Friday, May 20, 2011

Custodial dad of girl found dead years after murder pleads not guilty (Monument, Colorado)

We've posted on dad HANIF SIMS many times. Once again, we need to remind all you Dastardly readers out there that this father was awarded custody of this murdered child back in New Jersey. And he retained custody and was allowed to move out of state despite ongoing child abuse investigations.

Updated: 4:02 PM May 19, 2011

Father of Girl Found Dead Years After Murder Pleads Not Guilty

The man accused in the death of 7-year-old Genesis Sims, whose body was found in a Monument home years after her murder, pleaded not guilty to first degree murder Thursday.

Posted: 2:46 PM May 19, 2011
Reporter: KKTV

The man accused in the death of 7-year-old Genesis Sims, whose body was found in a Monument home years after her murder, pleaded not guilty Thursday.

The father of Genesis, Hanif Sims, has pleaded not guilty to a new charge of first degree murder. His girlfriend, Monique Lynch made a plea deal last week to a lesser charge from first degree murder to child abuse causing death. In exchange, she will have to testify against Hanif, and a first degree murder charge was added.

The lead detective on the case testified earlier this month about the day Genesis died. According to Lynch's testimony to detectives in April, on the morning of Genesis' death, Hanif and Genesis had gotten into an argument, which had caused Genesis to wet her pants. Hanif told her to go take a shower. When she was in the shower, Hanif allegedly started yelling at her before picking her up by her throat, putting her back down and punching her in the chest. That punch caused her to fall backwards into the tub and she went unconscious.

Lynch goes on to say Sims tried CPR, but Genesis was still unresponsive. That's when, according to Lynch, she and Hanif started discussing ways to get rid of her body. Hanif allegedly suggested buying acid from Home Depot to burn her body, and also thought of burning her body in a fireplace. Ultimately, Lynch says they decided to bury her in the crawl space of the home.

The detective goes on to say that Lynch was 5-6 months pregnant when Genesis died.

It's not yet known if Lynch, 31, will take the stand. She could face 10 to 32 years in prison at a sentencing hearing June 30.

"She is required by terms of her agreement to testify in the co-defendant's trial. The co-defendant's charges on Friday were raised up to first-degree murder," May said.

Contractors digging a pit found Genesis' body under a home in Monument where Sims had lived with Lynch in 2008.

Sims and Lynch had blamed each other for the death. He is now set to go on trial October 11 at 8:30 a.m. on a charge of felony child abuse, as well as the new first degree murder charge.

The judge ruled to bind over the first degree murder charge for Sims. According to District Attorney's Office, that means there was enough probable cause for Sims to be charged with first degree murder.