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Custodial dad, step accused of strangling, beating child (Tom Green County, Texas)

These two freaks were basically inflicting torture on this child. Let's be clear about that.

Dad JACOB ANDREW FERRO is obviously custodial (thought that fact isn't explicitly stated). There is no mention of the mother either protesting or failing to protect. There is no mention of the mother at all.

So as we always ask in cases like this: What happened to Mom? Given that this is what Daddy does to a child, what do you think he meted out to the mother? Is she around at all? Has she "disappeared"? Is she deceased? If she is, do we know if it was from natural causes?

Lots of unanswered issues here.


Tom Green County Father and Stepmother Accused of Strangling, Beating Child

By Chelsea Reinhard | Jul. 27, 2015 12:51 pm

The father and stepmother of a Tom Green County child are each facing multiple felony charges of child abuse and endangerment following accusations that include strangulation and beating the victim with a wooden board.

Jacob Andrew Ferro, 35, and Janice Annette Crickett (aka Janice Dawson Hesskew), 37, were jailed last week on warrants for injury to a child causing bodily injury and endangering a child by criminal negligence. The arrests follow on the heels of an investigation conducted by Tom Green County Sheriff’s Detective Martha Ibarra that included several forensic interviews during which the child detailed at least three instances of abuse.

According to complaints Ibarra wrote from the content of forensic interviews, the first instance of abuse allegedly took place on Sept. 12, 2014, when both Crickett and Ferro were striking the child with a wooden paddle on the legs and arms. When the victim attempted to wrest the board from Crickett’s hands, Ferro put the child in a chokehold, impeding breathing for five seconds and only loosening his grip when the child stopped kicking, the complaint states. Ferro then grabbed the child by the hair and tried pulling the child up, reaching for the child’s shirt and yanking the victim to a standing position, the complaint states. Crickett stood idly by and failed to intervene, Ibarra wrote.

A second instance of abuse reported during the interviews allegedly took place on April 10 and again involved strangulation, Ibarra wrote. On that occasion, the complaint states, Ferro again put the victim in a chokehold and Crickett sat and watched, “and only removed the cigarette that fell from [Ferro’s] mouth onto his stomach as [he] sat on the couch…still holding [the victim] in a chokehold,” the complaint states.

The final instance of abuse is alleged to have taken place on June 4, the complaint states, when Ferro beat the child across the back with a modified wooden paddle measuring 3.5 inches wide and 22 inches long. According to the complaints, Crickett encouraged Ferro to assault the child for stealing food and lying. One of the victim’s four siblings corroborated the story, stating that Crickett ordered a “swat” for every lie, Ibarra reported. Ferro’s assault on the child’s lower back caused bruising witnessed by all four siblings, and the child was sent to a room afterward because the child would not stay still, the complaint states.

The exact age and sex of the child was not provided in redacted copies of the complaints, however the age was noted as “14 years of age or younger”.

Jacob Andrew Ferro was arrested on three warrants for injury to a child with bodily injury on July 23 and was booked into the Tom Green County Jail. He was released on the following day after posting a $20,000 bond. Injury to a child causing bodily injury is a third-degree felony punishable by two to 10 years in prison and a fine not to exceed $10,000.

Janice Annette Crickett was arrested on two warrants for endangering a child by criminal negligence on July 21 and was released on the following day after posting a $15,000 bond. Endangering a child by criminal negligence is a state jail felony punishable by 180 days to two years in a state jail and a fine not to exceed $10,000.

Dad "suspected" of killing 6-month-old daughter, 3 other children, two women (Modesto, California)

Dad is identified as MARTIN MARTINEZ.


Modesto massacre suspect charged in earlier death of boy

By Jaxon Van Derbeken and Jenna Lyons Updated 6:04 pm, Thursday, July 23, 2015

Martin Martinez is suspected of killing four children and two women.

The suspect in the weekend slayings of five people in Modesto was hit Thursday with murder and child-abuse charges stemming from the 2014 death of a 2-year-old boy, the son of one of the homicide victims.

Martin Martinez, 30, was transferred from Santa Clara County jail to Stanislaus County, where he was arraigned Thursday afternoon in the death last October of Christopher Ripley of Modesto. In court, he was hunched and in shackles as his lawyer pleaded not guilty on his behalf to the charges and a judge set bail at $5 million.

The accused killer said little during the hearing other than to confirm his birth date to the judge and the correct pronunciation of his name.

Martinez was charged with murder and felony child abuse causing Christopher’s death. The child’s mother, Amanda Crews, 38, and his 6-year-old sister, Elizabeth Ripley, and 6-month-old half-sister, Rachael, were among the victims in the July 18 slayings in Modesto.

Martinez was the boyfriend of Crews, and the father of the baby killed in the massacre.

He has not been charged in the mass slayings that also claimed the lives of his mother, Anna Brown Romero, 57, and an unidentified 5-year-old relative.

Sitting in the courtroom Thursday was Christopher’s father, Timothy Ripley, who was surrounded by family and friends.

“The community needs to see that these people are loved and missed,” Ripley said. “Even though they are gone, they still need our support.”

Police Chief Galen Carroll has said the attacks at Crews’ Modesto home came two days after a forensic analysis of Christopher Ripley’s head injury concluded he was a victim of abuse and hit his head on a tiled floor.

Martinez, who was alone with Christopher at the time of the Sept. 30 incident, gave differing versions of what happened, investigators said. The version cited by police involved the boy falling and hitting his head on a carpeted floor while the two were play wrestling.

Investigators said Christopher had suffered earlier injuries documented by photos taken at his day care center.

Martinez and Crews denied any abuse related to those incidents, which they said occurred while the child was being potty trained. Martinez was free as investigators awaited the report on the child’s Oct. 2 death. Police have defended the nine-month delay, saying they had only one chance to bring a successful case.

Ripley said he hasn’t been given a clear reason why Modesto police did not seek charges as soon as the report confirming his son’s homicide came in two days before the multiple slayings.

“I keep asking the Modesto police department why they didn’t arrest him on Friday, and why they didn’t put the case together sooner,” he said. “I don’t think they were in all that big a hurry.”

The suspect was arrested just hours after the five slayings as he was leaving a San Jose movie theater with his father.

His attorney, Stephen Foley, invoked his client’s right to a speedy hearing on the charges and the next hearing is set for Wednesday morning. Foley declined to comment.

The Stanislaus County coroner’s office said the cause of death for the five victims has not been determined. The sheriff’s office issued a statement Wednesday night saying they were not identifying the 5-year-old victim out of respect for the family’s privacy.

District attorney spokesman John Goold said after the hearing that Martinez faces life in prison at most for the charges, not the death penalty. He would not discuss the five homicides, saying the matter is under investigation.

Dad kills 17-month-old child in murder-suicide; has separted from the mother (Mason County, Washington)

Yet another narcissistic abuser/control freak who kills the child to punish the mother for ending the relationship.

Men like this should be banned from having ANY child access after a separation or divorce.

Dad is identified as SEAN DURCAN.


Police: 17-month-old child, father found dead in murder-suicide

Posted 8:16 AM, July 24, 2015, by Q13 FOX News Staff, Updated at 08:18am, July 24, 2015

SHELTON — Police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide after a 17-month-old child was found dead next to their 52-year-old father Thursday night in Mason County.

Mason County Sheriff’s Office deputies received a call from a woman around 6 p.m. Thursday, asking that deputies check on her estranged husband and two small children at their home in the 700 block of E. Road near Lake Limerick.

The 32-year-old caller told police she recently separated from her husband, and was growing concerned about the welfare of her children since she couldn’t reach him on the phone. She told deputies her husband grew despondent following their separation.

Deputies responded to the home and smelled a strong odor of gasoline right outside the door, deputies said. When they entered, they found a 4-year-old boy sitting unharmed in the living-room area. The boy was escorted out of the home and reunited with his mother.

Further into the home, deputies found the 52-year-old father, identified as Sean Durcan, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A 17-month-old child was found dead beside Durcan, deputies said. The manner of the child’s death was not immediately released.

Deputies are investigating the deaths.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

Dad on trial for murder of 8-month-old son (Columbus, Georgia)

A very typical pattern. Mom has to work, so deadbeat daddy appointed to be the caretaker. Moron can't take ordinary infantile crying, so he bashes the baby. Then he can't even bother to get medical help. That becomes the traumatized mother's job. Happens again and again....

Dad is identified as ERIC HINKSON.


Murder trial: Jury deliberating father's fate in death of 8-month-old

July 23, 2015

A jury of seven men and five women Friday will resume deliberating the murder case against Shane Eric Hinkson after attorneys made their closing arguments Thursday about the death of Hinkson’s 8-month-old son in January 2012.

Jurors began deliberating at 2:45 p.m. Thursday and stopped at 5 p.m., though they spent part of that time reviewing a video recording of Hinkson’s interview with police the New Year’s Day his then-fiance rushed their child to St. Francis Hospital with a severe head injury. The boy named Alexander Cabanayan died at a pediatric trauma center in Atlanta on Jan. 6, 2012.

