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Dad gets 15 years for severely beating 3-year-old son for bedwetting (Ghana)

Notice that dad CHARLES OBENG, who was not married to the boy's mother, had just gained temporary custody after the mom had suffered an illness and lost her job. Almost immediately, he had severely beaten the boy.

Man Brutalizes Son For Bedwetting

Date: 29-Sep-2012

 A 27-year-old labourer is to languish in jail, in hard labour, for 15 years for brutalizing his three-year-old son.

The boy’s crime? He has been bedwetting and his father claimed he wanted to instill discipline in him by the use of the rod.

A Kumasi circuit court, presided over by Mr. Emmanuel Amo-Yartey, heard that Charles Obeng subjected his son to severe beating at the least provocation.

At the court hearing, the little boy was showed with cuts all over his body and he could neither sit nor lie

Obeng, who pleaded guilty to the charge of causing harm, was convicted on his own plea.

Briefing the court, Chief Inspector Comfort Baffour-Kyei said the child’s mother was an unemployed resident at Obuasi Mile 9, while Obeng was resident at Atimatim junction, a suburb of Kumasi.

She said since the child was born, the mother has been the sole provider because the father failed to cater for him. However, the mother lost her job after a short ailment.

According to the prosecution, when the mother asked Obeng for assistance, he demanded that she brought the child to him so that he catered for him.

Chief Inspector Baffour explained that the mother therefore, brought the child to Obeng and on September 23, she called to find out how he was faring and was told by the father that he was sick.

The mother, therefore, came down to Atimatim and “found out that the victim had bruises all over his body and the face was swollen. 

“The victim mentioned the accused person’s name as the one who assaulted him, “the prosecutor told the court.

 A report was made to the police and Obeng was later arrested and he admitted the offence during investigation. He was later charged with the offence.

Dad with violent child abuse games on computer found guilty of murdering 11-month-old son (Washington County, Oregon)

KALIQ MANSOR sounds like one sicko daddy....,0,6192595.story

Man who searched for 'father hates infant' guilty of baby's murder

By Kim Murphy September 29, 2012, 12:32 p.m.

SEATTLE -- An Oregon man who conducted Internet searches for the phrase “father hates infant” and had a violent child abuse video game on his computer was convicted Friday of murdering his 11-month-old twin son.

A jury in Washington County, Ore., deliberated about two hours before convicting Kaliq Mansor, 34, who had called 911 in June 2011 to report that his infant son Bryan was not breathing.

By the time the child arrived at the hospital, he could no longer breathe on his own, and doctors pronounced him brain dead. The child had a fractured skull, a healing rib fracture, several retinal hemorrhages and brain injuries, according to the Oregonian, which covered the weeklong trial. The child’s twin brother, examined later, had also suffered retinal hemorrhages and six broken ribs. 

Evidence at trial showed that Mansor, an engineer from Tigard, Ore., had conducted Google searches three days before Bryan was taken to the hospital for phrases such as “afraid of abusing my baby,” “how do I deal with screaming baby,” “Oregon child abuse laws” and “father hates infant.”

 The Northwest Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory also found on the computer a game called “Candyvan,” according to the Oregonian, which reviewed the report.

In the game, according to the report, “the protagonist drives around in a van/bus/ice-cream truck, picks up 10 children, and abuses them (physically and/or sexually) while trying to avoid attention and the police.” In one game action, the report said, “You throw the kid to the ground and kick until there’s a pool of blood on the floor.”

The defense had asked most such evidence to be suppressed as the product of an unconstitutional search. Defense attorney Russell Barnett said Mansor had conducted the searches out of “curiosity,” the Oregonian said. Mansor had told police detectives that his baby had coughed and gushed fluid during a feeding, and he had swung him over the bathtub and shook him in an attempt to clear the fluid from his lungs.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Department, which handled the investigation, said the second twin was initially taken into protective custody by the state Department of Human Services.

The twins' mother, Angela Foster, who has since divorced Mansor, said the babies seemed fine before the fatal day, though she had noticed her husband making strange remarks.

"'Ha ha ha, babies can be put in microwaves,'" she said her husband told her, the Oregonian reported. "I found it very upsetting, but I let it go. I didn't understand why that would be funny, but I let it go."

Dad charged with felonious assault in death of 8-week-old son (Coshocton, Ohio)

Yet another case where Daddy was drafted into infant care while Mom had to work. The parents were not married, and it's not even clear that they lived together. 

Dad is only identified by the last name LAFFERTY.

Father Arrested For Infant’s ‘Suspicious’ Death

Posted on: 11:36 am, September 29, 2012, by Jessica Dabrowski,
updated on: 10:22pm, September 29, 2012 by Allison Brown, Fox 8 Reporter

COSHOCTON, Ohio — A Coshocton family is in mourning after the suspicious death of an 8-week-old baby. Police believe the death of Raven Lafferty is suspicious, and tell Fox 8 the child’s father is behind bars.

The 23-year-old father is being held on a felonious assault charge in Coshocton County after the incident on Wednesday night.

Police were called out to Lafferty’s home on Glenview Way, where his girlfriend, Rachel Santos, says he was watching their son while she was at work. A neighbor called her, saying Lafferty took the child next door, ‘unresponsive and blue’.

“His dad didn’t even want to go up to the hospital, and that’s a huge sign, I mean, why wouldn’t you want to be there with your son?” said Rachel Santos.

“And he kept saying he fell out of his swing, he fell out of his swing, but I knew he didn’t,” she sobbed.

“I didn’t want to think he could do anything like that, I just kept thinking it was a huge accident, a huge accident,” said Santos.

The boy’s mother tells Fox 8 that little Raven was taken to Coshocton County Hospital first, but then had to be transported to Akron Childrens’ Hospital.

“They said he has no chance of living, his brain was so hemorrhaged, and he had bruising on his face,” said Santos. “The nurse was like, if you try to save him he’s never going to be able to walk, he won’t talk, he won’t be able to eat or progress like other children, I didn’t want to do that to him,” said the mom.

Because of Raven’s injuries, Santos says she was forced to do the unthinkable: decide to let her little boy go.

Raven passed away just after 11:00 p.m., Friday.

“It was hard but I knew, he just had the smell of death on him already and just breathing on me, he was already at heaven’s gates and he just needed a push through,” said Santos.

The Summit County Medical Examiner has not yet released details of an autopsy that was scheduled to be performed on Saturday afternoon.

Police are still investigating the case.

Santos tells Fox 8 she is hoping to learn more details about what exactly happened so she can hopefully have some sort of closure.

“I know he’s up in Heaven,” said Santos.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Dad charged with attempted murder, assault in shooting of 4-year-old son, son's mother (Baltimore, Maryland)

Rather patronizing advise from the Baltimore police, given that orders of protection are nearly impossible to get in Maryland--even when Dad has a well-documented history of violence.

Dad is identified as ERIC FORD SR.

Father Arrested In Shooting That Hurt 4-Year-Old Son & The Child’s Mother

September 27, 2012 10:53 PM

 Reporting Rochelle Ritchie

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A father is in jail, accused of shooting his own son and the child’s mother. The shooting happened Wednesday night in the 900-block of Gorsuch Avenue.

Rochelle Ritchie has more on the victims and the shooter.

Many people who live near the victims remain in disbelief that a father could fire several shots and shoot his own son in the hip. The 26-year-old is in jail. His son and the child’s mother are recovering at the hospital.

It was just before 9:30 p.m. Wednesday when gunshots were heard ringing out of a home on Gorsuch Avenue.

“Seems like a total random and crazy event,” said Mark Williams, neighbor.

Now neighbors remain in shock as news spreads that the youngest gunshot victim is a 4-year-old boy.

“It’s too close to home. Just the fact it happened and it happened with a child by his own father,” said Marlo Davis, neighbor.

Baltimore City police say the shooter, 26-year-old Eric Ford Sr., is the child’s father and was in an argument with his son’s mother when he pulled out a gun and began shooting, hitting the mother in the torso and face and the son in the hip.

“It’s very troubling. The fact the child was subjected to this alleged abuse, it’s a true tragedy,” said Sgt. Anthony Smith, Baltimore City Police.

The victim grabbed her son and ran out of the home.

Police say Ford continued to hit her as she clutched her child in her arms.

“I think that is the worst thing ever, and that baby don’t deserve that,” said Tanya Carol.

The victims were rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Ford ran from the scene but was caught several hours later.

Police cannot confirm if there have been other domestic violence situations between the mother and the shooter, but residents tell WJZ other violent incidents have happened.

“No follow-up had been done for the mother and children to be able to address the issues going on in that household,” Smith said.

Baltimore City police say there is help for victims of domestic violence to give them a way out before they or their child get hurt.

“We want you to know please call if you’re suffering from domestic violence. We certainly don’t want this to escalate to where a handgun is introduced,” Smith said.

Police are still investigating whether the gunshot to the 4-year-old was intentional.

Ford does have prior criminal offenses. Ford is charged with attempted murder and assault in this case.

"Stay-at-home" dad charged with felony assault against infant daughter (Stow, Ohio)

Seems to be a case of yet another short-tempered deadbeat dad (i.e. a "stay-at-home") who assaulted the baby, probably because the poor thing was "frustrated."

So many moms in this economy no longer have the privilege of staying at home with their babies. They have to work. And this is what happens when unemployed/underemployed men take their place.... 

