother of her parental rights. "And then his evil, vindictive nature manifested itself in all its glory. He began to abuse me and the children," says Marianne. One day her husband hit her against the wall with such force that the woman partially lost sight in one of her eyes. On another occasion, he broke his eldest son's arm and tried to strangle him. In response to the children's stories about physical abuse, a police spokesman advised the social authorities to send the children to a boarding school.

Naturally, once in such an unexpected situation, the woman tried to defend herself and sued her husband for causing harm to the health of children. The prosecutor has opened two criminal cases - traumatic brain injury in two children and malicious failure to pay child support. Yet, the local social authorities nevertheless decided to give custody to the father.

This was said to be a temporarily measure - for the duration of the divorce of Marianne and her husband. Yet, in Italy, such cases can drag on for 5 or 7 years. All this time the interim decision of the judge cannot be appealed in higher courts. As a result the "temporary" solution could well become permanent for quite a long period of time. This situation continued in the family of Marianne Grin for three years.

Several times the woman tried to seek help from the local U.S. consulate, asking them to protect her from her abusive husband, Together with her eldest son, whose arm was broken by his father, she came to a meeting with the consul where the boy described in detail the behavior of his father. In response, they were told that the consulate did not have the necessary authority to influence the situation.

The result in the Russian Consulate was more positive - the Russian Foreign Ministry sent an official request regarding this case to their colleagues in Italy. Yet, as expected, the response received indicated that the local judiciary was independent and does not allow interference in its affairs.

The relationships between the father and children during this time have deteriorated and the children complained of daily beatings. The eldest son, now 14 years old, stated categorically that he was not going to live with his father. In response, the latter asked the local authorities to send his son to a psychiatric hospital because of his "strange" decision.

"Under the American law there is no statute of limitations for crimes committed against children. A few years later as an adult the son may very well go to the United States and file a claim in a court against the father. The least the father will get will be the loss of his law license, because the laws on violence against children in America are very strict," says Marianne. However, if he timely sends the boy to a psychiatric hospital, he can claim his insanity and thereby protect himself.

"In late August I was told in court that if my son would not voluntarily go live with his father, he will be taken into a closed institution, and I will be completely deprived of my parental rights. I could not let this happen because I was not sure of the safety of my child," says Marianne. Then the woman decided to take a desperate step and secretly took all four children to Russia - just one day before the execution of the threat.

However, it soon became clear that the husband will try to get to her there as well. Last Friday Marianne's apartment in St. Petersburg was visited by the employees of the U.S. Consulate. They practically forced their entry and conducted an illegal search of the apartment. Of course, Marianne and children were not there as the apartment has been rented out for a long time. The frightened residents were urged to provide the address of the woman. Fortunately, they simply did not know.

The official representative of Marianne Grin sent a letter to U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Baeyrli, where he requested to provide copies of the documents of the staff who illegally invaded the apartment of Mrs. Grin for prosecution. The letter emphasized that within the last three years the officials of the American diplomatic service in Italy showed no interest in the fate of children and their mother who repeatedly asked them for help. In addition, the consulate employees have all the contacts of Marianne, and if necessary, they could have contacted her.

At the moment, Marianne Grin intends to appeal to Russian authorities about abuse against her and her children, as well as the threats to life and health. As pointed out by Marianne, her conflict with her husband is not personal - she is moved by quite understandable and natural desire to protect her children: "We have no economic disputes. My husband already took everything - from the apartment to the car and savings. Child support is not paid, since in Italy it is not punishable. I do not have any financial requests, as all the property is registered in the name of other people."

Social workers left baby vulnerable to dad's "booze-fueled attacks"; baby now has "permanent impairment" (Tyneside, England)

Sickening incomptenence. Of course, it's an UNNAMED DAD. Notice that the mother was battered too. I'm sure nobody ever provided her with useful help either.

Shocking failures left Tyneside baby to be abused
by Dan Warburton, Evening Chronicle Sep 29 2011

MISSED chances to protect a baby plunged the child into a nightmare world of abuse at the hands of his father, a damning report reveals today.

Poor communication, a lack of inter-agency work and a failure to act left the infant - known only as Child H - suffering serious injuries.

An investigation was launched after the youngster was taken to hospital in December 2009 suffering a “permanent impairment”.

Social workers had carried out five assessments of the risks facing the child, but they were still left at the mercy of their father’s booze-fuelled attacks.

Child H’s older sibling had also suffered abuse and the youngster’s mum was subject to vicious assaults that left her needing hospital treatment.

One week before being the victim of such a ferocious attack that left them fighting for life, medics failed to act on bruising on Child H, the report by North Tyneside Local Safeguarding Children Board reveals.

The Chronicle requested the chance to put questions to the head of childrens’ services at North Tyneside Council, but a spokeswoman said they were unable “to provide an interviewee”.

A statement released on behalf of Northumbria Healthcare, North Tyneside PCT, Northumberland Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust and the council’s childrens’ services insisted lessons had been learnt.

After suffering head injuries, the youngster’s dad was forced to leave his job and his mental health deteriorated. He was prescribed anti-depressants and turned to alcohol and substance abuse.

The review has shown a lack of communication between organisations left the youngster vulnerable.

Council staff and health workers failed to act on information from police who contacted them after they became concerned about the children while they investigated domestic abuse.

The report said: “Children services undertook five initial assessments, only one of these proceeded to enquiries regarding whether [Child H’s] sibling was at risk of significant harm. The lack of inter-agency sharing of information acted as a barrier to the assessment of risk.”

Police told council workers on four different occasions that Child H’s mother had been the victim of domestic abuse. But when the information was passed to members of the Primary Health Care team, communication was described as “poor”.

The Serious Case Review cites the harrowing case of eight-year-old Victoria Climbie who died in London from abuse and neglect while living with her aunt Marie-Therese Kouao and her boyfriend Carl Manning.

Dad leaves four young children alone for several hours (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Notice that there is NO MENTION of a mother in this home. Was there one? Was she working while Daddy DOUGLAS CHILSON was doing the "stay-at-home" (or rather, NOT "stay-at-home") gig? Or did Daddy abandon these four young children during his visitation? Or, God forbid, did this guy have custody? Lots of unanswered questions here....


Police: Green Township dad left four kids alone for several hours
Posted: 11:28 AM
Last Updated: 2 minutes ago

CINCINNATI - A Green Township father is facing charges for allegedly leaving four small children alone for several hours on Wednesday.

Police were called to an apartment in the 5500 block of Bridgetown Road where they found the children, ages 1, 3, 5 and 7, unattended.

Douglas Chilson, 36, was arrested and charged with four counts of child endangering. Police say the children were left alone for more than three hours.

Chilson's bond was set at $40,000 on Thursday. He remains in the Hamilton County Justice Center.

