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Dad sentenced for abusing 7-month-old son (Tucson, Arizona)

Dad is identified as JASON ALBER.

Father sentenced in child abuse case

Posted: Jun 25, 2012 6:20 PM CDT
Updated: Jun 25, 2012 6:30 PM CDT
Posted by Sarah Cantey
By James Bennett

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A 21-year-old father who broke his infant son's clavicle, arm, leg and rib bones was sentenced to two years in jail and five years of probation today in Pima County Superior Court.

Justin Alber pleaded guilty to two of those child abuse counts last month and was facing probation or between five and 30 years in prison.

The infant was 7 months old at the time of the abuse. Alber and the baby's mother took the child to the hospital after he was having trouble moving his arms.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Abusive dads murdering mothers at child custody exchanges (South Florida)

I don't consider this an especially well thought-out article. The problem isn't some "anger" that is "exploding" at child custody hand-overs. "Anger" doesn't exist as an entity unto itself. It's not a big green monster out of an old Japanese horror movie. By utilizing this language, we pull an old linguistic trick: We talk vaguely about emotion as if it were a thing, but we refuse to identify who is doing what to whom. So let's speak plainly here.

What we have are fathers who are murdering mothers at child custody exchanges.

Is that clear now?

And why is this happening? This is also passed over in silence. It's because in many (if not all) of these cases the mothers are COURT-ORDERED to put themselves and their children in dangerous situations. Consequently, we also ignore WHO is ordering these mothers and children into harm's way. WHO is valuing the rights of fathers--typically with long, documented histories of domestic violence and/or child abuse--over the rights of mothers and children to basic safety and security. And in the end, we fail to see the proverbial man behind the curtain, which is the institutionalization of the fathers' rights movement in the family court system.

And because those in authority refuse to take off the blinders and look at this problem without bias, the blame is shifted to mothers themselves, which is utterly revolting. Nothing but pure victim blaming. You send mothers into a warzone and then tell them to be "vigilant"? Ridiculous. How is "vigilant" going to stop a bullet? How is "vigilant" going to stop you from getting doused with gasoline?

You tell them to bring a police escort? What planet do these people live on? Mothers are lucky to get the police to accompany them even once. I know this because I hear from mothers in these situations frequently. The police consider this a civil matter, not their job. Their job is not to function as Mom's full-time body guard for 18 years. So this course of action is effectively blocked, contrary to the faulty and misleading advise provided here.

And the fact that this is all blamed on "the economy" is also ridiculous. These guys aren't going after the banks or the real estate interests. They're going after women and children. There is no evidence to back up this claim, but that doesn't prevent these "experts" from citing "the economy" anyway.

Also notice the ridiculous claim that there are "no statistics" to document an increase in violence at custody exchanges. I find that dubious, and I suspect that the reason there are "no statistics" (if true) is because the statistics aren't collected and/or coded as custody-related murders. It's easy to plead ignorance if you refuse to define a problem or collect the evidence/statistics that would document the scope of the problem.

The solution is painfully simple. Stop giving known abusers access to the kids. Period. End of problem. Give these mothers sole custody. Stop forcing them into joint custody situations with criminals. To require mothers put themselves in harm's way is simply setting up the murder. It's like giving a homicidal maniac a bottle of booze, a bunch of weapons, and then locking a victim into the same room with him. And then pleading total dismay and shock that the victim was killed. Puleeze...

Anger can explode at child custody hand-overs
June 24, 2012|By Mike Clary, Sun Sentinel

For couples who have fallen out of love, sharing a child when they can no longer share a life is never easy. And it is occasionally explosive.

In recent weeks, the volatile dynamic of child custody cases has triggered several violent eruptions in South Florida, including a murder-suicide involving a Pembroke Pines man and the torching of a Boynton Beach woman doused with gasoline and set on fire by an ex-boyfriend.

Both incidents took place in public places selected for the hand-over of a child from one parent to the other.

"Emotions are always raw in a custody dispute," said S. Andrew Foster, who practices family law in Cooper City. "You can't anticipate everything a person will do, even if you have known them for decades.

"My advice is to be vigilant. And get the police involved if there is a hint of trouble. It is better to be embarrassed than injured."

After a contentious divorce or separation, the moment when a parent gives up a child or children to the custody of another can be particularly fraught with dangers, say experts. "If one person feels he came up short in the separation, he may feel that handing the child over is continuing to admit defeat by the other parent," said Paul Peluso, a couples therapist and professor at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

There is no statistical evidence that there has been an increase in domestic violence associated with sharing custody of a child in South Florida. But Pelsuo said that tough economic times can increase tensions that can spark such outbursts.

"The biggest problem for clinicians and courts is where to draw the line between parents who are so upset at the dissolving of the family that even those you think would never harm the child or partner act out," said Peluso. "It is so difficult to predict . . . what will cause people to act out irrationally and tragically."

Susan Fradin, a supervisor for the Broward Guardian ad Litem program, also cited the economy as a possible contributing factor in cases of domestic violence associated with child custody.

"It is hard to say what goes through the mind of someone who is angry and unhappy with the situation that brought them up to the point where custody is shared," she said. "People snap for a myriad of reason. But children can be the victims."

Tragedy describes what happened Friday outside a Tampa restaurant after Guillermo Garcia, 38, of Pembroke Pines, turned over his 7-year-old son to the child's mother, Okariny Diaz. After the boy got into his mother's van, Garcia opened fire with a handgun, killing her in front of the boy and several others before shooting himself in the head, according to Hillsborough County Sheriff's detectives.

And last week, in a horrific attack caught on surveillance video, Naomie Breton was set on fire and seriously burned when she showed up for a 3 a.m. meeting outside a 7-Eleven in Boynton Beach to pick up her 4-year-old son from his father, Roosevelt Mondesir. The child was not with Mondesir — now in jail — when she was attacked.

Breton said the early hour set for the planned hand-off of her son was usual because Mondesir began work as a truck driver at 4 a.m. And the public setting was also normal, given his history of domestic violence, she said.

But, said Breton, 34, "What I learned is that no matter where you go, and how much security there is, there is always danger. My advice would be don't let the person he was in the past, or how much he says he won't hurt you, influence you.

"Bring somebody with you. Get a police escort."

Still, warned Breton, "If they mean to do you harm, they will."

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dad brutally murders 3-year-old twin daughters as part of "custody battle" (Mechanicsville, Virginia)

Yet another case where nobody believed the mother and her concerns about dad ROBERT D. KING and his sanity. Yet another case where a daddy used custody as a means to battle the mother for control, then opted for murder as a "final solution."

Despite Mom's concerns about Daddy's paranoia, he got visitation with two helpless 3-year-old girls, which he brutally murdered by slashing their throats and gassing them.

This appears to be a classic abuse-and-control killing. And it was obviously aided and abetted by the authorities who supported Daddy's weekend visitation. No visitation, no access, no murders.

To stop the bloodshed, we have to stop giving killer freaks like this dude access to the kids.

'My babies are dead': Estranged wife in bitter custody battle finds bodies of twin daughters, 3, and her ex-husband after he slit their throats
Mother went to the home when no one picked up the phone

Sheriff removed notes and video tape from the house

By Louise Boyle
UPDATED: 14:43 EST, 31 January 2012

A father going through a custody battle with his estranged wife allegedly pumped exhaust fumes from a van into a bedroom at his home before cutting his throat and those of his three-year-old twin daughters.

Police received a call at 3.30pm on Saturday from the girls' mother, Kristina Hooper. When they arrived, she was sobbing on her knees at the end of the gravel driveway, court records revealed.

'My babies are dead, they're in the house,' she told officers in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

Robert D King, 40, and twins Caroline and Madison King died as a result of cuts to the neck and carbon monoxide poisoning, according to Hanover County's chief medical examiner.

Deputies were overcome by fumes and had to ventilate the modest, one-story home before entering.

Flexible tubing had been attached from the exhaust pipe of King's van and snaked into the front bedroom, where the three were found dead.

Sheriff deputies removed duct tape, two notes, a video camera and several other items from the home.

The twins lived with their mother Ms Hooper at her home in Hanover County but both parents were fighting for custody. The twins had been visiting their father at the weekend and Ms Hooper went to the house after calling several times and getting no answer.

King filed for divorce in October, accusing his estranged wife of abandoning the family a month earlier. The couple were married in March 2008 and the girls born that August.

Ms Hooper alleged that King's paranoid behavior and verbal abuse, combined with a 'significant shoplifting problem,' were the cause of the failing marriage - something he denied.

She claimed she didn't abandon the family but that both had agreed despite marriage counseling that the relationship was over.

'I don't know if there's any training that can prepare you for an incident of this sort.'

In court documents, Ms Hooper said the separation followed a decline in King's mental state 'which created living conditions which were intolerable and constituted constructive desertion and cruelty'.

King's divorce attorney did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

On Sunday, mourners left flowers, balloons and teddy bears on the front porch of the home where the girls' bodies were found.

Nathan Cox, a close family friend, told local TV station CBS6 that there were no 'red flags' as to King's intentions despite the fact the family were going through a tough divorce.

He said: 'You don't take something from someone that's not yours... and in this case, he took two lives that weren't his.

Sgt Chris Whitely from the Hanover Police Department added: 'I don't know if there's any training that can prepare you for an incident of this sort.'

A prayer vigil was being organised by the small community tonight to show support for the grieving mother. Ms Hooper's family had asked that mourners bring candles and pink balloons to release in memory of the children.