This one is identified as JOHN F. CARLOW.

Stow police arrest father of infant in alleged abuse case

 By Holly Schoenstein | Stow Sentry

A Stow man is facing two felony charges following a police investigation into a brain injury suffered by his infant daughter.

Stow police recently arrested John F. Carlow, 29, at his Waterford Circle residence on a warrant for charges of felonious assault and endangering children, both second-degree felonies.

According to a police report, a social worker told Stow police on Sept. 15 that the infant had bleeding in her brain, possibly the result of "shaken baby injuries" that occurred sometime that day or the day before.

Police did not release any further information regarding the baby's injuries or condition.

Stow police Lt. Anne Stirm said the baby was brought to Akron Children's Hospital by a parent for treatment.

"We were contacted by a social worker who is employed with the hospital," Stirm said, adding that no other details were available because of the ongoing investigation.

Carlow is being held on a $250,000 cash bond, according to the Summit County Sheriff's Office.

 Police reports indicates Carlow is a stay-at-home father. The child's mother is listed as a witness.

"Good dad" arrested after 6-year-old son brings meth to school (Sacramento, California)

Dad is identified as GONZALO MEZA. 

The last part of this article strikes me as strange. We quote an unidentified male "relative" swearing this guy is a "good dad," but there is ZERO MENTION of a mother in this home. Was there one? Or is this a single dad?

Sacramento Man Arrested After 6-Year-Old Child Brings Meth To School

September 28, 2012 4:52 PM

 SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A 6-year-old boy brought a baggie of methamphetamine to class and some of it spilled out of the child’s pocket during reading time at a Sacramento elementary school.

 The child’s father, Gonzalo Meza, 25, was booked into the Sacramento County Jail on Wednesday and charged with possession of a controlled substance for sale and child endangerment. He’s being held on $50,000 bail.

“The basis for the possession for sale charge is the fact that this was too much for personal use,” Sacramento County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jason Ramos told CBS13 on Friday. “It’s clear to us that the amount he had was intended to be portioned out for sale.”

According to Ramos, another child at Ethel Baker Elementary, which is off Fruitridge Road in south Sacramento, picked up the some of the crystal meth after it fell on the carpet while the children were reading and gave it to their teacher.

“Very scary, considering what could have happened if a kid would have been curious and ingested some,” Ramos said.

The school principal told CBS13 that parents of children in the class have been notified of the incident. She said she’d never experienced anything like it in her eight years in education.

“The instructor immediately brought it our attention and from there, we handed it over to the sheriff’s department,” Principal Olga Arellano.

 A relative at Meza’s home denied the drugs belonged to Meza, saying the child “probably found it on the outside. It’s a tough environment.”

“He’s a good dad, man,” he told CBS13′s Derek Shore. “He loves his kid.”

Dad with joint custody (and full control over daughter's education) convicted of execution-style murder of mom, her father during custody exchange (Santa Ana, California)

Who says abuser daddies don't get their rights? 

Dad ROBERT ALLAN LEHMANN continued to shoot his ex-wife and her father, even as they tried to flee from the scene of the custody exchange (at DAD'S HOME). He then murdered them execution-style by shooting them in the back of the head. And this was after this ruthless, cold-blooded killer had waited in ambush for their arrival.

What is not answered here, is what judge(s) or assorted court personnel forced this mother and her father into such a dangerous situation with such a dangerous man. And boy, was this dude indulged every step of the way. Let's review.

1) The parents divorced less than one year after the baby was born, which just by itself, suggests something serious was going on with Daddy. Nevertheless, he still gets JOINT CUSTODY of an INFANT. 

2) Of course, for a serious abuser, joint custody is never enough power and control. So he fights for control of the girl's education, AND HE WINS. Then he wants to put the girl in an expensive alternative education program, in another town, and force her mother to pay for it. (Of course!) He drags Mom into court OVER 20 TIMES, a classic case of domestic violence by proxy if I ever saw one. 

3) After all of Daddy's BS, he was afraid he had "lost" custody (i.e. his iron-grip control over his ex-wife through her child). So naturally, like many violent abusers, he made her pay for it by taking her life. As a result, two children are left without their mother. A new husband is left without his wife. And that's not even going into the loss of this brave grandfather, who accompanied his daughter to this child custody exchange fully knowing, no doubt, that his ex-son-in-law was a dangerous psychopath. 

This psycho father should have been cut out of the story from day one. Not have his sh** coddled at every step of the way, which just encouraged his narcissism and sense of entitlement. 

When are mothers and their children going to get THEIR RIGHTS?

Costa Mesa Man, 37, Gets Life For Fatally Shooting Ex-Wife, Her Father

September 28, 2012 4:12 PM

 SANTA ANA (CBS) — A Costa Mesa man who gunned down his ex-wife and her father execution-style was convicted Friday of first-degree murder.

Robert Allan Lehmann, 37, shook his head and muttered to himself when he heard the jury’s verdict, which followed about two hours of deliberations, Deputy District Attorney Matt Murphy said.

“We had an excellent jury and they did the right thing,” the prosecutor said.

Lehmann shot and killed the pair after drawn out court hearings involving the educational needs of his daughter, who has special need.

 The panel found true special circumstance allegations of lying in wait — which applied only to his ex-wife — and multiple murders, Murphy said. Lehmann will be sentenced to life in prison without parole on Nov. 2.

 Defense attorney Jeremy Goldman acknowledged in his opening statement that his client shot and killed the victims, but said Lehmann was in a “sleepwalking state.”

Goldman alleged Lehmann had taken too much anti-anxiety medication and downed the drugs with beer. Goldman argued that his client should be convicted of involuntary manslaughter, not first-degree murder, for killing 32-year-old Emily Ford and 62-year-old Russell Ford outside the defendant’s home in Costa Mesa on May 3, 2011.

Lehmann and his ex-wife met in February 2003 and wed when she got pregnant with their daughter, Amanda. The marriage lasted less than a year.

The two shared custody of their child, who was diagnosed with Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome, a rare disorder that affects development of blood vessels and can sometimes lead to one limb being larger than the other, Murphy said. She was later diagnosed with ADHD, the prosecutor said.

Disputes arose between the parents over their daughter’s education, Murphy said, with Amanda’s mother wanting her to be “mainstreamed” as much as possible, and Lehmann advocating special education classes. The schooling disagreement led the parents to family court about 20 times, he said.

According to Goldman, his client’s child was in “great risk of being held back” after kindergarten, so Lehmann “spent tens of thousands of dollars” on attorneys and experts and was granted full control over decisions about the girl’s education in September 2010.

 Lehmann decided that his daughter should be taken out of a public school in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District and placed in a child development center at UC Irvine. Another dispute followed over who would pay for the schooling.

His ex-wife ultimately told UCI officials — who required both parents to be on board — that she had changed her mind altogether, Goldman said, prompting Lehmann to file a court order on his own because he could no longer afford an attorney.

The shooting happened hours after a court hearing stemming from the schooling dispute.

When Lehmann arrived home, he sent his wife of two years out with his daughter to a local Golden Spoon frozen yogurt shop and got a gun out of a safe in his home, Murphy said. When Emily Ford and her father arrived to pick up the girl, Lehmann opened fire on his ex-wife at his front door, the prosecutor said.

Emily Ford, who had gotten remarried and had a new baby, stumbled back and was then shot in the back as she tried to run away, Murphy said. The defendant subsequently turned the gun on his former father-in-law, shooting him in the arm and then several times in the back when he tried to flee, Murphy said.

The defendant then reloaded the weapon and shot the victims in the back of the head, execution-style, the prosecutor said. A “mellow” Lehmann then called authorities and had a “casual conversation with the 911 operator,” Murphy said.

“He sounds a little bit tired” on the call, Murphy said, adding Lehmann also waited for police to arrive. 

Goldman countered that Lehmann was in a fog from taking the anti-anxiety medication throughout the day, thought he had lost custody of his daughter and went home and took “a great deal” more of the drug, Goldman said.

 Lehmann testified he did not remember anything about the shootings because he had blacked out, Murphy said.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dad murders two teen sons and their mother (Herndon, Virginia)

More ridiculous press coverage of a father-committed mass murder-suicide. Do reporters never learn? As has been emphasized for years by domestic violence educators, it is usually pointless to interview the neighbors. They are typically clueless. They have no idea what the killer was really like, so they usually say he was "nice" or "good" or some drivel like that. But in fact, they never saw what went on behind closed doors, so their opinion is worthless. In fact, worse than worthless, because it gives the impression that these crimes just happen "out of the blue." That is usually not the case. These guys generally have a long history of narcissistic and controlling behavior, even if Mom never called the police regarding violence (many women never do, for a variety of reasons).  

Better to interview someone who understands family murder-suicides. Or maybe Mom's friends and family. They are more likely to know what was going on IF Mom was able to confide in them. 

The killer dad is identified as ALBERT PETERSON.

September 27, 2012 2:24 PM
Father killed wife, 2 sons in Virginia murder-suicide, police say

By Crimesider Staff

(CBS/AP) HERNDON, Va. - Police say a Northern Virginia man fatally shot his wife and two teenage sons in the family home before killing himself earlier this week. Fairfax County Police discovered the bodies Tuesday, but did not say how the four died until Wednesday, after the medical examiner had conducted autopsies.