Three-year-old son suffocated to death, dad's cause of death pending (Englwood, New Jersey)

And yet the police tell us there is nothing suspicious about these deaths....Really? Oh sure, parents just seemingly drop dead and suffocate 3-year-old children all the time....

The deceased father is ALLEN MCNEIL JR. And notice that this a custody/vistation case. Are we suspicious yet?

This account leaves the situation rather vague, but earlier articles have suggested that Daddy had custody, and Mom in fact had visitation. Interesting....

Wonder who the judge was behind this, and whether Daddy had a track record of violent and/or erratic behavior that has been ignored up until now....

Englewood police: Boy, 3, suffocated; father's cause of death pending
Thursday, September 29, 2011
The Record

ENGLEWOOD – A three-year-old who was found dead with his father in a Lafayette Place apartment Monday appears to have died of suffocation, police said.

Allen McNeil Jr., 53, was found laying on top of his son, Allen McNeil III, around 8:30 a.m. after police broke through the door to conduct a wellness check. The child’s mother called police after the father did not show up for a scheduled visitation Sunday.

“It appears the child suffocated,” Deputy Police Chief Lawrence Suffern said. “As a result of the father laying on him, he couldn’t breath.”

The father’s cause of death is pending toxicology results.

A viewing will be held for the child from noon to 1 p.m. at Community Baptist Church on 1st Street today. The funeral will follow at 1 p.m.

Son abandoned by custodial dad is "flourishing," getting to know "estranged" mother (Lakeview, Minnesota)

This is one of those stories where a lot has been left unsaid. Older news accounts kept claiming how great and loving this father was--but great and loving parents don't abandon their children like this, even when they lose their jobs. And how and why did this father get custody? We've never been told. Only that the mother was "estranged"--a word that tells us nothing. Was this guy abusive and controlling, and shut her out from their very beginning? Given the subsequent irresponsibility of dad STEVEN A. CROSS, and Mom's current efforts to reconnect with her child, I suspect this is a distinct possibility. I've often seen this with abusers--including my ex. They want total control of the children--until they don't want it because it's inconvenient. Everything must be on THEIR terms.

Minn. boy deserted by dad is doing well
Published: Sept. 29, 2011 at 11:38 AM

LAKEVILLE, Minn., Sept. 29 (UPI) -- A Lakeville, Minn., father accused of abandoned his son in July is now seeking regular visitation with the boy.

Steven A. Cross, 60, who faces charges of child neglect, appeared in Dakota County Juvenile Court Wednesday, asking for regular visitation with his son Sebastian, the (Minneapolis) Star Tribune reported.

Cross allegedly left for California July 18, leaving only a note for Sebastian, 11, to find when he woke up.

The note told Sebastian to stay with his best friend and neighbor Charlie Pahl, where he stayed until Aug. 17, when an emergency hearing was held about whether the boy was in need of protective services.

Judge Richard Spicer said Wednesday visitation would be decided after Cross is released from jail. Cross is being held in Dakota County jail in lieu of $5,000 bail.

Sebastian is now living with his maternal aunt Kimmie Porter, a licensed foster care provider in Minneapolis who also cares for the boy's 16-year-old sister.

Porter said Sebastian is "flourishing" and is busy with school and getting to know family, including three more brothers, his estranged mother and extended family.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mom: Murdered dad was abusive, gained custody nine years ago; mom blocked from seeing child (Charlotte, North Carolina)

The mom lost custody of this boy nine years ago, right after she divorced the father. Her description of the marriage paints a distinct picture of a controlling abuser: Isolated her at home, wouldn't "allow" her to see friends. Strict "disciplinarian" who was "severe" with her and the child (i.e. physically violent). Unfortunately, Mom blames what she calls a severe depression for why she lost custody. In reality, feelings of hopelessness and despair are normal and predictable among abuse survivors--especially when the abuser goes on to take their children away from the mother and cut off all contact (must have total control, you know). And none of this can take place unless the courts aid and abet the abuser. But the article doesn't go into that....

And now the son is accused of killing his father, CHRISTIAN LIEWALD.

Who are the people who wouldn't listen to this mother? Let's name names, shall we?

Homicide suspect's mother says warning signs were there
Posted: 4:51 pm EDT September 27, 2011
Updated: 6:20 pm EDT September 27, 2011

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The mother of a teenager charged with killing his father and stepmother says she could see trouble coming, even when he was a child.

Shelby Hodges told Eyewitness News that she has not seen her son, Matthew Liewald, for nine years, since she and her husband Christian Liewald divorced.
Early Monday morning police said Matthew shot and killed Christian Liewald and his wife Cassie at their home south of Pineville, and Hodges said she knew when she saw the story on the news that her son might have been involved.

"I saw it. I recognized the street name. I told my husband, I said, 'It's Matthew,'" Hodges said.

She held a picture of Matthew when he was a toddler and spoke about the boy's father, who had been severe with her and his son.

"(Christian) isolated me when I lived with him, when I was married to him. I wasn't allowed to see my friends," Hodges said.

She said Liewald took the same strict approach to discipline with Matthew, and when the couple divorced she lost custody of the boy because she was severely depressed.

She said that she was concerned when she heard that Christian Liewald and his wife Cassie had taken Matthew out of school and that his intense parenting may have pushed the teen over the edge.

"I think he snapped. I think he just had more abuse than he could handle, and I just hope that now someone will listen to me," she said.

"This is a mother's nightmare. If people had listened to me when I was begging them to help me, it wouldn't have gotten this far."

Dad pleads guilty to threatening to kill 7-year-old son (St. Paul, Minnesota)

Dad JOHN AKWUBA will be sentenced later this year. Notice that Daddy wasn't convicted of attempted murder. Just one count of felony terroristic threats--even though he was literally STRANGLING this boy. And authorities had to taser him to make him stop beating the child.

Created: 09/27/2011 5:23 PM
By: Lauren Radomski

Father Pleads Guilty to Threatening to Kill 7-Year-Old

A St. Paul father has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill his 7-year-old son.

Fifty-two-year-old John Akwuba will be sentenced later this year on one count of felony terroristic threats.

According to a criminal complaint, police were called to a home in the 1900 block of Foxridge Road June 18 on a report a child was being beaten. When officers arrived, they found Akwuba punching a 7-year-old boy in the back of a car while yelling "I'm going to kill you."

Akwuba continued to punch the boy as officers attempted to pull him away, and authorities needed to use "an electronic control device" to get Akwuba away from the child, according to the complaint. The boy later told police his father had choked him and he was frightened because he couldn't breathe.

In an interview with authorities, Akwuba said he was disciplining the boy, but denied hitting or choking him.

A second charge of domestic assault by strangulation, which carries a lesser maximum penalty, was dropped as part of a plea agreement.

"Frustrated" dad with shared custody bites daughter--and still retains shared custody (Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada)

UNNAMED DAD CONTINUES to have "shared custody" after biting his daughter. His punishment: a whopping total of 5 days in jail, plus useless anger management classes. Had this been a mom who had acted this immaturely, she'd be having her parental rights severed....

