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The Hague upholds US custody rulling: 10-year-old girl returned to junkie child molester dad (Washington, DC)

Sickening that a father like DAVID HUNTER is not only NOT behind bars, but getting custody of a 10-year-old girl. This is directly due to the courts being infiltrated and controlled by the fathers rights/pro-pedophile groups.

International custody quagmire: Court sends girl to father she fears

by Michael Volpe - May 30, 2015 1 128

Despite expert opinion warning against it, The Hague upheld US custody rulings and sent "Ruby" now aged 10 or 11 to live with her father who she says has been sexually abusing her since age 5

WASHINGTON, May 30, 2015 РA court in The Hague recently forced a child to live with the father she claims has molested her. This is the same court which recently heard cases involving notorious international criminal scofflaws like Jos̩ Maria Sison, Frans Van Anratt, Heshamuddin Hesam, and Habubullah Jalazoy.

Geerte Frenken first met David Hunter in 1998 while doing intake work for with Ibogaine for Ibeginagain, an alternative detoxification clinic for hard drug addicts, where Hunter was a patient. According to statements Hunter made on the internet, he has been using drugs off and on since he was eleven years old.

Frenken and Hunter met again in 2000 in San Francisco. They began dating and married in 2001. They had a daughter “Ruby” in 2004.

Frenken told CDN that when “Ruby” was about six months old, Frenken caught Hunter doing heroin. Later the same week, he admitted he was having an affair. The marriage, Frenken said, quickly fell apart. She and Ruby moved to Texas a few months later.

Frenken said that she had primary custody of Ruby, with Hunter getting visitation. Hunter, says Frenken, never asked for sole custody until allegations that he was molesting Ruby surfaced.

Frenken said that initially Hunter only visited Ruby sporadically. This lack of consistency became a source of tensions between Frenken and Hunter, because Frenken wanted Hunter to participate more regularly in Ruby’s life.

An email from Frenken to Hunter on December 4, 2008, reflects that view.

In the email, Frenken writes,

“Can we get back to the discussion of earlier this year where you said you would be coming more regularly? At that point we talked about every six weeks. I understand if that is not feasible financially any longer, but I think there is a serious need for some consistency- a regular schedule Ruby can get used to.”

In 2009, a Nevada County Court, California family court gave Frenken custody of Ruby 80% of the time with the rest to Hunter. However, Judge Julie McManus of Nevada County then changed the custody agreement, giving both Frenken and Hunter 50% custody.

In 2010, Hunter admitted to a drug relapse and failed two drug tests. Hunter was required by the courts to provide Frenken with the results of his drug tests. However, when he started to fail those tests, Frenken lacked the financial ability to challenge the custody ruling with the court.

Hunter told CDN that the failed drug tests were for prescription drugs. However, test results revealed levels of opiates, the primary ingredient in heroin.

Frenken said that around this time, “Ruby” started coming home angry and agitated from visits with her father.

“Ruby comes back from the visit with uncontrollable behavior again. Similar scenario as the previous visits: kicking, screaming, biting herself, biting me, bedwetting etc.” Frenken said of one visit. “This time she also starts leaving the lights on, even during the day and she won’t let me out of her sight. I even have to go to the bathroom with her. In my mind I am thinking: ‘what is going on’? She tells me she was being forced along a steep cliff by her father and she was afraid.”

In 2011, Frenken took Ruby to Kathryn Carter, a child therapist in Texas. Carter’s report concluded that Ruby was processing “humiliation, cruelty and revenge” and noted “sexualized behavior.”

In 2012, Frenken’s mother in the Netherlands became ill. Frenken and Ruby went to the Netherlands for what should have been a short visit.

During that trip to the Netherlands, Frenken said her daughter confided that Hunter had been “touching me in the private parts” and that this had gone on since she was four years old.

Days later, Ruby was referred by Dutch Child Protective Services to a State Mental Health Institute for Children called GG Net Jeugd where for the next eight months experts in child abuse tested, interviewed, and investigated the claims.

Dr. Rita Zecher Ianhoro led the investigation and submitted a report January 31, 2013.

“I ask her what the visits with father were like. Ruby becomes anxious and the building blocks with which she was building a portal on the table fall down. ‘Father should be locked up,’ says Ruby.” Dr. Zecher’s report stated. “When I ask why, Ruby becomes angry, ‘because he touched my private parts.’ When I ask when this started, Ruby said it happened at age 4 and when she was five and six years old.”

“Since the start of her treatment, Ruby states that she definitely does not want to return to her father. She is quite emphatic about this,” reported Dr. Zecher.

Frenken said that when she told Hunter about the results of the investigation and about her intention to stay in the Netherlands because she no longer had the funds to fight custody he filed an appeal with the International Court in The Hague demanding that Ruby return to the United States.

Hunter, his current U.S. attorney Kelly Reiter, and Dona Woods Glanz, who represented him in custody hearings in Nevada County from 2009 to 2014, all say the charges against Hunter are false.

“These incidents did not happen,” Glanz said.

Hunter added that he was “thoroughly investigated by the Fairfax Police Dept. and the Marin County DA’s special investigator on all of her allegations, all of which were dismissed.” Hunter also stated that the DA’s office and Child Protective Services conducted the investigation. He also claimed that Ruby was questioned in his presence. If true, this would represent a substantial breach of protocol for investigations of child abuse.

CDN could not independently verify that any investigation has been conducted.

“I think she suffers from some pretty serious mental health issues,” Reiter said about Frenken in a voice mail. Those sentiments were echoed by Hunter in an email, “You sir, are dealing with a pathological liar / hypocritical ex-junkie/ sexworker woman with serious emotional problems.” But a 2010 custody evaluation paints a more complicated picture, showing that both parents were dealing with some normal psychological issues.

“Dave scored in the high category on the histrionic clinical personality scale, and in the low category on the compulsive, narcissistic, and antisocial clinical personality scales, in that order.”

“Regarding diagnostic impressions, Geerte’s psychological testing is associated with moderate paranoid personality functioning, and partial breakdowns of reality testing under stress. Concerns with respect to psychosomatic problems were also suggested, but this may be an understandable spike in her psychological testing based on her ongoing physical disability issues.”

Frenken said that the child abuse team at GG Net was not allowed to testify at The Hague. Ruby, according to Frenken, did testify, and repeated that she didn’t want to go back with her father.

According to information from the Court,

“In the interview for this appeal the minor child showed a great resistance to returning to the USA. She does not want to return because she is afraid the Father will visit her and states she does not feel safe with him. She is very angry because she has the feeling no one is listening to her.”

The Hague Court dismissed Ruby’s testimony stating that it was of the opinion “that the minor child did not show a sufficient degree of maturity during the hearing in the judge’s chambers, so that the views of child cannot be taken into account.”

Frenken’s Dutch attorney, Ariane Hendriks, said that the psychiatrist hired by The Hague court also concluded that Ruby should not be reunited with her father:

“(a) child psychologist spoke with Ruby during the cross-border mediation that took place between Geert and Mr. Hunter. The child psychologist had agreed to supervise a meeting between Ruby and her father within the context of the mediation UNLESS she would find that Ruby’s resistance against meeting her father was so strong that in her professional opinion, enforced contact would be against Ruby’s best interests. And this is what she found. No supervised meeting took place during mediation because the child psychologist was of the opinion that this was not responsible.”

The Hague ignored Ruby’s request and recommendations by both psychologists, and ruled in jurisdictional grounds,

“Now that the grounds for refusal as referred to in Article 1 paragraph 13, subparagraph b, and paragraph 2 do not apply, while less than one year has passed since the illegal detention and submitting the petition, the minor child must be returned at once.”

The decision stated that since a US court gave joint custody to both parents in the USA, this situation should continue. #In issuing this decision, The Hague Court ignored its own convention which states that a child would not be sent back if, “there is a grave risk that his or her return would expose the child to physical or psychological harm or otherwise place the child in an intolerable situation. The judicial or administrative authority may also refuse to order the return of the child if it finds that the child objects to being returned and has attained an age and degree of maturity at which it is appropriate to take account of its views.”

An email to The Hague Court was not returned.

On May 21, 2015, Hunter’s girlfriend emailed Frenken, scolding her for starting a website on the story. However, in the email she suggested that Hunter was in fact abusing her daughter,

“You name her school and show her photos though. She will be a teenager soon and will have Internet access, if you were a young victim of abuse; would you want all that splashed all over the world for anyone to see?”

She later clarified to CDN that she only wrote this because Frenken believes the claims,

“My comment was taken entirely wrong. I only meant for Geerte to reconsider sharing all that personal information in the permanent context of cyber space. I believe that Geerte was, personally, a young victim of abuse and I believe she’s putting all her past experiences onto Ruby.”

Frenken denies that she was ever abused and this purported claim, she told CDN, is part of a campaign to gas-light her.

Neither Hunter nor his girlfriend provided any evidence, besides their accusations, that Frenken had been abused.

After the verdict, Frenken hid with Ruby for about six months. She then returned to the Netherlands, at which point a SWAT team removed Ruby from her custody. Ruby was then deported back to the United States.