 According to police, 57-year-old Albert Peterson shot and killed his wife, 52-year-old Kathleen Peterson, and their two sons, 16-year-old Matthew Peterson and 13-year-old Christopher, before taking his own life. All four died from gunshots to the upper body.

 Police checked on the home Tuesday after co-workers became concerned that the adults had not reported to work for two days.

A neighbor of the family, Alvaro Lopes, told CBS DC that the family recently completed building a deck and showed no outward signs of trouble.

"They were good people," said Lopes. "Very quiet [and] would hang out in their front yard and do some barbecues." 

 A candlelight vigil was scheduled Wednesday night at the family's church, Floris United Methodist Church in Herndon.

Dad arrested after drugs, alcohol, weapons found in car next to 9-year-old son (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Interesting that dad RAMUNDO MORALES reportedly lives in a motel, and there is no mention of a mother. Is this a single dad? What happened to Mom?

Wednesday September 26, 2012 Published at 2:21 pm EST, September 26, 2012

Father Arrested After Drugs, Alcohol Found in Car Next to Son, 9

A New Mexico father has been arrested and charged with drug possession and child abuse after police found him in the car with weapons, drugs, alcohol, and his son.

Ramundo Morales was arrested by Albuquerque, N.M. police after officers found him with drugs and weapons in the car with his 9-year-old son, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

A lapel camera on one of the officers on the scene recorded a video, obtained by KOAT, of the stop, which included the discovery of open beer cans, two loaded hand guns, a knife, cocaine, mushrooms, and pot.

A cocaine pipe was found next to his seat and officers reported it was still warm. When questioned about the pipe, Morales claimed it was warm not because it had been used recently, but because it was warm in the car.

Morales was initially stopped by police when they noticed he was driving with a crack in his windshield and because his license plate number did not come up in their system. He was arrested near Motel Six in Albuquerque where he was living.

Daughter commits suicide after reporting dad to police for sexual abuse (United Kingdom)

Despite the daughter's suicide, dad MICHAEL WARRENER was convicted of rape and sentenced to 19 years in jail. Although there is mention of a sister and a cousin, there is no mention of a mother in this home or anywhere else. What happened to the mother? When a father rapes a daughter for years, there is usually a backstory about why the mother did not intervene.

Woman, 22, killed herself after reporting father to police for abusing her when she was a child

Claire Warrener found it hard to cope after telling police she had been abused since she was 11

'She was scared about the trial', says sister at an inquest into her death

By Larisa Brown

PUBLISHED: 11:17 EST, 27 September 2012 | UPDATED: 11:22 EST, 27 September 2012

A woman killed herself after reporting her father to police for raping her when she was a child.

Claire Warrener, 22, finally gained the courage to report the abuse in 2010, six years after it ended.

But she found it hard to cope after telling police she had been abused from the age of 11, an inquest was told.

Michael Warrener, 59, of Newcastle, went on to stand trial for raping and indecently assaulting her and was convicted in May this year.

Claire took her own life months after reporting the sick attacks, and the sentencing judge at Newcastle Crown Court blamed her father for her death as he handed Warrener a 19-year jail term.

An inquest in Sunderland yesterday heard how Claire’s cousin Ashleigh found her body in the kitchen of her home in Hendon.

Paramedics tried to save her, but she was pronounced dead at Sunderland Royal Hospital on December 9 last year.

Her sister Stacey broke down and was unable to continue giving evidence to the hearing held at Sunderland Civic Centre.

Stacey said: 'He had been following her about town. She was scared about the trial.'

Investigating officer Detective Constable David Garrity, who led the investigation into the allegations about Michael Warrener, gave evidence at the hearing.

He said: 'Prior to her death, she had made a report to the police with regards to sexual abuse by her father.

'I think on speaking with Claire and throughout the investigation, it had a clearly significant effect and massive impact on her life.'

Dr Hugh Cochrane, a pathologist at Sunderland Royal Hospital, said Claire would have died suddenly from heart failure.

He added that there were marks of self-harm on her body and small amounts of alcohol and amphetamine was found in her blood.

Coroner Derek Winter praised Claire’s 'courage' in reporting the abuse.

He said: 'The death of Claire Warrener was a very tragic culmination of events in her life around which she had very little, if any control.'

He recorded a verdict that Claire had killed herself.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Killer dad reacts angrily after sentencing in death of 7-week-old son (Ebensburg, Pennsylvania)

Seems Dad JUSTIN CHARLES SR. had a history of violence, including assaults on his newborn son, virtually from the baby's birth. This @$$hole finally manages to kill the infant at 7 weeks of age. And he has the freaking nerve to curse out the mother after his sentencing? Let him rot in prison. What a worthless turd....

September 25, 2012

Killer reacts angrily after sentencing in baby’s death

Sandra K Reabuck The Tribune-Democrat Tue Sep 25, 2012, 11:32 PM EDT

EBENSBURG — A South Fork father held his emotions in check Tuesday while being sentenced in county court to 15 to 30 years in state prison for shaking his 7-week-old son to death.

The infant’s mother cried in the courtroom.

But after the sentencing hearing, Justin Charles Sr. made an obscene gesture to news cameras and cursed the mother as he was escorted from the courtroom by sheriff’s deputies.

Charles, 24, is charged by Cambria County detectives with shaking the infant so violently on Dec. 23, 2010, that the boy became unresponsive. Charles had been watching the baby at the South Fork home.

The infant was rushed by ambulance to Memorial Medical Center in Johnstown and then flown by medical helicopter to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, where he died three days later after being taken off life support systems.

In July, Charles pleaded guilty to third-degree murder in the child’s death. The plea bargain did not carry any recommendation for a sentence.

The mother of the baby, Amanda Stiffler, said in a letter to Judge David Tulowitzki that her young son’s life “was taken by the hands of a coward.”

She wrote about the agony of watching the infant “fighting for life” for three days before his death.

She said she’s not the type of person to wish bad things upon others. But Stiffler said of the father, “I don’t wish you well. I’m mad you took my son out of my life, never to hold him again.” She said that she prays that what Stiffler did to his son haunts his dreams.

Assistant District Attorney Jessica Aurandt, who became emotional as she read the letter, told the judge, “This baby suffered excessively” as she outlined the various injuries, including head trauma and bleeding, spinal cord injuries and broken leg bones.

Assistant Public Defender Patricia Moore, one of Charles’ attorneys, said that the father has shown remorse for his son’s tragic death. In his own words, she said he feels “sad for what I’ve done, sorry and scared (and) relief I’ve told the truth, not so bottled up inside.”

The defendant had admitted that he had shaken the baby on the day the boy became unresponsive. He also told detectives that he had shaken the infant three other times and had grabbed and squeezed his legs on other occasions.

Moore said that Charles was diagnosed two years ago as suffering from an intermittent explosive disorder in which a person acts out in rage disproportionally to stress, such as road rage and domestic violence. “It’s not an excuse but an explanation” for Charles’s behavior, she said.

Assistant District Attorney Tamara Bernstein, who also became emotional in speaking about the infant’s death, said, “This was not a brief, uncontrolled act, not the first time he took him from his bedroom. He shook him three times before. He had a history of violence.

Dad arrested in murders of 1-year-old son, baby's mother; dad apparently didn't want to pay child support (Arlington, Texas)

I'm starting to think that institutionalized child support is a bad idea. For all the mothers and children that benefit, there are many more mothers and children who never receive a penny (like me). Then there are the women and children who are assaulted or even killed by fathers who don't want to pay, especially fathers who have never had any committed relationship to the mother or the kids.

Sorry. I'm thinking we should go back to the old days of providing welfare and subsidies through the government. At least nobody was murdered as a result....

So men don't want to take responsibility for the kids they sire? Fine. Tax 'em instead. That way we avoid the problem of levying child support payments against rapists or other violent crazies, and leaving the mothers and children vulnerable to child custody/visitation bids by criminals.

Dad is identified as THOMAS OLIVAS.

Man Accused of Killing Ex, Their Son

Tuesday, Sep 25, 2012 | Updated 6:20 PM CDTView Mola Lenghi, NBC 5 Arlington Reporter

A North Texas man has been arrested in the 2011 deaths of his ex-girlfriend and their year-old son whose bodies were found during a fire.

Officials say 26-year-old Mechelle Gandy had been stabbed and she died at the scene of the fire at her Arlington apartment. Her son, Asher Olivas, died as a result of the March 20, 2011, blaze.

"It appears we had a criminal homicide occur, based on the multiple stab wounds and then we had a fire set in another bedroom where the child slept to potentially conceal the initial crime," said Sgt. Christopher Cook with the Arlington Police Department. "Obviously a fire will distort and conceal some types of evidence. There's a lot of pieces and a lot of moving elements going on at this very complicated scene."

Arlington police say the couple allegedly had argued over child support issues.

Arlington City Jail records show 29-year-old Thomas Olivas of Bedford was being held Tuesday on a capital murder charge. Bond has been set at $1 million for Olivas, who was arrested Monday night at a bar in Hurst.

"A crime like this, that involves not only a homicide, but now you're dealing with a small infant child, that tears at all of our hearts in the community and so we are very glad that the suspect is off the street," said Cook.

Jail records did not list an attorney for the defendant.