Attorneys presented the jury with two competing scenarios in their closings:

The defense claimed that if Hinkson injured his son, he did so purely by accident, and may have only exacerbated an existing ailment the child sustained elsewhere.

The prosecution maintained the evidence that Hinkson deliberately threw the child down in a fit of anger was clear, as was his failure to seek immediate medical care when he discovered the baby was hurt.

“If only the defendant had called 911,” prosecutor William Hocutt IV told jurors. Instead Hinkson called the baby’s mother, Jennifer Cabanayan, who was working at Peachtree Mall, and told her “something bad had happened” and she needed to come to his Antietam Drive apartment.

She did not have a car, and had to have a coworker drive her there. Testimony showed Hinkson called her at 1:55 p.m. and she got to the hospital an hour later. If “every second matters” in a medical emergency, then think how many Hinkson wasted, Hocutt said: “The defendant delayed hundreds if not thousands of seconds.”

Defense attorney David Wolfe said what happened to the baby was nothing more than an accident that led to criminal charges. “You’ve heard the expression ‘you can indict a ham sandwich.’ The real expression is, ‘you can indict a ham sandwich for killing the pig,’” Wolfe told jurors, later adding, “There is nothing ‘grand’ about a ‘grand jury.’ I want you to know that.”

Wolfe said prosecutors were alleging Hinkson grabbed the baby under the chin and slammed him onto a bed: “That’s their theory now. That’s the thing they’re going to try to prove to you.”

The attorney said he had two children he used to throw up in the air and catch, and toss onto a bed. He looks at Hinkson and thinks, “There but for the grace of God go I,” he said.

He reiterated his theory that the infant would have survived had he got adequate emergency care at a level-1 trauma center — which Columbus does not have — but doctors at St. Francis Hospital failed to maintain the baby’s oxygen flow, accelerating his rapid decline.

He told jurors they had to find Hinkson not guilty if this resulted from an accident, and “that is precisely what we have here.”

Said Hocutt: “This was no accident. He intended to hurt that child.” Hinkson was angry because his fiancé went out with friends on New Year’s Eve and left him with the child, who wouldn’t stop crying as the parents overnight exchanged 79 heated text messages.

“He was stewing and stewing and stewing,” Hocutt said. “He picked that baby up right here and slammed him on the bed…. He kept doing it until that baby shut up, because he was tired of that baby crying.”

He referred to remarks Hinkson made later to police. Then an Army sergeant, Hinkson had returned from service in Iraq about a year earlier, and he was finding it hard to sleep and to control his temper.

In his recorded interview with police, he made remarks such as, “I got angry,” “I just lost it,” and “Sometimes I can’t control myself,” Hocutt noted, asking jurors, “Does that sound like an accident?” Of Wolfe’s claiming emergency room staff failed to maintain the baby’s oxygen flow, Hocutt countered that testing during the child’s treatment showed no drop in his oxygen levels.

The prosecutor noted also that three doctors testified the child died of abusive head injury, and even a physician testifying for the defense agreed that slamming a baby down on a bed could cause such trauma.

The jury must render a verdict on each of the five counts Hinkson’s charged with: malice or intentional murder; felony murder for allegedly killing the baby while committing aggravated assault; felony murder for allegedly killing the child while committing first-degree child cruelty; aggravated assault; and first-degree child cruelty.

The jury is to resume deliberating the case at 9 a.m. in Judge Frank Jordan Jr.’s Government Center court.

Dad charged with abusing young daughter; girl on ventilator, has brain bleed (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Dad is identified as JACOB TYRE.


Father admits to shaking young girl

By Michael Purdy

Tulsa, Okla. — It's a disturbing story out of Tulsa, involving a 20-year-old father.

Deputies say they arrived at the St. Francis Children's Hospital this week, in reference to a child abuse call. Once there, they were told about a young girl's injuries. The age of the child hasn't been released.

Doctors informed deputies the girl had a brain bleed, bruises on her body, and she had to be put on a ventilator. Plus, she was suffering from retinal hemorrhaging.

The father, Jacob Tyre, was then interviewed. Tyre allegedly confessed to officers he had shook his daughter because she would not stop crying.

Tyre was taken to the Tulsa County Jail. He faces a count of child abuse.

An update on the child's condition hasn't been released.

DCF "actively" engaged with custodial dad since February, but that didn't stop him from putting 7-year-old son into coma (Hardwick, Massachusetts)

Where do you even start with this case?

With freaking DCF, that managed to coddle this abuser for months on end while this little boy was starved and beaten?

How about with the family courts, who gave this batterer SOLE CUSTODY--even though the mother was filing for an order of protection just nine days after the baby was born?

We need to see names, people. Social workers, judges. All the fathers-rights people who have been planted in the system. And no more crap about how poor daddies are discriminated against in Massachusetts.

Dad is identified as RANDALL LINTS.


Since February, DCF Had Been ‘Actively Engaged’ With Hardwick Boy Now In A Coma

July 24, 2015 Updated July 24, 2015, 9:15 am

By David Boeri Updated July 24, 2015, 9:15 am

Editor’s Note: Some details in this story are disturbing.

BOSTON — The state’s child welfare agency is facing questions about whether it did enough to protect a 7-year-old boy from the Worcester County town of Hardwick who’s now hospitalized in a coma.

The Department of Children and Families acknowledges that it had been involved with the boy’s family since February.

The boy’s father, Randall Lints, is charged with child abuse and is being held without bail. He’s scheduled to be back in court next week.

WBUR spoke with the boy’s mother, Amber Loiselle, who’s waiting to find out whether her son Jack survives. Loiselle says Jack has been in a coma since July 14, when Lints called 911 to report finding him unresponsive.

“He has most beautiful soft blonde hair. He was squeezing my hand. I just know that he’s going to come back,” an emotional Loiselle said Thursday.

After Lints called 911, police and medical personnel found signs of starvation, dehydration, bruises and burns. Lints, who was granted sole custody of the child last year, was arrested and charged on Wednesday with assault and battery and reckless endangerment.

On Wednesday, Loiselle had accused DCF of clear negligence. On Thursday, she was taking pains not to talk about DCF or the boy’s father, since the matter is also in family court.

When asked if the boy had been in the care of DCF, Loiselle said: “I am not at liberty to discuss any of that information because it is a private family matter, so my lawyer advised me not to speak anything about it.”

Meanwhile, the DCF, which declined to comment on the case 10 days after the 911 call, acknowledged Thursday that indeed DCF had been “actively engaged” with both the boy and his father since February, and they had seen them three times this month, while the boy continued to lose some 25 percent of his weight, according to a hospital pediatrician.

When asked if she felt the DCF didn’t do their job, Loiselle said, “That’s something I can’t talk about right now.” #She added: “My personal feelings are that I’m upset that this happened to my son and that … something could have been done.”

According to sources familiar with the case, the report that triggered DCF’s involvement came from Jack’s elementary school. Under the law, schools are mandated to report reasonable suspicion that a child is suffering from abuse or neglect. There were also indications at school that the boy was stealing food.

A police report estimated his weight had dropped from 50 pounds to 38 and that his father withheld food and drink. The report also indicated the boy suffered from bleach burns, the result of the father’s forcing his son to wash the floors, because, according to one source, the boy was apparently urinating on himself.

Yet DCF says that one of its social workers saw the child on June 29.

Until he was arrested, Lints lived with his girlfriend, her three young children and Jack. He separated from Loiselle before their son was born and later contested paternity.

His criminal record, according to a law enforcement source, indicates that Jack’s mother sought a restraining order against Lints nine days after Jack was born. Loiselle confirmed there was a restraining order in place, saying it was “for violence, for threatening to hurt me.”

A dangerousness hearing scheduled for Friday was rescheduled until next week because Lints’ first attorney is no longer representing him.

The reason is sobering. John Madaio is not on the list of attorneys qualified to represent defendants in murder cases. Lints’ new attorney is.

DCF stated Thursday night that it “immediately took custody of the child” on July 14. That, of course, was after the child fell into a coma.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Dad charged with murder in death of 9-month-old son (Merced County, California)

Dad is identified as ANDREW L. SANCHEZ. Notice that the accused killer had some sort of custodial rights over a 4-year-old daughter by another mother, who was present "during the incident."


Father charged with murder in Gustine infant’s death

Authorities dispute claim by accused that 9-month-old fell off bed
Autopsy concludes child died of blunt force trauma

Sun-Star Staff

A 25-year-old Merced County man has been charged with murder and child cruelty in the death earlier this year of his infant son, according to Merced Superior Court records.

Andrew L. Sanchez appeared in court Friday but his arraignment was rescheduled for later this week, court records show.

The Merced County District Attorney’s Office charged Sanchez with murder and child cruelty Friday, five days after he was arrested by Merced County Sheriff’s Department’s detectives. Sanchez is accused of killing his 9-month-old son, Maddix Ramsour, on March 5 at a home in the 30000 block of Cottonwood Road in Gustine.