Ruby has been living with her father since April 2014. Frenken said she has been allowed only one session on Skype with Ruby over the last six weeks.

While CDN is the first media to cover this story in the USA, her story has received some traction in the Netherlands.

Reiter said Ruby is doing “great” since moving back to the USA. She also admitted, however, that she has had no personal contact with Ruby.

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Dad arrested in death of 3-month-old baby; was there a mother in this home? (Rushville, Indiana)

Notice that there is no mention of a mother in the home or anywhere else. Is DYLON LAKES a single dad?

Father arrested in infant death

Posted: Thursday, May 28, 2015 2:34 pm
By Frank Denzler Rushville Republican

A lengthy investigation into the death of a three-month infant on March 1 resulted in the Wednesday afternoon arrest of the child’s father, Dylon Lakes, 25, of Liberty.

Emergency responders were called to the 200 block of Winters Way, in Carthage, during the afternoon of the March day following the report of an unresponsive child. Upon arrival, medical personal reported the child was not breathing and pronounced the infant deceased a short time later.

The investigation was headed by Detectives Alex Shaver of the Rushville Police Department and Richard Gosser of the Rush County Sheriff’s Department.

Shortly after arrival, officers explained what was described as suspicious behavior and unusual circumstance at the scene by individuals in the residence.

According to a release of the findings in the investigation, officers discovered that after placed down to sleep, the infant had been unchecked for a substantial amount of time in poor sleeping conditions.

Although the odor of narcotics was detected by officers, officers located no illegal drugs at the residence when responded to the initial call. However, the investigation also found that narcotics had been removed from the residence prior to officers arrival and the emergency reported.

Following an autopsy report and the investigation, the final report was submitted to Rush County Prosecutor’s office and an arrest warrant was issued for Lakes on Wednesday. Lakes was taken into custody shortly after 4:30 p.m. by officers of the Liberty Police Department and transferred to Rush County.

Although innocent until proven guilty, Lakes is charged with neglect of a dependent resulting in death (Level 1 felony), criminal recklessness (class “B” misdemeanor) and possession of marijuana (class “B” misdemeanor). Lakes is currently incarcerated in the Rush County Jail and a $100,000 bond was set.

Assisting the RPD and RCSD in the investigation was the Rush County Coroner’s Office, Department of Child Services, Liberty Police Department and the Rush County Prosecutors Office.

Custodial dad charged with 1st-degre murder in death of 5-year-old son to appear in court (Bellefontaine, Ohio)

As often happens, a killer dad's custodial status is "forgotten" as time goes on. Earlier articles made it clear that dad ANTHONY BARTON, despite a history of domestic violence again the mother, was awarded joint custody. He then refused the mother access. Apparently those in authority did nothing to address the situation. And we still see that those who allowed this father to secure sole possession of the victim are not named or held responsible. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.

See our previous post here.

Barton’s next appearance set for Friday

Created on Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Written by JOEL E. MAST

Anthony Barton, a 24-year-old Bellefontaine man accused of killing his five-year-old son, Michael, remains jailed as early legal processes continue.

Accused of first-degree felony murder and second-degree felonies of felonious assault and felony child endangering, the defendant is set to appear Friday before Bellefontaine Municipal Court Judge Ann Beck.

Judge Beck’s job is to determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence to support the charges and to move the case on to the Logan County Common Pleas Court jurisdiction.

The defendant appeared Tuesday with his court-appointed attorney Marc Triplett, who declined Judge Beck’s invitation to comment on the suspect’s $1 million bond.

Logan County Prosecutor William T. Goslee attended the hearing in case Mr. Triplett decided to ask for a lower bond.

Friday’s hearing may give more insight into the severity of Michael’s injuries and a glimpse at what investigators believe happened May 18 at Skybree Schindler’s 1076 Heritage Court residence.

Mr. Goslee indicated after Tuesday’s appearance he would ask the Franklin County Coroner’s Office medical examiner who handled Michael’s autopsy to appear and provide testimony.

Michael was lifeless and limp around 12:15 p.m. May 18 when paramedics with the Bellefontaine Fire & EMS Department and officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department were called to Skybree Schindler’s 1076 Heritage Court residence.

He had sustained obvious signs of trauma and was transported by helicopter to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

By early May 20, he was dead. Preliminary autopsy results indicated Michael died from bilateral multiple blunt force trauma to his head, meaning he was hit on both sides of his head.

There is no indication a weapon was used, Mr. Goslee said, noting the suspect is a six-foot, four inch 240-pound mixed martial arts fighter who has done seven bouts.

Other obvious injuries from Michael’s lower back down exceeded the normal bounds of discipline, Mr. Goslee said, but did not contribute to Michael’s death.

Bellefontaine detectives continue to work on the circumstances of Michael’s death.

They have charged Ms. Schindler with felony obstructing official business as they believe she intentionally misled officers from the start.

She and the father were the only two in the residence.

The woman’s two daughters were at school and they have not provided any insight into Michael’s fatal injuries.

Mr. Goslee believes evidence supports the charges, noting there is nothing to indicate the father planned the child’s death nor intended to kill him.

“It doesn’t meet the standards for a charge of capital murder,” he said. “Prior calculation and design are not there.

“It is absolutely horrendous what happened to Michael and it may be worse than a capital murder case when you consider Michael’s truly tender age and the fact it was at the hands of his father, who was in a position of trust.”

If convicted of murder, the defendant would face 15 years to life in prison.

Mr. Goslee believes the case will be bound over to the common pleas court and he is preparing for grand jury in early June.

Autopsy work continues with the examiner focusing on trauma to Michael’s brain.

They are conducting tests that will take up to eight weeks to determine a history and extent of trauma while ruling out other possible causes for the boy’s death.

Michael was the son of Stephanie Hartline and her family is organizing a vigil from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday at Mary Rutan Park’s Kaleidoscope Playground.

Brian Hartline, Michael’s grandfather, said the event is intended to provide an opportunity to show support for both the Hartline and Barton families.

No funeral services have been set for Michael.

Dad charged with abusing 2-week-old son (Tempe, Arizona)

Yet another "frustrated" dad who couldn't even manage to watch the baby for 20 minutes without bashing him. This one is identified as ANTHONY ESTRADA.

2-week-old baby injured, dad faces child abuse charge

Posted: May 27, 2015 7:50 PM EDT
Updated: May 28, 2015 10:19 AM EDT
By Phil Benson

TEMPE, AZ (KPHO/KTVK) - A teenage father was arrested in Tempe on Tuesday after his 2-week-old son suffered injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome, a court document stated

Anthony Estrada, 19, and Savionne Schartzbauer arrived at Banner Desert Hospital on Memorial Day with their infant, who suffered several bruises and abrasions and was unresponsive.

The baby was intubated to assist him with his breathing.

The couple said their child was “acting weird” prior to their arrival but their statement was vague, according to a probable cause statement.

They said their baby had hit his head on a table in the home while the infant's diaper was changed, court paperwork stated.

Schartzbauer said he left the infant in the care of Estrada for about 20 minutes while she went to buy some bandages, the document said.

When she returned she said her son's eyes were swollen shut.

A medical social worker at the hospital told officers that the baby had bruises and abrasions on his left cheek, a scratch on his lower left arm, an abrasion on his left upper thigh and three small cuts on his right hand.

When officers questioned Estrada he admitted to “losing control of his son,” court paperwork stated.

He said his son hit his head on a wooden table. Estrada admitted to biting his son's right hand and said he felt “frustrated while carrying his son, when the child was crying.”

During a separate interview, Estrada admitted to holding his son and that the baby fell on a couch, rolled and hit a board which was in the frame of a couch, police said. But a doctor told officers the fall doesn't match the infant's significant brain injury.

On Tuesday, the arresting officer spoke with the doctor again who said the baby was suffering from traumatic injuries to all four quadrants of his brain. The boy's injuries were not allowing proper blood flow to the brain.

The infant required two blood transfusions.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Non-custodial mom awarded $2 million by U.S. government; they failed to stop custodial dad in torture-murder of 5-year-old daughter (Atlanta, Georgia)

We've covered this case for many years. NAEEM WILLIAMS is on the Killer Dads and Custody list for Hawaii.

I hope this poor mother will be able to put this money to good use.

$2M for Beating Death of Girl, 5, by Former Soldier Father

HONOLULU — May 26, 2015, 5:47 PM ET
Associated Press

The U.S. government will pay an Atlanta woman $2 million for the Hawaii beating death of her 5-year-old daughter at the hands of a former soldier. The settlement amount was announced Tuesday at a brief hearing in federal court in Honolulu.

Tarshia Williams filed the lawsuit against the government over the 2005 death of her daughter, Talia. The lawsuit, filed in Honolulu in 2008, claimed the military didn't report to the proper authorities that Talia's father and stepmother "abused and tortured" her throughout the seven months she lived in Army housing in Hawaii.

"I will never have complete closure because my daughter is gone," she said by phone after the hearing. "And all the abuse she went through, I will never get over that. My healing will never be complete."

In what was the first death penalty case to go to trial in the history of Hawaii's statehood, Naeem Williams was convicted of murder in his daughter's death and sentenced to life in prison without possibility for parole.

