Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boy killed neo-Nazi custodial dad to end domestic abuse (Riverside, California)

What the media has largely ignored is how this neo-Nazi abusive father, JEFF HALL, managed to strip this boy's mother of custody--pure court intimidation, no doubt. If not a few secret ultra right-wing/fathers rights sympathizers in positions of power which I consider quite likely as well.    

You know what's really crazy? That we have to label kids as "crazy" who object to being beaten up all their lives and practice a little self-defense. We seem to prefer that our kids become self-destructive--depressed, alcoholic, or drug addicted. And when they don't go that route, we all wring our hands and talk of mental illness. Why? No one stepped up to protect this child--not the step, not the courts, the police, or child protective services. And it's the kid who's nuts because he refused to take it any more?

Boy killed neo-Nazi dad to end domestic abuse
Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Rob McMillan

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- There was an unexpected delay Wednesday in the case of a Riverside boy accused of murdering his white-supremacist father.

Neo-Nazi leader Jeff Hall was shot to death in his own home, allegedly by his own 10-year-old son. Wednesday, more details were revealed about what might have set the child off.

According to the arrest declaration, the boy told police he was tired of his dad hitting him and his mom. So two and a half weeks ago he got his dad's .357 handgun and aimed it at his dad's ear while he was asleep and shot him.

The boy made his second court appearance Wednesday. He didn't enter a plea, but he will be given a mental health evaluation.

The defense wasn't available for comment, but prosecutors say it's possible the boy will plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

"Obviously in a case like this when we're talking about whether or not a 10-year-old boy can formulate the intent to commit first-degree murder, there's issues of whether or not he can comprehend what he's doing," said Riverside County Deputy District Attorney Ambrosio Rodriguez.

Hall's wife, the boy's stepmother, is also being charged in the aftermath of what happened in the home. Krista McCary is accused of child endangerment due to the number of unsecured guns police say they found in the home.

The prosecution says it's unlikely the stepmother would serve any time in state prison because they say she has no criminal record.

"We are giving her the option to turn herself in. We're doing that because of her close relationship to the juvenile in this case, and how important she is to him," said Rodriguez.

The boy is due in juvenile court on July 22.