Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dad sentenced to 23 months for killing 4-month-old daughter (Craven County, North Carolina)

Dad JEFFREY RAY GUERRERO is yet another one of those drunken deadbeats, er "stay-at-homes," we've seen in recent days. While he was getting zonked and rolling over a helpless 4-month-old baby, Mom was out working (at what was probably a minimum wage job) to support his lazy boozer @$$. Notice that Daddy already had a DWI and wasn't supposed to have alcohol in his possession. What will it take to let American moms stay home and get morons like this into jobs? One problem though: Employers don't want these losers either.

Father sentenced to 23 months in daughter's death
May 18, 2011 4:06 PM
By Francine Sawyer
Freedom ENC

A drunken father who rolled on his 4-month old daughter and killed her was sentenced to 23 months in prison after he pleaded guilty Wednesday to involuntary manslaughter.

Jeffrey Ray Guerrero, 24, formerly of 114 B Witten Circle, Havelock, entered the plea in Craven County Superior Court.

The daughter’s death occurred on Dec. 12 at the family residence.

Before being sentenced on Wednesday, Guerrero told the court that losing a child was unbearable.

“I am sorry for the circumstance I put myself through and my family,” he said as he turned and looked at his wife, his mother-in-law and the family priest who attended the proceedings.

Assistant District Attorney Karen Hobbs told the court that Guerrero had been put in charge of watching the infant and a 3-year-old daughter while the mother was at work at a discount store on the day of the daughter’s death.

Hobbs said the mother received a voice message on her phone from Guerrero calling her vulgar names.

“She got home at noon. She asked her 3-year-old where baby Gracie was,” Hobbs told the court. “The girl said her little sister was sleeping.”

The mother found the baby in bed with her unconscious father. She was blue. The mother attempted CPR, but the baby was dead.

Hobbs said EMS workers arrived and Havelock police were called. They took pictures of the infant girl and Guerrero. He was taken to the hospital and given a blood test. The SBI tests showed a blood alcohol content of .22 percent. Someone with a blood alcohol content of .08 is considered too drunk to drive.

An autopsy showed that the baby died of asphyxiation caused by her father laying on top of her.

Guerrero, a former Marine who was set to graduate this summer from East Carolina University, was on probation for a DWI and was facing two more court appearances for DWI from tickets he received in May and August of 2010. As part of the probation, he was not permitted to consume alcohol.

Facts of the case indicate the mother arrived home and saw liquor on a kitchen counter and saw that the entrance to the attic was open. Beer bottles were found scattered across the attic.

District Attorney Scott Thomas said that the facts in the case showed the young girl’s death was preventable.

“Consuming alcohol was like putting gasoline on a fire,” Thomas said.

“This was a tragic death caused by the defendant’s consumption of alcohol and his failure to properly care for his child as a parent. Based on the circumstances of this death and the law, the most serious offense he could be charged with was involuntary manslaughter. He pled guilty to the original charge of involuntary manslaughter and we requested he be sentenced to the maximum prison sentence for that offense.”