'It's a tragedy all the way around, to lose two little girls at such a tender age,' a neighbor, Jean Atkins, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. 'It hurts. It hurts everybody that has heard the story.'

Dad arrested for allegedly striking infant son, father-in-law (Guam)

Dad is identified as LASTWELL BISTEK.

Man arrested for allegedly striking baby, father-in-law
2:00 PM, Jun. 26, 2012
Written by Brett Kelman
Pacific Daily News

A young man who allegedly struck his baby boy and his father-in-law with a glass bottle, injuring them both, has been arrested by police.

Lastwell Bistek, 22, has been charged with two counts of both aggravated assault and family violence, plus a single count of child abuse, all as third-degree felonies.

According to Superior Court of Guam documents, Bistek allegedly attacked his father-in-law -- who was holding his son -- on Friday night. Bistek, who appeared drunk, allegedly struck the boy in the face with a 40-ounce liquor bottle, leaving a two-inch cut on the boy's forehead, according to court documents.

The boy is less than 1 year old, court documents state.

The father-in-law was left with a two-inch cut on his check, court documents state.

Bistek also was charged with a single count of public drunkenness as a violation, court documents state.

Dad gets 29 years for attempted murder of 1-year-old son (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)

Based on what I read here, it was only a matter of time before dad GLENN "BUBBA" CLIMER JR. was successful in killing one of his children.

Father receives 29 years for trying to kill 1-year-old son
1:53 AM, Jun 23, 2012

Written by Mark Bell

MURFREESBORO — A local father convicted of trying to kill his 1-year-old son will spend at least the next 29 years in prison, a judge decided at a Friday sentencing hearing.

Glenn “Bubba” Climer Jr. faced a charge of attempted second-degree murder at his May trial for twisting his son’s head in a threatening manner when confronted by police Nov. 28 outside Middle Tennessee Medical Center’s emergency room.

He was convicted of attempted voluntary manslaughter following a three-day trial.

During that trial, authorities testified that they confronted Climer outside the emergency room about a bruise around his son’s left eye. Climer was carrying his child around in a cold rain, peering into vehicles that didn’t belong to him, both police and MTMC security officers testified.

At his sentencing hearing on Friday, Climer pleaded with Rutherford County Judge David Bragg to show him mercy in his sentencing, as he wanted to see his children grow up in person instead of through photographs.

He read from a prepared statement he had written while incarcerated.

Bragg also heard testimony Friday about Climer’s involvement in a similar case involving his other child in Woodbury, where he was accused of trying to “pull (the) child apart” during a confrontation with authorities there.

Mentions of the previous case had been barred from Climer’s criminal trial by Bragg because of the possible influence it may have had on the jury in its deliberations regarding the Murfreesboro charges.
After hearing testimony Friday, Bragg ended up sentencing Climer to a total of 29 years on the manslaughter charge, along with the charges of attempted aggravated child abuse, child abuse, simple assault and resisting arrest.

Climer could face even more time in jail for violating his probation on charges out of Woodbury, according to police.

Assistant District Attorney Laurel Hemenway prosecuted the case, along with Murfreesboro Police Detective Tommy Roberts and Nancy Nelson, a forensic investigator.

Dad films 14-year-old daughter in shower, has nerve to call HER "disobedient" (Singapore)

Oh come on. This had nothing to do with the daughter being "disobedient"--unless the perverted freak of a father is defining "disobedience" as fighting back against his sexual assaults. Why does the media even entertain his bullsh**? UNNAMED DAD is nothing but a child-porn producing molester and rapist.

Wonder if there is a mother in this home? No mention of one....

Crazy World: Angry dad makes video of daughter in shower
Father wanted to punish the 'naughty' teenager

Published Sunday, June 24, 2012

SINGAPORE: A 'naughty' teenager in Singapore was being forced to toe her father's line in a disgusting way. He had filmed her while she was taking a shower. He wanted to punish his daughter for being disobedient.

The 49-year-old father pleaded guilty for outraging the modesty of a woman. The fact that the man had about 91 obscene video files in his phone is also being taken into consideration by the judge.

The court felt that the man had taken his role as a disciplinarian in the girl's life a bit too far. Parents do find it tough to deal with their teenage children, however, this father had crossed the line, reports The New Paper.

The incident occurred when the girl was about 14-year-old and while taking a shower she noticed that her father's mobile was peeping out of her father's trousers that were hanging on the peg behind the bathroom door. The girl took a closer look at the mobile and found it in recording mode.

Needless to mention that she was horrified when she hit the play button.

Dad leaves 8-month-old son in car--while he buys drugs (Clearwater, Florida)

Dad SHAWN ZARTMAN was also wanted for domestic battery. Such a surprise....

Speeding car ends with father's abuse charge
Last Update: 6/24 11:11 am

CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) - What started as a reckless vehicle call ended with the arrest of a Clearwater father who went to buy drugs - with his 8-month-old son in the back seat.

Jail records show 31-year-old Shawn Zartman was being held Saturday in the Pinellas County Jail on a child abuse charge.

Authorities say officers were originally dispatched Friday night to the reckless vehicle call. The female driver told officers she was rushing to a home where she believed her husband had gone with their toddler to buy or use drugs.

A police report says Zartman told responding officers he went to the home to buy drugs and left the boy locked in the car without air conditioning. The child was not injured.

Reports show Zartman was also wanted for domestic battery.

Dad hangs 4-year-old daughter, kills her (Durban, South Africa)

Seems dad DASHEN VANDIAR was all pissy after an "altercation" with Mom. So naturally, he decided to take the 4-year-old daughter out to a shed, string her up, and kill her.
Dad hangs four-year-old, then himself

June 25 2012 at 12:06pm
By Benita Enoch

A 27-year-old father allegedly killed his young daughter then himself after an altercation with his partner.

A 27-year-old father allegedly killed his young daughter and himself after an altercation with his partner over the weekend.

Police spokesman Captain Thulani Zwane said Dashen Vandiar and the child's mother, Alisha, had an argument while at a relative's residence in Woodhurst, Durban, on Saturday night.

Zwane said after the fight, Vandiar allegedly hanged his four-year-old daughter Kellita in an outbuilding, before hanging himself in the same area.

It was unclear if Vandiar lived in the outbuilding or if he had been visiting the relatives at the time of the incident.

Zwane said a case of murder was being investigated at the Chatsworth police station.

Meanwhile, a family member who asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the incident, said a funeral would be arranged for Tuesday.

Messages of condolences were found on Facebook, where family members posted pictures of Kellita.

The child’s mother is believed to be a nurse at a local hospital. - IOL

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dad charged with murder of 6-month-old son; appears to have thrown him off bridge (Eagleby, Australia)

Shades of ARTHUR FREEMAN, another Australian dad who murdered his daughter by tossing her off a bridge....

This is still an UNNAMED DAD.

Update: Dad now identified as DAVID FISHER.

Dad charged over baby's river death

Brooke Baskin
From: The Sunday Mail (Qld)
June 24, 2012 2:48PM

POLICE have made the grim discovery of a six-month-old baby's body on the bank of the Logan River at Eagleby, south of Brisbane, this morning.

Divers and search crews found the child washed up on the bank among the scrub at 8.50am.

The boy's father, a 38-year-old local man, was charged with murder overnight after telling police he had fallen from the bridge with his son about 6.45pm.

Logan district Senior Sergeant Chris Blom said the man had walked the child to the park below the M1 and returned home before raising the alarm.

Last night a pram was left on the bridge overlooking the Logan River near the Eagleby boat ramp.

"We found the baby 1.5km downstream this morning and the father has since been charged with homicide," Sen-Sgt Blom said.

He said the child's father wasn't known to police, and quashed rumours it was a migrant family involved.

He said the man and the child's mother had five other children.

Police divers, SES swiftwater rescue crews and other emergency workers searched for the baby until 3am, then resumed the search this morning.

Police were called to the scene after a triple-0 call at 6.45pm, after the baby boy and his father had apparently fallen into the river.

The man told police he went for a walk with the infant in a stroller and the baby had fallen in the water.

Detective Inspector Chris Jory said: "He then went on to describe certain aspects of his movements after that time. That's now forming part of our investigation."

Insp Jory said there were no known witnesses and confirmed the baby's mother went to the river after the plunge. Two people were seen huddling near the river draped in towels.

Both parents went to Logan police station where they were helping officers with their investigation.

The pedestrian bridge is a popular fishing spot and locals were shocked at the search under way.

"It's normally so quiet here at night,'' one said.

Dad with "temporary custody" charged with assaulting infant son; baby has severe, permanent brain damage (Hagertown, Maryland)

As is typical with the media, the custody arrangement is not explained well. We're merely told that dad DARRYL XAVIER TALLEY JR. had some sort of "temporary custody" after Mom had dropped him off. Hardly a day passes before this POS "allegedly" beat the baby nearly to death. As it is, the baby is not expected to regain consciousness due to the severe skull fractures and brain injuries. Was this custody/visitation arrangement court ordered? If so, by whom?

Bond set for Hagerstown man charged with first-degree child abuse

June 22, 2012|By DON AINES |

Bond was set at $200,000 Friday for a Hagerstown man charged with first-degree child abuse in a March incident that left an infant with permanent brain damage.

Darryl Xavier Talley Jr. caused “severe physical injury to Kaleb Marcello Adams ... the defendant being a parent who has temporary care and custody of said child,” the indictment alleged.

The 1-year-old child sustained the injuries between March 22 and 23, the indictment said.

A Washington County grand jury also indicted Talley, 25, of 1317 Jay Drive on charges of first- and second-degree assault and second-degree child abuse. But Assistant State’s Attorney Arthur Rozes told Washington County Circuit Court Judge John H. McDowell that could change if the child dies.

