Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Custodial dad took boy out of Jamaica; now charged with son's murder (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

We've seen cases like this before. Dads who get custody by preying upon and exploiting the impoverished mothers of their children--moms who live in countries like Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico, or the Dominican Republic. And after these dads get their way and move the kid to the U.S. or Canada, they kill, rape, or severely abuse the kids. For a list of similar cases, see this post:


It looks like dad Garfield Boothe will be added to this list. This POS didn't even know this boy was his son till two years ago....Some devoted dad, this one.


Father charged in death of Brampton boy
By Chris Doucette ,Toronto Sun
First posted: Monday, May 30, 2011 1:48:38 EDT PM

BRAMPTON — Neighbours recall little Shakeil Boothe’s excitement when he glimpsed snow for the first time a couple winters ago.

It’s one of the happy memories Homeland Ct. residents are clinging to as they try to come to grips with the 10-year-old’s murder, allegedly at the hands of his father who moved him to Canada from Jamaica for “a better life.”

“They seemed like the perfect family,” Dan Greig said Monday. “It’s just so sad.”

He said Shakeil’s father, Garfield Boothe, 31, only learned he had a son in Jamaica about two years ago.

And when he did, he brought the boy here to give him a better start in life,” Greig said.

The youngster lived briefly in the Jane St.-Finch Ave. area before moving with his dad and stepmom to the two-storey house in the quiet neighbourhood, near Dixie Rd. and Queen St. E.

The family occasionally visited Greig’s home next-door for barbecues and Garfield seemed to be a “good” dad.

“His son was such a polite little guy,” Greig said.

“He always had a big smile on his face,” he added. “He was a great kid.”

Peel police responded to a 911 call at 15 Homeland Ct. around 5 p.m. Friday and found the child dead.

Shakeil’s dad was arrested the next day after detectives concluded the boy hadn’t died of natural causes.

“When we were in the house that first day, there were no visible signs of injury,” Const. Adam Minion said. “But since then, we’ve received the coroner’s report, we’ve talked to witnesses and determined there was a criminal element involved.”

Garfield, who is in custody, was initially charged with failing to provide the necessities of life.

But Minnion said the father will be formally charged with second-degree murder when he appears in court Tuesday.

Police aren’t releasing the cause of death, so neighbours can only speculate as to what may have happened.

Greig said he often heard the couple arguing leading up to the birth of a child eight months ago.

He and others said they believe Shakeil’s stepmother moved out a few weeks ago and took the baby with her.

Long-time resident Rilla Armitage thought the Boothes were “a wonderful addition” to the neighbourhood when they moved in a few doors away.

She said the family mostly kept to themselves, but they were always friendly.

“This is just horrific,” Armitage said.