Monday, June 20, 2016

Custodial dad on death row for killing 2-year-old daughter gets reprieve (Huntsville, Texas)

The real unanswered questions that aren't even posed here. How did a felon father with a
history of alcohol abuse, parole violations with apparently no interest in childrearing get SOLE CUSTODY of a 2-year-old girl? Who was behind this process? Whatever happened to this child' mother? And notice that Daddy had only managed to keep it together for three freaking months before killing (and apparently sexually abusing) the child.

Dad is identified as ROBERT ROBERTSON  III.

See the Killer Dads and Custody list for the State of Texas.

Reprieve for death row inmate convicted of killing daughter, 2

Robert Roberson, III / CBS Fort Worth

HUNTSVILLE, Texas - Attorneys who contended "junk science" was used to send a father to death row for killing his 2-year-old daughter 14 years ago have won a reprieve blocking the Texas inmate's execution set for next week.

Robert Roberson III, 49, was set to die Tuesday for the February 2002 death of his daughter, Nikki Curtis, at his home in Palestine in East Texas. But the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals sent his case back to his Anderson County trial court late Thursday to review claims he is innocent of capital murder. There is no timetable for the appeal to be resolved. One judge on the nine-member court, Lawrence Meyers, voted to refuse the reprieve and dismiss the appeal.

Lawyers argued Roberson's conviction was based on "junk science" and "false, misleading and scientifically invalid testimony" and that new scientific evidence establishes he would not have been convicted.

The child had serious head injuries, and Roberson contended she accidentally fell from a bed. Medical staff at a Palestine hospital called police because they considered the injuries suspicious. Physicians who examined her said bruises to her chin, cheek and jaw and a subdural hematoma - bleeding outside her brain but inside her skull - likely were intentional and no accident.

Nikki died the next day, Feb. 1, 2002, and a medical examiner ruled blunt force head injuries as the cause.

Defense attorney Benjamin Wolff told the appeals court that Nikki's death could be attributed to a number of things, such as undiagnosed meningitis, an accidental injury before Roberson began caring for her the day she died, a fall from the bed he didn't see or a fatal congenital condition.

The Anderson County District Attorney's office did not immediately respond to a message left Friday.

According to court records, Nikki had been living with Roberson and his girlfriend, Teddie Cox, for about three months after a court awarded him custody of the child.

Testimony from Cox, who was not the child's mother, showed he had no interest in caring for his daughter, but was her sole caretaker for the first time on Jan. 31, 2002, and was not pleased.

Prosecutors initially said Roberson sexually assaulted the 2-year-old, based on statements from a hospital nurse, but dropped that element of the capital murder charge late in the trial when evidence could not conclusively support it.

"But by then, the damage had been done," Wolff said in Roberson's appeal. "The state used this rank speculation to drive home its view that Robert was not just a poor, mentally impaired father struggling with sobriety, but a deviant - capable of raping and brutally shaking his own daughter to death."

Roberson was a parolee with previous convictions for burglary and theft and parole violations.

At least seven other Texas inmates have executions scheduled for the coming months, including one in July and four in August.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dad abducts infant son from mom and takes him out of state; batters him so badly the baby is left with severe disabilities (Tallapoosa County, Alabama)

See link below for full story. Father JAMES MCINVALE JR. essentially abducted the baby from the mother in Michigan and took him to Alabama. Now Daddy is on trial for severely abusing the baby, who has been left with severe disabilities. Daddy blames his own Daddy. While they squabble, the mother is left to grieve over a baby who is severely brain damaged, with up to 200 seizures a day.

Dad in custodial situation body-slams 8-year-old son, causing brain bleed; what happened to boy's mom? (Jennings, Louisiana)

Obviously some sort of custodial situation, since dad's girlfriend is mentioned, who is clearly not the mother.
Whether Daddy had full custody or shared/joint is not clarified. And Mom's existence has been erased entirely. How did this abuser get access to a child? No answer here. Who gave it to him? No answer here.
Dad is identified as ROBERT D. BOURQUE.

