Friday, May 13, 2011

Ex-military dad protests child access issues (Sydney, Australia)

Is daddy MICHAEL FOX really a poor, martyred father, unfairly denied "access" to his children? Or is this "ex-military" fellow who scaled a bridge and brought traffic to a standstill not as benign as he wants us to believe? I see dangerous nutcase all over this guy. And I think it very likely that there are some very good reasons for his kids being protected.

Notice that this article in VERY one sided, and there is no attempt to get any perspective from the mother or anybody else. Why?

Notice that this kind of stunt is a classic with fathers rights groups, particularly Fathers 4 Justice, which has a long history of terrorist activity, especially in the U.K. It is well documented that MANY of the "oppressed" dads involved with Fathers 4 Justice had histories of domestic violence and criminal activity. Including their leaders.

Estranged father brings Sydney to a standstill
By Greg Ansley 5:30 AM Saturday May 14, 2011

An inquiry has been launched into security at Sydney Harbour Bridge after a man scaled the 134m-high icon to protest against New South Wales' child welfare agency.

The man, identified in news reports as Michael Fox, 38, and describing himself as "ex-military", thrust the heart of Australia's biggest city into chaos as police blocked all lanes to trains, buses, cars and pedestrians at 5am.

Fox, who told radio hosts he was separated and had been experiencing access problems with his two children, abseiled down after his protest and surrendered to police.

The Sydney Morning Herald's website said Fox had almost been killed in an alleged bikie shootout last year. It said he was shot during the same incident in which Neil Green, sergeant-at-arms of the Riverstone Nomads chapter, was allegedly murdered.

The bridge did not reopen until about 7.30am, but delays continued for at least three hours.

About 160,000 vehicles a day cross the bridge, with tens of thousands of other commuters travelling by rail.

Fox, later charged with obstructing traffic, climbing on bridges and climbing or jumping from a structure, triggered alarm bells by the ease with which he evaded security.

A security guard was reported to have tried to stop him but was blocked by fences Fox scaled with a ladder.

Announcing a security review, New South Wales Premier Barry O'Farrell said the breach was alarming.

"The review has been asked to look at CCTV arrangements, it's been asked to look at the arrangements relating to the existing security patrols," he said.

"It's been asked to look at whether we need physical barriers of any sort there and also look at the criminal charges, including the penalties that apply in these situations."

After beating the security fence, Fox used climbing equipment to scale the bridge and unfurl two large banners saying "Plz Help My Kids" and "Kids First".

He said in calls to the media that he was protesting against the state Department of Community Services, the agency responsible for childcare, which has long been the target of official and private criticism and protest.

A study several years ago found the department had been warned of dangers to almost 100 of the 540 children who died in NSW in the three years preceding their deaths.

Fox told said he had had a "pretty bad run" through his separation and had tried to keep it as peaceful as possible, but feared for the safety of his children.

"I've asked for help so many times [but] no one wants to help the blokes," he told Triple M radio.

"The chicks get in first and start throwing stones [and] the blokes don't stand a chance."

Fox told Channel Nine he had no regrets.

"If I have to stuff four million people around for one morning and that gets my kids and other kids help one day sooner, I have achieved my goal," he said. "If that draws attention to the fact DOCS is a failed department that's letting our children down, then I have achieved my goal.

"This is a peaceful protest. It's to give a voice to little people.

"Most fathers or mothers that are victims of this sort of stuff have not got anyone to turn to. I've been pushed and pushed and pushed. I'm not just doing this for me, I'm doing this for my kids."

A woman claiming to be a former girlfriend told Triple M that Fox had tried to seek help from the department and police because his children were in danger "every day".

Deputy Police Commissioner Dave Owens said "Mick" was determined to get his point of view across, but his actions were unacceptable.

Protests at the Sydney Harbour Bridge:

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1997: Mass protest by cyclists angry at greenhouse emissions policy causes traffic chaos.

2000: More than 250,000 people march across the bridge in an officially-sanctioned show of support for reconciliation with indigenous Australia.

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