Sheriff’s detectives have not commented on a possible motive in the case or the specific circumstances surrounding the death. Deputies said autopsy results concluded the child died of blunt force trauma.

Sanchez reportedly told deputies the child suffered injuries when he fell off a bed, but deputies said the boy’s injuries were inconsistent with that version of events.

Sanchez and the boy’s mother were living together. Sanchez was watching the child while the boy’s mother attended college classes in Los Banos, deputies said.

The mother, speaking through sheriff’s investigators, declined to comment on the case last week.

Sanchez has another child, a 4-year-old girl, with another woman. That child was present during the incident that led to Maddix’s death, deputies said.

Sanchez remains in custody at the John Latorraca Correctional Facility on $1 million bail, according to booking records

Friday, July 24, 2015

Death of teen boy severely abused by father in infancy ruled a homicide (Augusta, Georgia)

Dad is identified as JERRY LEE HOOD.


Death of teen with shaken baby syndrome ruled a homicide

 07/22/2015 04:38 PM  07/22/2015 04:38 PM    

AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — The death of an Augusta teenager who suffered from shaken baby syndrome dating back to 1999 has been ruled a homicide.

Richmond County Coroner Mark Bowen tells The Augusta Chronicle (http://bit.ly/1CUBxTl) that the results of a Georgia Bureau of Investigation autopsy were returned last week, determining that 16-year-old September Watson died on Feb. 22 as the result of a brain injury she suffered 16 years ago.

Watson's father Jerry Lee Hood received a 20-year sentence in 2000 after being convicted of cruelty to children and aggravated battery for violently shaking Watson as an infant. Prosecutors said the incident caused Watson to become a quadriplegic.

Assistant District Attorney Natalie Paine told the newspaper it is too early to say if new charges will be filed against Hood.

Dad accused of seriously abusing 20-month-old daughter; girl went into cardiac arrest with 16 rib fractures, liver, spleen lacerations (Austin, Texas)

Another "caretaking" dad with no mention of a mother in the home.

Dad is identified as BRYANT DAVIS.


Father accused of injuring child during potty training

Austin man arrested in child abuse case

Shannon Murray, KVUE 9:41 a.m. CDT July 22, 2015

AUSTIN, Texas – The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force has arrested a 27-year-old Austin man accused of seriously injuring his 20-month-old during a potty training accident.

According to the arrest affidavit, Bryant Davis called 911 around 3:15 p.m. on July 9 for his child reportedly having a seizure.

The toddler went to Dell Children's Medical Center, where she went into cardiac arrest and was resuscitated. CT scans of the child showed 16 rib fractures in various stages of healing, lacerations of the liver and spleen, possible collapsed lung and bleeding in the brain.

Davis initially told police he was not aware of how the toddler was injured, but on July 17 agreed to reenact what happened in his home and to have it recorded.

In the reenactment, Davis said he slapped his child after she "peed and pooped on the living room floor," the affidavit said. Davis also said he spanked the toddler and while in the bathroom slammed her onto the toilet seat and she hit her head on the lid.

Davis told police his toddler had the seizure while using an inhaler. He said he pulled a front tooth while trying to remove the inhaler from her mouth before calling EMS.

Two physicians with Dell Children's Child Abuse Resource and Education Team told police the injuries "are most consistent with physical abuse."

According to police, the toddler is at Dell Children's Medical Center intensive care unit in critical condition.

Davis has been charged with felony injury to a child, serious bodily injury. According to the Travis County Jail, he is being held on $500,000 bail.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Custodial dad charged with "child abandonment" in death of 15-year-old son (Las Cruces, New Mexico)

Once again, who gave this abusive, neglectful father custody? Typical kid-glove treatment too, even after the kid has died.

Dad is identified as JOE A. TORRES.


Las Cruces father charged in son's 2011 death indicted for child abandonment

By Carlos Andres López

Posted: 07/22/2015 05:35:38 PM MDT LAS CRUCES

A Las Cruces father charged in 2011 with intentional child abuse after he allegedly gave alcohol to his 15-year-old son, who later died, is now facing one count of child abandonment resulting in death, according to a superseding indictment returned July 17.

Joe A. Torres and Heather C. Soto were arrested on July 27, 2011, nearly two weeks after their son, Joey "Baby Joe" Torres Jr., was taken off life support at University Medical Center in El Paso, the Las Cruces Police Department reported.

Torres Jr., a sophomore at Las Cruces High School, was found unconscious in a home on the 1100 block of Gardner Avenue, where he was living with his father and stepmother, on the morning of July 4, 2011, according to previous Sun-News reports. The couple tried to resuscitate Torres Jr. for about half an hour before calling 911, police reported.

Torres Jr. was then rushed to a Las Cruces hospital before being transported to UMC. At the El Paso hospital, the couple initially denied the teen had consumed any alcohol or drugs, the previous reports state.

However, about five hours later at the hospital, the couple admitted to police that Torres Jr. had been drinking beer, wine and brandy with them the previous night and into the early morning, police reported.

Authorities later discovered text messages on Torres Jr.'s cellphone, which "stated he was getting drunk" with Torres and that Soto "had prepared alcoholic beverages for him made of E&J (brandy) and two types of wine," according to Torres' indictment.

Torres Jr. had a blood-alcohol content of 0.115, and medical personnel also found opiates in his system, according to the previous reports. Torres Jr. also had a blood sugar level of 570 — several times higher than normal — and emergency workers gave him a shot of Narcan, a drug that reverses the effect of drug overdoses, according to a police report.

Medical personnel told detectives their inability to determine what Torres Jr. had taken hampered their ability to treat him, police reported.

"(Torres) was questioned for 5 hours before he ultimately told medical personnel and law enforcement that his child had been drinking. The delay in medical care resulted in complications in treatment," the indictment states.

Torres Jr. never regained consciousness, the previous news reports state, and he was taken off life support. He was pronounced dead the morning of July 14, 2011.

According to police, Torres Jr. had moved to Las Cruces to live with his father and stepmother in May 2011. Before that, he lived in Colorado, where he had received therapy for suicidal tendencies, alcohol abuse and overdosing on medication, police reported.

The case against Torres, now 43, has been pending for several years. Online court records indicate a grand jury originally charged him with intentional child abuse resulting in death, a first-degree felony that carries a life sentence. Torres was later charged with child abandonment resulting in death and negligent child abuse resulting in death, which prosecutors dismissed July 17, when a grand jury returned the one-count, superseding indictment.

According to the 3rd Judicial District Attorney's Office, child abandonment resulting in death is a second-degree felony that carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Torres is scheduled to be arraigned Aug. 3 before District Judge Manuel Arrieta in 3rd Judicial District Court in Las Cruces.

On June 19, Soto, now 35, pleaded no contest to one count each of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and selling or giving alcoholic beverages to a minor — both fourth-degree felonies. Her sentencing has been deferred for three years, according to court documents, and she was placed on unsupervised probation.

Custodial dad charged with abuse, starvation of 7-year-old son; boy in coma (Hardwick, Massachusetts)

7-Year-Old Boy Abused, Starved, Father Arrested

So yes, RANDALL LINTS IS a custodial father. So who gave this POS custody and allowed this situation to fester like this, apparently for months? I want to start seeing judge's names, people.


Police said he was brought to the hospital unconscious, weighing only 38 pounds

By Kathryn Sotnik

A Massachusetts man is facing multiple charges after his 7-year-old son was brought to the hospital unconscious suffering from starvation and dehydration last week.

(Published Wednesday, July 22, 2015) Updated at 10:38 AM EDT on Thursday, Jul 23, 2015

A 7-year-old Massachusetts boy was abused so badly by his father that he was in a coma and unresponsive when he was admitted to a local hospital, suffering from "starving and dehydration" at just 38.5 pounds, according to police and court documents.

The boy's father, 26-year-old Randall Lints, faces a slew of child abuse charges.

In addition to the malnutrition, police said the child, abused on the second-floor of a Hardwick home, had injuries to his skin as a result of "bleach exposure."

Massachusetts State Police said they discovered the boy after responding to a 911 call on July 14. Lints allegedly told police that he went to check on his son and found him unresponsive, and that he had fallen out of bed days earlier.

First responders said they found bruises to the child's "forehead and jaw," but doctors said the injuries weren't consistent with falling out of bed. The boy also had injuries to his feet, "likely from a manufactured object," and appeared to have lost "12-15 pounds in only a few months," according to the report.

Lints was arrested about a week after his son was admitted to the hospital.

Amber Loiselle identified the victim as her son, Jack. She said she's been visiting him on her custody days in the hospital.

"He's my first born, and he's a great older brother" she said. "I just want him to open his eyes, because they're the most beautiful color of blue."

Isabella Johnson, 10, rides the bus with the child.

"He told me he scrubs the floor sometimes," Johnson said. "He says for a chore, his parents make him clean the floors."

Johnson also said he would be cold and hungry at school.

"Sometimes he comes to school, like in the winter time, he was really cold," she said. "He'd go to school on the bus and be like, 'I'm hungry,' so he'd open his lunch and eat it, and then he'd have nothing to eat at lunch."