Bite lands father in jail
Published on September 28, 2011
Child was bitten in effort to stop girl from biting sibling
By Nancy MacPhee

SUMMERSIDE – It was an act of discipline that will cost a 24-year-old Long River man five days in jail.

The man, whose name is being withheld to protect the identity of the victim, was sentenced Wednesday in Provincial Court to the five-day intermittent sentence for biting his young daughter.

The incident occurred in late February. The man, who shares custody of the young girl and his son with his former spouse, was caring for the children. The children had been fighting, arguing and biting each other throughout the day.

When he again heard the children’s cries, frustrated, he asked the young girl if she had bit her brother. When she said yes, the man bit her on the arm over her pajama sleeve and bit the young boy in an attempt to teach the children what it felt like to be bitten.

The children’s maternal grandmother later discovered a bruise from the bite. When she later refused to let the children go with their father, he went to police.

Eventually, in questioning the grandmother, the biting incident was revealed.

The man, in questioning, told police the children had been constantly fighting and that he had tried other avenues of discipline, including time outs, which didn’t stop the biting.

Crown attorney David O’Brien called the behaviour “totally unacceptable.”

O’Brien detailed the pre-sentence report prepared for the court, which indicated the man volunteers, is a good employee and, by all indications, a good father.

It also indicated the man wasn’t entirely compliant with Child and Family Services, which was called in on the case. The man also failed to complete all necessary sessions of the Pathways addiction program and tested positive for marijuana.

The man had no previous record.

“He doesn’t truly understand the significance of the act he was engaged in,” said O’Brien, who recommended a blended sentence of jail and probation.

Defence attorney Jonathan Greenan said his client simply used poor judgment.

“It’s not a perfect parenting technique. It’s not a good parenting technique.”

But, added Greenan, in speaking with other lawyers, it’s a technique some admitted they themselves had used.

“It is something that happens,” said the lawyer. “Was his choice wrong? Of course it was wrong. He acted out of frustration. He acted out of inexperience.”

The man has taken part in two anger management sessions since August and continues to share custody of his children.

Lantz said a short period in jail is necessary to send a message to the man and the public that his actions were wrong.

“The manner of discipline is certainly not appropriate, not an acceptable form of disciplining a child,” added the judge.

The man will be on probation for 12 months, during which time he must undergo assessment, counselling and treatment for any anger, mental health and addictions issues and must participate in anger management and family/parenting counselling recommended by his probation officer.

Lantz also stipulated that the man not be permitted to physically discipline children in his care.

Police: Dad pointed gun at own father (the County Sheriff!) during child custody "dispute" (Minden, Nevada)

Stupid criminal of the day award goes MATTHEW AYMAMI! Mothers and children are subjected to these violent antics all the time in so-called custody "disputes" (i.e. one-way reigns of terror launched by abusive fathers who don't want to lose their control). Occasionally, you'll see a father stupid enough to show his true colors to the police. But this guy pulls a gun on the County Sheriff--who is also his OWN FATHER. Wrap your head around that!

Seems Mom was able to get a restraining order after this bit of Daddy Drama.'Cause you know that when this sh** happens to a MAN and a COP, it must be real....

Man pleads not guilty to assault, child neglect charges

by Sheila Gardner
September, 27 2011 1:46 pm

A 25-year-old Minden man pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges that he pointed a gun at his father during a child custody dispute involving the defendant's 2-year-old son.

Matthew Aymami, whose father is Douglas County Sheriff's Capt. Dave Aymami, pleaded not guilty to assault with a deadly weapon and child abuse or neglect with use of a deadly weapon stemming from the July 12 incident at the Aymami home.

District Judge Dave Gamble set a trial for April 9, after Matthew Aymami's lawyer said he was filing a writ of habeas corpus and requesting a new preliminary hearing.

Attorney Tod Young said the child abuse charge had changed since Aymami was bound over to district court after a preliminary hearing Sept. 9.

Prosecutor Laurie Trotter said Tuesday the child abuse charge had been enhanced, not changed.

“It's not filed as a punitive measure,” she said, citing the “deadly reaction” she said Aymami provoked.

Aymami waived his right to a speedy trial within 60 days.

The child abuse charge states that Matthew Aymami “obtained a loaded .22-caliber rifle and a loaded Kimber .45-caliber handgun and locked himself and the 2-year-old in a bedroom to prevent the child's mother from obtaining court-ordered custody of (the child).”

The criminal complaint says Aymami refused to comply with a request to drop the gun as armed officers entered the room with loaded and drawn weapons.

He struggled against his father and the officers as they attempted to disarm him while holding the child to his body and refusing to release him when the officers tried to move the 2-year-old to safety, according to the complaint.

No one was injured in the incident. Aymami is out of custody and forbidden to see the child or ex-wife who obtained a restraining order.

Gamble asked Young to file his motion by Oct. 25 and gave the district attorney's office until Nov. 18 to respond.

He set a Nov. 22 hearing on the motion.

Dad charged with felony child abuse; 8-week-old son has "life-threatening injuries" (Phoenix, Arizona)

Dad MAURICE AVERY BECKET is facing felony child abuse charges for an assault on his 8-week-old son. The baby has a skull fracture, and was in Daddy's "care" at the time of the injury.

Infant hospitalized; father charged with child abuse
Posted: Sep 27, 2011 5:54 PM CDT
Updated: Sep 28, 2011 8:14 AM CDT
By Breann Bierman

PHOENIX (KPHO) - A Phoenix father is facing a felony charge of child abuse after his 8-week-old son was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

Maurice Avery Beckett, 19, was arrested Tuesday and booked on the charges and released on a $50,000 bond.

The boy was taken to the hospital Sept. 9 with head injuries, including a skull fracture and internal bleeding, according to Maricopa County court records.

Authorities say both the boy's mother and father denied any knowledge of how the boy was hurt.

A forensic pediatrician determined the injuries were a result of blunt force trauma to the head, according to court records. The doctor determined the injuries happened within six to 12 hours of the time the victim was taken to the hospital.

Police said Beckett admitted to having sole care of the victim during that time but denied knowing what had caused the injuries.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dad accused of throwing 1-year-old daughter in front of police--and apparently during his visitation (South Bend, Indiana)

If you read between the lines, this "incident" must have taken place during court-ordered visitation. It is quite clear that this "visitation" was against the mother's will, as she was concerned enough about her safety to bring along a couple of police officers for the pickup. Daddy TAIRRYON BELL then obliges her by lunging at her and THROWING the baby, which Mom, fortunately, catches before she runs for the car. The police officers then attempted to subdue Daddy.

For all this, Daddy gets charged with just child neglect? As if he had forgotten to take the baby to the doctor for a head cold?

