Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dad charged with murdering two sons no-show for court; previously had custody and/or child support? (Edmonton, Canada)

We've posted several times on this case in recent days. This is the (still) UNNAMED DAD, who had apparently murdered his two sons during court-ordered visitation. At least it SEEMED that way, as the children had reportedly been living with their mother at the time of the murders. Now I'm wondering if Daddy didn't in fact have custody, and that they were living with Mom because he couldn't deal with them (e.g. he was unemployed/underemployed). Notice that in earlier articles posted here, charity workers were bring Christmas presents to Daddy and the kids. And also notice in this particular article that it was MOM who was supposed to be paying this guy $1000 a month in child support. That's a lot of money to be shelling out each month. But not a lot on the receiving end if you can't or won't get a job.

Well, so much for the standard fathers rights bull about poor daddies being bankrupted by child support, so that's why they get so angry and act out violently, those poor, poor dears. This one was on the receiving end, and it didn't keep this numbnuts from doing in his kids in a big display of Daddy Drama.

So what judge awarded this deadbeat child support--and presumably child custody? There is an awful lot of backstory to this case that is not being explained.

Dad charged with slaying sons hospitalized


Alberta father charged with killing his sons

EDMONTON - The man charged with murdering his two young sons was a no-show for a scheduled court appearance Wednesday due to medical reasons.

Police charged the 31-year-old man with two counts of first-degree murder after they found the bodies of the boys, aged three and six, in a townhouse Sunday night.

Police made the discovery after getting a call to check on the family's welfare.

The boys' father was arrested at the scene and charged Tuesday.

Edmonton police spokeswoman Clair Seyler said the man is currently at the Royal Alexandra Hospital recovering from non life-threatening injuries he received Sunday night.

Seyler couldn't elaborate on the extent of the man's injuries or what caused them, but said he'll go straight to remand once he has recovered.

He's now scheduled to appear in court Jan. 5.

Police are sickened and traumatized by the slaying, said Staff Sgt. Tony Simioni, head of the Edmonton Police Association.

Instead of wheeling the boys' bodies out on gurneys, investigators tenderly carried bags containing them out of the townhouse in their arms -- a gesture Simioni said isn't unusual when children are involved in a crime scene.

Simioni said incidents involving children are the most traumatizing for police to deal with.

Many officers are "quite emotional" from the initial incident, but Simioni isn't aware of anyone taking additional time off to cope with their emotions.

Instead, officers involved with the case are undergoing critical incident stress debriefing to vent and share their feelings, and provided further services if required.

Simioni said the debriefing is standard practice in such cases.

"All of us have children and even if we don't, they have a special place in terms of our hearts. These are completely innocent people," said Simioni, who spent several years as a child abuse investigator.

"It certainly took its toll on me personally as well. It's harder to deal with these kinds of victims than any other kind because they are so defenceless and innocent."

Autopsies have been conducted on the boys but police said further tests are needed to determine the exact cause of death.

According to court documents from 2008, the mom was to pay nearly $1,000 a month to the dad in child support.

The slain kids were living with their mom at the time of the killing, according to the province.