Isabella's mom, Dawn Johnson, said through tears that she saw the little boy just recently.

"I had a yard sale a couple weeks ago and I was giving toys to him and stuff, because he doesn't have — I just let him have stuff," said Dawn Johnson.

Wednesday, a woman neighbors identified as Lints' girlfriend cried near the house. Neighbors didn't report seeing anything amiss, but one downstairs neighbor said she heard yelling a few months ago.

"I heard him yelling at his son, saying, 'Why did you do it, why did you do it?' and the child crying," she said.

Amber Loiselle said Jack is slowly getting better.

"Justice will prevail for my son, and he is going to come out of this, because he is just the most amazing little boy," she said.

The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families says the boy is in its custody. He is still recovering at a local hospital. A Facebook page set up for him says he is progressing, and that he was able to wiggle his arms and shoulders and cough on his own.

Published at 3:54 PM EDT on Jul 22, 2015

Dad charged with abusing 7-year-old son who fell into coma; boy had signs of starvation, dehydration, bruising--Is this a custodial dad? (Hardwick, Massachusetts)

Is RANDALL E. LINTS a custodial father? Sure sounds like it, though this article is pretty oblique about his status.

Even in a case of joint custody, this kind of abuse could not have gone on this long without the mother knowing about it. If she had known about it, she would either have been charged with failure to protect, at minimum, or would have contacted the authorities herself.

But in fact, there is no reference to a mother either in the home or elsewhere. We're merely told--at the very end--that a mother is "not named" in the report and that Daddy Dearest is unmarried.

In other words, he was almost assuredly custodial.

So who gave this torture freak custody of a little boy? And what happened to this little boy's mom? Did dad dish out similar treatment towards her?


Father charged in abuse of son, 7, who fell into coma
Boy showed signs of starvation

Rick Cinclair/Worcester Telegram & Gazette via AP

Randall E. Lints, 26, entered no plea at his arraignment Wednesday in East Brookfield District Court.

By Travis Andersen
Globe Staff July 22, 2015

A Hardwick man is being held without bail in a disturbing case in which he allegedly assaulted his 7-year-old son, who fell into a coma and showed signs of starvation, dehydration, and bruising, injuries that were exacerbated when he was forced to scrub floors, court records show.

Randall E. Lints, 26, entered no plea at his arraignment Wednesday in East Brookfield District Court to charges of assault and battery on a child with substantial injury, reckless endangerment of a child, and two counts of permitting injury to a child, said a spokesman for Worcester District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr.

Lints was ordered held pending a dangerousness hearing on Friday. He was arrested on Tuesday.

His lawyer, John F. Madaio, declined to comment on the charges but said Lints is “very concerned for his son, and he’s very distressed about the whole situation.”

The state Department of Children and Families said in a brief statement that the agency “received a report and is collaborating with law enforcement on its investigation.” The boy is currently in DCF custody.

A DCF spokeswoman declined to say whether the boy’s family had a prior history with the child protection agency, citing respect for the youth’s privacy.

According to a State Police report, a Hardwick officer went to Lints’ home on July 14, after a caller said a child there was breathing but unresponsive. The officer saw bruising on the boy’s head and jaw, and Lints said the child fell out of bed two days earlier, the report said.

The boy was taken to Baystate Mary Lane Hospital in Ware with “life-threatening injuries,” according to the report. He was transferred to the Baystate Health medical campus in Springfield, where Dr. Stephen C. Boos examined him several times.

According to authorities, Boos noted that the boy had multiple bruises on his body that were inconsistent with a fall, and the child had lost approximately 12 to 15 pounds in recent months, dropping to just 38½ pounds.

Boos wrote in one assessment that “reports of being ‘in his room’ for days, against a background of behavioral complaints, combined with the physical injuries, apparent starvation, and dehydration create grave concerns for inflicted injury,” the State Police report said.

The report, filed after Lints’s arrest on Tuesday, said the boy is still in a coma. He remains hospitalized in Springfield, and a Baystate Health spokesman said he had no information on the child on Wednesday.

Investigators have found that Lints, who has a grim reaper tattoo on his chest, rarely lets his son out of view or allows him to be alone with others, and that he has a history of limiting the boy’s food and drink intake, even though a therapist addressed the issue in May, the report said. #Lints’ strict discipline and “forcing [his son] to continuously wash the floors contributed to [his] injuries,” State Police wrote.

The report also said injuries to the child’s knees and hands are the result of bleach exposure and are healing.

In addition, a nurse spotted scarring and blistering on his feet that appeared to be the result of a burn, the report said.

Madaio, his lawyer, said Wednesday that “I think some information will come out [during Friday’s hearing] that is interesting, at least as far as the situation that he finds himself in. . . . That’s all I have to say right now.”

The boy’s mother is not named in the State Police report, and court records indicate that Lints is unmarried.

Dad assaults 3-month-old son, leaving him with permanent brain damage (San Antonio, Texas)

This basic description must cover thousands of cases like this. Deadbeat, easily "frustrated" daddy plays at caregiver because Mom has to hold a job and support his lazy @$$. Daddy assaults the baby, lies about it, and can't even be bothered to get medical help. Nope, Mom is the one who discovers the baby is injured after she gets home from and SHE is the one who rushes the baby to the hospital or calls 911. But by then, the baby is dead or permanently disabled. Happens again and again and again...

Dad is identified as JEREMY VALDERAS.


Injured infant left with permanent brain damage, father arrested

Updated: Wednesday, July 22 2015, 09:51 PM CDT

SAN ANTONIO - Police have arrested a man they say hurt his own 3-month-old child, leaving the infant with 90% brain damage.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, the victim was being cared for by his father, 21-year-old Jeremy Valderas, on July 8, 2015.

When the baby's mother returned home that evening from work, she found the baby was breathing abnormally and was struggling to open his eyes.

She rushed the child to a hospital, but was stopped by police on the way. EMS then took the baby to Methodist Children's Hospital where doctors said his brain injuries are consistent with shaken baby syndrome, the affidavit states

In court papers, Valderas denied harming the baby but did acknowledge he was the only person with the baby when the injuries reportedly occurred.

Investigators also said Valderas sent the child's mother text messages that conflicted with the statements he provided police. Valderas is now charged with injury to a child.

ChildSafe is an organization that helps children heal from all kinds of abuse and neglect.

"Unfortunately, when you're talking about child death, for children under the age of 4, according to the CDC, shaken baby syndrome is the leading cause of death for those children," explained Randy McGibeny, the ChildSafe director of programs. "It's okay for parents to walk away from that child, to place the child in the crib and take five, take ten minutes, take however long it needs for you to regain control of your emotions. "

ChildSafe is not involved in this case, but can help connect parents with resources they need to handle stressful situations.

"You might not think your child is going to remember these things that are happening to them but they absolutely will as they get older there will be an implicit memory that sticks with them their entire life, and not including the physical damage you may do to a child if you wind up shaking them," McGibeny explained.

You can always call 211 to connect with counseling programs and other resources through the United Way.

Six kids taken from dad and put into state custody after officers determined they were in danger; what happened to their mothers? (Salt Lake City, Nevada)

Notice that in this child abuse article, there is mention of a father, a "parent," and grandparents. There is NO mention of a mother anywhere. Total mother erasure....


Police: Six children in state custody after officers determined they were in danger

By Ben Lockhart, Deseret News
Published: Wednesday, July 22 2015 10:00 p.m. MDT Updated: 8 hours ago

Six children were picked up in two unrelated incidents this week after officers determined they were in possibly abusive situations, the Utah Highway Patrol said.

SALT LAKE CITY — Six children were picked up in two unrelated incidents this week after officers determined they were in possibly abusive situations, the Utah Highway Patrol said.

On Monday morning, a semitrailer was stopped on state Route 191 in Grand County after it began to smoke, UHP Sgt. Todd Royce.

Three children, ages 6, 5 and 3, were passengers in the truck.

"Officers noticed multiple bruises on one of the children," Royce said. "The officers asked about the bruising and the child indicated the adult in the vehicle had hit him."

Pavel N. Prokoshev, 33, was booked into the Grand County Jail for investigation of child abuse.

The children were placed in the custody of the state Division of Child and Family Services.

State Bureau of Investigation Capt. Tyler Kotter said Wednesday it is believed Prokoshev is the father of the three children.

In a separate incident Tuesday morning, a Utah Highway Patrol trooper came across three children standing on the side of I-215 near the junction with I-80.

The children, ages 7-13 years old, reportedly told the trooper they were leaving Utah to be with their grandparents.

"It’s extremely dangerous for them to be out there like that," Kotter said, adding he wasn't sure whether they planned to hitchhike. "So that’s a huge concern for us."

The children intended to leave Utah for a sustained period of time, Kotter said. "They had a few items with them that kids might have, just some items of clothing and a small backpack, and they were definitely planning on using them," he said.

The children were picked up and interviewed at a nearby police station, Kotter said, where they were interviewed by State Bureau of Investigation officers.