“That’s another ball game,” Rozes said.

First-degree child abuse and first-degree assault both have maximum sentences of 25 years, McDowell told Talley during the bond-review hearing.

“The condition of the victim ... is extremely serious,” Rozes told McDowell.

The child was taken to Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., shortly after the incident, but Rozes said he had since been transferred to a long-term care facility “because he can’t be sustained without equipment.”

The child sustained two distinctive skull fractures on either side of his head, and one side of his brain is dead, Rozes told the judge. The other side of the child’s brain was also badly injured, he said.

The Herald-Mail earlier this year obtained a copy of an investigative report on the incident from Hagerstown police. The redacted report did not contain the names of Talley or Adams, but indicated the child had fractures to each side of his head and that “the entire right side of his brain was dead.”

That report also said the boy will require constant care and medical intervention to survive and “has no chance to ever regain consciousness.”

A doctor told investigators that the injuries were “non-accidental blunt force trauma,” possibly from the child’s head being smashed against something, according to the investigative report.

The name of the victim was not mentioned during the bond hearing.

The child was initially taken to Meritus Medical Center near Hagerstown on March 23, the report said. The child was accompanied by several people, including his father, the father’s girlfriend and leaseholders of the residence where they all lived, it said.

The boy’s mother was also at the hospital and told police she had dropped the boy off at the Jay Drive residence on March 21, the report said.

The redacted report said that a man, whose name was blacked out, was interviewed by police and the interview moved “into an interrogation phase.” The man denied any knowledge of how the child was injured, or whether he was responsible and asked that the interview be ended, the report said.

The room in which the child and several people lived was described in the report as “extremely dirty: dirty diapers scattered throughout, a bottle of Captain Morgan liquor on the floor ... prescription medication on the dresser, trash.”

Talley’s first court appearance is scheduled for July 5.

Dad charged with additional count of capital murder after 6-year-old boy dies; also charged in death of 21-month-old son and the mother (El Campo, Texas)

The fathers' rights crowd is fond of making big distinctions between biological fathers and boyfriends. There really isn't any. If you're scum, you're scum. Dad DEMOND BLUNTON is charged with shooting to death his 21-month-old son. And also his son's brother, who was not Blunton's biological son. And also the boys' mother. And also assaulting a police officer. This guy sounds like a totally useless piece of crap. DNA relationships didn't make one bit of difference to this dude.

El Campo man charged in death of second child

Brandy Cerny was found shot to death on Tuesday afternoon after her children were shot in a Laredo motel room by her boyfriend Demond Bluntson. El Campo is still reeling from the shock of the violence in their community.

Dianna Wray

Originally published June 22, 2012 at 5:57 p.m., updated June 23, 2012 at 12:54 a.m.

The El Campo man police suspect shot two boys in a Laredo hotel room earlier this week has now been charged with the second boy's death.

On Friday, Demond Bluntson, 36, was charged by the Webb County District Attorney's Office with a second count of capital murder in connection with the death of 6-year-old Jaydin Thompson, said Laredo Police Department investigator Joe Baeza.

Bluntson had previously been charged with capital murder of a person under 10 years old in connection with the death of Davian Bluntson, his son and Jaydin's 21-month-old brother.

Bluntson also was charged with two counts of assaulting a peace officer. The initial charge of aggravated assault with grievous injury was changed to capital murder after Jaydin died in a San Antonio hospital on Wednesday.

The Wharton County District Attorney's Office charged Bluntson with murder in the death of the mother, 28-year-old Brandy Cerny of El Campo.

Cerny and her sons were last seen leaving church about 12:30 p.m. Sunday. When Cerny failed to arrive at work on Monday, her father, Lloyd Cerny, filed a missing person's report.

Laredo police responded to a tip that the family had been seen at the Holiday Inn-Civic Center in Laredo on Tuesday afternoon. Bluntson, Cerny's boyfriend and the father of her youngest son, began firing through the door. Davian was fatally shot and died at the scene. Jaydin was placed on life support and died Wednesday at University Health Center in San Antonio.

Dianne Cerny, the great-aunt of the children, said the family decided to donate his organs.

Cerny's body was found Tuesday evening in a green shack on a vacant lot on the edge of El Campo. She died of a gunshot wound.

The investigation is ongoing. Wharton County District Attorney Josh McCown said the charges may be upgraded to capital murder in the coming days.

"Before you go upgrading to capital murder you've got to prove all the elements of the offense, and we've got to prove that the capital element is present," McCown said. "It's certainly possible it will be upgraded, but we have to do some more investigation to determine that."

There is also some question about where the capital murder charges for the deaths of Jaydin and Davian will be tried. McCown is traveling to Laredo next week to begin discussing whether the cases will be tried in Wharton, where they had lived or in Webb County, where they were shot.

"So much of the action happened in this county as well as down there, so we've got to figure out what's going to be best for the family and the prosecution of the case, and we've got to sit down and look at all the pieces," McCown said.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Drugged out" dad charged with beating teen daughter to death during weekend visitation (Dolton, Illinois)

Dad is identified as LARRY D. WOOD. Wonder if the weekend visitation was court-ordered.... and if so, by whom.

Father Charged With Beating Daughter To Death In Motel

June 23, 2012 10:48 AM
DOLTON, Ill. (STMW) – A south suburban man was charged Friday for allegedly beating his teenage daughter to death in a Dolton motel while high on drugs.

Larry D. Wood, 34, of Dixmoor, was charged with one count of first-degree murder, Dolton police spokeswoman TaQuoya Kennedy said in a statement.

Wood told police he was high on marijuana and PCP when he beat his 16-year-old daughter, Gloria Wood, in an argument over money, Kennedy said. The girl, of Park Forest, was visiting her father for the weekend like she often did.

A housekeeper at the Best Motel & Suites in the 1300 block of East Sibley Boulevard in Dolton called police about 11:15 a.m. Wednesday after finding the girl covered in blood inside a hotel room, Kennedy said.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office said she was pronounced dead on the scene and a Thursday autopsy determined she died from blunt head trauma and the death was ruled a homicide. Police said the girl’s jaw and nose were broken, she had several fractures to her skull and vertebrae and was choked.

Police captured Larry Wood about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday when he returned to the motel, Kennedy said.

The South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force assisted Dolton police in the investigation.

Dad guilty of manslaughter, aggravated assault in death of 7-week-old daughter (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Dad is identified as ASHIQUR RAHMAN.
June 22, 2012
Updated: June 23, 2012 | 4:21 pm
Father guilty of manslaughter in baby's death

By Alison Auld The Canadian Press

HALIFAX – A judge convicted a Halifax man Friday in the death of his baby daughter, finding the new father slapped, shook and tossed her after becoming frustrated by a series of business failures and the cries of his child.
Nova Scotia Supreme Court Judge Felix Cacchione found Ashiqur Rahman guilty of manslaughter and aggravated assault, and described him as a manipulative, domineering man who controlled much of what happened in his home.

Cacchione said Rahman, who’s in his late 20s, had little interest in his new baby and was solely focused on starting an online business in Canada after moving here from Bangladesh.

“The evidence satisfies me that Mr. Rahman had no bond with his daughter,” Cacchione said in his ruling that took 2 1/2 hours to read.

“His focus was on his business, himself and nothing else.”

Rahman, wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with an Ashiqur Industries logo, sat quietly during the lengthy proceeding, but appeared surprised when the judge remanded him into custody and said “I didn’t do anything,” as he was led away by justice officials.
A sentencing hearing was scheduled for Aug. 7.
Rahman had pleaded not guilty to both charges in the death of seven-week-old Aurora Breakthrough in July 2009.

The prosecution argued that the case hinged on Rahman’s credibility versus that of the baby’s mother, Jane Gomes, who testified she saw her ex-boyfriend slap and shake the newborn in the weeks before she died.
Gomes received a conditional discharge with six months probation for failing to provide the necessities of life for Aurora.

Gomes sat in the second row of the court gallery and was surrounded by supporters as Cacchione read his verdict. One of them had her arm around the petite woman, who had her head down for much of the verdict.

Gomes didn’t speak to reporters as she left court.

Crown attorney Denise Smith said she was pleased with the decision and that Gomes was relieved to have a measure of vindication in the death of her daughter.
“She was quite tearful. I think she felt very vindicated,” Smith said outside court.
“We were attempting to show that … Mr. Rahman was frustrated by the demands of a young infant and the crying of a young infant, particularly. The judge found those facts as indications of a motive by Mr. Rahman.”

Cacchione found Rahman slapped Aurora “in anger and frustration” on June 29, only to slap her forcefully enough a week later to cause bleeding around the brain.

He said that on July 22, a frustrated Rahman either tossed or dropped the baby on the couple’s bed, causing the injuries that led to her death.

Rahman and Gomes are both from Bangladesh and came to Canada to study computer science at Acadia University in Wolfville, N.S., before moving to Halifax.

In closing arguments in April, the Crown argued that Rahman’s denials that he abused the child didn’t stand up against the testimony of the baby’s mother.

Smith said Gomes made some poor choices in failing to take the baby away after witnessing the abuse, but added that Gomes was telling the truth about Rahman’s tendency to lose control and harm Aurora.

The defence argued that Gomes’s testimony was motivated by a desire to shift blame away from herself, and came only after reaching a plea bargain with the Crown.

“I still stand behind my client as to what he had to say about his involvement in his daughter’s death,” Don Murray said outside court.

