Monday, May 16, 2011

Dad to stand trial for 2004 murder of newborn daughter (Florida)

Another case where there isn't one word about the mother, or why this poor baby was in the care of this allegedly mentally ill father, TERRELL FUTCH. Mom had to work and had no maternity leave at all? Perhaps. It's also very common in the state of Florida for dads like this to get joint custody, even of newborns. Even if they have a history of violence and/or severe mental illness.

Notice that this case once again contradicts the line that only mothers are coddled with the mental health get-out-of-jail-free card.


Updated: 7:04 PM May 13, 2011

Father to Stand Trial in Shaken Baby Case
Case set for trial nearly seven years after baby's death

Posted: 7:04 PM May 13, 2011
Reporter: Julie Montanaro

A man accused of shaking his newborn baby to death is set to stand trial this fall, nearly seven years after the alleged crime.

Terrell Futch was arrested back in December 2004, but was later declared incompetent to stand trial and has spent much of the past seven years receiving treatment at Florida State Hospital.

He was recently declared competent to proceed and this week a judge set a trial date for September 2011.

Futch is facing murder and aggravated child abuse charges in the death of his four month old daughter. Police say an autopsy found the baby had several broken bones and died of a brain hemorrhage.

Court records show Futch's attorney has filed paperwork of his intent to claim insanity. He did not respond to our request for comment.