"It was figured out there were some problems that were going on, that (the children) were talking about," Kotter said.

An ongoing investigation into the children's well being was taken up by the Salt Lake City Police Department. At least one of the parents of the children live in Salt Lake, Kotter said.

The children are also in Division of Child and Family Services custody and the Salt Lake County Children's Justice Center is assisting in the case.

Children in an abusive or dangerous situation often don't come forward unless asked the right questions by a police officer, according to Kotter.

"(We want) patrol officers to be able to recognize in their brief (interaction) … that something's not right, to ask a few more questions and determine whether or not these children in these circumstances are in need of help," Kotter said.

UHP troopers and other State Bureau of Investigation agents are formally trained to look for subtle signs that a child may be abused, at-risk or missing.

"It’s OK to ask some follow-up questions when it doesn't look right, (investigate) what the circumstances are and err on the side of caution, and look out for those kids that are potentially in danger," Kotter said.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dad abuses 11-month-old son; baby left with severe brain trauma (St. Petersburg, Florida)

This is probably a custody/visitation situation. Notice that there is no mention of the mother, either in the home or elsewhere. Given that the father is only 19, it is very likely he was ever married to the mother. And notice that the baby was discovered by an unnamed "family acquaintance."



PD: St. Petersburg baby abused by father, left with severe brain trauma

By: WFTS Webteam Posted: 12:42 PM, Jul 14, 2015

St. Petersburg Police have arrested a father on charges of aggravated child abuse.

Detectives said Eric Joseph-Kareem Williams, 19, abused his 11-month-old son so severely it caused brain trauma that required emergency surgery.

The baby was found unresponsive at home on 17th Way South by a family acquaintance on July 12.

The baby was rushed to the hospital where doctors also found severe burns on his body and bruises on his chest and face.

Williams told investigators the injuries were the result of an accidental fall.

A doctor determined that injuries to the brain and body were inconsistent with William's explanation to detectives.

In addition to the child abuse charges, Williams is also facing charges for violation of probation for carrying a concealed firearm.

The child remains in critical condition at All Children's Hospital.

Joint custody dad arrested for THIRD TIME in death of 6-year-old daughter, and posts bail for THIRD TIME (Syracuse, New York)

There is a long back story behind the daughter's death. The protective mother tried again and again to keep this guy from having any custody rights/visitation with the kids, but was blocked again and again.

See our previous posts here. This father had court-ordered visitation despite a history of drugs, child neglect, and prison.

And he's STILL being coddled...

Dad is identified as GLENN COLLINS.


Father accused in child’s CO poisoning death makes bail a third time

07/14/2015 01:38 PM  07/14/2015 01:38 PM    

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – A father who has been charged with manslaughter in connection with his child’s carbon monoxide poisoning is once again on the street after posting bail.

Glenn Collins has been arrested three times since his 6-year-old daughter was killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in their town of Salina home in August 2014.

His 14-year-old son suffered serious injuries during the incident. Investigators say Collins left a generator on inside their home.

He was visiting Turning Stone Casino when the children were poisoned.

He’s been freed on bail each time.

Most recently, the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office accused Collins of tampering with a witness in connection with the manslaughter investigation.

On Monday, he bonded out once again.

Dad charged with homicide in death of 6-week-old son; mom charged with...holding a job? (Laurens, South Carolina)

Breathtaking example of ridiculously high standards mothers are held to. An absent father is virtually never held accountable for a mother or step mother's abuse.

But Mom is basically being arrested for holding a job while dad JOSEPH GALLOWAY played at being the primary parent.

Wow. Just wow. The US has no paid maternity leave policy. Daycare for infants is hard to come by and expensive. Mothers are pushed by child protection agencies and family courts to "include" fathers no matter how mentally ill, addicted, or violent they are.

Then mothers are blamed and even charged with crimes when the fathers hurt or kill the kids.


Mason Madden: Helpless Baby Dies Of Brain Injuries, Dad Admits Attack, Mom Arrested Too

Mason Madden was a smiling baby like most six-month-old babies, but that all ended when he died on Wednesday at Greenville Memorial Hospital in South Carolina just after 2 p.m. on Wednesday. Now police say that the massive brain injuries that killed little Mason were caused by the baby’s own father, 22-year-old Joseph Galloway.

Galloway was arrested in Tuesday after he called 911 to report that his son was not breathing, and “something wasn’t right” with the little boy.

Something definitely was not right with Mason. When paramedics arrived the home in Laurens, South Carolina, Mason’s heart was not beating. They rushed the baby to a nearby hospital, where doctors worked all night to save Mason’s life, and the infant was placed on life support. But they damage inflicted on the boy was just too severe.

Mason Madden died the next day.

“The child suffered brain injuries that are not consistent with a fall or a strike to a head,” said Laurens County Sheriff’s Sergenat Barton Holmes. “They are more likely from squeezing the child or shaking the child.”

An autopsy has not yet been performed on the baby, but will likely take place later in the week, Laurens County Coroner Nick Nichols said.

Initially, the young dad was charged with abuse of a child causing great bodily harm. But once Mason passed away, the charges against Joseph Galloway was upgraded to homicide.

Where was the baby’s mother? Kayla Madden, 23, was reportedly out of the home at work when her boyfriend and father of her child fatally attacked the baby.

But she has been arrested and charged now, as well. The mom was hit with a count of unlawful conduct toward a child.

Police did not specify the exact details of the unlawful conduct allegedly committed by Kayla Madden. But it is at least possible that she is being held responsible simply for leaving her baby alone at home with his violently-inclined dad.

According to police, the fatal assault on Mason was just the latest, and last, in a series of incidents of abuse over recent weeks.

According to Sheriff’s Lieutenant Jawarski Shelton, Galloway has confessed to abusing his infant son.

“He did indicate certain actions that likely resulted in the injuries sustained by the child,” Holmes also said.

The horrifying case comes up about five weeks after a couple in Indiana were arrested for allegedly abusing their one-year-old for the entire life of the baby, until they killed the child in late May.

Galloway is now being held without bond in Laurens County Detention Center, but a new bond hearing was scheduled for both parents of Mason Madden on Thursday afternoon, following the child’s death.

Dad pleads guilty to felony murder of 5-onth-old son (Pulaski, Virginia)

Dad is identified as HOWARD COLE.


Pulaski man pleads guilty to capital murder of baby son Cory Cole

Howard Cole pleaded guilty to capital murder for beating and strangling his 5-month-old.

Posted: Thursday, July 16, 2015 11:03 pm
By Cameron Austin  

PULASKI — After Howard Cole killed his infant son, he placed the body in his car and drove to purchase alcohol. He began drinking as he drove around looking for a place to bury Cory Cole’s 5-month-old body.

Cole signed a plea agreement Thursday which will spare his life: He pleaded guilty to the capital murder of his son and was sentenced to life in prison. He could have faced the death penalty if the case had gone to trial.

He was sentenced to an additional five years after pleading guilty to unlawful concealment of a body.

Cole, 33, listened as prosecutor Mike Fleenor described the details of the night Cory was murdered.

It was cold on that night – Jan. 29, 2014. Temperatures dropped to single digits. After driving for several miles, Cole pulled off Draper Valley Road a short distance from Interstate 81’s Exit 89. He walked almost 600 feet from the roadside to a line of trees where he began digging, though not very deep since the ground was frozen solid from the winter weather.

He buried his naked son less than a foot in the ground and pushed a pile of dead leaves over the burial site at the base of a tree.

The next day, authorities arrested Cole on a charge of felony child neglect, but did not know where Cory’s body was, Fleenor said on Thursday in court.

As they questioned Cole, detectives said, “We know your son is dead. We need you to help us find him. Is he in the water?” they asked.

“No,” Cole responded.

“Is he in the ground?” the detectives asked.

Cole nodded and said, “Yes.” After more questions, Cole told investigators, “I’ll take you to him.”

Investigators found Cory’s body on the south side of Draper Mountain. They later found a pair of infant pajamas in a trash bin in Pulaski. The garment was forensically analyzed and tested positive for both Cory and Howard Cole’s DNA.

Cole was indicted by a grand jury in April 2014 on a capital murder charge. Fleenor’s office said at that time the death penalty would be sought.

Fleenor did not comment in court Thursday about why his office accepted the plea deal.

According to Medical Examiner Amy Tharp’s autopsy report, Cory had 26 bruises on his head and neck. Blunt force injuries and asphyxiation by strangulation were declared as the cause of death.

Cory was reported missing Jan. 29, 2014, by his mother, Samantha Warden, who told police that Cole, her fiance at the time, had left with the child. She signed an arrest warrant affidavit on that same day, after she witnessed Cole pick Cory up and yell, “Shut the -- — up,” before throwing him 4 feet onto a nearby bed.

Warden, 30, was charged with felony child neglect in Cory’s death. She pleaded no contest in April and is serving a seven-year prison sentence.

Custody agreements stated that Cole was not supposed to be alone with the boy, but on Jan. 29, he and Warden argued and she left the baby with him.