“It’s unfortunate that the judge chose not to accept what he had to say.”

Murray also argued that evidence from pathologists and medical experts didn’t prove Aurora died as a result of being shaken or hit. He said a pediatric cardiologist found Aurora had a congenital heart condition and it’s possible that played a role in her cardiac arrest on July 23, 2009, four days before she died in hospital.

Cacchione accepted that Aurora had an undiagnosed heart condition, but he said he doesn’t believe the condition caused her death.

He also accepted evidence of the emergency room doctor who testified that Aurora’s injuries were likely caused by non-accidental trauma and not from a cardiac event.

Testimony from several physicians who treated Aurora revealed that she had multiple rib fractures, retinal hemorrhages and brain injuries from various times in her short life.

The medical examiner who did the autopsy on Aurora concluded that the cause of death was a blunt force injury to her head, a finding that Cacchione accepted in his verdict.

Cacchione said Rahman became frustrated after a succession of business failures, “dire” financial circumstances and the stress of caring for a crying newborn.

He also called Rahman a “manipulator” who dictated where they lived and how money being sent from Bangladesh was spent.

“He is someone who likes to be in control and not someone who likes being told he is wrong,” Cacchione said.
He added that Rahman was physically, emotionally and verbally abusive to Gomes, who met him at Acadia University in 2008.
Rahman had little interest in his daughter, the judge said, noting that he left the hospital more than an hour after she was born and took a month to name her.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dad sentenced to 10 years for raping daughter for over 5 years (Warwick, England)

UNNAMED DAD gets a slap on the wrist....

Father jailed for ten years for raping daughter
A WARWICK man who repeatedly sexually abused and raped his own daughter over a period of more than five years has been jailed for ten years.

The 58-year-old, who a judge has ordered cannot be named to protect the identity of his victim, was told it would have been 15 years if it was not for his early guilty pleas.

The man had pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to four charges of indecently assaulting his daughter from the age of seven, three of raping her and one of gross indecency.

But the court heard the charges were only specimens of a course of sexual abuse which took place over a period of five or six years in the 1980s.

Prosecutor Lynette McClement pointed out that the three rape charges reflected the three locations in the house where it took place—in her bedroom, her parents’ bedroom and in the living room.

During the course of the abuse the girl had become aware, as a result of sex education at school, that her father’s conduct towards her was wrong—but she believed that while he was abusing her, it would spare her sisters. She did make a complaint, but then retracted it after she was told by one of her father’s friends that she would be taken away from her mother and sisters if she pursued it.

But after having counselling last year she reported him to the police because she was scared of what might happen to her own child, whom she never left alone with her father, said Ms McClement.

Sean Logan, defending, said a pre-sentence report was helpful and realistic pointing out: “It does highlight the remorse expressed by him for these horrendous matters.”

Jailing the man, Judge Marten Coates told him: “You have pleaded guilty to a course of conduct over a period of something like five or six years involving a wide variety of sexual activity with your daughter. You were engaging in sexual activity with her on what appears to be something like a daily basis. It was a gross breach of trust.

“The one thing that can be said on your behalf is that you have saved your daughter the ordeal of having to come into court and relive her experience.”

The judge, who ordered the girl’s father to register as a sex offender for life, added: “The sentence if you had fought this would have been 15 years.”

Dad charged with beating 5-week-old daughter; baby has over 29 fractures (Providence, Rhode Island)

Dad is identified as CHRISTOPHER JIMENEZ.

Dad charged for beating baby, Infant has over 29 fractures
Posted: 6/21/2012 3:50:20 PM
Updated: 6/21/2012 3:51:49 PM

A 5-week old girl is hospitalized in Providence with at least 29 fractures that prosecutors say she sustained at the hands of her father.

The Rhode Island attorney general's office said Christopher Jimenez, of Providence, was arraigned Thursday in District Court on one count of first-degree child abuse. He was held on $100,000 bail with surety.

AG spokeswoman Amy Kempe (kemp) says the infant girl was taken by ambulance early Wednesday to Hasbro's Children Hospital after her mother called 911. She says the baby is listed in critical condition and has injuries to her pelvis, clavicle and skull. The baby was born on May 10.

Kempe says Jimenez was referred to the public defender's office for a lawyer.

Gambling dad in court for leaving 7-month-old son alone in car (Norwich, Connecticut)

Dad is identified as KYUYOUN LEE.

Gambling dad in court for leaving son alone
Updated: Thursday, 21 Jun 2012, 8:46 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 21 Jun 2012, 5:21 PM EDT

Tina Detelj

NORWICH, Conn. (WTNH) -- A father accused of leaving his son in a car for hours while he gambled is in some serious legal trouble.

32-year-old Kyuyoun Lee was aided by a Korean translator inside Norwich Superior Court. He's accused of leaving his seven-month-old son in a car for seven hours while he gambled at Mohegan Sun.

"What does he have to say about that," asked News 8's Tina Detelj.

"Well I definitely think the allegations are very serious," replied Sung Ho Hwang, Lee's attorney.

News 8 learned more about the Waterbury father from attorney Sung Ho Hwang. He tells us he is trying to get his client accelerated rehabilitation because he has no prior criminal record and is the sole supporter of his family. However, he also has a gambling problem and is now seeking help.

"Are you saying that his addiction led him to make some poor decisions," Detelj asked.

"Yeah absolutely," said Hwang.

"This is a human life, a infant," said Tammy S., of New London. "This is an infant baby that cannot handle being out in the sun right now like we are today."

"There are certain mitigating factors," said Hwang. "It was overnight. He did check on the baby every couple of hours, but still I understand that was a serious charge."

Lee faces charges of leaving a child unsupervised and risk of injury to a minor.

At the time of his arrest Lee's infant son was taken away by DCF. He was returned to the family the next day, but his attorney says that Lee is not allowed to watch him without his wife present.

"What does his wife have to say about this," Detelj asked.

"Obviously she is very concerned and she knows that he has this problem," Hwang replied, "and she's helping him with it, with the process."

This is their first child.

Dad charged with 1st-degree homicide in death on infant daughter (Ashwaubon, Wisconsin)

Dad is identified as SCOTT CONKLIN.

Father Charged In Baby's Death
By Brian Miller

CREATED Jun. 21, 2012

Ashwaubenon-- Scott Conklin faces a charge of 1st degree reckless homicide after his infant daughter died while in his care. Conklin was arrested Wednesday after investigators say they believe he was going to flee the state.

Conklin was caring for the infant and his other 2-year-old child when the incident occurred. Conklin told police he put the girl down on the couch and went back to sleep. When he woke up he found her unresponsive. He called 911and attempted CPR, but it was too late.

Police say they became suspicious after the child's mother made statements to police that Conklin had laid the baby face down on the couch in the past, and sometimes put pillows and blankets over her face to muffle the crying sounds.

Conklin's attorney denies the charges and says his client is distraught over the infant's death.

Runaway custodial dad reunited with son he abandoned (Lakeville, Minnesota)

Earlier news reports have told us that dad STEVEN CROSS had a history of DUIs (alcoholism?) and basic dirty dealings with the mother of his son. He got sole custody anyway. Told the boy (falsely) that his mom was dead. (Needless to say, if Mom had done such a thing, the fathers' rights-dominated family courts would have stripped her of custody forever, for the High Crime and Misdemeanor of Parental Alienation Syndrome. But not Daddy.)

Then Daddy decides to just abandon the kid and hightail it off to California. Made no prior arrangements with anybody. Just left a note. How considerate.

Finally, Daddy is located. After all this, he's still being treated like some Freaking Prince. His kid is forced into "reunification," whether he wants to or not. Daddy sort of apolologizes, but not really. He STILL has his custodial rights, but now he has to share with Mom, though he never acknowledged HER rights before now.

Even the probation officer in this case is a little bit disgusted.

Believe me, had this been a mother, her parental rights would have been terminated long before now and Daddy would have been awarded full custody.

Runaway Lakeville dad reunites, apologizes to his abandoned son
Article by: HERÓN MÁRQUEZ ESTRADA , Star Tribune Updated: June 22, 2012 - 9:55 AM

Steven Cross left his son with a Lakeville neighbor in 2011.

A year after being abandoned by his father, a 12-year-old Lakeville boy on Thursday was finally reunited privately with his runaway dad.

"I apologized to him," said Steven Cross, who abandoned his son, Sebastian, last year as the pair was going to lose their Lakeville home.

"I told him it was my fault and that I was sorry for all the trouble that's he been through because of it."

Still, Cross said afterward, "it was my fault but not all my fault. Maybe I didn't handle it so good but it wasn't all my fault. I got so cornered in this bad economy."

The reunion happened despite the reservations of Sebastian's aunt, who cared for him through much of the past year and fought to keep custody.

The one-hour meeting Thursday took place in the office of a therapist that Cross, 60, and Sebastian are working with to help with their reunification.

"It sounds like it went well," said Jeffrey Priest, the attorney helping Cross with custody issues resulting from the abandonment. "I would really like this case to be closed."

That is now likely to happen by July 25, when a review hearing is scheduled in Dakota County District Court.

Cross, who was sentenced to two years of probation and a one-year stayed jail term after being convicted earlier this year of misdemeanor child neglect, had sole custody of the boy before fleeing to California last July 18.

Since then, Cross has agreed to joint legal and physical custody of his son with Sebastian's mother, Katik Porter, who his son had believed was dead.

The boy did not discover that she was alive until reading it in a note that Cross left for him on the day he left. The note instructed Sebastian to go to a neighbor's home because his father was leaving, ostensibly to find work to support them.