Dad charged with murder in death of 4-month-old daughter; arrested after child custody hearing for 2-year-old son (Bryant, Arkansas)

This case follows a pattern very often seen with abusive men, where the kids are killed after the marriage is breaking up or on the verge of breaking up. Also notice that this father apparently had no qualms about pursuing custody of the surviving child--also a very interesting sign. Typical of narcissists with big control issues. And also notice that Mom no longer has custody, the grandparents do. Even though she apparently isn't charged with anything. We'll see what happens at trial.

Dad is identified as DEVIN HUNT.

New Details About 4-Month-Old's Death in Bryant, Father Charged With Murder

By: Lauren Trager, KARK 4 News Updated: September 26, 2012

There are new details about the 4-month-old baby from Bryant who died, police say, at the hands of her own father.

We were the first to tell you about Presley Faith Hunt on Monday. She died at Arkansas Children's hospital June 22nd.

Doctors say Presley suffered from Abusive Head Trauma.

She had swelling and bleeding on her brain, as well as other injuries; she even suffered from a tear in her eye.

Investigators say after reviewing the medical report released Friday, they had enough to charge Presley's father with capital murder.

"It is not an easy case for anyone, by any means," said Sgt. Todd Crowson with Bryant Police.

Though accustomed to dealing with murder cases, investigators say Presley's death is especially tough.

"It's even harder when it's a small small child like this, a defenseless child. It really hits home," said Sgt. Crowson.

Sgt. Crowson says they were called to Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH) after learning of Presley's injuries.

They say Devin Hunt, 23, was at a home on Independence Dr. in Bryant June 21st, alone with Presley and his other child, a 2-year-old son.

Hunt at first told an investigator he left the room for just a moment, heard Presley cry, and came back to see the 2-year-old standing over her.

Doctors at ACH told police the sibling couldn't have been the one to cause the severe injuries.

Now, police say, before and since his arrest Monday morning, Hunt has been silent.

"He hasn't been wanting to give any statements," Sgt. Crowson said.

Police are puzzled over exactly what happened. Hunt had just finished boot camp for the National Guard. He and his wife filed for divorce shortly after Presley's death.

"Do we believe he planned to do this?" the reporter asked. "I hope not," said Sgt. Crowson.

 Hunt's attorney continued to maintain his client's innocence Tuesday.

But police say they, like many others, just want to know why?

"There's only one person that can answer that and he's sitting in jail right now," said Sgt. Crowson.

An attorney for Presley's mom Tuesday told us over the phone that they have faith in God and in the legal system that justice will prevail in the case.

Hunt has a bond hearing Wednesday. He was arrested Monday at the Saline County Courthouse after a custody hearing for his 2-year-old son. Right now, police say that child is with his maternal grand-parents.

Dad found guilty of murder in death of 6-month-old son (Lansing, Michigan)

As is often the case, the baby was "in the care of his father" at the time of the murder.

The killer dad is identified as YUMAR BURKS.

Posted: Tue 5:03 PM, Sep 25, 2012

Reporter: News Ten Updated: Tue 11:21 PM, Sep 25, 2012

Father Found Guilty of Son's Death

LANSING - A father is convicted of murder and child abuse in the death of his 6 month-old-son. Yumar Burks, 28, will spend the rest of his life in prison for the death of his child, Antonio. The verdict was reached Tuesday, after just a few hours of deliberations. Antonio Burks died while in the care of his father in at their home in East Lansing in March of 2011. The child was taken to the hospital with multiple internal injuries, and pronounced dead. Burks will be sentenced October 24th.

Rapist father seeking visitation of child born to 14-year-old rape victim (Boston, Massachusetts)

Disgusting. Words fail me. Why the system would entertain any visitation bid from a freaking rapist....

Just goes to show you who has the rights these days. It sure isn't mothers or their children.

Rapist seeking visitation with child he fathered after attack on teen victim

Published September 25, 2012

A Massachusetts man is seeking visitation rights to the child he fathered after raping a 14-year-old girl, setting the stage for a legal battle in the Bay State.

The teen mother was raped by the 20-year-old family friend three years ago and says she still suffers from severe anxiety and depression. She says she is terrified at the prospect of having any dealings with her tormentor, reports

"All this family wants is to cut the cord. Get the rapist out of their lives." - Wendy Murphy, attorney for family of rape victim

The victim and her family are fighting back, saying the toddler’s biological father is only showing interest in the family now that the child support bill is coming due is not identifying any of the subjects to protect the rape victim’s identity. "She got raped at 14. She decided to keep her baby. And now she has to hand her baby over for a visit with her rapist?" the victim’s mother told the station.

The man, who the victim knew from church and who was the boyfriend of her friend’s older sister, pleaded guilty to statutory rape in Norfolk Superior Court last year. Prosecutor sought a 3-to-5-year sentence, but the judge in the case gave the man 16 years’ probation with the condition he acknowledges that he is the father of the baby and submits to family court orders, reports

The family has hired attorney Wendy Murphy, who believes the problem stems from the sentence imposed in the criminal case, reports She said making the man submit to a family court order opened the door to the visitation request.

"The consequences of sentencing this man to probation for 16 years, which is really until the child becomes an adult, and making him declare paternity and pay child support, includes that this guy gets a legal father-child relationship out of the deal," Murphy told the station.

Murphy has filed a motion with the court, asking the judge to amend the sentencing and order the man to pay restitution instead of child support. This would force him to support the child but not give him visitation and other parental rights.

"All this family wants is to cut the cord. Get the rapist out of their lives. And if the judge wants to help them financially that's great. But let's call it restitution, not child support," Murphy told "What kind of legal system commands a toddler into a relationship with the man who raped her mother?"

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dad gets 10 years in prison for abduction and killing of 3-week-old daughter; didn't want a child "outside wedlock" (Nigeria)

Dad is identified as JOSEPH MOSES. Note that there were apparently no charges for assaulting the murdered baby's mother. And that Daddy was convicted of manslaughter not homicide. Why?

Naval rating given ten years for drowning daughter

Joseph had gone to Glory Yusuf's place, abducted the baby, and thrown her into the lagoon

September 25, 2012 - 8:39am | By Patience Ogbo

A naval rating, Joseph Moses, who threw his three-week-old daughter into the Lagos Lagoon, has been sentenced to ten years imprisonment for kidnap and manslaughter.

Moses was found guilty of kidnapping and killing his child, Happiness, on February 2, 2012.

He and some others had gone to his girlfriend, Glory Yusuf's house at Ajegunle, kidnapped the baby and beat the mother up.

Moses, a father of two, then threw the baby into the lagoon at Liverpool, Apapa, because he did not want a child outside wedlock.

A court martial was subsequently instituted by the naval authorities following a petition by Access To Justice on behalf of the baby's mother.

The court, which has been sitting for the past three months suffered several adjournments but on Monday, Moses was found guilty of a three count charge of kidnapping, manslaughter and misconduct under the Second Schedule of the Armed Forces Act.

A statement by Lt. Cmdr. Jerry Omodara, the Western Naval Command Information Officer on Monday, said the naval authorities found moses guilty and sentenced him accordingly.

“Joseph was found guilty on count one, which is kidnapping and sentenced to ten years imprisonment. He was also found guilty on count two, manslaughter, and sentenced to ten years and two years imprisonment after being found guilty on count three, misconduct," he said.

"The sentences are to run concurrently. The sentences are however, pending confirmation by the Naval Headquarters."

Omodara stated that the court martial was fair as Moses was given the opportunity to defend himself.

“The Court Martial was opened to members of the public, with several interest groups witnessing the procedure such as the media, office of the Public Defender and Lagos State Ministry of Justice. The accused was given the opportunity to defend himself and was represented by a lawyer from the Nigerian Navy and a civilian," the statement read.

Omodara further stated that the Naval authorities will not shield any erring officer, adding that the navy "has zero tolerance for indiscipline".

Despite the judgment, Joseph Otteh, the Executive Director of Access to Justice, stated that Glory, who had suffered physically and psychologically as a result of Moses' action deserved to be compensated.

"We need to ask what is in it for this young lady who had suffered so much. Apart from the judgment, there is no compensation for the mother of the child for all the pains she has gone through," he said.

"The naval authorities and the government should come to her aid. Glory has suffered too much. She has been warned to stay out of the case, but with our backing she stayed put despite the hardship she is facing. There is need to compensate her."

Dad investigated in death of 8-month-old son; dad previously investigated for child abuse in June (Chicago, Illinois)

UNNAMED DAD. Notice that "other relatives" now have the care of the surviving child.

Also notice that there is no mention of a mother in this story in any way, shape, or form. Did a mother even live in this home? If she is the "other relative" that now has custody, why isn't it said so in plain English? Maybe because she didn't get custody? But there's no mention here of her being under suspicion of abuse either. So is this a single custodial father? Why all the mystery and ambiguity? And why was Dad's previous child abuse history ignored?

Child's death prompts police, DCFS investigation

September 25, 2012|By Rosemary R. Sobol | Tribune reporter

Police and state child welfare authorities are investigating the Monday death of an 8-month-old baby boy who was found unresponsive at his home in the Parkway Gardens neighborhood on the South Side.

Police were called to home in the 6300 block of South King Drive about 3:30 p.m. to assist paramedics with an unresponsive infant, said Police News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala.