Cole sat with his defense attorneys Jimmy Turk and Steve Milani during Thursday’s hearing. He answered Circuit Court Judge Marc Long’s questions almost entirely with either a yes or a no.

Only a handful of people sat in the almost empty courtroom — a different scene from the full courtroom when Warden was sentenced.

Long, who has often been vocal in cases regarding child abuse, made no comment to the defendant.

Dad charged with murder in death of 2-year-old son (Memphis, Tennessee)

Dad is identified as MARTERRIUS HITE.


Father of child found dead charged with murder & child abuse

Posted 1:25 pm, July 16, 2015, by George Brown, Updated at 07:06pm, July 16, 2015

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police have charged a man with murdering his 2-year-old son.

Marterrius Hite told police Monday he found his son Deandre Davis floating in a bathtub.

The child later died at the hospital.

Investigators noticed ‘multiple cuts and bruising covering the entire body of the 2 year old victim.’

Police say Hite told them he grabbed his son ‘by the neck and popped him several times with a belt on his stomach and legs.’

He said he later found the boy in the tub.

The medical examiner ruled Davis died due to blunt force trauma to his head and stomach area which caused massive internal injuries as well as brain hemorrhaging.

Hite is charged with four counts of aggravated child abuse, four counts of first degree murder and violation of the seat belt law.

He will appear in court on Friday.

Dad with SOLE CUSTODY smashes skull of 7-week-old son into wall; what judge gave this father custody? (Butler County, Pennsylvania)

What judge thought it was okay to strip this newborn from his mother's custody and hand him over to his abusive, volatile, and easily "frustrated" father?

Are we surprised that this POS's parents are enablers who make excuses for him, even as he tries to blame them for his actions?

Dad is identified as TYLER DUDDY.

Notice that Mom has been erased from this story completely....


Seven-Week-Old Baby Left With Fractured Skull After Pennsylvania Father Smashed His Head Into Wall, Charges Filed

The father of a seven-week-old baby is facing child abuse charges after the baby was rushed to the hospital with a skull fracture, bleeding in the brain, and facial bruising, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

On June 20, an infant baby named Callen, of Butler Township, was rushed to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh where doctors say he was in critical condition upon arrival. His 25-year-old father, Tyler Duddy — who has sole custody of the infant – gave investigators inconsistent stories about what happened to his son. One including that Callen sustained injuries to his head due to movements in his bassinet.

He also stated that his son’s mother and her father were caring for him on June 19 and he could have been injured in their care. However, several weeks later, during questioning, Duddy finally admitted the truth, saying that out of frustration and anger, he rammed his infant son’s head into his bedroom wall in the apartment they both shared at Old Plank Estates.

He told police that he initially lied about abusing his son because “he was scared.”

“Mr. Duddy admitted to an incident at the apartment where the child’s head was struck off a wall,” Detective Thomas Vensel stated. “This is sad what happened to the baby. I’m a father myself, but we have to do what’s right, and that’s why we arrested him.”

On Tuesday, Duddy was arrested on several child abuse charges.

According to WPXI, doctors believe the child may develop long-term health issues as a result of his head injuries. They will monitor the child’s health over the years as they won’t know for certain until then.

“I can’t be angry or mad. I know that Tyler was frustrated, but that doesn’t mean what he did was right,” Callen’s grandfather stated.

He also told reporters that since the horrifying incident, Callen’s health has improved and he’s gained two pounds. However, he had to be put up for adoption as his mother is unable to care for him. It was reported that she is currently hospitalized for “unspecified reasons.”

Tyler Duddy was charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of children. He is currently being held at the Butler County jail with a $75,000 bond.

Separated moms worry about ongoing contact between children and abusive fathers (Ireland)

Which side are you on?

It's very nice to acknowledge that abusive men should be held accountable and that we should consider the children's best interests.

But notice that this position is seriously undermined by the study's emphasis on "promoting contact" between abusive fathers and children, and helping these assorted wife beaters and child molesters "realise their "fathering aspirations."

So when there's a conflict between these two positions, who loses out? I'm betting it's Mum and the kids.


Separated mothers worried about ongoing contact between children and fathers
Tuesday 21 July 2015 16.06

Mothers who took part in the survey said they worried about the children's continuing exposure to verbal abuse More than two-thirds of separated mothers who had suffered domestic abuse said they worried about ongoing contact between their children and the absent father when interviewed for a study by a Trinity College Dublin academic.

They said they worried about the children's continuing exposure to the verbal abuse and denigration of the mother when contact was being arranged and at hand-over points and during contact.

The study's author, Dr Stephanie Holt, said it is critical to find ways to ensure that abusive men acknowledge and address the continued presence of domestic abuse and that they are held accountable for it.

The findings prompt Dr Holt to question whether contact with fathers should automatically be considered to be in such children's best interests.

She says the challenge is to promote contact in a way which delivers benefits to children while not jeopardising their safety or well-being.

The research also highlights a lack of support services for abusive men struggling to realise their fathering aspirations.

The research involved 219 mothers completing questionnaires about their 449 children and face-to-face interviews with 61 children, separated mothers and fathers and legal, health and social care professionals.

"Custody dispute" dad who threw 7-month-old baby off bridge to face judge (Middletown, Connecticut)

Dad is identified as TONY MORENO. The judge who allowed him to do this is Barry Pinkus.


Father charged with throwing baby off bridge faces a judge 

Middletown man charged in the death of 7-month-old

MIDDLETOWN (AP) — A 21-year-old Middletown man accused of throwing his infant son off the Arrigoni Bridge and into the Connecticut River faces a judge to answer a murder charge.

Tony Moreno is scheduled to appear in Middlesex Superior Court Tuesday, charged in the death of 7-month-old Aaden Moreno.

Moreno has been held in a state Department of Correction medical unit under suicide watch since jumping off the Arrigoni Bridge in Middletown on July 5, shortly after the baby was thrown into the water.

The child's body was later found two days later in East Haddam, south of where his father jumped.

Police say Tony Moreno has admitted throwing his son off the bridge.

The boy's 19-year-old mother, Adrianne Oyola, was denied a restraining order last month amid a bitter custody dispute.

Case postponed against dad who beat to death 2-year-old daughter (Cape Town, South Africa)

Dad is identified as CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS.


Case against father who beat child (2) to death postponed

It’s alleged Christopher Williams beat his daughter following an argument with her mother.

Lauren Isaacs | about 9 hours ago

CAPE TOWN - The case against a Cape Town man accused of the murder of his two-year-old daughter has been postponed for a formal bail application.

Christopher Williams made his second appearance in the Athlone Magistrates Court today following the attack last month.

It’s alleged the 32-year-old beat the toddler at the family’s Hanover Park home following an argument with her mother.

A forlorn looking Williams appeared briefly in the dock.

Today’s court date had been set for a formal bail application but the accused’s representative was not ready to proceed.

The case has been postponed to August for further investigation.

A post-mortem found little Zoe Petersen was severely beaten at her family’s home last month.

She was taken to the Hanover Park Day Hospital the following day where she was declared dead on arrival.

Williams fled after the incident but police managed to track him down at an Athlone informal settlement days later.

Dad murders 6-month-old daughter, her mother, three others; also suspected of killing 2-year-old chid in October 2014 (Modesto, California)

According to the relatives, the killer dad was practically a saint. Seriously?

This is some serious enabling and excuse-making.

Dad is identified as MARTIN "MARTY" MARTINEZ.


Modesto child-death investigation was on verge of arrest when suspect massacred family

Martin "Marty" Martinez, 30, is a suspect in the slayings of five people, including three children, in Modesto on July 18, 2015. He was captured in San Jose the next day.

By Robert Salonga, Joe Rodriguez and Kevin Valine
Mercury News and Modesto Bee
Posted: 07/20/15, 7:42 PM PDT | Updated: 2 hrs ago

MODESTO -- Late last week, police here were on the verge of making an arrest in one of the most unforgivable crimes: the murder of a 2-year-old child.

But in the tiny window between when they had hard evidence and when they could obtain a warrant to take their suspect into custody, Martin "Marty" Martinez purportedly killed five people, including three more children.

That stunning revelation Monday intensified a tragedy that began on a quiet Modesto street and led to San Jose, where Martinez was arrested early Sunday. Making matters worse were the newly released identities of the dead: Martinez's girlfriend, the 6-month-old daughter they had together, her 6-year-old daughter, Martinez's own mother and his 5-year-old niece.

Police believe that after the killings of Amanda Crews, 38, and the others, Martinez drove away in his red Lincoln Navigator, heading to East San Jose where he has extended family.

When police caught up with him at 1 a.m. the next morning, he was walking to his car after going to a movie with his father at a local mall. He was arrested without a fight.

Martinez, 30, is being held without bail in a Santa Clara County jail, awaiting transfer to Stanislaus County. Modesto police announced Monday that he will be charged in the October death of 2-year-old Christopher Ripley, Crews' third child, who died two days after being rushed to a hospital with head injuries Martinez told authorities happened when the two were wrestling.