Talia's stepmother, Delilah Williams, testified against her husband as part of a deal with prosecutors for a 20-year sentence. She provided disturbing details of abuse that included withholding food for days at a time, keeping her out of school to hide from others the physical signs of beatings and whipping the child while she was duct-taped to a bed.

Talia died July 16, 2005, after prosecutors say her father dealt a blow so hard it left knuckle imprints on her chest.

The settlement brings some relief because it ends years of litigation and prevents Tarshia Williams from having to return to Hawaii for a nonjury trial that was scheduled for June, she said.

"I just been through it last year," she said of testifying at the murder trial and sitting through graphic accounts of what Talia suffered. "I don't have to go through all the things that happened to her all over again. It will always be in my mind. It will never go away."

At Naeem Williams' trial, she testified that the last time she saw Talia was when the child left South Carolina to live with her father in Hawaii. She said the last time she spoke to Talia was by telephone on July 2, 2005.

The settlement has been approved by the Justice Department and will be paid in about six to eight weeks, Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Helper said in court. He declined to comment after the hearing.

Tarshia Williams and her Honolulu attorneys want to work on federal legislation that that would require the military to directly report child abuse to state child protective services, said one of her attorneys, Mark Davis.

"We hope that what may come out of this case are some fundamental, systemic changes," Davis said. "There were so many opportunities that were missed to try to remove this child from this toxic environment."

A judge's 2010 ruling noted some of those missed opportunities, including one on June 29, 2005. "The military police responded to the Williams' home, but despite finding Talia, 'naked and mute, in a room standing near feces on the floor' and thinking 'something did not look right,' no reports were ever made to CPS," said the order by U.S. District Judge Alan Kay in allowing the lawsuit to move forward.

"She would be about 15 now," Tarshia Williams said. "She would be in high school."

Dad who killed 3-year-old son in murder-suicide identified (Trabuco Canyon, California)

We posted on this case earlier. Dad has now been identified as LUIS GUILLERMO ARIZMENDI.

Trabuco Canyon Community Attempts To Heal After Murder-Suicide Involving Child

May 28, 2015 6:01 PM

TRABUCO CANYON ( — A Trabuco Canyon community is attempting to heal after a murder-suicide there Wednesday during a SWAT standoff.

Authorities said Luis Guillermo Arizmendi, 41, murdered his 3-year-old son Sebastian and then killed himself.

The man and his son lived in a home with his wife and an infant daughter on Swallows Lane.

CBS2’s Michele Gile on Thursday spoke to devastated neighbors.

She also spoke to neighbors who said the suspect had an explosive temper.

“Basically, I just said ‘You just keep to yourself and stay with your family and leave my family alone,’ ” said neighbor Al Perin.

He told Gile he had had a run-in with Arizmendi a few weeks ago.

Perin and his wife said they have long been concerned about Arizmendi’s wife and two small children.

“Whenever you see a situation where an individual appears to be so angry they don’t want to communicate with their neighbors and any communication you get is one of confrontation, you have concern for your own family as well,” Perin said.

SWAT had responded to the home after a call about domestic violence just after 6 p.m. Wednesday.

A 911 hang-up call was traced to the residence.

Neighbors said they saw the man’s wife run down the street holding their 18-month-old daughter.

Arizmendi was reportedly holed up in a bathroom with the boy and holding a handgun.

Neighbors said they were afraid of Arizmendi, and police had been to the home on other occasions.

“We would be very scared,” said Isabella Perin, “and we saw the cops there two weeks ago doing a welfare check. We didn’t know if it was for him or her, but we figured out it was her, from her work, checking on her.”

A group of seventh-graders affected by the tragedy sold lemonade and cookies Thursday to help the survivors.

“We just wanted to do something that could shed light on this rainy situation and make everyone smile in a situation that brought us all down,” said Reagan Hayes.

Gile reported that members of the Stonecliffe community plan to tie ribbons around trees to remember the two who died and in support of the mother and daughter who survived.

Police said Arizmendi was unemployed and the family moved frequently.

After battering mom, drunk dad takes 17-month-old son hostage and threatens to harm him with a knife; dad shot dead by SWAT team (Middletown, New Jersey)

Thank goodness the baby wasn't hurt in this little piece of Daddy Drama. Guess with Daddy dead, there is no chance Daddy will be pulling any of this crap in the future. Good riddance.

Dad is identified as SCOTT MCALLISTER.

By/Crimesider Staff/CBS/AP /May 27, 2015, 1:36 PM

Father holding baby hostage shot dead by SWAT team

MIDDLETOWN, N.J. -- A New Jersey man who was holding his 17-month-old son hostage was fatally shot by a member of the Monmouth County, N.J., SWAT team, reports CBS New York.

The child's mother called police around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night. She said 39-year-old Scott McAllister was intoxicated, had beaten her and was threatening to harm their child with a knife, according to a statement released by the office of New Jersey Attorney General John Jay Hoffman.

When police arrived, the mother of the child had fled from the house, officials said.

McAllister was locked inside his Middletown home with the boy and refused to allow police to enter, according to police. Hostage negotiators tried for hours to get McAllister to turn over his child.

The negotiations ended around 4:30 a.m., when the county SWAT team forced its way in and an officer shot McAllister.

The identity of the officer who shot McAllister has not yet been released and authorities have not said how many times McAllister was shot.

McAllister's son, who was near him according to police, was not harmed.

Neighbors, many of whom were outside during the shooting, told CBS New York that McAllister was a fisherman, but few knew other details about him.

The state Attorney General's Shooting Response Team -- which looks into shootings involving state troopers and emergency response personnel -- is investigating the shooting to determine if it was justified.

Dad, girlfriend arrested in death of 3-yearold daughter with severe burns; what happened to the little girl's mom? (Bedford, Iowa)

Is CHARLES HALL a custodial father? What happened to this little girl's mother?

Assuming these pieces of sh* are telling the truth, two weeks elapsed between the girl's burn injuries and her death. This is way too long for a two-year old to spend in visitation. At this age, they still need a secure bond with Mom more than they need to "visit" with Dad. So what was going on here? Did Dad have custody? Did this vicious father somehow eliminate the mother from the picture in the usual punish/control thing?

As typically happens, the media is silent on the matter.

This case has been added to the Killer Dads and Custody list for the State of Iowa.

New information released in 3-year-old's death investigation

UPDATED 9:22 AM CDT May 28, 2015

BEDFORD, Iowa —Investigators released more information Wednesday afternoon in the investigation into a 3-year-old girl's death.

Authorities said they responded to a 911 call for a child not breathing at 806 Washington St. Deputies found a 3-year-old girl, Janiya King, unresponsive.

She was pronounced dead by the medical examiner. Court documents indicate Janiya had severe burns on her face and right shoulder.

The Taylor County Sheriff's Office said two people were arrested and charged in the case last Friday.

Court records show 25-year-old April Clair, of Bedford, and 25-year-old Charles Hall, of Chicago, were charged with child endangerment causing serious injury.

Authorities said Hall is the girl's father. Clair is Hall's girlfriend.

Clair told authorities with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation that the girl accidentally knocked over a pot of boiling hot dog water onto herself two weeks ago.

She told authorities she didn't think it was necessary to seek medical attention.

However, authorities said the burns were so bad that they caused permanent disfigurement.

Clair also told investigators the girl fell down the stairs multiple times and became weaker, but still did not seek medical attention.

Neighbors said child endangerment charges are not enough in this case.

"I think that is an awful light charge with it being, you know, a child is dead," said neighbor Bethany Cavin.

Autopsy results are pending as the investigation continues.

Registered sex offender dad arrested for raping 7-year-old daughter; what happened to girl's mom? (Washington County, Oklahoma)

The headline is very misleading. This wasn't some random "man" who was arrested. It was a registered sex offender who was also the girl's father. Not only that, there is not one single word on this girl's mother. Did DAVID WAYNE WILLOUGHBY have custody? How or why was this girl's mother erased from this story?

Man arrested for alleged sexual abuse of child

By Tim Hudson

Local authorities arrested a formerly convicted sex offender on charges stemming from the alleged sexual abuse of a child.

David Wayne Willoughby, 46, was arrested on charges of strongarm rape, lewd molestation and failure to register as sex offender.

According to Washington County Sheriff’s Office investigator Sgt. Jon Copeland, deputies were “informed of an incident involving sexual abuse to a child under the age of 10” on Sunday.

Copeland said that the initial report came from “a concerned individual who had received information a child had been sexually abused by their biological father.”

“The reporting party informed deputies the child disclosed the father had sexually abused the child,” Copeland said. “The Department of Human Services, Child Welfare, was contacted and, after being informed, the child and their sibling were taken into emergency custody.”

A forensic interview was then conducted at Ray of Hope Advocacy Center that allegedly “revealed inappropriate sexual conduct between the child and the child’s father dating back to when the victim was 7 years old.”

Copeland said that deputies later learned that Willoughby failed to notify the WCSO of a change of address after his home had caught fire earlier in 2015.

Willoughby’s sex offender status comes from a prior Cherokee County conviction for sexual battery in 2001.