So what genius Indiana judge was behind this travesty? Anybody want to take credit?,0,7795469.story

Father accused of throwing infant
5:03 p.m. EDT, September 26, 2011

SOUTH BEND— A 20-year-old South Bend man is accused of throwing his 1-year-old daughter at her mother Saturday night.

Tairryonn Bell was charged on Monday with one count of child neglect, a class D felony.

The baby's mother requested that police accompany her when she went to Bell's residence in the 4700 block of West Linden Avenue to pick up her daughter about 10:20 p.m. on Saturday.

Bell allegedly opened the front door and angrily walked toward the mother, holding their daughter in front of him.

He then allegedly yelled, "You want your (expletive) kid?" and lunged toward the mother, throwing the child at her, according to court documents.

The mother was able to catch the infant and run to her car while police officers nearby subdued Bell, according to court documents.

A South Bend police officer transporting Bell to jail asked why he threw his daughter and Bell allegedly replied, "I didn't throw her, I handed her to her (mother)."

A class D felony conviction carries a sentence of between six months and three years.

Dad facing sex assault, child porn charges involving 7-year-old daughter (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)


Edmonton father facing sex assault, child porn charges after ALERT investigation
Karyn Mulcahy, Global News Tuesday, September 27, 2011 1:26 PM

An Edmonton father is facing sexual assault and child pornography allegedly committed against his daughter who is only seven.

The alleged offenses came to light after a European law enforcement agency contacted the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team's Internet Child Exploitation unit (ICE) about poronographic material that they believed had originated from an Edmonton address.

After responding to the address in question, a mother and three children were transported to the ZEBRA Child Protection Centre by the ICE team.

A 37-year-old man believed to be the father of the family, was arrested at the residence without incident.

He has been charged with six offences including sexual assault and sexual interference, as well as production, possession, distribution and accessing child pornography.

Investigators have seized computers and hard drives from the residence as part of their investigation.

The man made a court appearance on September 24th, and remains in custody.

His next appearance is scheduled for October 12th.

The man cannot be identified as it would identify the alleged victim, who is a minor.

The mother and her children continue to receive support from the ZEBRA Child Protection Centre.

Dad charted with breaking legs, fracturing ribs, skull of 2-month-old son (Deland, Florida)

We told that dad JOSHUA BARTHOLOMEW is a really a "good man"--he just got a "bit rough" with his 2-month-old son. How rough? Apparently rough enough to break the baby's legs, and fracture his ribs and skull. Rough enough, it seems, to do serious damage. But it wasn't really the the fault of this "good man," see. He was "stressed" because the baby was crying.

Right. Notice how these daddy thugs always get the benefit of the doubt. Had a mom done this, she would have been roundly denounced as an unfeeling monster. Not so with the daddies. Nope, we get hit with every damn excuse in the book.

Speaking of mothers, notice that there is ZERO MENTION of a mother in this picture. Why?


Father Faces Charge Of Abusing Baby
Baby Suffered Broken Legs, Fractured Skull

POSTED: 3:17 pm EDT September 26, 2011
UPDATED: 5:22 am EDT September 27, 2011

DELAND, Fla. -- Authorities were investigating a case of child abuse in DeLand on Monday.

Investigators with the DeLand Police Department said a 2-month-old boy suffered broken legs, fractured ribs and a fractured skull.

Joshua Bartholomew, 21, was arrested Sunday after he took the child to the hospital for sinus trouble. Doctors found the additional injuries, concluded it was an abuse situation and contacted police.

At a court appearance Monday afternoon, a judge decided Bartholomew shouldn't go anywhere near the child, who remains hospitalized.

"We have broken bones in his legs, broken bones in his arms, a broken clavicle and a cranium problem," DeLand Police Deputy Chief Randy Henderson said.

According to a police report, doctors immediately noticed the baby's chest was bruised, and an arm was swollen and unmovable. Tests confirmed multiple fractures in various stages of healing all over the boy's body.

Investigators said the father initially said he had no idea how the baby's bones were broken and didn't intend to hurt him, but he eventually confessed that he may have been a bit rough with his son.

"How rough is rough? You have two broken bones in your legs. That's pretty rough," Henderson said.

According to the police report, Bartholomew told investigators he was stressed out and the baby was crying.

DCF is now involved with this case. The family has no prior history with the agency, and Bartholomew does not have a prior criminal record.

Bartholomew's parents attended their son's first court appearance. The suspect's father said his son was a good man.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dad strangles to death 20-year-old daughter for marrying against "his will" (Faisalabad, Pakistan)

More "honor" killing garbage. This time with control freak daddy MIAN KHAN.

Honourable’ ends: Man strangles daughter in her sleep
Published: September 26, 2011

FAISALABAD: A man strangled his daughter after she married against his will on Saturday.

According to police officials, Chak No614 GB resident Mian Khan’s daughter Saeeda Bibi, 18, married her neighbour Sarfraz against the will of her parents.

Mian Khan called a panchayat to force Sarfraz’s parents to send his daughter back to him. “He said that he would accept the marriage after his daughter was sent back to him.

He swore it in front of the panchayat,” eyewitness Rahbar Khan said.

Mian Khan swore that he would accept the marriage once his daughter was returned to him and that he would take her to her in-law’s place himself. “He promised that she would be returned to her husband within two days.

He said that he wanted to perform the ‘rukhsati’ of his daughter and that he wanted a grand ceremony,” said a panchayat member Naseer Waliullah Kamal. After Khan vowed to return his daughter, Sarfraz’s parents handed Saeeda Bibi over to her parents on Friday afternoon. Saeeda’s mother told police officials that on Saturday night, her husband strangled his daughter in her sleep. “He choked her with her dupatta. I asked him about arrangements for her rukhsati and he told me that there would be no ceremony as she was dead. When I rushed to find her, I saw that he had already killed her,” Saeeda’s mother Safia Bibi said.

Tandlianwala SHO Mian Zahid Pehalwan said that the body of the deceased had been handed over to her husband Sarfraz after a post mortem. “The tests concluded that the girl had been strangled to death and her father has admitted to the crime,” he said. “Mian Khan told us that he killed his daughter to regain his honour after she had humiliated the entire family. ‘I would never have let her return to that man’ he told us,” the SHO said.

Pehlwan said that a case had been registered under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) against Mian Khan on the complaint of deceased’s husband Sarfraz and the accused had been arrested. “I have no regrets over killing my daughter. This was my duty and she was wicked.

She needed to be taught a lesson and she disobeyed me. She had no right to marry without my permission,” Khan told police.

“My entire family, biradari and the village was pointing fingers and ridiculing me after my daughter married of her own free will. After killing her, everyone feels that my honour is restored,” he said.

“Saeeda and I initially planned on running away because we knew that her family would never let us marry. My parents agreed to the match and supported us. I have lost my wife and I want her killer to be punished,” Sarfraz told reporters.

