Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dad charged with physical abuse of 6-year-old daughter (Beaver Dam, Wisconsin)

Notice that you have to read carefully to find out that MICHAEL R. BARNES is in fact the father of the bruised 6-year-old girl that he admits to "smacking" across the face. And notice that although Daddy proclaims that he is "exhausted from being a parent" (poor little dear!), there is no mention of a mother at all. Single dad? Who knows. This article buried the perp's fatherhood status. It certainly isn't going to clarify his custodial status.



Dodge County man charged with child abuse
The Reporter Staff • December 12, 2010

JUNEAU — A 45-year-old Dodge County man has been charged with physical abuse of a child.

Michael R. Barnes of Beaver Dam made his initial court appearance in Dodge County Circuit Court Monday.

Police were contacted last May by an anonymous source that witnessed a 6-year-old girl with bruises on her face. The source told police that Barnes confessed that he was "exhausted from being a parent" and that he had smacked his child across the face after she had talked back to him, according to the criminal complaint.

Although Barnes said he regretted bruising the child's face, he said the girl deserved the punishment.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 20.