Dad charged with abusing 4-month-old daugher (Jefferson City, Tennessee)

Looks like another case where Mom has lost custody for the actions of the abusive father. Notice that mothers in this situation are frequently punished for the deeds of another, while fathers seldom are.

Dad is identified as JAMES DAVID HICKEY.

Father charged with child abuse involving 4-month-old

Posted: Thursday, May 28, 2015 10:08 am | Updated: 11:59 am, Thu May 28, 2015.
By Steve Marion – Staff Writer

A Jefferson City father is charged with aggravated child abuse.

James David Hickey, 18, of 1823 Overlook Avenue, was arrested Friday evening, several hours after he and the four-month-old child’s mother took her to Jefferson Memorial Hospital, reported Detective Sgt. Eric Thomas of the Jefferson City Police Department.

Hickey is being held at the Jefferson County Jail with bail set at $50,000. A preliminary hearing is set for General Sessions Court today.

Thomas reported that the female child was transferred to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, where she was treated for multiple fractures. She was released from the hospital over the weekend to the custody of other family members, Thomas reported.

Thomas said medical workers were initially told that the child had hurt her leg by rolling off the couch. However, after an investigation, officers believe the injuries were actually inflicted by Hickey, Thomas reported.

Dad kills 3-year-oldl son in murder-suicide (Trabuco Canyon, California)

Another UNNAMED DAD. Another clueless neighbor who thinks domestic violence has something to do with location rather than abusive men, who can live anywhere.

Father, 3-year-old boy dead in apparent murder-suicide in Trabuco Canyon 

A 41-year-old man and his 3-year-old son were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide in Trabuco Canyon on Wednesday night.

By staff Wednesday, May 27, 2015 11:53PM

TRABUCO CANYON, Calif. (KABC) -- A 41-year-old man and his 3-year-old son were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide in Trabuco Canyon on Wednesday night, investigators said.

Orange County sheriff's deputies responded to a 911 hang-up call at a home in the 00 block of Swallows Lane at about 6:10 p.m. Upon arrival, authorities made contact with a woman, who told them a domestic dispute occurred and her husband was barricaded inside.

"When my husband came out, he saw a lady with a child run from the third house up to a police car," neighbor Arlene Richens said.

A SWAT team forced its way into the home and found both the man and boy dead.

The woman was able to flee the home with her 18-month-old daughter uninjured.

Neighbor Kareem Lehaf said the family kept to themselves.

"This place has never had this before," Lehaf said. "It's pretty scary and it's unpredictable."

Custodial dad shut off Mom's access to murdered 5-year-old daughter (Port Huron, Michigan)

The custodial father is STILL an UNNAMED DAD. Why is his identity being protected?

This is a very common scenario for abusive custodial dads. They don't go after custody because they want to "parent." They go after custody because they want to punish and control the mother and the kids. That's why they very typically cut off the Mom's access. That and because they don't want her to be a protective presence or potential witness to their abuse of the children.

5-year-old girl found dead in Port Huron, early investigation reveals child was malnourished, abused

Posted: 10:35 AM, May 27, 2015 Updated: 11:20 PM, May 27, 2015 

PORT HURON, Mich. (WXYZ) - The father and stepmother of 5 year-old Mackenzie Maison are in police custody. They're being held on 2nd degree child abuse charges.

Mackenzie was found unresponsive at her Port Huron home Tuesday night after her stepmom called 911.

She was transported to the hospital, but it was too late.

Port Huron police say they are treating this case as a homicide investigation. Mackenzie lived at the home on Oak Street with her father, stepmother and siblings.

One of the other kids was her 3 year-old biological sister. Police are still waiting for autopsy results, but say Mackenzie had severe signs of dehydration and malnourishment.There were also signs of physical abuse and evidence of foul play at the scene.

Mackenzie's 3 year-old sister also had signs of dehydration and malnourishment. She's still in the hospital in stable condition. The other two kids were in good health and are in foster care right now. One of those children is the son of Mackenzie's stepmom.

The other child is the daughter of Mackenzie's father and stepmom.

Mackenzie's mom, Shelby Coffee, said she hadn't seen her daughters in a year and a half.

"I got excuses or he wasn't answering the door. I wasn't allowed to see them," Coffee said. "There was nothing that I could do because I was not able to afford the funds to take anything back to court."

Frank Hawkins says his daughter is Mackenzie's stepmother.

"They were okay for food, financially they were okay. I don't think this was an intentional starvation, I don't think this was anything like that. My daughter is not malicious, neither is my son-in-law," Hawkins said.

According to investigators, the father and stepmother claimed that Mackenzie and her sister had "a reluctance to eat." However, police say there was no sign that what happened to both children was the result of them being "picky eaters."

Police say there is no history of child protective services ever being involved in the home.

They are waiting on autopsy results. There is no word on when their investigation will be finished.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dad, girlfriend charged with aggravated assault of 2-year-old daughter during his weekend visitation; little girl partially paralyzed (Atlantic City, New Jersey)

Dad is identified as JACOB LIHN.

Partially paralyzed N.J. toddler recovering after alleged assault by dad, girlfriend

Andy Polhamus | For on May 26, 2015 at 7:10 AM, updated May 26, 2015 at 5:02 PM

Jacob Lihn and Jennifer Pandorf, of Washington Township, are charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Alayna Lihn loves to have her picture taken. Whenever a camera is pointed her way, she grins and calls out "cheese!" as if acting on instinct.

But her smile is a little lopsided these days, and as she sat on her mother's lap recently at rehab facility, Alayna hugged her mom with only one arm. That's because the left side of her body is still paralyzed from a brutal beating the toddler allegedly sustained at the hands of her father and his girlfriend.

Jacob Lihn, 25, and Jennifer Pandorf, 34, of Lupus Lane in Washington Township, Gloucester County, have been charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child for the April 11 attack. Alayna, 2, was beaten so badly that she had retinal hemorrhaging and bleeding on the brain. Doctors determined that she had also suffered a seizure and a stroke.

Melissa Velez, Alayna's mom, said she got a text message from Lihn just before she left to pick Alayna up from a routine weekend visit with her father. The message said the little girl had a swollen face from a possible allergic reaction. When Velez saw her daughter, however, the girl's eyes were swollen shut, and her entire body was limp. She rushed Alayna immediately to a hospital, where doctors told her the injuries were the result of severe abuse.

For two days, no one was sure whether Alayna would survive. #"They were letting three or four of us sleep in the ICU," said Velez. Alayna made it, however, and is recovering in a pediatric rehabilitation ward.

"We're managing, family-wise," said Velez, sitting in the room the two now share at a children's hospital in Marlton. "She's not moving her left arm and leg. That's what we're in rehabilitation for."

Alayna has at least three weeks left before she can go home to Atlantic City. Her days start early, with speech and physical therapy beginning at about 7:30 a.m. She hasn't been home in weeks, but she's still cheerful and precocious, naming all the animals painted on the walls in the corridor and talking to everyone she meets.

"Even before the whole incident, she was wonderful," said Velez. "Everybody she saw, she would say hello. She's never been one to cry."

In the first few days after she regained consciousness — Alayna could not open her eyes for two days after the assault — she was scared and distrusting.

"At first it was a lot of 'don't touch me! I only want Mommy,'" said Wallace Chapman, an old family friend. But on a couple of particularly difficult occasions, Alayna refused to let even her mother touch her.

It was a different Alayna than anyone had seen before, one that bore no resemblance to the one now playing with her mom's cell phone in between bites of finely-chopped beef and potatoes. She had tried to eat an apple the day before, but the muscles in her mouth wouldn't cooperate.

"I feel good!" Alayna said without hesitation when a reporter asked how she was doing. She is making progress regaining the use of her left leg, but is more reluctant with her arm.

"I'm just thankful," said Velez of her daughter's survival, although details of the incident have not yet been released. "My only hope is that the truth finally comes out. I want [Lihn and Pandorf] to say what happened, and I want justice served. This was clearly abuse."

Velez has also missed several weeks of work. The single mom is a manager at a beachfront restaurant and bar in Atlantic City, and has had to spend most of her time in Marlton, catching a bus to get from her home to the hospital.

"It's like something you'd see on a TV show," said Whitney Brennan of Egg Harbor Township, Velez's close friend. "You'd never expect something like this to happen, and when it does, it's crazy. My daughter and Alayna are 11 days apart. I couldn't imagine going through this."

With that in mind, Brennan has started an online fundraiser to help Velez pay the bills while she's out of work.

"It's just Melissa taking care of everything. She works her butt off," Brennan said. "I want to make sure that when Alayna gets out, she has a place to go."

Anyone interested in donating to the fund can do so by visiting

Alayna has finally regained the weight she lost while she was in the ICU, and her speech is getting back to normal. In a few more weeks, doctors will make a decision on whether she can go home.

"She's getting back to the child she was," Velez said. "I just want the old Alayna back."

Custodial dad, step in custody for child abuse death of 5-year-old daughter (Port Huron, Michigan)

UNNAMED DAD. Not a word on what happened to the mother of this poor little girl.