Dad arrested, 5-month-old daughter rescued in SWAT situation (Miami, Florida)

More Daddy Drama. This time starring dad JAYSON LEYVA. This is the kind of guy who needs to be locked up for a good long time. Before somebody is really hurt.

Man arrested, infant rescued in SWAT situation
Posted: Today at 7:20 am EDT Last Updated: Today at 3:18 pm EDT

MIAMI (WSVN) -- The father of a 5-month-old girl has been arrested after a SWAT situation, early Monday morning.

The incident began at 2 a.m. on the seventh floor of the Diamond Towers apartment building on Second Street and Northwest 12th Avenue. Miami Police and SWAT arrived on the scene after calls of a domestic dispute between a man and his girlfriend.

According to the police report, 26-year-old Jason Leyva arrived home drunk and demanded sex from his girlfriend. When she refused, he hit her multiple times causing injuries to her lip and right arm. He also ripped off her clothes and tried to pin her down.

Police said, he started to strangle her, and he pointed a gun at her and said, "If you call the police, you will see the show that I put on." But she was able to flee. However, the baby was holed up in the apartment with her father.

Authorities evacuated residents in four units on the seventh floor and relocated them to the lobby of the building as a precaution. Police also set up a perimeter around the building.

Some concerned residents were unaware that the incident had taken place. "It was really scary. I live by myself, but my floor is very quiet," said Orespes Graupera. "I've never heard of such stories."

"This is not good. Especially being in our building because there's good security, good people here," said Manny Ambrosio.

Four hours later, negotiators managed to persuade Leyva to surrender and arrested him.

The SWAT team rescued the baby safely, and she has since been reunited with her mother.

Leyva now faces charges of aggravated assault with a firearm, domestic battery by strangulation, and battery. His bond is $14,000.

Dad gets life sentence in "honor" killing of 20-year-old daughter (Sangrur, India)

Daughter made the mistake of falling in love with the boy next door. Her dad, MAJOR SINGH, and her uncle poisoned her to death for her "indiscretion." No mention of the girl's poor mother.

Sick. Control freak. Crap.

Father gets life sentence for killing daughter
Neel Kamal, TNN | Sep 26, 2011, 10.29PM IST

SANGRUR: Taking up the case of honour killing of a twenty years old girl, a local court has sentenced the father of the slain girl to life imprisonment. The girl Bhupinder Kaur of village Rajo Majra in Sangrur was accused to have been killed by his father Major Singh and taaya (uncle) Hardev Singh on the night on December 30, 2010 for falling in love with boy next door. Both had cremated the girl in the midnight after killing her by poisoning.

Sangrur additional district and sessions judge Kamaljit Lamba had acquitted girl' uncle Hardev Singh on Saturday and had reserved the judgment about father Major Singh for Monday. The additional sessions judge Monday evening pronouncing the judgment sentenced Major Singh for life imprisonment and imposed fine of Rs. 10,000.

As per prosecution Major Singh along with his brother Hardev Singh on the night of December 30, 2010 had administered poison to Bhupinder Kaur as she had developed relations with Karamjit Singh, living next door. Bhupinder Kaur' agriculturalist family failed to tolerate it. After ensuring the girl has died both the brothers got her body for cremation at about 11 in the night. The village watchman Jagir Singh seeing flames rising from cremation grounds got suspicious and confronted the duo. Upon both failing to give satisfactory answers about midnight cremation, he next morning informed the police about the incident.

Police next morning after arresting the duo had taken ash, bones into possession from cremation grounds. Sangrur SSP Harcharan Singh Bhullar said both committed the heinous crime as they unapproved the relationship of girl with already married man, facing separation case with wife. Police had registered murder case along with charges of destructing of evidence against both.

Defense side lawyer Nirpal Singh Dhaliwal said, "Hardev Singh was acquitted as no evidence against him had come to light."

Three-year-old son found dead with custodial dad (Englewood, New Jersey)

Though the police won't say officially that this is a murder-suicide, it seems likely. Notice that this APPEARS to be a custodial father, given that the UNNAMED DAD was "supposed to" drop off the boy to "visit" with the mother. Hmmm. Control freak killer dad got custody? And didn't want to share? Was there a judge in this case? If so, who?

Father and son, 3, found dead in Englewood apartment, police say
Monday, September 26, 2011
Northern Valley Suburbanite

ENGLEWOOD - The bodies of a man and his 3-year-old son were found dead inside the man's apartment on Sept. 26, police officials said.

The cause of death is unknown at this time, said Deputy Police Chief Lawrence Suffern. There are no signs that indicate foul play, Suffern said.

Authorities arrived at the man's apartment after the child's mother came to the Police Department saying that she was unable to contact the individual.

According to Suffern, the woman said the man was supposed to meet with her in order to drop off their son to visit with her, but did not show up. He said she called the man's cellphone, and went to the apartment, and he did not answer the door. After searching other locations, including the man's mother's home, she went to the police.

When officers entered the home, Suffern said they found the man on top of the son, possibly from holding him, but it was not clear.

Suffern said he expects the autopsy report completed by Tuesday, which may provide more answers to the cause and time of death.

Police: Dad murdered three kids, mom (Waynesburg, Pennsylvania)

As usual, the clueless neighbors just can't believe it. Though this is entirely consistent with the way narcissistic killer fathers act when "estranged" from their wife/female possession. The dad is identified as KEVIN TEAGARDEN.

Police: Father killed family, then self in Greene County
Monday, September 26, 2011
Last updated: 3:24 pm

State police in Waynesburg are awaiting autopsy results to determine the cause and manner of death in an apparent murder-suicide in Greene County after a family of four was discovered dead in their home last night.

State police Trooper Bart Lemansky said police received a call to check on the family about 10:10 p.m. When police arrived, they found Kevin Teagarden, 42; his wife, Tammy, 40; and their children, Madison, 8, and Kevin Jr., 2, dead inside their Chartiers Road home in Morgan Township.

Police recovered a weapon they believe Kevin Teagarden, 40, used to kill his family and then himself, Lemansky said. The exact cause and manner of their deaths are pending autopsies, he said.

Residents and family members in the quiet community of 2,600 people were shocked.

"I just saw (Tammy) last week with the kids," said Relda Litten, Kevin Teagarden's step-aunt and Morgan Township secretary. "Everything seemed to be fine. This was a total shock."

Jefferson-Morgan School District Superintendent Donna Furnier said grief counselors will be made available for students. Madison was a third-grader in the district.

Lemansky said the couple recently had become estranged, but were living together.

He said a co-worker called police when Tammy Teagarden was late for her ride to work. A family member went to the home and called police after seeing what appeared to be a body on the kitchen floor, he said.

"It's absolutely horrifying," Lemansky said.

Litten described Kevin Teagarden as "very quiet and easygoing." She said the couple had been together about 15 years.

"I can't understand how someone could do that," Litten said.