Posted: Jun 14, 2016 4:27 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 14, 2016 4:29 PM EDT

Jennings man arrested on child abuse charge

A Jennings man has been booked in connection with the injury of his child, Jennings Police said.

Robert D. Bourque, 30, of Jennings, was booked with cruelty to a juvenile. As of Tuesday, no bond had been set for his release.

Police were called to Jennings American Legion Hospital Saturday after an eight-year-old child was brought to the hospital with a head wound. His father, identified as Bourque, told police the child fell off a couch and hit his head on a wooden floor.

However, medical personnel reported the child had vomited before his arrival at the hospital and after his arrival, and a CT scan on the child showed a large brain bleed, a spokesman said.

The child was transferred to a Lafayette hospital where a neurosurgeon determined that the child's injuries were not consistent with falling off a couch, the spokesman said.
The child then told investigators that his father was upset with him because he didn't want to play with his dad's girlfriend's daughter. The child told investigators that his father picked him up and body-slammed him onto the floor, the spokesman said. When investigators went back to the father with the child's story, he allegedly confessed what he had done, the spokesman said.

Protective mom goes on hunger strike to protest losing child custody to violent father (Cascais, Spain)


Cascais mother on hunger strike after losing children to violent father

in News · 15-06-2016 07:43:00 ·

The mother of two young children who has again lost custody of her two young children to their violent father is today starting a hunger strike outside the Cascais courthouse.

Ana Maximiano decided to launch this form of protest after the court decided to extend the father’s custody, aged 2 and 3, by an additional six months. The father had previously been given a two-and-a-half year suspended sentence for domestic violence.

But according to the mother’s lawyer, the court renewed the custody arrangements as they reportedly do not have access to a social services report which states that while the father seems calm, the children should stay with him as he loses control and becomes violent.

Custodial dad beats infant daughter, sends photos to mother and threatens to kill baby if mother asks for custody (Hangzhou, China)

Just like any terrorist, giving them what they demand is never enough. Enough is never enough. UNNAMED DAD has what is essentially full custody and STILL he has to beat up the baby and torture Mom.

Father who beat baby daughter and sent pictures of her injuries to ex-wife arrested in China Man assaulted child and threatened to kill her if mother asked for custody, according to news website report

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 15 June, 2016, 10:46am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 June, 2016, 10:46am

A father who beat his baby daughter, threatened to kill her and sent photographs of her injuries to his ex-wife has been arrested in eastern China.

The 2½-year-old girl has been sent to hospital by the authorities in Hangzhou in Zhejiang province and is in a stable condition, a police statement said.

The 30-year-old father, whose full name was not given, was given custody of the child in October after the couple divorced, the news website reported.

His ex-wife was quoted as saying that her former husband had abused the child from March this year.

She last visited her daughter early last month, the report said.

The father sent four photographs of the girl with bruises all over the body and threatened to kill the child if her mother asked for custody, according to the article.

The mother posted the photographs online and appealed for help. “I want custody back and want the pervert to be punished,” she wrote.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Dad refuses to return child to mom for 7 months; police, CPS do nothing, then child ends up in hospital with fatal injuries (Independence, Missouri)

This is why single mothers need to have custody rights automatically. And why we need to have police and CPS START PAYING ATTENTION TO MOTHERS.

And mothers need to have resources to support their kids. It's ridiculous that we have tons of corporate welfare and virtually nothing for struggling moms and kids.


Furious metro mom: ‘Someone beat my child to death’

Posted 5:23 pm, June 9, 2016, by Robert Townsend, Updated at 05:56pm, June 9, 2016

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A child is dead and a grieving Independence mother is left to wonder why. Myra Price made the most difficult decision a parent can ever make: she told doctors to take her daughter off life support.

FOX 4's Robert Townsend spoke with the heartbroken mother about her decision, and what led the family to such dire circumstances.

"I'm mad as hell right now. The crying is over. I've cried a lot and I've prayed a lot," a fuming, grief-stricken Price said.

"My baby was always smiling. She was always joyful. She loved to dance and she should be here with me right now," the 23-year-old mother said as she fought back tears.