POLICE: Dad, stepmom in custody after girl's death

Beth LeBlanc, Times Herald 5:57 p.m. EDT May 27, 2015

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Frank Hawkins got news no relative wants to hear. The Port Huron man sat on a stoop in front of 829 Oak St. after hearing that his five-year-old granddaughter — a child he described as "a beautiful little girl" — had died.

"I'm just in total shock," Hawkins said. "I need to go wake up my wife and tell her our granddaughter died."

Across the street, a boy wearing a backpack sat on his front porch and watched police come and go at the Oak Street home. And children walking to school or waiting for the bus looked around barricades to catch a glimpse of the home roped off with police tape.

A bouquet of flowers sat Wednesday afternoon in the yard of the home where five-year-old Mackenzie Lynn Maison was found unresponsive.

Police have said Mackenzie was malnourished, dehydrated, and had injuries consistent with child abuse, when rescue crews responded Tuesday night to calls of an unresponsive child at a home in the 800 block of Oak Street.

First responders took Mackenzie to St. Joseph Mercy hospital in Port Huron.

Medical staff were unable to resuscitate the girl and she was pronounced dead. Mackenzie's 27-year-old father and 25-year-old stepmother are being held by police on charges of second-degree child abuse.

Mackenzie's death is being investigated as a homicide, Port Huron Public Safety Director Michael Reaves said.

Charges in the case are pending the completion of the investigation and review by the St. Clair County prosecutor's office.

Two other children at the home were placed in foster care, Reaves said. A third child was taken to Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit for treatment for malnourishment. All of the children are under the age of 11.

"The shape of the kids was pretty bad," Reaves said. "Seasoned investigators looked at this and shook their heads."

Reaves said there had been minor calls at the home prior to Mackenzie's death.

"At this time we have not uncovered any history of ongoing CPS concerns at that residence or with those children," Reaves said.

He said Mackenzie's parents have indicated the children had a reluctance to eat.

The Port Huron Police Neighborhood Enforcement Team is leading the investigation. Units from the Port Huron Fire Department, St. Clair County prosecutor's office, and the Michigan State Police crime lab assisted in the investigation.

Theresa Hofer, the stepmother of the woman in custody, said the family is trying to wrap its mind around what happened.

"I never guessed in a million years this would happen," Hofer said. "We're just waiting for it to unfold, just like the public."

Hofer said Mackenzie was a friendly, loving and sweet child.

"She didn't deserve this," Hofer said.

Neighbors said they spent most of Tuesday night watching police respond to the home at 829 Oak St. Neighbors said they answered several questions about the the family that lives at the home.

"They pretty much kept to themselves," said Ben Gonzalez, who lives two doors down. "I didn't even know they had any little girls over there. ...I never expected anything to happen a few doors down."

Several neighbors said they seldom saw little girls at the home.

"You'd catch a glimpse of them every once in a while," said Karen Critchett, who lives across the street from 829 Oak St. "I'm kind of depressed. I can't believe that could happen to a little girl."

Elizabeth Sanchez said early Wednesday morning that her daughters hadn't yet seen the crime scene tape running from her porch and around the neighbor's home.

"They're going to question me when they come outside," Sanchez said. "It's scary. I'm worried about it. ...It's just super, super scary to think someone next door to me could potentially hurt my kid."

Monday, May 25, 2015

Family: Dad with court-ordered visitation murdered 13-year-old son, then moved remains (La Plata County, Colorado)

We've followed this case since it first broke in 2012. It is outrageous how law enforcement refuses to act. Why are they protecting this father?

Dad is identified as MARK REDWINE.

Redwine is on the Killer Dads and Custody list for Colorado.

Dylan Redwine’s family says father moved remains

Elaine Hatfield was on ‘Dr. Phil’ show

By Amy Maestas Herald staff writer  

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 11:37pm

Dylan Redwine’s mother and brother told talk show host Dr. Phil during their second appearance on his show that they suspect Mark Redwine moved the teenager’s remains after he killed him.

Elaine Hatfield, formerly Redwine, and her son, Cory Redwine, taped the show with Dr. Phil in mid-April, and the show aired Wednesday. During the show they maintained that they believe Mark Redwine killed his 13-year-old son when he was on a court-ordered visit with him in late 2012.

“He murdered his son,” Hatfield told Dr. Phil.

Dylan was reported missing Nov. 12, 2012.

Part of his remains were found June 26, 2013, on Middle Mountain Road near Vallecito Reservoir. Dr. Phil asked Hatfield during the 16-minute segment why only some of her son’s remains were found.

“I believe his body was moved,” she said. Cory Redwine and Hatfield’s fiance, Mike Hall, echoed that belief. Hall said he’s not only convinced that Mark killed Dylan but that he also “went back up the mountain and gathered everything he could so as not to be implicated in the case.”

Mark Redwine joined the show by telephone.

When Dr. Phil asked him about the remains, Hatfield’s former husband said “that’s a good question.” Wednesday’s show was a follow-up, because the first times Hatfield and Cory Redwine appeared with Dr. Phil were on Feb. 26-27, 2013 – four months before Dylan’s remains were discovered during a search conducted the by La Plata County Sheriff’s Office.

In introducing the segment, Dr. Phil expressed sympathy from his wife and him. “Robin and I just froze in our tracks when we got the phone call,” he said. “It broke Robin’s heart. It broke mine. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

As he has in the past, Mark Redwine denied that he had anything to do with his son’s death. He also refused Dr. Phil’s repeated offers to conduct an independent polygraph test.

“Well, Dr. Phil, I don’t think that’s going to be necessary,” Mark Redwine said.

Local law enforcement administered polygraph tests to Mark Redwine, Hatfield and Cory Redwine in 2013. Because the investigation is ongoing, investigators will not release the results.

During the last two years, Hatfield and her family have vocalized their frustration about Mark Redwine’s lack of cooperation in the investigation.

“Would you be willing to go with La Plata County Sheriff and I so that we can walk through the house with you so that we can recreate the scene that occurred the night that Dylan disappeared?” Hatfield asked her former husband during Wednesday’s episode.

“That would be very helpful in the investigation.” Mark Redwine declined.

“We’ve had every opportunity to get those things done before now, and at this point I just don’t see the value in doing it. To be honest with you, no,” he said. “So again, Mark, what are you willing to do?” Hatfield asked.

Mark Redwine replied with agitation: “I don’t owe you an explanation of what I’m doing.”

The couple’s oldest son interjected.

“No, you owe Dylan an explanation!” Cory Redwine said.

Hatfield told The Durango Herald on Wednesday afternoon that her former husband has not changed his mind on either taking a polygraph or helping with the investigation since the show was taped nearly a month ago.

She said the investigation continues.

“As we move along, we start realizing more things,” she said, declining to provide details.

Mark Redwine could not be reached for comment.

Dr. Phil read a statement that the Sheriff’s Office gave to him April 11.

“This is an active investigation, and we will not make any further comments, except that we will continue our investigative efforts until there is a resolution for Dylan,” the statement read.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dad accused of aggravated battery for abuse of 4-month-old son (Woodstock, Illiniois)

Why we need paid maternity leaves in this country...

Dad is identified as CODY A. PENNINGTON.

Woodstock father denies allegations in shaken baby case

 Published: Friday, May 22, 2015 1:03 p.m. CDT
• Updated: Friday, May 22, 2015 11:11 p.m. CDT


WOODSTOCK – The Woodstock man accused in a shaken baby case has denied all allegations that he injured the 4-month-old child.

Cody A. Pennington, 20, is awaiting trial on six counts of aggravated battery. The most serious charge against him carries a possible sentenced range of between six and 30 years in prison.

On Friday, Pennington pleaded not guilty to all charges before McHenry County Judge Sharon Prather.

Police allege the Pennington shook the baby so violently, it fractured the boy's skull and caused hemorrhaging in the child's brain. Assistant State's Attorney Sharyl Eisenstein wouldn't comment on the baby's medical status after court.

Woodstock police said at the time of Pennington's April arrest that he had called police to report that his infant son was in distress, having trouble breathing, and crying uncontrollably.

The boy is Pennington's only child. He was the child’s caretaker and the mother was at work during the alleged incident, police have said.

Pennington is being held at McHenry County Jail on $250,000 bond.

His attorney, Assistant Public Defender Angelo Mourelatos asked that Pennington be evaluated for pretrial release before his next court date on June 5.

Dad nearly killed 1-month-old son from abuse (White Bear Lake, Minnesota)

Dad is identified as AUSTIN T. WHITEAKER.

White Bear Lake infant nearly died from dad's abuse, charges say

One-month-old’s father caused “devastating and permanent” injuries, says the criminal complaint.

By Chao Xiong Star Tribune

May 22, 2015 — 9:35pm

A White Bear Lake man abused his 1-month-old son so badly that the baby nearly died, according to charges filed Friday.

Austin T. Whiteaker, 19, was charged in Ramsey County District Court with first-degree assault and malicious punishment of a child.

“Dr. Mark Hudson of Midwest Children’s Resource Center, a child abuse pediatrician, reported that [the baby’s] injuries are consistent with the legal definition of ‘Great Bodily Harm’ in that the child actually died and was revived and will have permanent disabilities as a result of the inflicted trauma,” the charges said.