Greene County Coroner Gregory Rohanna said the preliminary results of the autopsy should be available later today.

"We're hoping the autopsies will be able to tell us some kind of story," he said.

The family lived in a bungalow-style house with a sloping backyard and a vegetable garden. A swingset sits on the side of the home near a small shed.

Morgan is a small, blue-collar community of mostly older residents. The town is composed of a post office and one restaurant. A memorial honoring 194 people killed in a coal mine explosion in 1928 sits in the center of the township.

Dad gets just 12 months in jail for breaking arm, leg of 12-week-old son (London, England)

Just a tap on the wrist for dad CRAIG SHAW. The poor dear was just in a "filthy mood," you see.

Father broke 12-week-old son's arm and leg in fit of rage when he couldn't get him into a babygrow
Last updated at 9:00 PM on 23rd September 2011

A father broke his 12-week-old son's arm and leg in a fit of rage when he couldn't get him into a babygrow.

Craig Shaw, from Camden in north London, has only been jailed for 12 months despite leaving the infant with a displaced fracture in his upper arm and double fracture to his thigh bone.

Little Anthony King was injured as a result of a 'twisting or swinging movement', doctors said. They observed that the injuries did not seem to be accidental and that Shaw had used 'considerable force.'

The 24-year-old dad had been in a 'filthy mood' after failing to get a job the day before and had earlier argued with his partner Cheryl King, Southwark Crown Court heard.

Ms King asked Shaw to dress Anthony while she went to help their older child to get ready to go out.

Prosecutor Richard Milne said Ms King then heard Anthony crying and went back to check on him.

'When she got back to the room where Anthony was, he was being put into a babygrow which was slightly too small,' he said.

'The defendant was still trying to dress him. It appears he had been struggling with him.

'Anthony was very upset and Ms King had to complete the dressing.

'It is the crown's case that this is most likely when both the right arm and left leg were fractured.'

Ms King then took the two children shopping and only noticed Anthony's arm had swollen up the next day.

'She asked the defendant what had happened and whether he might of dropped him or he had rolled off the bed,' said Mr Milne.

'The defendant said nothing had happened.'

The severity of the injuries were revealed when the little boy was x-rayed at University College Hospital about 24 hours after he was hurt.

Shaw pleaded guilty to one count of cruelty to a person under 16. His defence lawyer Anna Morris said he had 'suffered a momentary lapse of appreciation of the appropriate level of force to be used' and had thought he had only bruised his son.

She added: 'It was not an action done to punish the child or to teach him a lesson, it was a use of inappropriate force.'

But Judge Anthony Pitts rejected the submissions and said: 'I have no doubt that you lost your temper when you could not get him into the babygrow and in using such force with him you broke his bones.

'The offences are too serious in my judgement to suspend a sentence.'

The judge sentenced Shaw to 12 months in jail, adding: 'He let things get on top of him.'

Two counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and two of inflicting grievous bodily harm were ordered to lie on file.

Dad leaves 3-year-old daughter in car while at bar (Lakeway, Texas)

Dad CHARLES MUHULA has been arrested on felony endangerment charges. I wonder if this was a visitation situation....

Lakeway father leaves 3-year-old in car while at bar

by KVUE News
Posted on September 23, 2011 at 4:35 PM

Updated Friday, Sep 23 at 5:06 PM

LAKEWAY, Texas -- Police in Lakeway say a father left his three-year-old daughter in a car while he was inside a bar.

Charles Muhula, 30, is charged with felony endangerment of a child.Police say he left the little girl alone in a car Thursday night for about 45 minutes.

The officer who responded to the scene said the girl was sleeping and was not injured.

The girl was picked up by her mother who was called to the scene.

Dad charged with attempted murder of 11-month-old son gets 30-day extension on psych assessment (Calgary, Canada)

We've posted on UNNAMED DAD before. Now he's getting a 30-day extension on his psychiatric assessment. And the Fathers Rights people tell us that only moms play the mental health card....
Judge wants assessment for father charged in baby slashing

By Daryl Slade, Calgary Herald September 23, 2011

A judge has ordered a 30-day extension to a psychiatric assessment for a 32-year-old father charged with attempted murder in the slashing attack on his 11-month-old son.

Provincial court Judge John Bascom made the order on Friday for the extended assessment after both defence lawyer Alain Hepner and Crown prosecutor Margot Engley agreed it should be done.

Hepner said he was contacted by forensic psychiatrist Dr. David Tano, who requested the additional time.

“They haven’t completed the psychiatric assessment,” Hepner said outside court. “It’s quite comprehensive, given the circumstances of my client and the background of the case.”

Hepner said his client, who cannot be named in order to protect the identity of the child, has been co-operative with staff at the Southern Alberta Forensic Psychiatric Centre.

“He’s in a hospital setting and it’s not comfortable to be in that setting, but he’s got to buck up and do right,” Hepner added.

The lawyer could not say how the boy is doing, but noted the mother has been in court, and his condition “will come out in due course.”

Police said they arrived at the family bungalow on Aug. 13 and found the boy in the kitchen bleeding from “substantial” knife slashes to the throat and belly.

They said the father was upset when he called 911 about 4:15 a.m. and, when authorities arrived, the man was arrested without incident.

The baby was taken to Alberta Children’s Hospital and is expected to fully recover.

Police have said the 26-year-old mother lives in the home, but wasn’t in the residence when the baby was attacked.

The father will be back in court on Nov. 1.

Dad charged with child cruelty for "wandering" 3-year-old son (Rock Hill, South Carolina)

Dad SEMA JAY SMITH has been charged with child cruelty. Is he a single dad? A "stay-at-home"? Or just "babysitting"? Not clear here at all.


Updated: Saturday, Sep. 24, 2011 08:33 AM

Rock Hill father charged with child cruelty

Barbara Barkley
Barbara Barkley CCI Newsgate Feed

A young boy found walking alone in a vacant field near Celanese Road has led to a cruelty to children charge for the father, police say.

Sema Jay Smith, 31, of Rock Hill also has been issued a cruelty to children citation.

A witness driving on Celanese Road about 11 a.m. Thursday saw the wandering 3-year-old. The witness picked up the child and called police, according to a Rock Hill Police report. The boy was cold and dirty, and his T-shirt was covered in vomit.

The boy's father lives in an apartment complex about two-tenths of a mile away, the report states. He said he had left the window in his child's room open for better air circulation and went to fix lunch. After several minutes, he had not heard his son make a sound. When he checked on him, the window screen was pushed out, and his son was gone.

Police: dad assaults 11-year-old son (Port Leyden, New York)

Dad JAMES SULLIVAN has been charged with criminal contempt, assault, and child endangerment. No mention of a mother here. 