Cross had a deli job and was living in his van in Cambria, Calif., when police arrested him Aug. 29. He hadn't contacted his son but had asked a friend to check on him.

While Cross was gone, Sebastian lived with his great-aunt, Kimii Porter. Last month, Sebastian was ordered to move out of her home and to live with his mother.

Kimii Porter said Thursday that she sees Sebastian on Saturdays at her home. "It's limited," she said. "It's been tough."

Kimii Porter, a Hennepin County probation officer, expressed mixed emotions about Thursday's meeting between father and son.

"In a sense it's good," she said. "In order for [Sebastian] to move on he's got to get a handle on what happened. But it's a pretty sad story; to me it's like putting a victim back with the perpetrator."

A brief encounter

Cross had briefly seen his son for the first time since leaving during a court hearing in May. Thursday was the first time he was able to talk to the boy in about a year.

"I got a hug and I was very happy," Cross said. "It's been cloudy for quite a while and now the sun is shining."

The therapist had Sebastian wait in another room while she talked with Cross for about 10 minutes. Sebastian was able to monitor the conversation via a video feed, wearing headphones to listen to the chatter.

The boy was then given a choice of seeing his father or waiting for another day. He chose to see him, Cross said.

The pair played cards for 30 minutes, then spent about 15 minutes talking about upcoming movies they might like and possibly going to get ice cream sometime soon, Cross said.

"The heaviest part was me apologizing," Cross said.

Cross said he and Sebastian will probably have a few more sessions with the therapist. But he and Sebastian are at least talking about spending more time together.

"It has to be what Sebastian wants," Cross said. "If he wants to see his dad it's up to him."

Dad pleads guilty to beating daughter to death with baseball bat as she slept (Oxford, Michigan)

Dad ROBERT KELLY was a licensed psychologist and therapist....

Psychologist father who beat daughter to death with baseball bat as she slept pleads guilty to murder
By Daily Mail Reporter
PUBLISHED: 20:36 EST, 21 June 2012 | UPDATED: 20:58 EST, 21 June 2012

Guilty: Robert Kelly has admitted murdering his daughter as she slept

A man who killed his daughter by attacking her with a baseball bat as she was sleeping pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on Wednesday.

Robert Kelly went into the bedroom of his 20-year-old daughter Megan at their home in Oxford, Michigan and beat her to death in May last year.

He pleaded guilty to avoid a charge of first-degree murder, and now faces up to 30 years in prison.

Authorities say Kelly, a licensed psychologist and therapist, attacked his daughter on May 9, 2011, then went to the Oxford police station to report the crime.

A police dispatcher testified: 'I asked him if he knew who did it. And he stated, "Yes, I did."'

Kelly's ex-wife Julie Roberts, who was living in the home at the time, found her daughter bleeding and unconscious.

Megan fell into a coma after the beating, and died after being removed from life support on July 27.

Police have been unable to find a motive for the horrific killing.

Kelly's defence lawyer Sanford Schulman said that he did not know why his client committed the murder, adding: 'It's obviously a mental health issue.'

He continued: 'From what we can tell, he loved his daughter deeply. They were very close. It was like something in him snapped. So that's why this plea deal seemed appropriate.'

Mr Schulman also said: 'I've handled over 60 murder cases, and this is the strangest one,' according to the Detroit Free Press.

The state Center for Forensic Psychiatry found Kelly competent for trial, despite testimony from an expert that he was 'unable to distinguish right from wrong' on the night of the murder.

He will be sentenced on July 11.

Custodial dad gets 140 years for son's beating death (South Bend, Indiana)

Seems custodial dad TERRY STURGIS won't be walking around in daylight again.

I have NEVER seen any real explanation as to why this POS had custody of these boys, and how he was able to retain it beyond the "blame it on the nitwits at DSS" line. He got away with torturing these boys for years with total impunity. But then Indiana is a huge father's rights state, too.

Man gets 140 years in fatal Indiana child abuse case
Anonymous Associated Press

Thu Jun 21, 2012, 10:17 PM EDT

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A South Bend man convicted of beating three of his sons, one of them fatally, was sentenced Thursday to 140 years in prison by a judge who said she wished the sentence could be longer.

Terry Sturgis, 35, was convicted by a jury in May in the Nov. 4 death of his son, Tramelle, and the beatings of two other sons, ages 14 and 9 at the time. St. Joseph Superior Court Judge Jane Woodward-Miller sentenced Terry Sturgis on 14 counts, including murder, two counts of criminal confinement, nine counts of battery and two counts of neglect of a dependent.

Prosecutors alleged Sturgis habitually beat and burned his three sons for years. Investigators said the abuse happened in the basement of a home Sturgis shared with his mother and other family members.

The older boy testified Thursday that he "hated summertime" because he was more vulnerable to beatings when home from school.

"The abuse was real. It made me feel vulnerable, because I felt I couldn't do anything about the suffocating, sitting on me, choking me. It made me feel the most helpless, because he could have ended my life," he said.

Woodward-Miller told Sturgis she would give him a longer sentence if she could under the law.

"They weren't just your children to do with as you wanted to. They're really all of our children. They say that children are the most precious natural resource, and it's true. ... When you killed Tramelle, you killed all the potential that that sweet, smart, smiling boy had, and whatever he was going to be — be it a doctor, a professor, a musician — he will never be. And you took from all of us what he might have contributed to this community and to our society," the judge said

"And when you battered and burned (the other sons), you didn't just scar them physically. You scarred them emotionally, and they're gonna carry that with them," she said.

WSBT-TV reported that Tramelle's mother, aunt and maternal grandmother were in the courtroom Thursday wearing T-shirts that said "in loving memory of Tramelle."

The 14-year-old testified during the trial that his father would regularly punch and burn him and his brothers for misbehavior. He said that twice in the months leading up to Tramelle's death, a worker from the Indiana Department of Child Services visited the home and spoke with the children. Both times, the father ordered the children to lie about their injuries, the 14-year-old said.

Kids in high-profile custody case no longer with dad; dad "suspected" of murdering their mother (Salt Lake City, Utah)

If we have learned anything from killer dads like JOSH POWELL, it is this: children are NOT safe with a parent who is "suspected" of deliberately murdering and/or "diappearing" the other parent.

Hopefully the children of dad JOHN BRICKMAN WALL will be kept safe. Unfortunately, we see many cases where the kids are turned over to the father under very similar circumstances.

Children in high-profile custody case no longer with father
Decision reached on protection and safety for three children.

By cimaron neugebauer
The Salt Lake Tribune

First Published Jun 20 2012 08:14 pm • Last Updated Jun 21 2012 08:14 am

An agreement was reached Wednesday morning on custody for the children of Uta von Schwedler, who died under suspicious circumstances last September, and John Brickman Wall.

The high-profile child custody battle that began in 2006 when the Sugar House couple divorced took a unique turn after their eldest son petitioned in April for removal of his younger siblings from the father’s custody. Pelle von Schwedler Wall, 18, who moved out of his father’s house in January, told The Salt Lake Tribune previously that he believes his father killed his mother.

Living situations and other matters regarding the Wall children — ages 16, 13 and 11 — "have been resolved under terms negotiated by the parties and approved by 3rd District Juvenile Court," the court stated in Wednesday’s news release.

A trial on von Schwedler Wall’s petition had been scheduled for Wednesday to Friday. The petition asked the court to take his siblings out of his father’s custody at least until the investigation into how his mother died was concluded.

Salt Lake City police have called her death "suspicious," although the medical examiner has not determined if it was a homicide or suicide.

Wall, a 48-year-old pediatrician, is accused in the petition of failing to properly care for the children, as well as inflicting "non-accidental harm, threatened harm and emotional damage."

A follow up hearing on the custody issue is scheduled for Aug. 21.

Information about who has the children or their location were not disclosed by the court. Although, neighbors living in the area of Wall said they have not seen the children at Wall’s home since the time the hearings began.

"I haven’t seen the children since the second of May," said Bob Hopkins, a neighbor. "There is no activity over there except him. It seems he is there by himself."

The court statement went on to say,"all parties and the court agree the Wall children are safe and protected under the terms of the agreement."

Dad with history of child abuse, domestic violence--including a PREVIOUS infant daughter's death--still gets break in LATEST infant daughter death (Caldwell County, Kentucky)

Who the hell dropped the ball here? If the newspaper was able to find out that dad JESSE ALLISON had a long history of child abuse and domestic violence, of babies "mysteriously" dying under his care, then who screwed up in the legal system? And why is he getting a break now with this history? Why was Daddy never charged in the death of the other baby daughter he "allegedly" smothered?

Kentucky apparently has a soft spot for killer daddies....

If this had been a mother, she would have been condemned as a she-demon unworthy of seeing daylight again. And that would have been 12 years ago....

Seems this is former single dad. The mother of baby Erin "suddenly" died just before giving birth:

Dangerous dad's past revealed after baby's death

Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins
Story Created: Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:17 PM

(Story Updated: Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:41 PM )

CALDWELL COUNTY, Ky. — Troubling information about a suspect in the murder case his own young daughter, information revealed after the trial.

He was charged with murdering his own baby girl but convicted of the much lesser crime of reckless homicide, which carries a much lighter sentence.

Only now that the court case is over, new information is coming to light about the defendant, Jesse Allison.

Local 6 learned his 7-month-old daughter Ariel was not the first to die in his care. In fact, according to reports from the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, initially obtained by the Lexington Herald Leader, Allison admitted to multiple violent acts.

The trouble started in 2000 in Virginia, where Jesse Allison pleaded guilty to child neglect.