The baby suffered a “devastating brain injury,” bleeding around the brain, hemorrhages in the left eye, multiple fractures and extensive bruising. The charges did not specify what types of disabilities the baby will likely suffer.

According to the complaint: Police were called to Whiteaker’s apartment in the 3900 block of Hoffman Road about 6:40 p.m. on April 26 because the baby was not breathing. Whiteaker and the child’s mother, 20, were home at the time. The couple’s roommate, 20, was also home and performing CPR on the child.

“The baby was blue in color, was not breathing and did not have a pulse,” the complaint said. “There was blood coming out of the baby’s right nostril.”

The baby was taken to St. John’s Hospital, where he was revived, before he was taken to Children’s Hospital.

All three adults told police that the women had gone to McDonald’s to buy food, leaving the baby alone with Whiteaker. The baby was blue and unresponsive when the women returned. #Doctors spoke to Whiteaker and the baby’s mother, and learned that on April 25, Whiteaker awoke about 6 a.m. to the baby crying. The baby’s mother was asleep. About 30 minutes later, they saw a large bruise on the baby’s head, and he vomited twice.

Whiteaker told doctors that the baby cried “24/7,” and didn’t sleep well until about 9 a.m. April 26.

Doctors founds several injuries to the baby, including bruising that was consistent with a human handprint, the complaint said.

Whiteaker allegedly gave “vastly inconsistent accounts” of his son’s injuries in four interviews with police and child protection authorities. The charges allege that he said nothing happened and that he left his son alone for a few minutes to use the bathroom and returned to find him blue; that the baby fell off the foot rest of a recliner; that he tripped over the baby while it was in an infant seat, and that the baby fell 2 feet from a baby carrier.

Ramsey County juvenile court records show that there are no child protection cases filed in Minnesota for either Whiteaker or the baby’s mother.

FIve-year-old daughter living with sex offender dad in custody battle (Stuart, Florida)

Of course UNNAMED DAD's name is hidden and his identity protected.

Custody battle: Daughter living with sex offender dad

By: Brian Entin
Posted: 6:58 PM, May 22, 2015 Updated: 7:04 AM, May 23, 2015 

STUART, Fla. - A custody battle that is making news internationally is playing out in a Stuart courtroom.

A 7-year-old girl is living with her father who is a registered sex offender, despite the mother's battle to get her daughter back.

"Can you imagine how I am feeling? She has been with him for fourteen months," the mother, Karla, said.

WPTV is not using the mother or father's last name to protect the identity of the underage girl. Karla is from Brazil.

She says she did not realize her then husband was a registered sex offender until after they were married and she was pregnant.

"Can you imagine my surprise," she said. Karla ran off with her daughter to Texas after she says her daughter complained about being abused.

According to a Department of Children and Families report from 2010 obtained by WPTV, "the child has made statements indicating that her father has molested her."

The report says the investigation was closed with "verified findings of sexual abuse."

The father was never charged. After nearly three years on the run, Karla was arrested and the father was given custody.

 Karla's been fighting since to regain custody but says a lack of money kept her from getting good legal representation.

"I haven't had the financial resources for this. I have to pay my lawyer with money from the church and friends," the mother said.

The mother says she is only allowed to see her daughter for a few hours under supervision on Saturdays.

"You can't imagine the pain, but every time the pain hurts me really hard I have to close my eyes and see my daughter's smile," the mother Karla said.

The father's lawyer William Hess says there is more to the story. "The mother's statements are self-serving and frankly they are false.

She has made every effort to conceal this child from the father and she continues to try to do that," Hess said.

Martin County Judge Laurie Buchanan called the allegations "very serious" in court, but did not make a decision on Friday because the father's attorney said he wasn't given all discovery in the case.

Another hearing is set for the end of July.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Dad murders 4-year-old son, 17-month-old daughter, and their mother (Anchorage, Alaska)

Note that dad CURTIS YOUNG III had a history of domestic violence against the mother.

Alaska man, 24, shot dead his girlfriend and their two toddlers before turning gun on himself in murder-suicide

Curtis Young III, 24, Desiree Gonzales, 27, and their children, Zaiden, 4, and 17-month-old Zarielle, were found dead at their Anchorage home May 13
Police say evidence suggests Young shot dead his family before ending his own life
Zaiden and Zarielle's grandfather went to check on family and found them all dead
Young was convicted of domestic violence assault involving Gonzalez in 2010

By Associated Press and Snejana Farberov
Published: 12:26 EST, 21 May 2015 | Updated: 03:36 EST, 22 May 2015

Police in Alaska say a couple and their two young children who were found shot dead at their home in Anchorage last week died as a result of a murder-suicide carried out by the mother's boyfriend.

In a statement released Thursday, investigators said that evidence points to Curtis Young III, 24, shooting and killing his girlfriend, 27-year-old Desiree Gonzales, and their children, 4-year-old Zaiden Young and 17-month-old Zarielle Young, before turning the gun on himself.

'While the investigation is still [ongoing], with lab results pending, the evidence supports the theory that this was a contained scene and that this was a murder/suicide,' said Police spokeswoman Anita Shell in a statement.

Earlier, authorities had called the deaths an isolated domestic violence incident but stopped short of saying they suspected a murder-suicide.

A relative who went to check on the family at their apartment in Alaska's largest city found the four dead from gunshot wounds May 13.

The children's father usually dropped Zaiden and Zarielle off at their grandparents' home in the mornings before the grandmother took them to the babysitter, Police Sgt. Mike Couturier said during a press conference last week.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dad charged with attempted murder in stabbing of 5-year-old daughter (London, Ontario, Canada)

Dad is identified as ANDREW BRUCE HILL.

London Father Charged in Knife Attack on 5-Year-Old Daughter Due Back in Court on Friday London, Ontario, Canada / (CFPL AM) AM 980 May 21, 2015 07:16 am  

A London man charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of his five-year-old daughter is scheduled to make his next court appearance on Friday morning.

38-year-old Andrew Bruce Hill appeared briefly before a justice of the peace at the London courthouse on Thursday, and was remanded into custody.

Hill was visibly distraught as he buried his head in his hands, and covered his eyes. He could be seen trying to plug his ears while hearing a list of over a dozen names of people he may not communicate with while in custody, including his wife and three children.

He donned a neon green t-shirt that read, “Help, I’m Talking And I Can’t Shut Up!”

His 5-year-old daughter remained listed in “serious, but stable condition” as of Thursday morning, according to London Police.

She was rushed to hospital around 6:10 a.m. Tuesday after being stabbed multiple times at the family’s home on Applegreen Grove in the Commissioners and Andover area.

The little girl’s father was arrested at the scene, and charged later in the day with attempted murder.

The Major Crime Section is handling the investigation, and officers remain at the scene.

AM980 will have a reporter at the London courthouse on Friday when the suspect is next scheduled to appear via video.

Dad with shared custody charged in beating death of 5-year-old son; dad granted custodial rights despite history of DV and had shut off mother's access for months (Bellefontaine, Ohio)

Insane that any judge would have granted dad MICHAEL G. BARTON any custody/visitation rights after he had had a history of domestic violence with the mother. Fathers like this are at a very high risk for violence against that mother's children--partly because Daddy is just a violent person and partly to hurt/punish the mother. The risk REALLY escalates when the father has powerful control impulses and cuts off the mother's access to the child, as happened here. Why didn't the authorities intervene before this little boy's brutal murder? We need to see a judge's name, and the names of the people who allowed this to happen.

Barton has been added to the Killer Dads and Custody list for Ohio.

Father charged after 5-year-old son dies

By Dean Narciso The Columbus Dispatch • Thursday May 21, 2015 7:23 AM

An autopsy to be performed on Thursday may help Bellefontaine authorities determine how a 5-year-old boy died early Wednesday.

Just after noon on Monday, a woman called 911 seeking medical attention for her boyfriend’s son, Michael G. Barton.

“He’s 5 years old. He is not breathing and we’re not feeling a heartbeat,” Skybree Schindler said from her home in Bellefontaine.

Dispatchers instructed Schindler and the boy’s father, Anthony Barton, 24, also of Bellfontaine St., to perform CPR until medics arrived.

As Schindler talks to dispatchers, Barton can be heard in the background saying, “Come on buddy. We’ve done this before. Come on.”

The boy was taken to Nationwide Children’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead just before 1 a.m. Wednesday.

The Franklin County coroner’s findings are “likely going to yield more evidence and point us in the direction of how much trauma the child received before they called 911,” said Bellefontaine Police Chief Brandon Standley. “I think that the picture will become clearer to us.”

Authorities already know that the boy had welts on his body, said Bill Goslee, Logan County prosecutor.

Barton told police that “he was using a plastic wand common on blinds to open and close the slats" as a switch on the child, Goslee said.

“The child has numerous points on his body where corporal punishment exceeded the bounds of decency,” Goslee said.

That admission was sufficient to charge Barton with felony child endangering. He is in the Logan County jail and could face additional charges.

Barton, a mixed martial arts athlete, shared custody of Michael with Stephanie Hartline, 24.