Price is convinced someone severely beat her little girl.

"I had a feeling something was going on with her. Didn't nobody believe me, the police, asking them, asking DFS," Price said.

On Oct. 22 of last year, Price said she took her daughter, 3-year-old Honesty Sanders, to the child's paternal grandmother's home.

Price said she wanted her child to stay for a while with her ex-boyfriend's mother.

"I was off work for a couple of weeks. I asked her, 'Right now I'm struggling. I really need your help," Price explained.

Price said the grandmother took Honesty to the child's father's home in Kansas City, Kan.

During the last seven months, Price said she never saw her child again, and only spoke to Honesty on the phone three times.

"He would let me talk to her for a little bit or I be like, 'Honesty, are you okay?' He'd take the phone from her and that's how you know something was wrong," Price said.

More than a week ago, on May 27, Price said a KCK police detective called her from the University of Kansas Hospital, saying that her child was in the Intensive Care Unit.

A police spokesperson said earlier that morning, officers when to an apartment on Vermont Street in KCK and found Honesty was unresponsive.

Price said she rushed to the hospital and learned her child suffered critical injuries.

"If a baby comes in the hospital by themself unresponsive, brain-damaged, crushed lungs, that's showing bruises all over her body, that's abuse so I don't understand why there's nobody in custody," Price said.

Police said right now they're still interviewing people about the child's injuries.

On Monday, Price simply couldn't bear to see her child in such a state any longer, and the heart-wrenching decision to let Honesty go.

"Basically, she was a vegetable," Price explained. "I wasn't going to her hurt like that."

Although Honesty is now gone, her mother is not giving up the fight to find the person who injured her, promising, "Justice is going to be served for her."

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dad with full custody found guilty of "corpse abuse" after decomposed body of 21-month-old daughter found in crib (Medina, Ohio)

We have followed this case for three years, and there has been NO EXPLANATION in the media as to how a homeless, dysfunctional, child-neglecting, cocaine-using father got custody. Who was responsible for this decision?

Dad is identified as ERIC WARFEL.

Dad of Ohio Girl Found Dead in Crib Guilty of Corpse Abuse
By The Associated Press

MEDINA, Ohio — Jun 8, 2016, 11:19 AM ET

A man whose daughter's decomposed body was found in a crib by a cable television worker was convicted Wednesday of corpse abuse and tampering with evidence.

Investigators were unable to determine how 21-month-old Ember Warfel died last summer because her body was so badly decomposed. Prosecutors argued that her father, Eric Warfel, did not report his daughter's death because he did not want an autopsy performed.

A judge also found the 35-year-old Warfel guilty of child endangering.

Warfel, who was found competent to stand trial after pleading not guilty by reason of insanity, will be sentenced next month and faces up to six years in prison.

Ember's body was discovered last July in a Medina apartment, south of Cleveland.

Another daughter of Warfel's, a 5-month-old, died in 2013. A medical examiner ruled that case as a "sudden unexplained infant death."

Warfel's attorney has said Ember was born with severe medical problems. He also said Warfel's failure to report his daughter's death was not enough reason to convict him on the corpse abuse and tampering charges.

While the cause of the girl's death hasn't been determined, an autopsy did find traces of cocaine in her hair samples.

Warfel was arrested after a cable technician went into an apartment to upgrade the service and found the toddler's body in her crib.

Warfel, who was divorced from the girl's mother, had full custody of the child. He told investigators Ember died about a month earlier and he hadn't informed family members or anyone else about her death, according to a police report.

Warfel was arrested while he and his 7-year-old daughter were at a mall near Cleveland. He said they were living at a motel, and investigators found cocaine in his motel room, police said.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Baby suffers "brain shift" during visitation with dad, dies in hospital (Staten Island, New York)

Not clear if the visitation was court-ordered custody time. But it doesn't really matter, as young mothers are under tremendous pressure to "involve" the father, even if their relationship didn't survive the pregnancy.

Dad is identified as THEODORE RICKS.

