Friday, May 13, 2011

Dad died of drug overdose while in closet with 5-year-old son; boy trapped with Dad for 4 days (Howard County, Maryland)

Whoa. Wait a minute. What in the HELL was this 5-year-old boy doing in the care of his cokehead daddy, the one who went "missing" after a "domesic incident" with a relative? At any rate, now that cokehead daddy NAJIB MALIK ABDULLAH has died from an overdose, this poor child won't be spending 4 days in a closet with Daddy again....

Police: Jessup Father Died of Drug Overdose with Son in Closet
Najib Malik Abdullah, who was found dead in a closet, had been there with his 5-year-old son for four days, police say.
By Patch Staff 11:29am

Howard County police confirmed that a man found dead in a closet with his 5-year-old son alive inside, died of a cocaine overdose, according to a report in the Columbia Flier.

Detectives said the two, Najib Malik Abdullah, 26, and his son, had been last seen leaving a relative's home in Jessup following a domestic incident, according to the report.

Police told the paper that the child, who had been in the closet with his father for four days, was hungry and thirsty when he was found but otherwise in good condition. He was placed in the custody of his mother, police have said.

No one had been living in the residence where Abdullah and his child were found, and it appeared that Abdullah broke a window to gain entry, police said.

Around 3:15 p.m. on April 30, a family member of the resident checked on the house at the 8700 block of Mary Lane and found Abdullah ‘s body and the child.

According to WBAL Baltimore, that family member was Troy Wise, who went to the residence to clean his grandfather’s house.

Wise told the station it looked like the boy had been in the closet with his deceased father for days.

“He had been in the dark, because I had to turn the lights. When (the boy) came out, his hands were gripping, like he'd been holding onto his father," Wise told 11 News.