In 2011 and 2012, he was charged with domestic violence for attacks on Hartline, who has not seen the boy for several months, Goslee said.

“I always told Stephanie to be careful. He was a ticking time bomb,” said Stephanie’s father, Brian Hartline, 48, of Russells Point in Logan County.

Hartline was told to prepare for a funeral when he arrived at Children’s Hospital. “He was black and blue from the middle of his back to the bottom of his feet,” said Hartline.

His neck was broken at the base of the skull.

“What I saw it would have taken a big person to do. It wasn’t just a spanking. It was a complete beating.” Mr. Hartline will remember his grandson, who often pretended to be a policeman, “The most loving, best boy you’d ever meet in your life. He didn’t deserve what he got.”

Custodial dad facing murder charges for beating death of 3-year-old son (Fresno, California)

The custodial dad is identified as DONALD NELSON.

See our past posts on this case. Dad had a history of domestic violence and was waging a custody battle with the protective mother at the time of the little boy's beating death. Typical picture....

Nelson is on the Killer Dads and Custody list for California.

Fresno 5-year-old's description of little brother's death could doom dad

A Fresno father faces charges for the murder of his 3-year-old son last year. And the most incriminating evidence may come from his other son.

By Corin Hoggard Updated 2 hrs 37 mins ago

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno father faces charges for the murder of his 3-year-old son last year. And the most incriminating evidence may come from his other son.

Little Zion Nelson's cause of death was fatal child abuse syndrome as a result of blunt force injuries all over his body. And coroners could tell he'd suffered -- not just on the day he died, but on other days as well.

Just the description of the injuries Zion Nelson suffered brought Moneesha Camp to tears. As Donald Nelson's girlfriend, she was like a mother to Zion and his 5-year-old brother. But she wasn't there when police found Nelson parked on the side of a Central Fresno street; Zion dead in the back seat. Officers say Nelson admitted to spanking the boy for defecating himself right there on the street.

"He questioned his actions why did he spank the child and he said it was his fault," said Fresno police officer Ron Flowers.

But that's not what Zion's 5-year-old brother told investigators. He had old injuries of his own when they talked to him and said his dad asked him to lie about what happened. But he told investigators both Nelson and Camp occasionally beat him and his brother with hangers, belts and a wire. The boy said the whole family was at their apartment the night before Zion's death. He remembered hearing a whipping sound and screams coming from his brother. And then it stopped.

"Zion was put in the shower," said Fresno police detective Ignacio Ruiz. "The water was running and he said they were trying to wake him up."

The shower didn't revive Zion and his brother never saw him alive again.

"He saw his dad move Zion to the living room where he laid him on the floor naked and he was not moving," Ruiz said.

Neighbors told police they often heard what sounded like child abuse coming from Nelson and Camp's apartment, but they didn't report anything to police until after Zion's death.

A judge will decide Thursday whether there's enough evidence for a murder trial against both Nelson and Camp.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dad terrorizes, rapes, beats three daughters over 18 years, gets 17 years in prison (Dublin, Ireland)

So UNNAMED DAD basically gets a shorter sentence than his family did...Sickening.

Father jailed for repeated abuse and rape of four daughters

Given 17-year sentence for charges of sexual abuse and threatening to kill

A Tipperary man who sexually abused and raped his three daughters in their Dublin family home over an 18-year period has been jailed for 17 years

Mon, May 18, 2015, 13:26 First published: Mon, May 18, 2015, 13:26

A Tipperary man who sexually abused and raped his three daughters in their Dublin family home over an 18-year period has been jailed for 17 years.

The 50-year-old man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victims pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court to 44 charges of sexually abusing his daughters, 37 counts of raping his eldest daughter, one charge each of anal rape of this girl and oral rape of her younger sister, and one charge of issuing a threat to kill his youngest daughters on dates between October 1994 and July 2012.

He was found guilty on 75 charges following a trial last March. The judge directed the jury to deliver a verdict of not guilty on three charges.

Ms Justice Margaret Heneghan declared the man a sex offender and praised the victims as “persons of very great courage and determination”.

She described the man’s offences as “an exploitation of weak and defenceless children” and said his behaviour was “abhorrent and evil” in this “campaign of rape and sexual abuse” in which he “abused his power in the house”.

The judge said the man showed no remorse, that the crime was planned and pre-meditated and said it was difficult to “discount the sentence in any meaningful way”.

She noted that defence said the man’s wife still stands by him. She said the offences were frequently accompanied by violence or threats of violence and described them as “vile acts” which had been carried out within the confines of the family home.

Ms Justice Heneghan said this was a place where these innocent children should have had security, care and love. She described the first victim as being “defenceless and without support” and added that the abuse continued for eight long years.

She noted that the other two daughters were eventually taken into care.

Ms Justice Heneghan said the man had “preyed upon each of these innocent girls for his own satisfaction”. She said he had shattered their lives when they were vulnerable, controlled them, deprived them of a normal family life, inflicted pain, robbed them of their innocence, deprived them of their education, and turned their family against them.

Ms Justice Heneghan quoted the eldest daughter’s victim impact statement which said “the extent of the damage caused was immeasurable”. She said the fact that the man had fought the case to conviction, added indignity to each of the victims.

The judge also remarked that the jury believed each of the women. During the trial the eldest of the sisters told the jury she was first sexually abused by the man when she was nine years old before he started to rape her when she was 11 years old. She said she was anally raped once as a 14-year-old when she came home during her lunch break from school.

She said the abuse came to an end after she managed to escape to England with her boyfriend as a 17-year-old. She had earlier that day enlisted the help of her younger sisters to help her commit suicide but after contacting her boyfriend by text to say goodbye he convinced her to meet up and refused to allow her to return to the house. She never returned to Ireland.

The woman explained that the family lived in fear of the father’s violence and explained that this violence would be directed at the whole family including her mother. She said he beat them all “quite severely and regularly” using his steel cap work boots and his fists. She described him as a very controlling man.

The second daughter, now 27 years old, was sexually abused from the age of 10 until just before her 14th birthday. She claimed her father once forced her to perform oral sex on him.

The third daughter, now 24 years old, was sexually assaulted from the age of 11 to 13 years old. She said on one occasion her father threatened to kill her two younger sisters.

Victim impact statements from the three sisters were read out in court by Tara Burns SC, prosecuting. The eldest of the three sisters, now 29, said that she had been a normal child living in England until her father was released from prison there, when the family returned to Ireland and the abuse began. She said that her mother, who gave evidence in support of her husband, “used to be a nice person but seems to be insane now”.

Her next youngest sister described having “nightmares about our father abusing me and my sisters” and that the family had difficulty in relating to each other now as they each “tried to deal with what went on in our own ways.”

The other daughter said that she had substance abuse problems since she was a teenager as a result of the abuse. She said that she hoped her father would get the help he needs.

The man has 57 previous convictions, mainly for road traffic offences. He has no previous convictions for sex crimes.

Dominic McGinn SC, defending, submitted that there was no evidence to suggest that his client continued this behaviour in recent years and asked the court to accept that the offending was limited to a relatively small portion of his adult life. He said his wife still stands by him.

Dad charged with manslaughter after alcohol found in blood of 5-month-old son during autopsy (Norwalk, Connecticut)

Notice that dad JORGE CHICLANA also has a history of domestic violence. Not a big surprise. Men who choke their wives are statistically very dangerous around their kids as we see here.

Father arrested after alcohol found in his infant son’s blood during autopsy
Posted 6:42 PM, May 19, 2015, by Tony Terzi, Updated at 06:43pm, May 19, 2015

NORWALK–Jorge Chiclana, 22, had no previous criminal record, but when his 5-month-old boy was found unresponsive in his crib last year, Chiclana’s now ex-wife, who was cleared of any wrongdoing, could think of no other suspect.

Five months after the May 16, 2014 death of Jacob Isaiah Chiclana, the state lab for toxicology issued a report saying the contents of the baby’s bottle contained 20 percent ethanol by weight, equivalent to 25 percent alcohol by volume, meaning a 50-proof cocktail.

“Police were looking into that and kept asking me if I saw him do it,” said Odalis Galarza, the baby’s mother. “I personally did not see him do that.”

She was referring to Chiclana, who was arraigned in Norwalk Superior Court on charges of second-degree manslaughter and risk of injury to a minor.

“I do know he made the bottle and, because it looked normal, I fed my son,” said Galarza. “You know, after three years of him doing this (making bottles), I would never have thought of ever looking into the bottles.”

Jorge Chiclana and Odalis Galarza have two children together. She says he swore up-and-down to her that he did not put alcohol in the baby’s bottle. But, his actions, she insists, said otherwise.

“He kept disappearing for short periods of time,” Galarza said. “He flew off to Puerto Rico. He kept changing his number every single time I gave the detective his new number.”

According to Galarza, her ex-husband started spray-painting a large toy inside their apartment the night before the baby’s death. Given the baby’s asthma, Galarza thought the paint fumes might be responsible for his death. But she didn’t want to question Chiclana too much on the matter because of an incident that happened just weeks before baby Jacob was born in December 2013.

He got upset and he choked me in front of the kids and that’s when the Department of Children and Families came into our lives the first time,” claims Galarza.