He admitted to pinching and punching his 3-month old son and bouncing him face down like a basketball. Allison said he did this because he was stressed.

The documents say in Kentucky, in 2003, Allison beat up his girlfriend, kicked her in the leg and punched her in the ribs and mouth.

In 2008, Jesse Allison's infant daughter Erin mysteriously died while in his care in Princeton, Kentucky. The coroner said the baby girl died of "inflicted asphyxiation" but Allison was never charged with a crime.

Then in 2009, baby Ariel was found dead in her Caldwell County crib. Allison is accused of smothering her. He claims it was a faulty crib.

Ariel's grieving grandfather said the baby girl didn't have to die and if he or anyone in the family had known about Allison's abusive past, they could've saved Ariel's life.

The 135 pages report depicts abuse that is painful to read. Ariel Allison's grandfather Jack Bargerhuff is furious he didn't know about sooner.

"If we had known that what we know now, there's a good chance she would still be here," Bargerhuff said.

Could baby Ariel's family have saved her from the hands of her own father?

Bargerhuff said yes. He knew about Allison's first daughter's mysterious death in 2008 but not the multiple assaults he admitted to starting in 2000.

Aware of Allison's history, the state found he presented no risk to his family, Bargerhuff's daughter and granddaughter.

Bargerhuff is also baffled by Allison's court case, one that started with a murder charge but ended in reckless homicide, carrying a much lesser sentence of one to five years in jail.

"He gets to go on with his life while my granddaughter lays in the grave," he said.

Bargerhuff said he's not just angry but also worries about what Allison will do when he gets out of jail.

"It could very well happen again," Bargerhuff said.

While Bargerhuff is very displeased with the jury's decision, he had only good things to say about the prosecutor, assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Carrie Ovey-Wiggins. They want to publicly thank her for her hard work on the case.

The prosecutor said there's a rule of evidence that says someone cannot be tried on their past. The cause of the other baby's death was undetermined, so in the eyes of the law, the cases aren't similar.

She said she wishes she could've presented the information. She knew about all this but the court didn't allow it.

However the information will be used in the sentencing phase. The prosecutor will ask for the maximum sentence of five years in jail.

Allison will be sentenced July 3. Until then, he remains at the Caldwell County Jail.

Dad pleads not guilty to forcing sons to drink liquor during Dad's summer visitation (Phoenix, Arizona)

Dad is identified as KRISTOPHER HARVEY. Out of state visitation with teens gets a bit ridiculous after a while. I'm sure they'd rather be spending time with their friends, getting a part-time job, etc. Not hanging around bored at Dad's house where they know no one and have nothing to do.

AZ father pleads not guilty to abuse after forcing sons to drink liquor

Posted: Jun 20, 2012 6:49 PM CDT
Updated: Jun 20, 2012 6:50 PM CDT
Posted by Breann Bierman
PHOENIX (CBS5) - An Arizona father has pled not guilty to child abuse after he admitted to forcing his sons to drink liquor.

Kristopher Harvey of Surprise went before a Maricopa County Superior Court judge Wednesday on two counts of child abuse, according to court spokesman Vincent Funari.

Harvey said his teenage sons were visiting from California earlier this month when he found out they were taking alcohol when he wasn't home.

Harvey told CBS 5 News that's when he made his 13 and 14-year-old sons consume three shots each of hard liquor.

A neighbor heard to the boys screaming in the pool, called 911, and Harvey was arrested.

"Unfortunately it was some of the things I learned when I was a child, that this is how you teach your children to do things. I realize now that it was the biggest mistake of my life," Harvey said in an interview with CBS 5 after his arrest.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dad convicted of murdering 22-month-old son by slitting his throat; mad because Mom wouldn't be "intimate" with him (Mbabane, Swaziland)

Dad MTHOBISI BOY BOY DLAMINI got all pissy 'cause Mom woulnd't have sex with him--so he slit the throat of their 11-month-old son and dumped his body in a cave. Not sure what Mom ever saw in this dude, as he sounds like a loser through and through.

Father jailed for slitting son’s throat

By LINDA JELE on June 21,2012

MBABANE – A man who killed his 11-month-old son and dumped his body in a cave, has been sentenced to 12 years in jail.

Mthobisi Boy Boy Dlamini from Velezizweni was charged with murder for slitting open his son’s throat and dumping his body in a cave.

Trial Judge of the High Court, Mbutfo Mamba was told that Dlamini’s gripe was that his mother-in-law was against his relationship with her daughter.

Dlamini also told the High Court that his lover, Hlobisile Lukhele, had of late refused to have sexual intercourse with him on the advice of her mother.

The incident happened on September 11, 2010 at Luvinjelweni in the Hhohho region.

Dlamini, a Grade VII drop out, had a love relationship with Lukhele, a university student with whom they had the deceased child.

However, the court was told, Lukhele’s mother advised the lovebirds to suspend their relationship, until her daughter had completed her tertiary education and then they could get married.

In a confession made before a magistrate, Dlamini is said to have said his relationship with Lukhele soured to the extent that she no longer agreed to be intimate with him.

He said when he confronted her; she said she had been advised by her mother who warned her lest she fell pregnant again.

He also said he felt the reason his relationship changed was because of his mother-in-law and this angered him and left him confused.

He said one particulay day, he visited Lukhele at her parental home at Mbuluzi asking to take their child, but Lukhele said she could only come with him if they were going to his homstead as her mother had advised her to only go to Dlamini’s parental home at Nkhaba and not to his rented flat at Lobamba. He refused because he had wanted them to address the problems they had at his rented flat.

He also said he refused the idea to go to his parental home because his siblings and parents would think all was well between them when this was not the case.

He then took the child and left her behind, but on arrival in Mbabane, he hired a taxi to Luvinjelweni where he headed for a forest. He said his intention was to kill himself and the child because he was very angry.

He slit the child’s throat with a nail clipper knife and used a bag strap to hang himself on a tree, but it got torn and he fell on a rock thus the suicide attempt failed. Dlamini then ran away to his brother in South Africa to whom he confided in about the child’s death. He later handed himself over to Mbabane police on his brother’s advice. Judge Mamba found Dlamini guilty of murder. He backdated the sentence to September 12, 2010, the date of arrest.

Babysitting dad charged after 7-month-old infant (Houston, Texas)

This is a very common injury among "frustrated" male caretakers. They get angry about changing the baby's diapers, and with all that manly upper body strength, break the baby's leg.

Appears dad BASCOM CROPP is an another one of these useless parasites. Mom is forced to work--even with an infant who is basically a newborn--while this deadbeat abuser puts the baby through all kinds of pain and agony.

This is what happens when moms get roped to these creeps, and have no paid maternity leave, no social services, nothing. It's the babies and children who ultimately suffer.

Dad charged after baby found with fractured leg, broken ribs

A 26-year-old father has been arrested after his 7-week-old infant was found with a broken leg, which doctors said had been twisted, and two fractured ribs, court records show.

Bascom Cropp is charged with injury to a child after his baby was brought to the hospital with injuries sustained on or about Dec. 7, 2011 in the 6000 block of Hollister, according to court documents from the Harris County District Court. Hospital officials documented the child’s condition as consistent with abuse, court records show.

The document states that the child’s mother discovered his leg was swollen when changing the baby’s diaper on Dec. 7. She told investigators Cropp had been taking care of the children while she was working, the document states.

The baby was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital, where x-rays revealed that the child had a broken legs and two fractured ribs.

The mother received a text message from the suspect that said, “If I did it, I didn’t know I was doing it. You know I’m rough sometiems and I don’t mean to,” the document states.

Cropp initially told police that he didn’t know how the baby received the fractures. He later said that maybe he held the baby too tight and could have been “too rough changing the baby’s diaper”, the complaint states.

He told the police had he known that the legs and ribs were broken, he wouldn’t have let the mother take the child to the hospital. The doctor told investigators that the cause of the leg fractures were from a twisting and torquing motion and the left rib fracture was caused by force, possibly from a squeezing motion.The doctor concluded that the baby was hurt multiple times, on multiple occasions over a period of time and that the caretaker would have to know about the injuries when they occurred.

Cropp is in custody with a $5,000 bond.

Custodial dad gets one year in prison for killing infant son; killer praised as "fine, outstanding young man"

Dad BRANDON L. PARKER was custodial. The baby lived with him and his father and stepmother. Not with Mom.

See former post here:

Yet as soon as Daddy gets "frustrated" it's the same old sh**. These testosterone-fueled young idiots just can't handle the stresses of infant care. Not only that, they continuously lie and cover up what they did, even while they are praised for being "fine" young men. Sickening.

Father who had AF aspirations sentenced in shaking death of infant
By Mark Bowes

Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch

Published: June 20, 2012
A young Chesterfield County, Va., father was sentenced to serve a year in prison today for fatally shaking his infant son two years ago in an incident the defendant and his family still question.

Retired Circuit Judge William R. Shelton sentenced Brandon L. Parker, who was 17 and days away from entering the U.S. Air Force when his baby died, to 10 years in prison with nine suspended in the June 2010 death of 2-month-old Elijah Parker.

Parker, who was jailed after entering an Alford guilty plea to voluntary manslaughter in late February, will get credit for time served and could be released in eight months. The judge departed upwards from state sentencing guidelines, which called for an active jail term of no more than six months. Prosecutor B.J. McGee recommended a two-year active term.

Parker, his fiancée and Parker’s father all testified that they didn’t believe Parker fatally shook Elijah, which McGee pointed out was in stark contrast to medical evidence.

