Monday, December 20, 2010

Dad who molested son's classmates released after sentencing (Stamford, Connecticut)

Remember dad TOMAS MANZANO? It's one of those weird cases that sticks in your head.

It took 8 police officers to restrain this creep last summer. Now he's walking--after sentencing, he'll be freed immediately because of time served. Alcohol is blamed--not Daddy's scuzzy tendencies. Hmmm. How nice for Daddy....

Dad Who Molested Son's Classmates Released After Sentencing
Updated 2 hrs ago
December 20, 2010 3:22pm

By Shayna Jacobs

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

MANHATTAN SUPREME COURT — A Connecticut father who admitted to molesting his son's classmates on a fifth-grade class trip to Manhattan was sentenced to six months in jail on Monday — but was expected to be immediately freed because of time served.

Tomas Manzano, 35, of Stamford, Conn. was arrested on June 2 while on a bus tour with his son's fifth-grade class. He pleaded guilty in November to inappropriately touching his son's classmates during a school tour that included the Bronx Zoo and Times Square restaurant Mars 2112. Manzino was drunk on vodka he'd been drinking from a plastic water bottle, prosecutors said.

"You're so pretty, you should date my son so I can see you more," he allegedly told one young girl.

When the other chaperones noticed what he was doing, they called police and he was pulled off the bus and arrested, then taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Manzano was charged with sexual abuse, endangering the welfare of a child and resisting arrest. He pleaded guilty to one count of felony sex abuse on Nov 15 in exchange for a six-month jail term. He was released because of time served after entering his guilty plea.

He was handcuffed and brought into custody after the sentencing Monday as a formality. He was expected to be freed once in his paperwork was completed.

Manzano's lawyer said his client is still living with his family. The former financial industry clerk was ordered to receive alcohol treatment.

"This all came about basically because of his alcohol problem," Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Gregory Carro said at his sentencing Monday.

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