Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dad gets 60-year sentence for beating 14-week-old son (Anderson, Indiana)

Dad JUSTIN SHEETS has been sentenced to 60 years for beating his 14-week-old son. As is typical in a lot of these cases, Mom is being charged with neglect because she somehow failed to stop this thug while in his drug-induced haze. Note that it's not even clear in a lot of these cases whether anybody could have stopped a guy like this--especially without a weapon. And note that fathers are virtually never charged when they abandon children to abusive mothers, or otherwise fail to intervene on their children's behalf. Even though the average man is much stronger than the average woman. Total double standard.

Father Gets 60-Year Sentence In Infant's Beating
Man Apologizes For Drug-Induced Behavior

POSTED: 1:26 pm EST December 22, 2010
UPDATED: 1:31 pm EST December 22, 2010

ANDERSON, Ind. -- A father who admitted abusing his infant son is headed to prison.

Justin Sheets, 23, was sentenced Tuesday to 60 years in jail after he pleaded guilty in November to six felony charges.

Sheets told the judge that he regretted his drug-induced behavior, in which he fractured his then-14-week-old son's skull, broke his arms and legs and ripped his lips.

The child's mother, Brittney Bland, is still facing neglect charges. Her trial is set for August.