The baby, identified as 8-month-old Jayshaun Stronge, was found in a bathtub at his home and was taken to University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 3:44 p.m., according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

The child's father was bathing the child when he left the boy alone for an unknown amount of time, police said. The baby’s death has prompted fresh abuse allegations against his father, who was investigated for allegedly abusing the same child in June, said Illinois Department of Children and Family Services spokesman Jimmie Whitelow.

“DCFS has had prior contact with the family based on an indicated allegation of abuse against the father in June of 2012,’’ Whitelow said.

Support services were provided to the family in late June, he added.

Another child who was in the home has been moved to the care of other relatives, said Whitelow.

Area Central detectives are conducting a death investigation, said Zala, who added no arrests have been made.

Jayshaun’s autopsy is scheduled for later today.

A Tribune review of child death cases with prior agency involvement that was published on Sunday found state and contractual workers who made serious errors, broke rules and falsified notes.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Custodial dad arrested for raping 14-year-old daughter (India)

UNNAMED DAD (Amit is not his real name).

Man held for raping minor daughter

TNN Sep 23, 2012, 11.10PM IST

SURAT: Police arrested a 37-year-old man on Saturday for allegedly raping his 14-year-old daughter for three months in Ankleshwar. Medical examination has confirmed that the victim had been raped, police informed.

Amit, a contractual worker in Ankleshwar, had made the victim pregnant. She was also given medicines by the accused for abortion, the victim claimed in her complaint. "We questioned the accused father and found that he had committed the crime.

We are still investigating the case. Medical examination of the victim has confirmed that she had been raped. The girl was in a shock and was not in a position initially to discuss about the incident," said V N Yadav, police inspector, Ankleshwar, police station.

Amit had got married to Sunita of Surat 16 years ago. They became parents of daughter Anjali and son Arjun thereafter. Disputes started surfacing between the couple in 2007 and they separated. The couple mutually agreed in 2009 to raise one child each.

Anjali stayed with her father Amit in Ankleshwar while Arjun went with his mother Sunita to live in Surat. Anjali was a class VII student of a local school in Ankleshwar. Amit started raping Anjali from June 2012. He threatened her and asked to keep the matter a secret, police said. When she became pregnant in July, Amit brought her some medicines for abortion.

Meanwhile, Anjali visited her mother and told her about being raped by her father. The victim's mother approached police with Anjali, who then lodged a complaint at Ankleshwar police station against her father.

(Names have been changed to protect identities)

Dad "legally" abducts kids, takes them to Kuwait, divorces Mom, and gets full custody; mom had no say, but Canada recognizes divorce anyway (Ottawa, Canada)

The fathers' right crowd complains bitterly and unrelentlessly about Japan, one of the few countries that still favors mothers. But they are utterly silent about the countries of the mideast, where fathers rights are completely and totally institutionalized. Countries that are typically authoritarian regimes where mothers have virtually no rights. Countries where torturous abuse by violent, controlling custodial fathers is rampant.

My heart goes out to this mom. How horrible that so-called progressive countries in the west buy into and support this total lack of justice. In reality, we see that so-called progressive countries in the west are nearly as invested in fathers' rights as the middle eastern countries.

This is typical of how these things play out. Fathers of children "abducted" by their mothers get government officials and the media behind them. In the U.S., MARK GOLDMAN had his congressman and the State Department aggressively taking up his case. He had the U.S. media paying for a chartered plane trip to Brazil.

But mothers get squat. Just a lot of official hand-wringing and excuses.

Ottawa mother fights for children legally ‘abducted’ by husband in Kuwait

SEPTEMBER 23, 2012

OTTAWA — Zinab Alfawzi had prepared the perfect party for her son’s eighth birthday on Aug. 16. She specially ordered a cake featuring her son’s favourite superhero, Spiderman. She strung up streamers and balloons, lit all the candles and gathered friends to sing Happy Birthday.

The only thing missing was her son, Ahmad, who was nearly 10,000 kilometres away in Kuwait with his father. He wasn’t answering the phone.

“Happy Birthday son. I wish next year we could be together. I love you,” she says in Arabic in a cellphone recording of the celebration, the phone in Kuwait ringing and ringing as the candles grow shorter and shorter. A few months ago, the same thing happened except with a Dora the Explorer themed cake for her nine-year-old daughter, Rawan.

Alfawzi hasn’t seen her children for three years. They live in Kuwait with her husband, Salem Khalef Rashid and his new wife. Kuwaiti courts granted him a divorce and awarded him full custody of the children without ever giving Alfawzi a say in the matter.

The divorce is recognized by Canada, even though she never signed her name agreeing to it.

Cases like Alfawzi’s fall between the cracks of international customs and the courts of different countries, said Mona Pare, a civil law professor at the University of Ottawa with a background in human rights and child rights. There simply does not exist any agreement or legal process that could force the father to bring the children back to Canada, even though Alfawzi never had a say in their custody.

“In cases that are related to immigration and family and religion ... there are so many different combinations possible that make it really complex,” said Pare.

Weeks after her son’s birthday, Alfawzi sits in her east end apartment, deflated balloons scattered on the floor and tears in her eyes. Because the divorce and custody orders occurred under Islamic law in Kuwaiti courts, Alfawzi has no legal claim to her children in that country, and unless her Rashid decides to set foot in Canada, Alfawzi has no opportunity to argue for the custody of her children in Canada. She is stuck, without her children and without viable options.

Alfawzi arrived in Ottawa as an Iraqi refugee in 2002 and moved in with Rashid’s family. Their families were acquaintances in Iraq and the Rashids agreed to house her. She and Rashid fell in love and married under Islamic Sharia law and registered to have it recognized in Ontario. In the following years, she gave birth to her daughter and son, seldom leaving the house and never learning English.

In 2006, her husband announced they would visit Kuwait for a family vacation. When they arrived, he told her they were moving there permanently.

Rashid waited for Alfawzi’s Kuwaiti visa and Canadian permanent resident documents to expire and then kicked her out of the house in 2009, announcing he had divorced her and that he was keeping the kids.

It might sound like a case of international child abduction, but it wasn’t. It is completely legal. With Islamic law, the husband rarely needs the wife’s permission for a divorce and the divorce can be instant.

Shocked and eventually destitute, Alfawzi had no choice but to return to her native Iraq, leaving her children behind. The Canadian consulate could offer no help.

In Canada, those custody orders would never be recognized, Pare said, because Alfawzi had not participated in them. The divorce can be carried over legally, even though she could probably fight them. Custody, however, is a separate issue and undecided in Canada. But, even if she were to pursue justice here where courts would likely award different custody arrangements, she cannot get her children back unless her ex-husband and children, who are Canadian citizens, enter Canada.

That would seem unlikely. They can easily renew their passports at the Canadian consulate in Kuwait and notice of an Ontario custody proceeding may further discourage Rashid from coming back to Canada.

“Now she’s faced with, ‘Well there’s a legal system that can be used, but of course what she cares about are her kids, not just getting a paper from the courts that says ‘you’re right’,” Pare said.

Alfawzi could use the Canadian legal system, but it would not help her be reunited with her children. International agreements like The Hague Convention don’t apply because the case is not considered an abduction and even if it were, Kuwait hasn’t signed the agreement.

Pare said it can be difficult to generalize on trends or numbers for how common cases like Alfawzi’s are because each case is so different.

“Imagine how vulnerable you are as a woman refugee and you don’t speak the language and how somebody can just take advantage of you,” Pare said.

Alfawzi eventually was able to return to Canada. She had to learn English before she could ask for help.

She is now a permanent resident and has a file of spouse harassment with the Ottawa police. She also has a separate fraud case against Rashid, who allegedly forged her signature to take money from her account. Police connected with the Canadian consulate in Kuwait to arrange phone calls between Alfawzi and her children and once visited the children to write a report. The report noted the kids were healthy and treated well, but calls are often difficult, Alfawzi said.

“I say ‘Hi son,’ and he says ‘Hi Zinab,” she said. The children no longer call her ‘mom’ and often ask if she loves them, telling her their father said she hated them. “Of course I love them, I am the mother,” she said.

Alfawzi last spoke with her children on July 5. Alfawzi likes dates, memorizing each day, month and year she interacts with her children and using them as passwords. Alfawzi said she feels physically ill when she thinks about her children, seldom eating when she returns to her small apartment where she is surrounded by their pictures, but completely alone. A physician said her diet has caused stomach and nutrition problems, but Alfawzi remains energetic, running between the kitchen and the couch, making dolmah — stuffed grape seed leaves — for the first time in months while organizing stacks of court documents and police reports.

“I don’t want to stop my life: I grow up, I work, I speak English, I write English, I have a home. When my children come back to me I want them to see I have things for them,” she said.

Alfawzi worked at a restaurant for several months, but was forced to quit when her stomach condition worsened.

She loves Ottawa. She loves the Centennial Flame on Parliament Hill where she made a wish after copying others tossing coins.

After consulting with Pare, Alfawzi has been in touch with a human rights attorney in Kuwait who said he would start to work on her case there while she tried her best in Canada. No Ottawa attorneys have taken her case, but legal action is not what she needs. She needs her children back.

“My friends say I am strong woman, I don’t cry when I’m with people,” she said. “But when I go home and listen to (my children’s) call and look at their picture, I cry, cry, cry, cry.”