Mom 'wants justice' after baby's death is ruled homicide

By Maura Grunlund on June 06, 2016 at 8:09 PM, updated June 06, 2016 at 8:15 PM

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Little Morgan Ricks was born premature, but the 3-month-old had been doing well since her birth, the child's mother said Monday.

"Even though she was a premie, she was still gaining her weight," said Shanera Flicklin.

But things suddenly turned tragic on Aug. 30, when the child was found unresponsive in an apartment at 81 Jersey St. in the Richmond Terrace Houses, New Brighton, police said.

The NYPD launched an investigation into Morgan's death after a physician told cops that night that the child had suffered a "brain shift" and bleeding to her brain while in the care of a family member, police said at the time.

Morgan Ricks, a 3-month-old girl hospitalized on Aug. 29, died Friday. A doctor told police she suffered a "brain shift" while in a family member's care on Staten Island, cops said.

On Friday, the city medical examiner ruled the child's death a homicide caused by "abusive head trauma." The determination came nearly 10 months after she died on Sept. 11 at Richmond University Medical Center in West Brighton.

Police have yet to make any arrests.

A law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation said the child was with her father the night of the incident, but could not say if anyone else was in the apartment with them.

A woman at the apartment, who identified herself as a relative of Morgan's father, Theodore Ricks, said Ricks was not at the apartment Monday night.

On Monday, the child's mother tearfully discussed that fateful day.

Flicklin said she dropped Morgan off at the infant's father's home around 3 p.m. Aug. 30.

When she went to pick her up five hours later, "She wasn't responding to me," Flicklin said.

Morgan was stiff when Flicklin picked her up.

Flicklin opened the infant's eyelids and said her pupils were still; she had drool on her face.

"I had to pry her mouth open," the mother said, adding that she called for the ambulance.

Medical staff at Richmond University were able to briefly revive Morgan -- "She opened her eyes, she was crying" -- before the baby slipped into a coma, Flicklin said.

"I just want justice," Flicklin said of the tragedy.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Dad convicted of murdering two children during court-ordered visitation (Yashresh, Israel)

Another father who was given court-ordered visitation despite a history of domestic violence. And two children paid for that decision with their lives.

Dad is identified as AVI LEVI.

Father who murdered US-Israeli kids given 2 life sentences
Court finds Avraham Levi killed his son and daughter, visiting from US, as revenge against ex-wife

By Stuart Winer and Times of Israel staff
June 5, 2016, 5:49 pm

The Lod District Court on Sunday handed down two life sentences to a father who killed his two children by slitting their throats to spite his ex-wife.

Avi Levi, 43, was convicted two weeks ago of murdering his 12-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter while they were visiting him from their mother’s home in the US in 2014. He will serve the sentences back-to-back and was also ordered to pay NIS 500,000 to his ex-wife.

Levi, from Yashresh, an agricultural community near Ramle, killed the children in order to exact revenge on his former wife for divorcing him, the court found.

He was convicted two weeks ago after the court rejected a defense claim that he was unfit to stand trial, and ruled the murders were premeditated.

The trial revealed that Levi blindfolded his 12-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter on June 11, 2014, and then slit their throats with a knife he had purchased a day earlier.

Afterward, Levi walked into the police station in the nearby city of Ramle and admitted that he had killed the kids, reportedly to torment his ex-wife, saying he did it “so that their mother’s life would be over.”

Before sentencing Oren Aduhan, a childhood friend of Levi’s, told the court that the father gave his all for the children, Channel 2 reported.

“No one would believe that Avi would to something like this, but it happened. Only Avi knows what brought him to that point when he did what he did, but the regret is the most important thing,” Aduhan said.

His family and his defense attorney had claimed that being so far from his children and the fact that his ex-wife occasionally failed to send the children on twice-yearly visits to Israel as agreed had left him showing signs of depression.

However, he refused to be tested by a psychiatrist, the report said.

The mother and the children were dual US-Israeli citizens. The two children arrived for a visit in Israel a day before they were killed.

The children’s funeral took place in Columbus, Ohio, where the mother resides.

Domestic violence complaints were lodged against Levi in 2005 and in 2009, before the couple divorced.

