Monday, May 23, 2011

Dad with joint custody murders 3-year-old daughter during visitation (Boise, Idaho)

We have got to stop believing the fathers rights hype. Giving custody rights to dads like ANDREW DAVIS doesn't stop violence. It only gives these murderous creeps easy access to their victims, so they can kill them. This guy was due to get 50/50 custody--which is more than I got when my daughter was young. But all this didn't stop Daddy from taking his daughter's young life, did it? We just had to have the big bloody Daddy Drama, didn't we. We just needed to make sure that Everybody Knew that Daddy Wasn't Happy, and that Mommy Needed to Suffer.

Turns out that Mom's initial instincts were absolutely correct, that this butthead shouldn't have been allowed around the baby. Too bad those in authoritiy didn't trust her mother's instincts.

Watch the nitwit FRs argue that if Daddy had had 50/50 now, his murder of this little girl could have been averted. Needless to say, they are full of sh**.

Boise man, child who died in murder-suicide Thursday identified
By Katy Moeller, Patrick Orr and Kathleen Kreller - Idaho Statesman
Published: 05/20/11

A Boise man who shot his 3-year-old daughter Thursday afternoon and then turned the gun on himself has been identified as Andrew Davis.

Davis, 38, killed his daughter Natasha Echon-Davis, who was in the back seat of his car at the Majestic 18 Cinemas in Meridian, according to the Ada County Coroner's report.

The Idaho Statesman spoke with Davis' mother and family Friday afternoon. The family is grieving and asks for privacy at this time.

Police were able to locate the mother of the child Thursday night. She was not harmed or threatened, Meridian police Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea said.

Basterrechea said the child was in Davis' care since Thursday morning. The mother had no indication that Davis was upset or in any kind of a frame of mind to commit a violent crime and then kill himself.

"This was a complete shocker," Basterrechea said.

Court records indicate Davis and Natasha's mother were not married. There was a legal battle over the girl's custody which was resolved in 2009, according to Ada County court records.

Initially, Davis said the girl's mother refused to let him have access to Natasha following her birth but a visitation schedule was worked out once lawyers were hired, the documents say.

Davis sued for joint custody and was granted in April 2009, according to the records, but a 50/50 split was not to occur until 2013. Until then, Davis had custody certain days of the week.

Police suspect the shootings occurred sometime between 4:45 and 6:30 p.m., when emergency crews were called to the parking lot of the theater off Overland Road and west of Eagle Road. The coroner's office was dispatched to the scene at 7:53 p.m.

“We have no motive whatsoever,” Basterrechea said. “These are the most extreme cases our officers can deal with.”

The Ada County Coroner performed autopsies Friday.