Police: Father assaults 11-year-old son in Lewis County
Story Created: Sep 24, 2011 EDT

Story Updated: Sep 26, 2011 at 1:38 AM EDT

PORT LEYDEN, N.Y. (WKTV) - A father is facing several charges after the Lewis County Sheriff's Department investigated a report of him assaulting his 11-year-old son.

33-year-old James Sullivan, of State Route 12 in Port Leyden, allegedly punched and kicked his son several times in the head and face.

Sheriff''s deputies say the boy sustained several bruises to his arms, face and head along with a swollen black eye.

Sullivan is charged with aggravated criminal contempt, assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

He was charged in the Leyden Town Court and sent to the Lewis County Jail on $5,000 bail. The investigation is ongoing.

Dad gets 25 years for raping daughter over period of years (Oudtshoorn, South Africa)

Of course it's an UNNAMED DAD. Notice that there is no mention of a mother in this home. Was there one? Doesn't sound like it.


Incest dad gets 25 years
September 26 2011 at 07:26am

An Oudtshoorn father has been sentenced to 25 years for raping his daughter for years and impregnating her, a report says.

According to the Cape Times, his daughter, now 19, has kept the child she gave birth to about two years ago.

Police spokesman Malcolm Pojie was quoted as saying that the mother and child were both well.

Pojie said the 45-year-old father had been accused of repeatedly raping his daughter between 2006 and 2009, the Cape Times reported.

He had started raping her when she was about 14 years old.

The Oudtshoorn Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit started investigating the father, who may not be named so as to protect the identity of his daughter, after a criminal case was opened against him in August last year, the report said. - IOL

Dad to stand trial for murder of 3-month-old daughter (Woodstock, Illinois)

Dad SALVADOR AVILA is standing trial on murder charges in the death of his infant daughter. No mention of the mother, or if Daddy was the "caretaker."


Created: Monday, September 26, 2011 5:30 a.m.

Father to stand trial in infant girl’s death


WOODSTOCK – The trial of a man accused of shaking his infant daughter to death in 2008 is expected to begin Tuesday.

Salvador Avila, who was 18 at the time but now is 22, has chosen a bench trial, meaning that the verdict will be decided by McHenry County Judge Gordon Graham rather than a jury.

Avila first was charged with aggravated battery of a child and aggravated domestic battery. After test results from the baby’s brain tissue and other medical evidence, the charges were updated to include first-degree murder. He has remained in jail on $500,000 bond.

Salvador Avila brought Sophia Avila, who was unconscious, to Mercy Harvard Hospital on Feb. 16, 2008. She later was taken to Rockford Memorial Hospital for treatment of brain injuries and died about two days later. She was a few days short of 3 months old.

Avila, who was arrested the day after the alleged shaking, was denied a request for a furlough so he could attend the infant’s funeral.

Graham previously ruled that prior injuries to Sophia Avila would be admissible in court. About three weeks before she died, the baby was taken to Centegra Hospital – Woodstock and then was taken to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital for further treatment, where CT scans were taken, according to court documents.

Prosecutors said that medical records from both hospitals showed injuries including a fractured rib and a healing fracture of another rib. The baby also suffered abdominal bruising and a probable liver injury, they said.

Prosecutors previously said they do not intend to present any evidence that Avila caused the alleged earlier injuries, but simply that the injuries were present. They also are allowed to show autopsy photos in court.

Avila’s attorney, Assistant Public Defender Kim Messer, said that the witnesses she planned to call to the stand included a forensic pathologist and a neurosurgeon.

“I believe he’s innocent,” Messer said, but she declined to elaborate.

Prosecutors expect to finish presenting their case on Friday or the following Monday, said Phil Hiscock, criminal chief for the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office. The trial may stretch into a third week because of scheduling issues with defense witnesses.

Dad gets suspended jail sentence for killing 11-year-old daughter (Gweru, Zimbabwe)

Dad ONIAS MOYO beat his 11-year-old daughter to death because she was having trouble understanding her homework. Maybe a little less father "involvement" might have been helpful here.
Where is this girl's mother? Erased--as usual. Is this a single father? And notice that Daddy basically gets a slap on the wrist here with a wholly suspended jail sentence.


Father escapes jail after fatal assault on childMICHAEL MADYIRA, OWN CORRESPONDENT - Sep 26 2011 14:58

GWERU — A Silobela man was lucky to walk away with a wholly-suspended jail term after he lost his temper and fatally assaulted his 11-year-old daughter while assisting her with homework.

Onias Moyo (37) of Nkomazabo Village, Silobela, appeared before High Court judge Justice Nicholas Mathonsi sitting on circuit in Gweru last week and was convicted of culpable homicide.

He was sentenced to four years in prison one of which was suspended after consideration of 15 months he had spent in remand prison awaiting trial. The remaining three years were wholly suspended for five years on condition he does not commit a similar offence over that period.

Passing sentence, Justice Mathonsi noted that Moyo did not intend to kill and also considered the incident happened while the accused was trying to improve the academic life of his daughter.

Justice Mathonsi also took into account that Moyo did not waste the court’s time by denying the charge.

On June 18 last year at around 1900hrs, Moyo was assisting his daughter with her homework when she failed to understand what she was being taught, prompting him to beat her all over the body with a stick.

The girl collapsed and died the following day.

A post-mortem conducted at United Bulawayo Hospitals on June 29 of the same year concluded she had succumbed to severe head injuries, intracranial haemorrhage and assault.

Dad sentenced to 3 years for threats to kill detective in son's child rape case (West Palm Beach, Florida)

What a charming son. What a charming father. Apple didn't fall far from the paternal tree here, did it? The "tree" being RANDALL WILLIAM SACHS.

Suburban Lake Worth dad sentenced to 3 years for threats to kill detective in his son's case

By Daphne Duret
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Updated: 12:50 p.m. Monday, Sept. 26, 2011

Posted: 12:20 p.m. Monday, Sept. 26, 2011

WEST PALM BEACH — A suburban Lake Worth father was sentenced to three years in prison this morning for threatening to kill a Palm Beach County Sheriff's detective who arrested his son on child sexual battery charges.

Randall William Sachs, 61, was arrested in December by detectives from the sheriff's office Violent Crimes Division for extortion, witness tampering, aggravated stalking, corruption by threats and written threats to kill the female detective.

Prosecutors said Sachs began threatening the detective and her family after his son, Caleb Sachs, of Greenacres, was charged with capital sexual battery charges on accusations that he raped two girls, ages 6 and 7. Caleb Sachs in May was sentenced to five years in prison on molestation charges.

According to arrest reports, Randall Sachs made threats over the telephone against both the detective and her father, saying that he would kill the detective and make her death look like a car accident. He also made written threats and said he would "blow her head off."

Detectives were able to match the handwriting and voice to Sachs through handwriting analysis and electronic monitoring devices.

