Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dad arrested for "spanking baby daughter to death with a belt for soiling her diaper'; Is this a custodial dad? (Austin, Texas)

Interesting trend I've noticed recently. The UK press is reporting murders by U.S. fathers (especially those with custody) while the U.S. press ignores these stories in favor of the latest on Casey Anthony.

What is going on in this case? Notice that the mother of this murdered 2-year-old girl LIVED OUT OF STATE. It was daddy's new gal pal who called the police when Daddy started beating this girl to death.

So did dad NICHOLAS WILLIAMS have out-of-state visitation with a todder? Why? What possible benefit would that have been to a child this young? Or did this hot-headed @$$hole have actual custody?Why is that not clarified? Who gave this idiot custody and/or visitation and why?


Father arrested for 'spanking baby daughter to death with a belt for soiling her diaper'
By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 10:48 PM on 30th May 2011

A young father has been arrested after police said he viciously spanked his two-year-old daughter to death with a belt after she soiled her diaper.

Nicholas Williams, 22, was held in Austin, Texas, last week after his girlfriend called 911 to say the child, Alaney Queen, had stopped breathing.

When police arrived they found Williams holding his daughter, who was unresponsive. After performing CPR at the scene, paramedics took the child to hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The child had several bruises across her body, with the greatest injuries suffered to her head and buttocks.

Williams admitted to police he had spanked Alaney Queen about 10 times with a belt because he had caught her in the bathroom eating her own excrement.

He said her lips were already purple before he hit her. After then putting her down for a nap, her later found blood and vomit on the bed and said that was when he noticed she had stopped breathing.

The woman who called authorities, who is not the child's mother, said she heard Williams beating Alaney Queen but did not see it. She said Williams admitted to her that he used a belt to punish the child.

It is thought that the girl's mother lives outside the state.

Detectives have now taken another two-month-old child who was living in the property from the couple and are holding Williams, charged with injury to a child, a first-degree felony. in jail on a $40,000 bond.

They believe the child died because of the horrific blunt force injuries she had suffered.

An autopsy performed on the girl's body the next day reported several bruises to the girl's head, face, back, buttocks, chest and arms.

Sergeant Hector Reveles said: 'He said he spanked her approximately 10 times with a belt.

'The child had some contusions throughout various parts of her body... It is clear the child had received more injuries than he was accounting for. Clearly he was the one disciplining the child.'