Friday, May 27, 2011

Custodial dad chained teen daughter to keep her from leaving the house (Desoto County, Florida)

Interesting that Florida abuser daddy stories are now found in the UK, and not in the Florida media. Especially when they involve custodial dads like OSCAR RUIZ. What's that about? And what happened to Mom? Not one word of explanation--as usual.


Single parent father faces abuse charge after he chained his teenage daughter to a set of weights to stop her leaving the houseBy Paul Thompson

Last updated at 8:09 PM on 23rd May 2011

Oscar Ruiz chained up his daughter before he left for work

A father is facing child abuse charged after he chained his teenage daughter to a set of weights to stop her leaving the house.

Police found the 14-year-old girl shackled by a 15 foot long chain attached to a dumbbell and two 25lb weights.

The teen told police her father Oscar Ruiz had chained her up before he left for work.

Deputies cut the chain off the teen's leg and said she was unharmed by her ordeal.

Officers contacted Ruiz at his work and he claimed he had to work away from the home in Desoto County, Florida, and had couldn't find anyone to look after his daughter.

He also said his daughter continually ran away from home and chaining her up was the only guaranteed way she would remain at home.

The teen, who has not been named, was chained to a 25lb dumbbell and two 25lb plates. The chain around her ankle was padlocked.

DeSoto County Sheriff William Wise said: 'I’ve never seen anybody get chained to an 85lb weight before. He’s a single parent. He thought he was doing the right thing and it landed him in jail.'

The teenage victim was able to escape by dragging the weights across her front lawn to a neighbours house where police were called.

Neighbour Deborah Harrison said: 'I can't believe parents would do that to their kids. I'm totally shocked.'

Police said the teen was taken into custody for a previous battery case.

She was held in a juvenile detention centre while her single parent father was in jail on abuse charges.