Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dad killed by police during police standoff; had been holding 7-year-old daughter hostage at gunpoint (Manchester, New Hampshire)

Though it's not spelled out here, dad JAMES BRETON apparently had visitation, since Mom had called the police for a welfare check.  Notice that there was a complaint that Daddy had sexually abused a teenager. Well, Daddy started waving a handgun at the police and before you knew it, the Daddy Drama just got more and more intense. Finally, the police shot and killed Daddy.

But why did this idiot have visitation to start with? Oh right. Any freaking father, no matter how nutty or volatile, gets visitation these days--just so long as he has a pulse.


Mother: Man Killed In Standoff Was ScaredGirl Was Held Hostage By Manchester Man, Police Say
POSTED: 11:28 am EDT May 10, 2011

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- The mother of the 7-year-old girl New Hampshire held hostage by her father during a standoff with police in Manchester said he kept the child away from the apartment windows and cried at times.

Laura Gardner told WMUR-TV her daughter told her James Breton was scared, and may have been too afraid to open the door to let the girl go.

Breton was shot and killed by a state police officer on Saturday. The girl was in another room and was not hurt.

The standoff started Thursday after officers said they went to check on the child's welfare and were met by Breton, who waved a handgun and made threatening statements.

Gardner said police went to the apartment after receiving a complaint alleging that Breton sexually abused a teenager.