Dad sells 13-year-old daughter, who was raped and tortured, to her rapist (Turkey)


Father sells off rape victim following village meeting

A father has agreed to avoid pursuing revenge against the alleged rapist of his 13-year-old daughter in exchange for livestock, the marriage of the victim and her assailant, as well as a bride from the offender’s family, daily Sabah reported today.

The victim, who was raped and tortured by a 15-year-old relative, was given away as a bride to her rapist during a meeting last month in a village in the eastern province of Erzurum’s Çat district that locals convened to prevent a blood feud from erupting between the two families.

The father, in return, received land and livestock, while the rapist's 13-year-old sister is now set to marry the victim's teenage brother because the victim's father wanted "a new daughter" now that his own "had been dishonored."

The event was revealed when an unknown person alerted gendarmerie forces. The rapist confessed to the crime and was sent to prison.

The victim was hospitalized following the incident but was soon returned to her family.

Child porn suspect is son of convicted child molester daddy (Wheaton, Illinois)

Yup, every child needs a daddee, right? Note what we actually see here: ZERO mention of a mother in this home. Was there one, or did we just sort of forget her?

Our fantastic paternal role model is identified as ERIC M. PENCE.

Child porn suspect is son of child molester

Posted: 9/24/2012 6:51:32 AM Updated: 9/24/2012 6:52:56 AM

WHEATON, Ill. (WLS) - A man from Naperville accused of having child porn is the son of a man serving a 21-year prison term for sexually assaulting the preteen daughter of a friend.

Eric M. Pence II, 19, remains in DuPage County Jail in Wheaton on $200,000 bail. His father, Eric M. Pence, 43, is imprisoned in the Western Illinois Correctional Center in Mount Sterling.

Pence II lived in Wheaton before recently moving to an apartment on the 1700 block of Brookdale Road in Naperville. A grand jury on Thursday indicted him on five felony counts of possession of child pornography and one count each of child luring, traveling to meet a minor and grooming, according to court records.

Wheaton police on Wednesday issued a terse statement, saying an undercover investigation of Pence II was launched “based on a complaint by parents of a 12-year-old victim.” Pence II surrendered to police on Sept. 7.

Police said “no additional details are available for release, as prosecution of the case is pending.”

The grand jury indictment indicated Pence II between July 30, 2011 and July 30 of this year obtained pornographic images of two girls, who were identified only by their initials. The images reportedly depicted the girls naked or partially clothed and striking provocative poses.

Pence II between July 30, 2011 and July 20 “knowingly used a computer online service, Internet service or any other device capable of electronic data storage or transmission to seduce, solicit, lure or entice” one of the girls, in order to “engage in unlawful sexual conduct” with her, the indictment read in part. He also allegedly traveled June 22 to meet the girl for a sexual encounter.

DuPage authorities in 2005 charged Pence’s father with two felony counts of criminal sexual assault of a victim between the ages of 13 and 17 and one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. That followed an investigation by police in Bartlett, where the elder Pence last lived.

The victim is the daughter of one of the senior Pence’s former friends. She testified he repeatedly molested her between 2003 and 2005, beginning when she was 12.

He was sentenced in September 2006 to prison. Illinois Department of Corrections records indicated he will not be eligible for parole until September 2025.

Pence II is scheduled to be arraigned Oct. 1. before Judge George J. Bakalis, the same judge who presided over his father’s trial and sentenced him to prison.

Dad on trial for murdering mom, her father during child custody exchange (Costa Mesa, California)

The DA's opening comments seem pretty darn charitable. Based on the descriptions of the murders below, these acts don't sound at all like a heated crime of passion by a loving father. They sound like a cold-blooded double execution. Notice the part where the father-in-law had thrown up his hands in surrender, and this dude allegedly continued to shoot him, even after he was down.

Also notice that the mother and her father were put in harm's way by a child custody exchange, and that this apparent executioner had been assigned the "care" of a 7-year-old disabled child (who is now motherless).

Daddy comes across as the kind of classic psychopath who fights for custody, just so he continue to toy with, control, and ultimately torture/murder his victims. I suspect that this wasn't brand new behavior, but somehow, Daddy got awarded his "rights" anyway. I'm assuming this was court-ordered, though the article doesn't say. But somehow I don't think this was really voluntary on Mom's part, or something she was comfortable with. Very often when mothers are afraid, they'll bring along a man for the child exchange. I'm thinking that may have been the case here.

Once again, contrary to fathers' rights propaganda, we see that fathers are not killing because they don't have their "rights." On the contrary, this apparent psycho was given all kinds of rights--which he leveraged to allegedly ambush and massacre two people, people who were apparently forced by the system to deal with him. When are the innocent people going to have their rights???

Of course, as we previously mentioned, we're not actually informed whether this was court-ordered visitation (i.e. a state-enabled murder). But maybe that's the point. By not going into all that, we don't need to reveal the names of the judge(s) or other incompetent and/or crooked court officials who set up this crime, do we?

Dad is identified as ROBERT ALAN LEHMANN.

Man killed ex-wife, father-in-law in dispute over daughter, D.A. says

September 24, 2012 | 8:59 am

 A prosecutor made clear that Robert Alan Lehmann loved his daughter and wanted her to receive the best possible education and treatment for her development disabilities.

But that love and concern ultimately fueled a heated battle between him and his ex-wife, whom he stands accused of shooting dead alongside her father in front of his Costa Mesa home, prosecutors asserted in opening statements last week.

Lehmann, 37, is accused of two counts of murder. The charges include sentencing enhancements for lying in wait and for multiple murders. If convicted, he faces two life sentences in state prison without the possibility of parole.

On May 3, 2011, as he waited for Emily Ford, 32, to arrive and take custody of their 7-year-old special-needs daughter, Lehmann took antidepressants and drank beer before loading a magazine into his Beretta 9mm handgun, prosecutor Matt Murphy told jurors.

Murphy said Lehmann sent a text message to his ex-wife: "I've sent them away so they don't have to see."

She replied that she would soon arrive at the house on Santa Clara Circle.

When Ford arrived, Lehmann shot her in the chest and later shot her father, Russell Ford, through his arm raised in self-defense, Murphy alleged.

Lehmann then loaded another magazine and shot Russell Ford in the buttocks, back and back of the head, as the 62-year-old lay face down at the end of the driveway, Murphy said.

He then allegedly walked to where Emily Ford lay and emptied the magazine into the back of her head, the prosecution said.

Lehmann returned to his house, where he called 911, then "collapsed" on his lawn and waited for police, defense attorney Jeremy Goldman said.

In a 911 recording played for jurors, Lehmann told a dispatcher that he took medication.

"I took an overdose," Lehmann said in a groggy voice. "I'm going to go ahead and lay down now."

When asked by the dispatcher whether the shooting victims needed paramedics, Lehmann replied, "No, they're dead."

Dad accused of breaking skull, both legs of 8-week-old son free on bail (San Antonio, Texas)

Dad is identified as MATTHEW MAYS.

S.A. dad accused of breaking infant's legs free on bond

by KENS 5 staff

Posted on September 24, 2012 at 4:38 PM

SAN ANTONIO -- A young father accused of breaking both of his 8-week-old son's legs and fracturing his skull has been let out of jail on a $75,000 bond, jail records show.

Matthew Taylor Mays was arrested last week after the child was taken to Methodist Children's Hospital with swelling in his head.

Mays originally told investigators that the baby fell off the bed. Police said he later changed his story, saying he accidentally dropped the child while preparing a bottle.

Abusive dad suspect in murder of 17-month-old son, 6-year-old stepson, their mother (Demerara, Guyana)

The murdered mother did not "share" an abusive "relationship" with her alleged murderer. She was trapped by an abuser turned killer. She tried to break off with him, but like many control freaks, he was having none of it. So he "allegedly" not only killed mom, but his son and stepson too. Slit their throats in cold blood And yet stupid people still ask why women don't leave these vicious criminals....

Dad is identified only as RUDOLPH.

Mother, two young sons found murdered

September 24, 2012
By admin −

23-year-old boyfriend is main suspect

By Bhisham Mohamed

An Anna Catherina businesswoman and her two sons were on Saturday evening found with their throats slit in a bedroom of their two-storey, West Coast Demerara house.

 The gruesome discovery was made about 18:30 by the dead woman’s nephew. The businesswoman was identified as Jennifer Persaud, 41, also called “Jenny”, while her two sons were identified as six-year-old Afridi Bacchus, and 17-month old Jadon Persaud, all of Lot 67 Sea View, Anna Catherina. The woman and her elder son were found on her bed while her younger son was found a few feet away.

According to information, the woman’s reputed husband, Rudolph (only name given) was subsequently taken into police custody as the main suspect, but he is maintaining his innocence. Afridi is the woman’s son from another relationship while the younger child was fathered by the main suspect. Guyana Times understands that the now dead woman shared an abusive relationship with Rudolph, who was reportedly deported from the United States a few years ago. Based on reports gathered, as a result of the constant physical abuse Persaud received from her young boyfriend, she would normally complain to relatives, but just over a week ago, it became unbearable and she put him out of her house. He was not seen in the area for the past five days, but minutes after the discovery, he calmly walked into the yard and enquired what was happening after claiming that he saw a huge crowd.