“It’s quite clear that he’s not fully taking responsibility for the death of his son,” McGee said of Parker.

Parker testified he was caring for his son on the evening of June 22 after the child’s mother – who was visiting but didn’t live in the Parker family home – left for the night. After Parker told his stepmother that Elijah was restless and unable to sleep, he fed the infant, placed him in his child swing in the teen’s bedroom about 10:30 p.m. and began watching television.

About an hour later, Parker said Elijah woke up screaming, so he picked up the baby to comfort him but he grew limp and unresponsive. Parker said he then placed the baby on his back, placed his hand on his stomach and “shook him a little bit.”

Parker denied violently shaking the child that authorities said resulted in Elijah suffering a traumatic head injury. The shaking was severe enough to cause diffuse bleeding about the child’s brain, brain tissue damage and retinal hemorrhaging of his eyes, a medical professional testified at an earlier hearing.

Police were called to the Parker home about 11:45 p.m. and when officers arrived they found the infant lying motionless at the top of the stairs. He had no injuries, but a white fluid was coming from the baby’s nose. Elijah died four days later at VCU Medical Center.

Parker said losing his son has “been very hard on me. It’s not something that you get over completely.”

Parker’s father, Roscoe Parker, testified that his son has always been responsible and was a good student who participated in many extracurricular activities, including sports and Boy Scouts. Defense attorney Kevin Purnell said his client had been accepted into an elite unit of the U.S. Air Force at the time of his baby’s death after passing a series of tests.

McGee described Parker as a “fine, outstanding young man” with a bright future, but on June 22 he “had a very bad moment… and broke down.”

The prosecutor suggested the stress of being a new father at such a young age and Parker’s imminent plans to enter the military caused Parker to mishandle his son. “And unfortunately, it had tragic consequences.”

“We know the pressure of children having children,” McGee said, adding that Parker was not emotionally or physically equipped to be a father at 17.

Dad charged in fatal shooting death of 21-month-old son, critically injuring 6-year-old brother; mom previously murdered (Houston, Texas)

Seems daddy DEMOND BLUNTSON also murdered the mother of these children at some earlier date, and left her body in a shed.

El Campo dad charged in shooting death of 21-month-old son by staff
Posted on June 20, 2012 at 3:11 PM

Updated today at 3:11 PM

HOUSTON – Charges have been filed against a 36-year-old El Campo man accused of fatally shooting his 21-month-old son and critically injuring the child’s 6-year-old brother.

Demond Bluntson is charged with one count of capital murder, two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a public servant, and one count of aggravated assault.

Bluntson’s arrest came after Laredo police got a call from the El Campo Police Department Tuesday, saying that Brandy Cerny, a woman who was reported missing in El Campo, might be at a Holiday Inn in the area.

Cerny was Bluntson's ex-girlfriend. After checking with the front desk of the hotel, police said they learned that Bluntson had, in fact, rented a room there.

When they went to the room on the 14th floor where they believed Bluntson was staying and identified themselves as cops, they said they heard several gunshots.

One of the bullets went through the door, narrowly missing the two officers.

They immediately called for backup, and police began evacuating the hotel and setting up a perimeter around the property.

At some point, investigators said the two officers entered the room and found Bluntson with two injured boys.

Police detained Bluntson while paramedics tended to the children.

The 6-year-old, identified as Jaydin Thompson, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. He was transferred to a hospital in San Antonio Wednesday, where he remained on life support, police said.

The 21-month-old, identified as Davian Bluntson, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Later Tuesday afternoon, 250 miles away, the body of the boys’ mother -- Cerny — was found in a dilapidated shed in El Campo, on a property where Bluntson used to keep dogs.

Arthur Washingon, a resident who lives by Bluntson’s property, said he was the one who found Cerny’s body.

"My heart dropped, and I thought about my wife because they were friends, and I thought about my children and thought about her family," said Washington.

He said he was hoping for the best when he began looking for Cerny on Dunlop Street. He remembered her as a friendly mother who was always with her kids.

"She was a great mother, just all around good people to be around," he said.

Cerny was last seen alive with her sons at church on Sunday and was reported missing by her father on Monday.

Family members told KHOU 11 News that Cerny and Bluntson had only recently broken up.

Police have not said if Cerny died prior to the shootings of her sons, and as of Wednesday afternoon, charges had not been filed in connection with her death.

Bluntson was being held in the Webb County Jail without bond.

Dad accused of beating infant son; experts say "amazing" that baby survived (Del City, Oklahoma)

Dad JOSHUA JERELL WILLIAMS: yet another babysitting daddy who couldn't stand the crying. Seems Daddy beat this baby quite literally into a bloody mess. Turns my stomache....

Notice that Mom is blamed more in this account than Dad. This is typical. We hold mothers responsible for everything, then rob them of the resources and authority to keep these deadbeat abuser dudes away.

Del City Father Accused Of Hitting Infant 22 Times With Comb, Phone ChargerPosted: Jun 19, 2012 8:55 PM CDT
Updated: Jun 19, 2012 10:01 PM CDT
By Michael Konopasek, News 9

DEL CITY, Oklahoma - Prosecutors have charged a Del City man with child abuse after police say he beat his infant child. The baby was rushed to OU Medical Center's Children's Hospital after the alleged attack.

Experts say it's amazing the child survived. The father is accused of beating the infant repeatedly. When officers arrived at the home, they found blood on the baby blanket in the crib and marijuana inside the apartment.

Police were called to the Oakridge Village apartment complex in reference to the abuse. On Tuesday, many children were playing just feet away from where police say Joshua Jerell Williams attacked his own child.

"No child deserves that," neighbor Shauna Walker said in disbelief.

Others in the community shared the same shock.

"[If you] can't deal with kids, don't be around them," neighbor Breanna Chaffin said.

Del City Police found the infant with bruising around an eye, nose and forehead. Officers also found cuts on both feet of the child.

"I think it's crazy," Chaffin said. "[I've] got a baby. [If] somebody [did] that to my baby, I don't know what might happen."

Williams tells police he hit the infant with a comb and a phone charger. He admits to striking the child over and over again. He estimates hitting the infant 11 times on the body and 11 times on the face. Police say Williams beat the child because the baby would not stop crying.

News 9 attempted to talk with family members, but no one was available for comment. Police say the baby was alone with the father the entire time of the alleged abuse."To all females out there [who are] leaving [their] babies with [their] boyfriends … don't open your legs if you can't take care of the responsibility that's going to pop out of them after nine months," one neighbor said.

Experts say when a parent thinks he or she is about to crack, it is important to step away from the situation.

"You need to remove yourself from the child and get out of the room … whatever it takes," child development specialist Barbara Wright said.

Parents who need help are urged to contact the child abuse hotline at 1-800-4-A-Child.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Custodial dad arrested in death of 3-year-old son (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Once again, you have to read between the lines with the mainstream media. Father...and his "girlfriend." NOT the mother. If this is the mother, I believe they would have said so, and they didn't. In fact there is ZERO mention of the mother, who has been erased from the story entirely. So it certainly appears dad PAS ISRAEL PRIMERA is custodial. Of course, why and how this abusive "alleged" killer dad had custody--and who gave it to him--is passed over in complete silence.

As we have pointed out before, abusive/neglectful, crazy, drug-addicted and/or alcoholic mothers are typically custodial by default because they get pregnant, give birth, and nobody objects or interferes with the custodial arrangement. This is especially true when the mothers are not married or in a stable relationship.

Custodial dads gain custody because Mom is dead, "disappeared," or somebody in authority granted them custody. So when we have a killer dad, we should ALWAYS be asking how this child ended up in this home. It is never just an accident of nature.

Father Arrested In Death Of 3-Year-Old NM Son

POSTED: 9:51 am MDT June 19, 2012

ALBUQUERQUE -- Authorities say the father of a 3-year-old Ruidoso Downs boy is facing charges in his son's death.

KOB-TV reported that state police say Pas Israel Primera and his girlfriend, Savanah Morales, were being held Monday at Lincoln County Detention Center on charges of negligent child abuse resulting in death.

Paz Israel Primera Jr. died from blunt force trauma to the abdomen, according to a criminal complaint. The child had a broken wrist, bruises on his neck and other internal injuries.

Police say the boy was pronounced dead by paramedics called to Primera's home on June 11.

The couple told police the toddler had been complaining about stomach pains the night before and vomiting.

Authorities say two other children living in the home had no signs of abuse.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dad murders mom as she drops off kids for Father's Day visitation (Lacey, Washington)

Still more visitation-related carnage. UNNAMED DAD.

Girl, 8, finds her parents dead after 'her father shot her mother in murder- suicide'

Man, 39, shot 31-year-old estranged wife in the head in Lacey, Washington
Girl and brother, 6, were being dropped off for Father's Day

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED:09:39 EST, 18 June 2012 | UPDATED:10:12 EST, 18 June 2012

A man shot dead his estranged wife before killing himself as the woman dropped off the couple's two children for a visit.

The woman arrived at 5.15pm on Saturday afternoon with their daughter, eight, and six-year-old son for a Father's Day visit.
The children had started walking from their father's home to another building on the property where their grandparents live in Lacey, Washington.
The couple got into an argument before the man, 39, shot his 31-year-old wife at the rural home.
On hearing the gunshots, the couple's eight-year-old daughter ran back to her parents and found them both lying on the ground with gunshot wounds to the head.
She then ran to tell her grandparents who dialled 911.
Thurston County Sheriff’s Detective Sgt Ray Brady told 'Preliminary indications show it appears to be a murder-suicide.'
The couple have not yet been identified by authorities and officers said they had never been called to the address before.