It was revealed today in court that Chiclana, who was apprehended by U.S. Marshals Monday at the Honeyspot Inn motel in Stratford, has a history of mental health issues. The manager of the motel told Fox CT Chiclana had been staying there for two or three days in a room that was reserved in his mother’s name.

Chiclana’s case was transferred to Stamford Superior Court, where he is next due to appear on June 2.

According to a police report, police seized three cans of Krylon spray paint and a fan that Chiclana said he was using for ventilation for the painting project.

Two days after the child died, Dr. Susan Williams of the chief medical examiner’s office stated that the infant appeared to have died by asphyxiation due to aspiration. However, the cause remained unknown until further toxicology tests were performed on the infant’s tissue samples and his lungs were examined.

On August 18, 2014, Norwalk investigators received information from the office of the chief medical examiner that the victim had alcohol in his liver tissue and urine consistent with a .04 blood alcohol content.

A week before Jacob’s death, there was a poisoning incident in their home involving their then 16-month-old toddler. The baby had ingested liquid incense, which Galarza said Chiclana poured into container he left within reach of the child.

On March 16 of this year, Norwalk police received autopsy reports saying alcohol was present in the blood liver, gastric contents and urine. The cause of death remained undetermined, as did the manner of death.

The medical examiner’s office determined the child’s lungs were clear and the child did not die of aspiration, as originally thought. The OCME said he most likely died due to the fact that the asthmatic child was placed faced face down in the crib, which could affect the child’s breathing, especially given the central nervous system was depressed due to the presence of alcohol.

Dad indicted for murder in death of 2-month-old daugher (Durham, North Carolina)

Dad is identified as ALEX LEE NOEL.

2-month-old Durham child dies, father charged with murder

Posted: May 19, 2015 2:14 PM EDT
Updated: May 19, 2015 4:07 PM EDT

by WNCN Staff

DURHAM, N.C. - A Durham man is facing a murder charge in connection with the death of his 2-month-old daughter.

Alex Lee Noel, 22, was indicted Monday on a murder charge.

Noel's child, Karina Noel, was taken to the hospital May 7 and police were notified due the injuries the child had suffered.

Noel was arrested on May 7 and was originally charged with felony child abuse. He was place in Durham County Jail under a $500,000 bond and has remained there since.

Karina died as a result of her injuries May 8.

Dad, step charged with abusing 9-year-old twins; did dad have custody? (Lexington, North Carolina)

A very typical child abuse news story in many ways in that more is not reported than reported.

What happened to the mother of these twins? Is she alive, dead, or "disappeared"?

If deceased, do we know for a fact that it was from natural causes?

If "disappeared," do we know if domestic violence was involved in some way?

If alive, was she forced to share custody with the abusive father or did he strip her of custody all together? Did he get custody/visitation despite earlier evidence of child abuse and/or domestic violence? If so, what judge(s) were involved?

Lots of back story not revealed....

Dad is identified as NICHOLAS BRANDON BARNES.

Father accused of abusing two 9-year-old children

Published: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 10:18 a.m.
Last Modified: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 10:18 a.m.

A father is accused of child abuse with his two 9-year-old children, joining their stepmother who was arrested earlier this month for the same charges, according to arrest warrants.

Lexington police officers have charged Nicholas Brandon Barnes, 29, of 5 Hackney St., with two counts of felony intentional child abuse inflicting serious injury. He was placed in the Davidson County Detention Center under a $5,000 secured bond for the charges.

Kimberly Marie Barnes, 36, of 205 Link Circle, was arrested May 1 and placed in the Davidson County Detention Center under a $50,000 secured bond.

Detective Aimee Harvey of the Lexington Police Department alleged the stepmother and father committed the offenses in October 2014. They are accused of using excessive and inappropriate physical discipline on the children, which caused bruising on multiple areas of the body and face.

Earlier this month, Robby Rummage of the LPD said his agency received the case from social services.

While being arrested Sunday for the child abuse charges, Nicholas Barnes also was charged with misdemeanor larceny and resisting a public officer. An officer with the LPD alleges Barnes stole $17.50 in beer and tools from Walmart on Lowe's Boulevard. Barnes is accused of running and pulling away from an officer while being placed under arrest for larceny, according to an arrest warrant.

The Barneses are scheduled to appear June 9 in Lexington District Court.

Dad charged with assaulting 11-year-old son (Gloversville, New York)

Dad is identified as DANIEL WILLIAMS. No mention of a mother in the home.

Dad from Gloversville facing child abuse charges

By Ali Stewart
Published: May 18, 2015, 1:12 pm

GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police say a father is being accused of hitting his son with a broom handle after bruises were found on his body.

Officials say they were advised by Fulton County DSS of a possible child abuse case. It was alleged that an 11-year-old male had bruises about his lower body, possibly caused by his father, Daniel Williams.

After a joint investigation with DSS, it was learned that Williams became angry with his son and struck him several times with a broom handle. Detectives arrested 29-year-old Williams of Fulton Street in Gloversville. He was charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child, and Attempted Assault.

Williams was processed at the Gloversville Police Department and sent to the Fulton County Correctional Facility in lieu of $250 cash bail. He is due to appear in Gloversville City Court on a later date.

Dad's girlfriend charged with abusing 14-month-old son; why is he not charged with neglect? (Eastpointe, Michigan)

This obviously involves a custody/visitation situation where UNAMED DAD dumped the child care on the new girlfriend. As often happens, the mother and how she felt about this situation has been erased from the story.

Even though the chances are very low that Daddy was battered, manipulated, or threatened by this woman, he is not charged with child neglect or failure to protect. By contrast, mothers are routinely charged with these things--even when they have defensive wounds.

And notice how his name is kept out of the papers....

Father’s girlfriend charged after child abused

Holly Fournier, The Detroit News 11 a.m. EDT May 19, 2015

Eastpointe — A woman was arraigned Monday on a child abuse charge after her boyfriend’s toddler suffered a severe head injury while in her care, police said.

Hilary Ulp, 36, was arraigned in 38th District Court on one count first-degree child abuse, Deputy Chief Eric Keiser said. Bond was set at $500,000 and she remains incarcerated at the Macomb County Jail.

Ulp called police around 9:15 a.m. Friday to a home on the 23000 block of Schroeder, Keiser said. Paramedics there found 14-month-old Nicholas Kuras severely injured.

“When the Eastpointe fire and rescue paramedics arrived, it was apparent to them that this was probably a child abuse case,” he said. “They called us immediately.”

The child was hospitalized in critical but stable condition as of Monday, Keiser said.

“I can’t really comment on the specific injuries or how the detectives believed they occurred, but he’s in bad shape,” Keiser said. “We can say that there was a serious head injury.”

Keiser declined to comment on when the baby was injured, but said it is believed to have occurred while he was in Ulp’s care.

“Based on the fact that she is charged and arraigned,” he said.

Police spoke with the boy’s father, who is not charged in the incident, Keiser said.

“We did interview him and he was not arrested at the conclusion of his interview,” Keiser said.

Keiser said he could not speculate on a possible motive. Ulp faces up to life in prison if convicted as charged.

Dad to go to trial for murder of 8-month-old daughter (Greene County, Tennessee)

Notice that Mom got 25 years for "child neglect"--or basically "failing" to stop a violent criminal father from committing his crimes. That is longer than many fathers get for actually killing the kids. Typical double standard.

Dad is identified as STEPHEN JENNINGS.

Father faces trial this week in 8-month-old daughter's death

Posted: May 18, 2015 4:30 PM EDT
Updated: May 18, 2015 4:32 PM EDT

By News Channel 11 Staff

GREENE COUNTY, TN (WJHL) - Stephen Jennings, the man accused in the murder death of his 8-month-old daughter in September 2012, will face trial this week.

A jury was seated in Jennings' trial Monday morning in Greeneville Criminal Court. Opening statements are scheduled to begin Tuesday.

The 8-month-old's mother, Pooja Jennings, pleaded guilty to aggravated child neglect in the case in December 2014 and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Prosecutors said at the time she would be a witness in Stephen Jennings' case.

Pooja's daughter, Abby Jennings, died on September 18, 2012.

Investigators said, the day before her death, she was found unresponsive and bruised at Pooja's home on Fairview Road. She was taken to a Greenville hospital where she later died.

Investigators charge the baby's father with murder.

Dad charged with manslaughter in death of infant son (Bridgeport, Connecticut)

Dad is identified as JORGE E. CHICLANA.

Bridgeport Father Charged In Infant Son's Death

By Nicholas Rondinone

A Bridgeport father was charged in connection with the death of his infant child
May 18, 2015, 11:07 PM

NORWALK — A Bridgeport man was charged Monday in the death of his infant son last year, police said.. The 5-month-old child was found not breathing in an apartment on Ely Avenue last May, police said. The baby was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Jorge E. Chiclana, 22, of Manila Place, was charged with second-degree manslaughter and risk of injury, police said. He was tracked down with the help of the U.S. Marshals Service Violent Fugitive Task Force.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner released a report on the child's death in March that said the infant had an elevated amounts of alcohol in his system.

Chiclana was held on $75,000 bond, police said.