The wife had also spent time in a battered women’s shelter before the divorce was finalized.

The ex-wife gained main custody of the children and, because the husband could not provide child support, decided to move to the US. The suspect was unsuccessful in fighting his ex-wife’s intention to leave the country but succeeded in securing twice-yearly visits.

While searching the man’s residence, police discovered a journal in which the suspect had “obsessively” recorded his feelings and actions, especially in regard to his ex-wife.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Custodial dad, step charged with felony child abuse against grade-school aged daughter (North Platte, Nebraska)

How do we know this was a custodial dad? Careful reading. Dad lives in North Platte, Mom lives in Lincoln. The child attends a North Platte school.

How did this violent dad get custody and who gave it to him? That we don't know. It is very seldom explained in the typical news article.

Dad is identified as JUSTIN FOUST.

Two arrested in child abuse case

Posted: Thursday, May 26, 2016 3:00 am

By Tammy Bain

Two people were arrested Tuesday after a weeks-long investigation into felony child abuse.

On May 6, a North Platte police officer was called to Adams Middle School. A girl had arrived at school with a black eye, said Investigator John Deal. Her mother, who lives in Lincoln, had reported that her daughter texted her on the way to school and said her father had punched her in the eye.

The victim was interviewed at Bridge of Hope and said she and her father had argued the day before, Deal said. The father slapped the girl’s face several times and punched her eye, he said. The girl’s injuries matched her report.

The victim said her father told her to lie and say that a picture frame fell from the wall and hit her, Deal said. She said that her stepmother had witnessed the incident, and that other children in the home had been abused.

The other children living in the home were removed by North Platte Police Department and Department of Health and Human Services while the investigation is continuing, Deal said.

Two of the children, a boy and girl who are elementary school age, were sent to their mother’s home in Lincoln and interviewed at a Child Advocacy Center, Deal said. Both reported that at night, the father and stepmother would screw shut the door to the boy’s room so he could not use the bathroom, Deal said. They also reported that the father threw the boy on the ground. Deal said both children reported having witnessed the original punching incident.

The second girl also reported that the boy wasn’t allowed to eat lunch or breakfast at home.

The father and stepmother, Justin and Cortney Foust, were jailed on suspicion of felony child abuse. Each was released after posting 10 percent of $20,000 bail.

Deal declined to release ages of the three children. Other children who did not report abuse also lived in the home, and police hope to preserve their anonymity, he said.

Custodial dad gets 40 years for murder of 2-year-old son (Searcy, Arkansas)

The "ex-girlfriend" mentioned towards the end is not the mother of the murdered child. According to one of our earlier posts, the mother lived elsewhere. In other words, killer dad JEFFERY CLIFTON was custodial.

See the Killer Dads and Custody list for Arkansas.

The Searcy father accused of killing his two-year-old son, Malik Drummond, gets 40 years in prison

Marielle Mohs , KTHV 10:23 PM. EST May 27, 2016

SEARCY, Ark. (KTHV) – The Searcy father accused of killing his two-year-old son, Malik Drummond, received a sentence of 40 years in prison on Friday.

Attorneys struck a deal for a lower sentence and Jeffery Clifton took advantage of it. Clifton avoided a murder trial, and the possibility of a life sentence or death penalty.

He was charged back in December 2015 with capital murder and abuse of a corpse.

On Friday, he pled ‘no contest,’ settling for two consecutive sentences, adding up to 40 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

He agreed to a second degree murder charge and abuse of a corpse.

“It's treated as a guilty plea for purposes of the law,” said Ronald Davis Jr., defense attorney. In the eyes of the court, he's found guilty, but he's not saying he did anything wrong.

“He's not admitting or taking responsibility for those actions in terms of if he actually committed them or not,” said Davis.

Prosecutor Rebecca McCoy and Davis struck a deal.

“He admitted that we had enough evidence to find him guilty,” said McCoy.

Two-year-old Malik Drummond disappeared November 23, 2014.

Hundreds of people statewide joined in on the search.