Relatives suggested that the person who might have committed the murder had access to the house since they believed it was an inside job because there were no signs of forced entry into the huge house, and believe that the woman and her children might have been killed in the wee hours of Saturday.

At the woman’s house on Sunday morning, her four daughters and other relatives were seen sitting disconsolately contemplating their next move. The house was cordoned off by police ranks using yellow crime scene tapes.

A sister of the dead woman recounted that on Saturday morning, her son went to the dead woman’s shop to get some chicken, but it was closed. She said after repeatedly calling for the woman and hearing no response, her son left the premise.

“He called me and tell me that the shop close and no answer. I thought this was unusual because my sister normally open very early for business,” she noted. She said that her son told her that he was going to the barber shop and left the premises. The distraught woman further stated that her first thought was that her sister might have gone out; out of curiosity, she called her sister’s landline telephone but there were no answer.

She said that a few minutes later, her sickly mother telephoned her complaining of not getting through to Jenny and thought that something was amiss. The only remaining sibling said that she promised to visit her sister’s place as soon as her son returned from the barber shop. After a while, her son returned and she, along with other relatives, went to the businesswoman’s place to again find the place locked. At this point in time, relatives became suspicious which prompted the nephew to scale the fence, climb on to a shed and open one of the woman’s bedroom windows. When he jumped into the house, he was greeted by the bloody bodies of the woman and her six-year-old son on the bed. The toddler was found close to the bed in a corner, the sister added.

“My son screamed and with the scream alone, I know something wrong. He tell we to call the police and so we did,” the tearful woman stated. “Within minutes, the police come and cordoned off the place,” she added. She also recalled that about a week ago, her sister received a sound beating from her reputed husband and had decided that she will end the relationship, claiming that she has had enough.

The eldest daughter of the deceased, Amada Ahamad, who was composed, stated that her mother and her stepfather shared a relationship for more than two and a half years and every day they would be at logger-heads. She said that after the last beating, her mother put the main suspect out of the house and later told him that their relationship was over. While, she does not want to speculate, she thinks that being the only other person with keys to the property, her stepfather may have committed the gruesome act. “Based on wah we hear, my mother closed the shop at around 11 o’ clock Friday, so whoever killed them did it after that time,” she added.

Ahamad further stated that the police found two bags of clothes belonging to the man’s son, which suggested that he was contemplating absconding with his son. “We don’t know which man will look at his baby and slit his throat,” she cried. After the discovery, she noted that her stepfather appeared on the scene as if he was unaware of what happened.

“He calmly walked into the yard and enquired the reason for the huge crowd, but no time did he appear to be surprised… he did not break down.” Relatives are hoping that the main suspect will be grilled extensively, so that the truth will be revealed. The woman leaves to mourn her mother, four daughters, and one sister. The remains of the three deceased were taken to the Ezekiel Funeral Home to await post-mortem examinations today.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Female infanticide: Fathers are the biggest risks to girl infants (Bengaluru, India)

And unpleasant and politically incorrect truth....

Female infanticide: Fathers biggest enemies of girl child

Sep 22, 2012 - Bala Chauhan | DC
| Bengaluru

Next month, she would have completed one year. But that was not to be. On September 18, the 11-month-old baby girl reportedly died under mysterious circumstances at her home in Bengaluru North when both her parents were present.

She is reportedly the fourth victim – all aged below one year – of female infanticide in the city since December 2011.

The child was buried the next day, but now the body will be exhumed and a postmortem conducted to establish the cause of her mysterious death after her mother lodged a complaint against her husband for allegedly killing their first child.

“She was normal on Tuesday morning and had also taken her breakfast. Her mother left her in the bedroom and went outside to warm the water for her bath.

When she returned, she found the child unconscious and bleeding from the nose. The child’s father was present in the house at that time.

The child was rushed to the hospital where she was declared brought dead. The police have registered an FIR against the father,” an official source said.

Official sources said the baby had gone through enough trauma before she was reportedly murdered. A few months ago she had to be rushed to the hospital with broken ribs.

“She was twice admitted; once to the ESI Hospital, Rajajinagar and the second time to M.S. Ramaiah Hospital where the doctors reportedly attributed her injuries to external causes and not because of any constitutional weakness or congenital bone disorder,” said the source.

All the four victims of female infanticide were born to young mothers aged between 17 and 19 and had fathers, who allegedly were obsessed with boy babies.

In December 2011, a young couple admitted their unconscious nine-month-old baby girl to Bangalore Baptist Hospital. The child died within three days of admission.

On April 7, three-month-old Neha Afreen was admitted to Bowring Hospital with multiple bite marks on her thighs and buttocks reportedly inflicted by her father Umar Farooq.

The next day, she was shifted to Vani Vilas Hospital. On April 11, she died of cardiac arrest. The K.G. Halli police arrested Farooq on murder charges. He later allegedly confessed to his crime and admitted he always wanted a son.

On August 20, a 20-day-old girl was reportedly killed by her father C. Nandeesh in Haadihosahalli village, near Thymagondlu in Nelamangala taluk.

Nandeesh, who was angry that his wife had delivered a girl child, fed the baby donkey’s milk laced with poison, which resulted in her death. He has been arrested.

Condemning violence against children, Chairperson, Child Welfare Committee – II, Dr. Meena Jain, said that there should be “zero tolerance” for any kind of violence towards children, especially female infanticide. “Each child has a right to life; they cannot be victims of domestic violence.

These are just few cases that have come to light. There must be many more children who are being victimised. The accused should be punished. There should be greater awareness on the girl child in society,” she said.

Following the incident where a Group-D staffer at the Vani Vilas Hospital was caught selling a newborn baby, the hospital authorities are planning to beef up security to prevent such instances in future.

“The incident took place after the patient was discharged from the hospital. However, we are planning to increase the number of security guards to ensure that such incidents do not recur. Currently, we have 44 security guards who work in three shifts of 13 each. We are short of another 15-20 guards.

A request has been sent to the hospital dean regarding this”, said Hospital Medical Superintendent Mr Somegowda. Police, on the other hand, suspect that the arrested accused Rita could be behind a baby selling racket.

“Despite a number of CCTV cameras at the hospital, such an incident has been reported. We are investigating to see if the accused is involved in any such past offences”, said a senior police official.

Earlier, the Vani Vilas Hospital had installed an electronic article surveillance system, would be employed and bands tied around the newborn baby’s wrist to ensure that any newborn cannot be taken out of the hospital till the mother is also discharged.

However, the system was later discontinued. Mr Somegowda said, “We discontinued the practice because nearly 20 per cent of the newborn babies were suffering from rashes on their wrist. Now we take a scan of the baby’s foot as a security measure”, he said.

Dad arrested ond 2nd-degree assault charges after "allegedly" dropping baby while drunk (Goffstown, New Hampshire)

Dad is identified as RICARDO DALACAO. No mention of a mother in the home.

September 21. 2012 10:57PM

Police say drunk Goffstown dad dropped baby

GOFFSTOWN — Police say a 46-year-old father was drunk when he dropped his infant child, causing the 3-month-old serious bodily injury.

Ricardo Dalacao was ordered held on $5,000 cash bail after his arrest on charges of second degree assault and endangering the life of a child.

Goffstown Police say Dalacaro was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

The injuries to the infant were not considered life-threatening.

Dalacao will be arraigned Monday in Goffstown District Court.

Dad convicted of 1st-degree murder, aggravated sexual assault against 15-week-old daughter (Michigan)

What could you possible say about a father this low...words escape me. I can only say that this scum is identified as STEVEN DEUMAN.

Notice this convicted baby rapist and killer dad did NOT live with the mother, so this crime was enabled by some sorth of visitation/custody arrangment. What is was is not specified here.

Michigan Man Convicted Of Orally Raping, Murdering Baby Daughter
Posted: September 22, 2012

A Michigan man has been found guilty of murdering his 15-week-old daughter while orally raping her, the Huffington Post reports.

26-year-old Steven Deuman was convicted of first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault Wednesday, and faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole.

The baby girl, Evelynne Deuman, was found dead in her father’s home with a condom in her mouth on August 12, 2011. Deuman called his daughter’s mother saying he left the child in bed to go have a smoke, and returned to find the girl unresponsive on the bedroom floor.

An autopsy found that the 15-week-old died of asphyxiation. The prosecution said her father’s claims that she fell out of the bed and choked on a discarded condom didn’t make sense.

Assistant US Attorney Phil Green said, “Even if [she did end up on the floor,] how was she going to suck that condom up?”

The FBI, which was investigating the case since it happened on tribal land, alleged that Deuman had murdered his daughter “during the perpetration, or attempted perpetration, of aggravated sexual abuse.” Deuman was living on the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians Reservation in northern Michigan.

A forensic pathologist hired by the defense testified that the condom and autopsy were not evidence that Deuman raped or killed his daughter.

“Anything’s possible, but I have difficulty envisioning that,” Ljubisa Jovan Dragovic, the forensic pathologist, said.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Assistant US Attorney Green said:

“This was a very difficult case for anyone to have to hear. This is about as heinous as it gets. That’s a tragic reality here. He did do it. A beautiful 15-week-old baby girl lost her life, lost her future, because of his need for sexual gratification.”