Dad assault mom, injures 1-year-old daughter; leads deputies on Father's Day car chase (Hesperia, California)

Every Father's Day, there is always a bunch of crazy daddy sh**. Dad ALFRED CURTIS HARVEY has done his best to uphold that tradition. Check out Daddy's criminal record. Quite impressive.

Man leads deputies on Father's Day chase

Probationer has long criminal history

June 18, 2012 11:07 AM

Beatriz E. Valenzuela, Staff Writer

HESPERIA • A Hesperia man spent Father's Day behind bars after he allegedly assaulted the mother of his young child and led deputies on a high-speed chase through Hesperia that ended in Victorville, San Bernardino County Sheriff's Hesperia station officials said.

The victim called 911 at about 8 p.m. Sunday to report the father of her child had shown up at her home in the 8800 block of C Avenue belligerent, according to dispatch reports. The woman reported the man — later identified as Alfred Curtis Harvey, 35, of Victorville — pushed her down to the ground as she was holding their 1-year-old daughter, causing the child to strike her head during the altercation. The woman told dispatchers Harvey left her home in a gold, 1980s El Camino and may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Sheriff’s authorities confirmed Harvey may have been intoxicated.

Deputy Antonio Higuera spotted a similar vehicle near Main Street and C Avenue and attempted the perform a traffic stop, according to a release. Harvey refused to stop and instead sped off toward Interstate 15 on Main Street, Susan Rose, spokeswoman for the Hesperia station said.

Harvey drove onto northbound I-15 and exited onto Victorville streets still driving recklessly and at a high rate of speed, officials said. Harvey continued to ignore authorities commands to pull over even as the sheriff’s helicopter joined in the pursuit.

When Harvey turned north onto Mariposa Road, Higuera was able to perform a PIT maneuver which sent Harvey’s vehicle spinning and disabling the El Camino, according to reports.

Deputies were able to take Harvey into custody without further incident.
The mother and her child were taken to the hospital and later released.
Through an investigation, deputies learned Harvey was an AB 109 post-community release probationer on county probation for felony evading, Rose said. A search of court documents also shows Harvey has an extensive arrest record for a variety of offenses including vehicular manslaughter, several arrests for receiving stolen property, battery on a spouse, obstructing a peace officer, possession of a controlled substance, numerous vehicle code violations and grand theft.

Dad with visitation rights stalks mom, murders her and new partner, abducts 5-year-old daughter, then kills her too (Queensland, Australia)

Australia has been under the control of the fathers' rights crowd for years now--and this is the result.

Dad PAUL ROGERS gets shared custody/visitation rights despite a history of domestic violence, including assaulting an unnamed woman. Mom actually gets physically ill from the stress very time he picks up the kids. Mom gets worried when he starts following her and living in his car outside her home. The freaking cops blow her off, saying it's not harassment. He ends up killing her and her new partner, and abducting their 5-year-old daughter. Unbelievably, the cops delay the issuing of a child abduction alert. (Because even dads who commit double homicides deserve their rights?) Then Daddy Dearest gasses the child to death, before doing in his own sorry self.

When will mothers and children have the rights to basic health and safety? When will the courts stop considering moms and kids mere "collateral damage" to The Daddy's Rights?

Father stalked, then killed ex

19th June 2012 12:00 AM

A FATHER of two stalked his ex-girlfriend before he murdered her and her new partner, kidnapped his own daughter then gassed himself and the daughter.

Chilling evidence has surfaced during the coronial inquest into the triple murder and suicide by Paul Rogers of Kyla Rogers (his five-year-old daughter), Tania Simpson (mother of Kyla and ex-girlfriend of Rogers) and Tania's partner Antony Way.

Rogers killed Ms Simpson and Mr Way in a Robina apartment on May 15, 2011, before snatching Kyla from her bed, driving to a remote spot on the Bruxner Hwy west of Casino and gassing himself and Kyla.

Tania Simpson's father, John Simpson, told the coronial inquest yesterday that Rogers had stalked Tania before the murders.

Ms Simpson and Rogers had an arrangement where Rogers would see their two children each Saturday.

Mr Simpson said Tania would be stressed, feel sick and even vomit before Rogers came to pick the kids up.

"But she never thought he would do anything to the kids," Mr Simpson said.

Ms Simpson and Rogers had been engaged but Ms Simpson called off the wedding in October, 2010 when they were living at a caravan park they were managing in Inverell.

Mr Simpson and his wife Julie Simpson lived in Inverell also.

Mr Simpson said Rogers took to cutting himself after the break-up.

The actions of the Queensland police service, including a delay in issuing a child abduction alert, are the main focus of the coronial inquest.

Broadbeach Police Sergeant Robert Smithson told the inquest on Monday he received a phone call for advice from Ms Simpson about Rogers' behaviour.

Ms Simpson told him how Rogers was following her in his car and was living in his car outside her home in Nobbys Beach.

Counsel assisting the coroner Peter Johns asked Sgt Smithson why that did not amount to harassment, a form of domestic violence.

Sgt Smithson outlined he did not believe the situation had got as far as warranting domestic violence in his mind, based on what he had been told.

The court heard that in Rogers's criminal history was a charge of assaulting a woman.

Mom threatened, injured during Fathers Day child custody exchange; 5 police injured as well (Springfield, Massachusetts)

What happens when mothers are forced to share custody with drunken idiots. UNNAMED DAD. Kids need this?

6 arrested, 5 officers hurt in Sprinfield brawl

Jun 18, 2012 3:14pm

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) - Police say a Father's Day party in Springfield ended with six arrests and a police officer in the hospital.

The trouble started at about 7:45 p.m. Sunday when a woman showed up at a city apartment to pick up her child, who had been at the father's home.

Police say the man threatened the woman with a baseball bat and someone else threw a bottle at her.

When police arrived and tried to arrest the father and the bottle thrower, other people at the party resisted. One officer was bitten and hit over the head with a chair. He was taken to the hospital and is expected to be OK. Four other officers sustained minor injuries.

Three men and three women were arrested, mostly on assault and battery charges.

French diplomat dad accused of raping 3-year-old daughter; dad still walking free four days later even with two positive swabs (India)

Sickening. But typical of the kid-glove treatment many molester daddies get, whether they're diplomats or not. Dad is identified as PASCAL MEZURIER.

Law blind to incest

Jun 19, 2012 | DC

While his wife and others want no mercy to be shown to French diplomat, Pascal Mezurier, accused of raping his three-and-a-half year old daughter, the little girl herself, tucked in the arms of her mother, cries for her father whom she loves. “I love my papa; he hurts me,” cries the traumatised child.

“She is clearly confused. Although physically and emotionally hurt, she is too young and ignorant to understand that what her papa, the person she loves and trusts the most, did was wrong. It could affect her later if she is not counselled properly,” warns Dr Jagadeesh, a forensic medicine expert and promoter of Collaborative Child Response units in hospitals, an initiative of Unicef and the Department of Women and Child Development, to care for sexually abused children.

Mezurier reportedly got away with his alleged horrendous, incestuous crime because the family felt he was a hands-on dad, would play with the children and laugh with them. His 37-year-old wife , Suja Jones, has reportedly said in the police complaint that she trusted him and believed he was a caring father. But while public attention is centred around the alleged abuser and the need to bring him to justice, its equally important to remember the needs of the child, who has suffered his assault, say counsellors.

“Victims of child sexual abuse if not counselled properly often grow up to believe that they invited the sexual abuse and deserve to be in abusive relationships for the rest of their lives,” says Dr Shaibya Saldanha, resource faculty for training under he Integrated Child Protection Scheme in Karnataka of the Unicef and DWCD. “The traumagenic dynamics model of child sexual abuse developed by Finkelhor & Browne (1985) explains the impact of childhood sexual abuse : how when children come to know of their sexuality in an inappropriate and dysfunctional manner; they begin to suffer feelings of worthlessness, shame and guilt,” she points out, adding that the betrayal by someone they trust and depend upon and the powerlessness they feel in the situation can have a devastating effect too.

Activists question the delay in arrest

The fact that French diplomat, Pascal Mezurier, is still free although four days have passed since his alleged rape of his three- and- a half- year old daughter came to light, has enraged city human rights activists.

“Diplomatic immunity cannot be a protection in such a heinous crime. There should have been no delay in arresting him. The state government and the police are unnecessarily delaying discharging their duties. Immunity cannot be a reason to allow an alleged rapist to walk free," says Mr Mathew Philip, executive director, South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring (SICHREM).

“We've had a talk with the ministry of external affairs and consulted four experts in Delhi, and it is clear that Pascal Mezurier does not enjoy diplomatic immunity. I really don't understand why the state government is taking so long in acting against him,” says Ms Pramila Nesargi, a senior advocate, and counsel for the complainant.

Activists are also upset that while Mezurier has not been arrested, the child was sent for yet another medical examination to Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital. “Despite the vaginal and anal swab the child underwent at Baptist Hospital and the detection of sperm, she had to undergo yet another test at Bowring Hospital which was not required. This is a serious violation of her rights. Only if the doctor who conducted the first test was not sure about his findings, should she have been referred to another hospital," they argue.

Ms Nesargi too finds it hard to understand why the child had to undergo a second test when the swab test report of Baptist Hospital clearly said she was subjected to sexual abuse. “Baptist Hospital and MS Ramaiah Hospital are the only two competent hospitals in the city with a proper child protection unit and trained doctors and staff to handle child rape cases," she points out .