“The whole community was involved and got emotionally involved in this case,” said McCoy.

Clifton was arrested a year later in December 2015.

The only thing he admits to is burying Malik’s body in rural Jackson County.

“There’s a difference in disposing of a body and causing the death of a body,” said Davis.

McCoy satisfied with the settlement, but doesn't want this case to be forgotten.

“I hope that it's not the end. I hope the community is always aware of child abuse and hopefully can step in and prevent things like this from happening in the future,” said McCoy.

Clifton will be eligible for parole, but details as to when are unknown at this time.

His ex-girlfriend, Leslie Marcotte was also arrested and charged with helping covering up Malik’s death.

Her pre-trial starts in June. Stay with THV11 and for more details as this story develops.

Dad murders 8-year-old son during out-of-town visitation/custody time (Winnebago County, Illinois)

The mainstream media is loathe to admit that there are dangerous, mentally unstable fathers who get custody/visitation, and that there are judges and various other officials in the family courts who are responsible. So the reporting tends to be vague and getting vaguer.

How do we know this was a custody/visitation situation? Easy. Dad and the murdered child live in different cities. But you have to pay attention to catch it, so they are figuring that distracted readers won't pick up on that.

Dad is identified as GLEN FLEENER. See the Killer Dads and Custody list for Illinois.

UPDATE: Father, Son Found Dead in Car Investigated as Murder-Suicide Victims' identities released; autopsies pending.

By Josh Vezina
Published 05/30 2016 01:51PM Updated 05/31 2016 10:25AM

UPDATE (5/31/16): The deaths of a father and son, found inside a car in Rockford on Monday, are being investigated as a murder-suicide.

The Winnebago County Coroner's Office released the names of the victims. They are Glen Fleener, 37, of Rockford and Kier Fleener, 8, of Chicago. There was no trauma noted to either victim. Autopsy results are expected later today.

On Monday at 820 am, the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department received a report of two bodies inside an automobile on the property at 8819 S. Main Road in rural Winnebago County.

Deputies discovered the bodies of an adult male and a male child inside of an automobile parked on the property.

Sheriff's detectives are investigating this as a homicide, although details on the manner of death were not released.

Their identities are being withheld pending notification of family members.


The Winnebago County Coroner's Office is reporting that a father and son were found dead in a car at the back of their property on South Main Street Monday.

Details are not being released at this time, including the specific address where the pair were found, or any indication of how they died.

An autopsy is pending.

Protective mother speaks out after custodial dad nearly beats to death 9-year-old son; she had been fighting for custody, with CPS for years (Richmond, Virginia)

Once again, a protective mother is ignored by the fathers rights-infiltrated CPS system.

The abusive custodial dad is identified as THOMAS JENNINGS JR.

Va. mom pleads for CPS to change after alleged child abuse

A Virginia mother is begging CPS to change their procedures and investigate more after her 9-year-old son was nearly beaten to death.

Stephanie Ramirez, WUSA 6:05 PM. EST May 31, 2016

RICHMOND, Va. (WUSA9) -- A Virginia mother is begging CPS to change their procedures and investigate more after her 9-year-old son was nearly beaten to death.

Sheriff Deputies arrested the boy’s father on child abuse charges and told WUSa9 the father had been investigated before when he lived in Stafford County

“Try to follow-up. Try to follow-through, try to see that the child is in a safe place,” said 32-year-old Amy Brown outside of VCU Medical Center in Richmond, VA. That’s where her 9-year-old son, Elijah, is still be treated for severe injuries he sustained almost two-in-a-half weeks ago.

Brown told WUSA9 she’s been fighting for custody of her son Elijah for about two years and last year, had Elijah’s father, 37-year-old Thomas Jennings Jr., investigated after she found scars and bruises on Elijah’s back.

She said there was an open case, but they didn’t actually meet with a Child Protective Services case worker until the day of a custody hearing. She also said Elijah wasn’t forthcoming at the time.

“It’s been a struggle to get someone to believe us,” said Brown. Brown said Elijah did eventually reveal information to doctors, so she tried again. She showed WUSA9 an email sent to Stafford County CPS in June 2015 making a plea to the department to reopen the case and describes not being able to reach an investigator.