Though Sachs' case carried a minimum five-year sentence and a maximum 25-year sentence under sentencing guidelines, Sach's attorney Adam Farkas asked Circuit Judge Joseph Marx to give him a lower sentence, saying the father's anxiety over having his son potentially spend life in prison drove him to extremes.

"He thought he was losing his son to an allegation that was false, and he felt helpless," Farkas said, later adding that when detectives confronted Sachs regarding the threats he "made the fullest confession I think I've ever seen."

The detective, who prosecutors did not identify in court Monday, declined to attend the sentencing, saying she and Sachs had never seen one another face-to-face and she didn't want him to know what she looked like.

Marx said that he didn't believe Sachs, who has been in jail for nearly a year, deserved a long prison sentence. The judge initially ordered psychological tests for Sachs, saying his actions "went beyond threatening to the point of being ridiculous" and he appeared ill during his initial appearances in court.

"It almost seemed, for lack of a better word, that he was just crazy," Marx said.

Dad abandons 5-month-old baby at home alone; police find stolen video game equipment (Hornellsville, New York)

Hmm. Is CORY S. HUNT a deadbeat, er, "stay-at-home" dad? Good lawd, it's not like we haven't seen this type before. Doesn't want to work or support his family, but doesn't really want to do housework or real childcare either, 'cause that's not manly don't ya know. Just want to play his XBox all day! So he steals video game sh** (because Mommy doesn't give him money for that?), and abandons a 5-month-old baby home alone while he "visits" with a neighbor." Visits? ???

Mothers and children need this? And where is the mother of this baby anyway? Why is she not mentioned in this story?


Man allegedly left child unattended
By Staff reports
The Leader
Posted Sep 26, 2011 @ 01:00 PM

Hornellsville, NY — A Cameron father is facing endangerment and stolen-goods charges after he allegedly left his infant son unattended and was in possession of items stolen from a neighbor.

According to the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office, Cory S. Hunt left his 5-month-old son unattended in his apartment while he visited with a neighbor. The incident occurred sometime in August at the Seneca Manor Apartments.

While the father was away, the child continued to cry long enough to draw the attention of another resident of the apartment complex, police said. The unnamed resident went to Hunt’s apartment to check the welfare of the child, police said.

While in the apartment, the resident found an XBox 360 game console, six video games and a controller she previously reported stolen.

Hunt, 23, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, both misdemeanors. He was issued appearance tickets.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Dad charged with homicide in death of 4-week-old daughter (Cumberland County, Pennsylvania)

Dad JUSTIN LAMONT THOMPSON has been charged with murder in the death of his 4-week-old daughter. Notice that the 6-year-old sister even told a hospital security guard that Daddy "was beating on my sister." But notice that there is ZERO mention of a mother--even though there had to have been a mother 4 weeks before when this baby was born. Why are mothers continually erased from these stories? Why was this baby in Daddy's "care"? Did Mom have to work to support his lazy @$$? What?


Father charged with homicide in South Middleton infant's death
By Matthew McLaughlin, Sentinel Reporter, Sept. 23, 2011
The Sentinel -
Posted: Friday, September 23, 2011 11:49 am

Three to five seconds is the amount of time a South Middleton Township man told investigators he shook his infant daughter after she woke up crying.

According to Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed, that may be all it took to kill his 4-week-old baby girl on Sept. 1.

"Three to five seconds is his verbatim statement," Freed said. "What the medical evidence will say about that, may or may not be something different.

"Based on my experience in cases of this nature, these babies are so small it doesn't take much."

Justin Lamont Thompson, 33, of South Middleton Township was arrested and charged with criminal homicide, aggravated assault, simple assault, endangering the welfare of a child and recklessly endangering another person Thursday.

The charges were announced at a Friday morning press conference held by Freed.

Thompson is being held in Cumberland County Prison without bail and is "tentatively" scheduled for a preliminary hearing Oct. 28, according to Freed.

Freed estimated the maximum sentence for all charges, if Thompson is convicted, would be around 40 years in prison.

What happened
Thompson called 911 at 7:21 a.m. Sept. 1 because his 4-week-old daughter, Ahzyre Thompson, was not breathing, Freed said. The infant was taken to Carlisle Regional Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

A police investigation into Ahzyre's death began almost immediately.

"The coroner was called to the scene, pursuant to our procedures, and, based on what he saw, he then made a call to state police," Freed said.

Cumberland County Coroner Todd Eckenrode reported seeing retinal hemorrhages in the infant's eyes, consistent with being shaken.

Additionally, while in a hospital waiting area, Ahzyre's 6-year-old sister told a hospital security guard "someone should arrest my daddy, he was beating on my sister," Freed said.

An autopsy was performed the next day, but investigators only recently received the results.

"In keeping with our experience of autopsies on infants and young children ... results often take a few weeks to come in," Freed said. "That's based on the physiology and the age of the child."

The autopsy confirmed retinal hemorrhages, as well as hemorrhages in the brain and spinal chord, consistent with a shaking injury.

"Additionally, the autopsy did rule out other causes of death," Freed added.

Following the receipt of the autopsy results, investigators arranged for an interview with Thompson, which was held Thursday. During the course of the interview the man admitted to shaking the infant, Freed said.

Thompson told investigators that Ahzyre woke up and was crying at 3 a.m. Sept. 1, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

The man said he picked the infant up and shook her for three to five seconds. Thompson then said he changed Ahzyre's diaper, fed her from a bottle and laid her back down, according to the affidavit.

Both Freed and Commander Steven Junkin from State police at Carlisle noted that the investigation will continue past the filing of these charges.

"The filing of charges does not end the case for us," Junkin said.

Freed said that he is confident in the investigators assigned to this case.

"My fondest hope would be, in a case like this, that the quantum of evidence is such that the child didn't have to testify," Freed added, referring to Ahzyre's sister.

Posted earlier on Cumberlink:

The father of a 4-week-old infant has been charged with the baby girl's death, according to District Attorney David Freed.

Justin Lamont Thompson, 33, of South Middleton Township, was charged with criminal homicide, aggravated assault, simple assault, endangering the welfare of a child and recklessly endangering another person.

The charges were announced today during a press conference on the death of Ahzyre Thompson, who was transported to Carlisle Regional Medical Center on Sept. 1, but was pronounced dead when she arrived at the hospital. Police had been investigating the death.

For more on this story, check back to the print and online edition of The Sentinel on Saturday.

Posted at 9:18 a.m. on Cumberlink:

The District Attorney's Office will hold a press conference at 11 a.m. today at the courthouse to discuss the death of a 4-week old girl from South Middleton Township on Sept. 1.

Police have been investigating the death of Ahzyre Thompson, whose death is being treated as suspicious. An autopsy from the Cumberland County Coroner was unable to determine the cause and manner of death.

The infant was taken to Carlisle Regional Medical Center via ambulance shortly before 7:30 a.m. Sept. 1, and EMS crews performed CPR on the girl, but once she arrived at the hospital, it was determined that she was deceased.