Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dad who "allegedly" killed 19-day-old baby denied bail (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Yet another case of an UNNAMED DAD shaking and killing the baby--who was only 19 days old. A newborn, for God's sake. Sick. No mention of the baby's mother. Did Daddy birth this child himself or what?

Accused baby killer dad denied bail
by Mark Oberhardt From: The Courier-Mail December 22, 2010 1:26PM

A FATHER who allegedly killed his 19-day-old baby daughter by shaking her was refused Supreme Court bail in time for Christmas, today.

The man, 23, of Burleigh Waters on the Gold Coast, was charged with murder when arrested by police in October last year.

In the Supreme Court in Brisbane, the man, who can't be named under new Queensland laws, applied for conditional bail on several grounds.

The court heard the critical issue at trial would be whether the new born baby's injuries were caused during birth or as a result of her father's abuse.

Barrister Mark Johnson, for the man, said crown's case on a murder charge was "weak" and he was in negotiations with prosecutors to have the charge downgraded to manslaughter.

Prosecutor Kathryn Adams said it was intended to pursue a murder charge after the man allegedly made admissions to several different people about shaking the baby.

Bail was opposed because release conditions did not adequately address the man's flight risk.

Justice Glenn Martin refused bail.

The case is likely to go to trial late next year