Brown believes Jennings’ military background and steady job as well as her decision to go back to school impacted the case.

May 17, 2016 is when Spotsylvania County Sherif Deputies say Jennings brought Elijah to the hospital unresponsive and admitted to striking Elijah. Doctors discovered a ruptured spleen among other injuries. Medical staff performed CPS for more than 30 minutes to revive Elijah.

“I’m hoping somebody, somewhere, either in CPS with other counties or throughout the nation could just learn that it takes more than just one time to sit with them. Children need time to open up,” she said.

A Stafford County Public Information Officer responded in a statement saying, “We are aware of the case but Virginia law precludes us from discussing case specific information about any Social Services case.”

A spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Social Services wrote:

Although we are not permitted by law to release any information regarding this case. The procedure is as follows:

A local department of social services is required to respond to all valid reports of child abuse and neglect by either conducting an investigation or a family assessment. A safety assessment is done and a safety plan is put in place, if needed. The worker is required to interview and/ or observe the victim child, interview and/observe minor siblings residing in the home, interview the caretakers, observe the environment where the alleged abuse/neglect took place, and to interview collateral contacts who may have pertinent information. Once this information/evidence is gathered, if an investigation was conducted, the worker makes a determination if the case is founded or unfounded based on a preponderance of the evidence. Once a finding is made, the case cannot be re-opened or re-investigated. A new investigation can be initiated, if there is a new incident.

In terms of screening valid reports for priority, local departments of social services are provided with guidance based on the following:

1. The immediate danger to the child;
 2. The severity of the type of abuse or neglect alleged;
 3. The age and vulnerability of the child;
 4. The circumstances surrounding the alleged abuse or neglect;
 5. The physical and mental condition of the child; and
 6. Reports made by mandated reporters.

Violent dad takes family court judge as hostage because he's mad about child custody (Finney County, Kansas)

How much do you want to bet that the ex-wife/partner of JASON NICHOLS was terrorized for years with similar abuse tactics?

And how much do you want to bet that there is fathers rights movement involvement in this somewhere? These guys are often egging each other on to pull off these stunts.

Bitter father 'took Kansas judge and his wife hostage in their home over child custody case' Authorities say armed suspect Jason Nichols forced his way into 61-year-old Wendel Wurst's Garden City home and confronted the couple
Garden City Police Chief Michael Utz says Nichols ordered Wurst to the ground and bound the judge's hands
Utz says Wurst's 62-year-old wife Rhonda Wurst was allowed to use the bathroom, where she called police on her cellphone. She was later released
The standoff ended more than five hours later, at which time Wurst was freed

By Associated Press and Zoe Szathmary For

Published: 18:51 EST, 31 May 2016 | Updated: 03:23 EST, 1 June 2016

Police in western Kansas say a gunman who held Finney County's chief judge and his wife hostage over a child custody matter eventually surrendered and the two were released unharmed.

Authorities say the standoff began shortly before 7am Tuesday, when the armed suspect Jason Nichols forced his way into 61-year-old Wendel Wurst's Garden City home and confronted the couple.

Garden City Police Chief Michael Utz says Nichols ordered Wurst to the ground and bound the judge's hands.

Utz says Wurst's 62-year-old wife Rhonda Wurst was allowed to use the bathroom, where she called police on her cellphone. She was later released.

The standoff ended more than five hours later, at which time Wurst was freed.

Police say the suspect was upset over a custody case Wurst handled.

Garden City police wrote on Facebook Tuesday: 'The hostage situation has been resolved without incident. 'There are still a lot of moving parts in the investigation, please stay away from the area. 'The suspect and hostage are okay.'

Utz was filmed by KWCH saying: 'After several hours of negotiation, the suspect surrendered at 12.34pm this afternoon and was taken into custody without incident.

'Chief Judge Wurst was located and is in good health.'

Nichols may be charged for aggravated assault, aggravated burglary, kidnapping, terrorism, and criminal threat, the TV station reported.