Martinez has not yet been charged in the deaths of Crews, a Stanislaus County physician, her daughters, Elizabeth Ripley, 6, and 6-month-old Rachael Martinez; Martinez's mother, Anna Brown Romero, 57; and Martinez's 5-year-old niece, whose name was not immediately released.

Modesto Police Chief Galen Carroll said Martinez, Crews, Elizabeth and Christopher were living together in a Pasadena Lane home in October and that Martinez was alone with Christopher when the boy was injured.

Carroll said that while detectives and prosecutors pursue that case against Martinez they also will build a case against him in the weekend deaths. Martinez is the only suspect in those homicides, he said.

Police have not disclosed how the victims died or established a motive. Carroll said it was unlikely Martinez knew about a neuropathologist's findings, given to police Thursday, that Christopher died from blunt-force trauma and was a homicide victim and that they were closing in on him as a suspect. Carroll said detectives were pursuing a warrant to arrest Martinez in that case. It was issued after Saturday's killings, when police feared Martinez would flee.

Martinez and Crews lived with the children at the Nob Hill Court home until a couple of months ago when he had to move out because of a protective order issued by Children Protective Service regarding Christopher's death, Carroll said. He also said Crews was supportive of Martinez and there were no domestic violence calls to the house. Martinez's mother was apparently living at the home after her son moved out.

There was "no indication leading up to that time that any of this would occur," Carroll said Monday at a news conference when reporters asked why Martinez hadn't been arrested before Saturday.

On the sidewalk in front of the Martinez family home in East San Jose, the suspect's cousin, Gina Martinez, told news reporters that Martin Martinez took his father, Jesus, to the movies without saying anything out of the ordinary.

"My uncle didn't know anything that had happened," she said. "He didn't tell him anything. Everything was just normal."

Gina Martinez said relatives were completely "shocked" by the allegations.

"We have no idea if he did it," Gina Martinez, 44, said. "We don't know. He's innocent until proven guilty. ... I just want to see him, ask him what's going on. What's happening here?"

Martin Martinez has no apparent criminal record in Santa Clara County, according to court records, and neighbors of the Lucerne Way home said Martinez was not a regular presence there.

His cousin said he lived in San Jose until he was 5 or 6, when his father moved the family away. At some point, she said, Martinez's brother moved with their father to Idaho, where the brother later died. Gina Martinez said the death affected Martinez greatly, but she declined to name the brother or say how he died.

"It affected all of us," she said.

Older by 14 years, Gina Martinez said she didn't know her cousin well enough to talk about his parents' divorce. But she said he loved Crews and their baby daughter.

"She's a baby. She's innocent. Whoever did this. We don't know yet," she said. "He loved his family, loved his family. He was a generous, loving person."

A makeshift memorial continues to grow in front of the Nob Hill Court home in east Modesto, where the bodies were found about 3:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Modesto police officers were called to Crews' home for a welfare check after she and her daughter didn't show up to a planned meeting with friends.

Mercury News staff writers Joe Rodriguez and Mark Gomez contributed to this report.

Three-month-old baby dies after being on life support; felon dad in custody (Santa Ana, California)

Notice that the mother, who is not being charged, would have been about 13 when she got pregnant. Why isn't Daddy being charged with statutory rape?

Dad is identified as JORDAN MENDEZ.


Three-month-old boy dies after being on life support; 20-year-old dad in custody

July 20, 2015 |Updated July 21, 2015 8:10 a.m.


SANTA ANA – A 3-month-old boy, whose father had been arrested on suspicion of assaulting the child, died Monday afternoon after being on life support through the weekend, officials confirmed.

The baby was found unresponsive Friday night by authorities after they were called to a home in the 800 block of West Stevens.

The boy’s father, 20-year-old Jordan Mendez, was arrested.

Authorities took the baby to Children’s Hospital of Orange County where he was placed on life support after he was found not breathing. Doctors there observed signs the boy had suffered physical trauma, Santa Ana police said after the incident.

Detectives are investigating the case as a homicide. Authorities said an autopsy would likely happen Tuesday.

Mendez, 20, has a past criminal history and has pleaded guilty to multiple non-violent felonies in the last two years.

He pleaded guilty in 2013 of being in possession of a controlled substance and concentrated cannabis. Another 2013 charge showed he was convicted of receiving stolen property.

Mendez also has a warrant out for his arrest for using someone else’s credit or debit card and personal information in 2014.

According to inmate records, Mendez is an electrician. He was booked on charges of assault on a child resulting in great bodily injury or death. He is being held in lieu of $1,020,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.

As for the boy’s mother, she is 14 and not currently a suspect, according to Cpl. Anthony Bertagna of the Santa Ana Police Department.

The 14-year-old girl has been identified by family members, but the Register is withholding her name because she is a minor.

On her Facebook profile, she displays photos of her with suspect Mendez and the baby boy.

She posted frequently about the boy, Tristin Mendez. Many of her posts showed her reaching milestones as a young mother.

Dad gets 5 years in prison for death of 5-month-old son (Lake Worth, Florida)

All kinds of excuses for an (apparently) unemployed/underemployed father doing infant care while Mom worked. Poor thing was all "frustrated" don't you know. And even then couldn't bother to get medical help. As so often happens, it's Mom who has to deal with a medical emergency AFTER she gets home from work.

Dad is identified as SANTOS ADAMES.


Dad sentenced to 5 years in shaken baby death

Santos Adames, 31, pleaded guilty Friday in the April 30, 2013 death of the Lake Worth-area man's 5-month old son, Ariel. He was sentenced to 5 years prison and 10 years probation.

By Marc Freeman Sun Sentinel July 17, 2015, 12:37 PM

A Lake Worth-area man once charged with murder in the death of his 5-month-old son is heading to prison for five years.

Santos Adames, 31, pleaded guilty Friday to manslaughter, and listened as a prosecutor told the court he shook the baby left in his care in April 2013.

Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Glenn Kelley sentenced Adames to serve 10 years probation on top of the prison time, but he can apply to end the probation after five years if there have been no new crimes or violations.

"My client is very distraught and remorseful," defense attorney Brian Balaguera told reporters, following a hearing attended by several of Adames' loved ones. "This is essentially the worse day of his life. This has been a nightmare for him for the last few years … just a tragedy."

Prosecutor Lauren Godden said her office dropped a child abuse charge as part of a plea deal. Other terms require Adames, after leaving prison, to complete 100 hours of community service and speak twice a year to groups about his experience.

"He'll explain how the loss has affected him with the hopes of it preventing other people from taking out their same frustration in the same manner," Godden said.

Also while on probation, Adames is forbidden from drinking alcohol or using drugs without a prescription, and he'll be subjected to random drug testing at his expense. And he'll have to enroll and complete parenting classes.

His sister, Charlyn Adames, sat with her family in court and later called her brother a wonderful dad and the baby Ariel's death an accident.

"He is the best, most caring father who suffered more then anyone knowing that this happened under his care," Adames told the Sun Sentinel. "It kills him every day, but it was a mistake."

Manslaughter is a second-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison, so any probation violations could subject Adames to more time behind bars.

Following an initial first-degree murder charge, on May 30, 2013, a Palm Beach County grand jury indicted Adames on one count each of aggravated manslaughter of a child and aggravated child abuse. Both are first-degree felonies punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

But the defense then said it wasn't clear from the evidence that Adames had intentionally hurt the boy.

Adames' wife supported her husband throughout his criminal prosecution, and the couple celebrated the arrival of a baby daughter last year. Before Friday, the defendant was free on $20,000 bail awaiting resolution of the case and was allowed to work to support himself and his family. Still, Kelley forbid him from having contact with his two older daughters from another relationship. He wasn't allowed to be around any other kids unless another adult was around. But Adames, with his wife's blessing, was permitted last summer to hold his newborn child — with medical professionals standing by in the delivery room.

According to an arrest report, Yasika Adames returned home from work late on April 23, 2013 and noticed her son "making strange movements and moans." She could not wake him, and dialed 911. The baby entered Palms West Hospital with bleeding in his brain.

Two days later, reports from doctors at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach were grim: Ariel had "massive brain damage" and "massive retinal hemorrhages in both eyes" that typically result from severe shaking.

Told of the baby's condition, Adames admitted to a detective he shook the baby twice out of frustration.

"He admitted to the violent shaking of his son," Godden said, adding Adames demonstrated his actions for investigators on a video filed as evidence in the case.

The pest control technician from the Dominican Republic also said at the time he accidentally dropped Ariel on his head in the tub.

The baby died April 30.

While his court case was pending, Adames' attorneys and the State Attorney's Office agreed to the low bail.

The terms were based in part on Adames' having no prior felony arrests, residency in the county for more than 20 years, and numerous relatives in the area, including his parents, siblings and cousins.

At the time, Adames' then-lawyer, Joe Walsh, called it a case of "one of those things where bad things happen to good people."