Natasha Maitland, Evelynne Deuman’s mother, testified on behalf of the prosecution, and Green applauded her courage throughout the whole process.

“She is a remarkable young woman. It’s my fervent hope she can put her life back together. She was forced to endure (a loss) no one should ever have to endure,” Green said.

Several other witnesses testified that they had been molested by Steven Deuman when they were children, but defense attorney Richard Stroba claimed his client was a “proud father” who wouldn’t hurt his children. Deuman, Maitland, and their two children, along with several other people were living in a double-wide mobile home, and Stroba said the baby girl’s death wasn’t really a surprise.

“The reality is, that room, that house, was an accident waiting to happen,” Stroba said.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dad with history of drunken threats arrested for letting 1-year-old son wander the streets (Chesterfield, New Hampshire)

We're told that dad LONNIE J. PLACE is homeless, a man with a history of belligerent behavior and drug/alcohol abuse. A man with an (unspecified) criminal history.  

So why is his 1-YEAR-OLD SON with him? Obviously a dude with this kind of history is incapable of supervising a child of this age--or any child. The fact that Daddy apparently abandoned his son at a grocery store, and that this baby--barely into the walking stage--was seen wandering along a highway is proof of that.

The big elephant in the room here: WHERE IS THIS LITTLE BOY'S MOTHER? Why does the reporter not even bother to ask or inquire? Obviously, about one year ago, somebody gave birth to this child. What happened to her?

We hear that Daddy's other daughter is with her mother. Is it the same mother? We don't know. The reporter doesn't tell us.

I can't help but wonder: Did this idiot have custody or something? What idiot would have awarded him custody anyway?

Lots of unanswered questions....

Child found wandering on Route 9, father charged

By DOMENIC POLI / Reformer Staff

Posted: 09/21/2012 03:00:00 AM EDT Friday September 21, 2012

CHESTERFIELD, N.H. -- A homeless man is being held in lieu of $2,000 bail after allegedly abandoning his son at a grocery store while he was asleep and intoxicated under a bridge connecting Vermont and New Hampshire on Wednesday.

Lonnie J. Place, 35, has been cited with endangering the welfare of a child, resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance and possession of an open alcoholic beverage container and is in custody at the Cheshire County House of Corrections.

According to a police report, Lt. Duane Chickering of the Chesterfield Police Department responded to Riverside Grocery at approximately 3:20 p.m. on Wednesday for a report of a young boy found at the edge of Route 9 with no adult near him.

When Chickering arrived at the scene, he found a boy roughly 1 year old and no parents in sight. The child was too young to speak but was capable of walking around, according to police.

The New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth and Families was called and officials agreed to take custody of the child. Chesterfield Police Chief Lester Fairbanks stayed with the child while Chickering and Brattleboro Police Officer Carl Warner searched the area.

The two found Place sleeping and intoxicated under the bridge at approximately 4:10 p.m. and were able to wake him after a few attempts. Place said he was watching his daughter when he fell asleep. It was later confirmed that the wandering child was his son. According to police, Place also has a daughter, who at the time of Place’s arrest, was in Vermont with her mother.

Most recently, Place was arrested on Oct. 25, 2011, for drunkenly threatening people outside a motel on Putney Road. He was listed as being from Newfane at that time.

According to Windham Superior Court Criminal Division, Place has had multiple charges against him over the years.

Dad leaves 3-year-old daughter home alone in pig pen; was found by bail bondsman(?) (Claycomo, Missouri)

A BAIL BONDSMAN found the girl at home alone? Methinks some mighty important details are being left out of the story. Or is this related to Daddy's shoplifting?

Like, what else has Daddy been up to, besides abandoning a toddler in a pig pen?

Also, I am tending to think the parents did not live together. If they had, I don't think it would have been necessary to "contact" mom. Plus, Mom would have been held responsible for the dirty house, which apparently did not happen.

So our next unanswered question: Was this a custody/visitation issue? Was Daddy's access court-ordered? Was this visit "voluntary" on Mom's part? Not that "voluntary" means much these days, as we frequently point out. If you're not perceived as being "accommodating," you will lose your parental rights--at least if you're a mother.


Three-Year-Old Girl Found Alone in Claycomo Home Alone

Posted on: 7:41 am, September 21, 2012, by Michelle Pekarsky, updated on: 07:54am, September 21, 2012

CLAYCOMO, Mo. — A bail bondsman found a 3-year-old girl alone in a home in Claycomo, and police say it was her father who left her behind.

The home was also reportedly littered with clutter and filthy. Police think the child may have been there for about five hours. When police arrived at the home, they had to cut a padlock off the front door.

Police say the father arrived home at about 2:00 p.m. They say they found him in possession of stolen items and believe he had been shoplifting.

The Division of Family Services was called in, who contacted the mother. She said she didn’t know the father was leaving their daughter at home. DFS released the child to the mother. The father faces charges of child endangerment.

Dad charged with murder in beating death of 8-year-old son (Sacramento, California)

Dad is identified as ROBERT BONNARD. We've posted on this case before.

September 20, 2012

Sacramento DA charges father with murder in death of 8-year-old son

Prosecutors have charged a 31-year-old man with murder in the death of his 8-year-old son after he allegedly twice beat the child.

When Robert Bonnard appeared in court Wednesday, the District Attorney's office filed an amended complaint, charging Bonnard with murder and four counts of child abuse.

Bonnard's son, Eshawn Bonnard, died Sept. 5, nine days after he was rushed from his Arden Arcade home to the UC Davis Medical Center with a traumatic brain injury.

Paramedics were told Eshawn had suffered a seizure, but doctors believed that the boy's injuries were inconsistent with such an episode and called authorities.

The day after the boy was admitted to the hospital, as he lay in a coma, Sacramento County sheriff's deputies arrested Bonnard, alleging he was responsible for the child's injuries.

The criminal complaint against Bonnard alleges he once beat the boy with a vacuum attachment, and another time inflicted great bodily injury, causing the brain injury.

Dad under police investigation in 2010 death of 2-year-old stepchild NOW has unsupervised vistation with 1-year-old daughter (Gatineau, Ottawa, Canada)

Daddies are sure discriminated against, eh?

Even though UNNAMED DAD has been identified as a "bad parent" by the courts, even though he is now a "suspect" in the death of a 2-year-old stepchild "in his care" in 2010, HE STILL HAS UNSUPERVISED VISITATION with his 1-year-old daughter, the one he apparently left alone at home while he went out. And this appears to be just one of his "issues around childcare."

Though we're assured that it's just for four hours at a time. The rest of the time Grandpa is supervising. Oh yea, that makes us feel MUCH better. Family and friends of abusers are known to be pretty useless as supervisors. For one thing, many of them are in total denial and make no effort to do the job conscentiously.

So only four hours? We've posted lots of cases concerning kids who have been killed when left alone with a violent father for less time than that. Once again, daddy's rights are privileged over a baby's right to safety.

And how come the cops never investigated the "suspicious" death of the child in Dad's "care" in 2010??? Why did the media choose to ignore it?

Yup, them daddies sure are persecuted....

Ottawa dad under police investigation in 2010 death of stepchild

September 21, 2012. 3:12 am

A young Ottawa father who was branded a “bad parent” by the courts this month is now the subject of a police investigation into the 2010 death of his two-year-old stepchild, the Citizen has learned.

In 2010, the young father was living with his wife when the child died in his care in their Gatineau home.

The child’s death, which has gone unreported in the press until now, prompted the coroner’s office to launch an investigation. While the coroner’s probe couldn’t pinpoint the exact cause of death, it recently concluded that the child’s death was “non-accidental.”

The coroner’s office forwarded its report to the Gatineau Police Department, which is now investigating the suspicious death.

The police department has not issued a media release on its investigation and is not giving out any details about their case, saying it is too sensitive because the father has access — including unsupervised visits — to his one-year-old daughter in Ottawa, and because police don’t want to jeopardize this fresh investigation. The police department won’t even say if the dead child was a boy or girl. The father, whose identity is shielded by strict laws to protect the name of his child, has denied any wrongdoing in the death of the stepchild and so has the mother, according to documents filed in court.

Sometime after the child’s death, the parents separated. And the Citizen has learned that the father now under police investigation has had previous issues around childcare; the child-welfare agency learned in July that the young father left his one-year-old girl home alone while he went to the store.

Court documents, including evidence from Ottawa’s Children’s Aid Society, show that on Sept. 11, an Ottawa judge ruled in favour of the child-welfare agency’s motion to start supervising the father’s access to his one-year-old girl. The court’s decision to limit his access affords the father the chance to be alone with his daughter for four hours at a time. Other than that, his visits must be supervised by his grandfather, according to documents.

“There is no dispute among the parties that one of the reasons this case has been so sensitive and has progressed so incrementally is because an older sibling (stepchild) died while in the care … and specifically in the physical care of (the stepfather),” ruled Superior Court Justice Maria Linhares de Sousa.

The father recently completed a young parenting course in Ottawa and was praised by the court for doing so.

The father, who doesn’t know he’s under police investigation, now lives with his mother and has told child-welfare investigators that he now realizes that leaving his daughter home alone was wrong.

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa has not yet seen a copy of the coroner’s report that concluded the child’s death was “undetermined and non-accidental.”

The Gatineau Police Department’s major crime unit’s investigation is just starting, and the father has not been charged with any crime.