Dad prevents mom from taking kids with her when she leaves him--then he abandoned them, and 8-month-old daughter dead (Lahore, Pakistan)

This is an all too familiar story. Control freak (and abusive) father won't let the mother retain custody after she leaves him. But of course he doesn't really want the kids. He just want to punish her.

So it's not uncommon for these fathers to abandon and/or kill these kids, just as dad EHTISHAM ALI did. Retaining possession or destroying the kids accomplishes the same aim as far as they are concerned.

Fortunately, the older son survived, though he was found unconscious. The 8-month-old daughter was not as lucky.

And of course those in authority did nothing to stop this...


Baby ‘abandoned by father’ dies

By Our Correspondent
Published: July 18, 2015

LAHORE: An eight-month-old girl child died on Thursday a few hours after she was found lying unconscious in front of the house of her mother’s parents, according to an FIR registered with Mustafabad police on the complaint of Muhammad Awais, an uncle of her mother Rabia Ishaq.

Talking to The Express Tribune, complainant Awais alleged that the father of the child, Ehtisham Ali, must have abandoned her there. He said the suspect had written the name of child and Tariq’s parents’ home address on the child’s shoulder.

He said the child was taken to a private clinic near the house but she couldn’t survive.

Earlier in April, Awais said an elder son of the couple had been found lying unconscious in front of the house. He said the boy had survived. He said the incident had taken place a few days after Ishaq’s decision to leave Ali and move to her parents’ house. He said Ali had not let her take along her two children.

Awais said that after the incident in April the family had communicated their concerns about the other child’s safety to the police. But, he said no action had been taken by the police.

Investigation Officer Amir Ali said the suspect had fled his house when a police team raided the place in April. He said they raided the place later as well but did not find him.

Ali said in order to determine the cause of her death the body of the child had been sent for an autopsy.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 18th, 2015.

Dad gets prison for manslaughter death of 3-month-old son (Allegan, Michigan)

Dad is identified as JONATHAN COLBY.


Michigan father gets prison in 3-month-old son's death

Posted: Jul 20, 2015 11:42 AM EDT Updated: Jul 20, 2015 1:02 PM EDT

ALLEGAN, Mich. (AP) - A southwestern Michigan father who pleaded no contest to manslaughter and first-degree child abuse in the death of his 3-month-old son has been sentenced to prison.

The Kalamazoo Gazette reports (http://bit.ly/1JsxTgn ) 22-year-old Jonathan Colby learned his punishment Monday. Allegan County Circuit Court Judge Margaret Bakker gave him 18¾ to 30 years, saying "that it actually happened is beyond my comprehension."

Defense attorney Robert Champion says his client "has taken full responsibility." A no contest plea isn't an admission of guilt but is treated as such for sentencing.

Jase Colby was found unresponsive in December at an Allegan Township home about 30 miles south-southwest of Grand Rapids. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Police have said Jonathan Colby told investigators the boy was struck because he was crying.

"Caretaking" dad abuses 1-month-old baby while mom at work; baby suffered spiral fractures in both legs (Morgantown, North Carolina)

Why we need paid maternity leave for all mothers. Partly so moms aren't forced back into the workplace too early and forced to leave their vulnerable babies with deadbeat abusive fathers with zero patience or nurturing skills.

Dad is identified as AUSTIN DEAN DELOATCH.


Man pleads guilty to child abuse

Posted: Friday, July 17, 2015 5:30 pm
From staff reports

A 20-year-old Morganton man will spend five to seven years in prison after pleading guilty to felony child abuse.

Austin Dean DeLoatch entered the plea to a charge of felony child abuse inflicting serious injury during Burke County Superior Court on Tuesday and was sentenced to serve active time in custody of the North Carolina Department of Adult Corrections by Robert C. Ervin, Superior Court Judge from Burke County.

On Oct. 24, 2014, investigator Ryan Stotts of the Morganton Department of Public Safety responded to Grace Hospital for a report of a 1-month-old male child that had spiral fractures of both legs.

Investigation into the matter revealed that the child’s mother was at work when the crime occurred, and the child was fine at that time she left the home. DeLoatch, who is the child’s father, had been alone providing care for the child when the abuse took place and contacted the mother because the child would not stop crying.

They eventually took the child to the hospital for evaluation where it was determined the baby had a broken leg. Further evaluation at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte and Mission Hospital in Asheville revealed the infant had two broken legs along with other injuries. Doctors who treated the child at Levine and Mission indicated that the injuries to the child were consistent with a twisting of the legs and were highly unlikely to be accidental, noting they appeared to be the result of physical abuse.

Stotts was the lead investigator for the case and was aided in his investigation by Burke County Department of Social Services. Frank Webster handled prosecution for the District Attorney’s Office.

Social workers violate court order, so dad molested kids during unsupervised visitation (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

Very typical of so-called child protection agencies that are too often controlled by and/or heavily influenced by fathers rights and pro-pedophile types. This is right by the playbook. Label the protective mother as mentally ill and give Daddy a free pass to rape the kids with no interference.


Watchdog has 'no confidence' in B.C. ministry's review of child sex abuse case

The Canadian Press July 16, 2015 11:09 AM

VICTORIA - British Columbia's children's minister has promised a review after social workers violated a court order and allowed a father who had molested his kids unsupervised visits.

Stephanie Cadieux said Thursday her ministry will examine all the policy, practice and human resource concerns raised by a scathing B.C. Supreme Court ruling.

"This family, and the rest of British Columbia, deserve to know the child welfare system is responsive and accountable for the decisions it makes," Cadieux told the legislature as the Opposition New Democrats demanded she apologize.

The province's children and youth representative, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, said she has "no confidence" in the ministry's ability to investigate itself.

"This is a child welfare ministry that for some time has felt that it doesn't have to answer to independent oversight or to a court," she said in an interview. "They're not capable of holding each other to account. They do not have the structures to do that."

Turpel-Lafond, who heads the independent body that oversees the child welfare system, said she wants to participate in the review or see a third party hired to do it.

The ministry said it was working with the Public Service Agency to determine what kind of staff conduct review would work best, and details would be announced later.

Justice Paul Walker said in a written decision released Tuesday that the ministry showed "reckless disregard" when it falsely accused a mother of being mentally ill and removed four children from her care in 2009.

Social workers failed to investigate the kids' claims that their father had sexually abused them and knowingly violated a court order banning unsupervised visits, the ruling said.

Turpel-Lafond said the ministry needs to take immediate action against the workers named in the judgment and examine all other child welfare cases on which they worked.

She said the ministry's decision to eliminate the provincial director of child welfare between 2007 and 2011 created a system akin to the "Wild West" and that even now the director has no power over regional bosses.

Social workers employed by the government are not required to register in the B.C. College of Social Workers, meaning they are not regulated by a professional body, Turpel-Lafond said.

Children's Ministry spokesman Sheldon Johnson said all child protection workers must take specialized university courses and get on-the-job training including interviewing kids who may have been sexually abused. He said workers must have the skills required by the college although they don't need to register.

Johnson said the ministry cannot comment on the individuals named in the judgment due to privacy legislation.

The mother's lawyer, Jack Hittrich, has said that a team leader involved in her case, William Strickland, is still employed by the ministry.

In the legislature, NDP Leader John Horgan questioned how many other court orders the ministry had ignored.

"How many other children are being put at risk because the government believes it's above the law?" he said.

Walker concluded in 2012 that the father physically and sexually abused the couple's three eldest children and gave the mother sole guardianship.

In his decision released Tuesday, Walker determined that the father had also molested his youngest child while the couple's kids were in ministry care.

The ministry has not said yet whether it plans to appeal the ruling.

Dad charged with manslaughter in death of 2-month-old daughter (Thurso, Quebec, Canada)


Interesting in that the reporters quote a neighbor, but there is no mention of the mother. Was there a mother in this home?


UPDATE: Thurso father charged with manslaughter in baby's death

Posted on 7/20/2015 4:26:00 PM by Alison Sandor and Ted Raymond

Charges have been upgraded against a 25-year-old Thurso, Quebec father, whose baby died Friday after showing signs of shaken baby syndrome.

The man, who cannot be named because of a publication ban was initially charged with aggravated assault Thursday, a day after the less than two-month old little girl was found unconscious and rushed to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

The charge of aggravated assault was dropped Monday and replaced with one of manslaughter following the little girl's death.

A 25-year-old man, the father of a nearly two-month-old baby who died in hospital on Friday, has charged with manslaughter.

The man's lawyer, Marc-André Cayen, maintains his client's innocence, and said he has no criminal past.

"He's doing the best he can, given the circumstances," said Cayen. "Like I said in French last week, it's not easy for anybody. We'll need to deal with the situation as it is right now."

Neighbour James Fineus tried to save the baby last week and told CTV Ottawa he was devastated to hear of her death.

"I tried to save this one," he said. "That's still hurting. I still have the image in my head of when I entered in that house and saw the baby on the floor. That's still here and I'm still traumatized."

Sûreté de Québec say their investigation is ongoing.

An autopsy for the infant is scheduled to take place this week.

The man is scheduled to return to court July 22nd, when lawyers may ask for a bail hearing.