Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dad convicted of possessing "obscene material" going after FULL CUSTODY of children (Cleveland, Ohio)

Are you one of those stubborn holdouts who still thinks poor daddies are feeling disadvantaged and oppressed in the family courts? Think again. The real story these days is that the most abusive, dysfunctional fathers you'll find anywhere are feeling totally entitled to whatever their little heart desires. Check out dad PATRICK O'MALLEY. Though this dad has been CONVICTED of storing "obscene material" (i.e. CHILD PORN) on his home computer, he still has the freaking nerve to demand FULL custody of his children--now that he's out of federal prison.

Why? Well it appears this @$$wipe HAD CUSTODY during the time in which he was seeking and receiving the child porn. And now that he's out of federal prison, Daddy is all pissy with mom for "allegedly" keeping the kids from visiting him, a convicted child porn purveyor, in jail! He's whining that he didn't get pictures and school records too!

So what does this add up to? In my book, that's a GOOD MOM who's doing her job. In the fathers rights world of total entitlement, it's ALIENATION!!! Which means Daddy must have full custody so the children can be free of Mom's "vitriolic and inappropriate" behavior! Because Daddy is going to raise those kids with "respect and concern for both parents"!

Needless to say, all this is all straight from the fathers rights custody handbook. Even when you're caught in a criminal act, you deflect attention away from your actual deeds to vague accusations of "alienation." Mommy "allegedly" not being nice to Daddy's child porn self now gets twisted into a WORSE crime than Daddy's actual child porn self. And don't believe for a minute that Daddy is going to promote time with Mom. These types are notorious for cutting off visitation with the mother--despite all the hypocritical rhetoric to the contrary. And nobody listens at court when moms countercharge with "alienation" in return.

Will we finally see some decency and common sense from a judge in one of these cases? Let's hope that Judge JUDITH NICELY has not taken a swig from the fathers rights Koolaide.


Former Cuyahoga County Recorder Patrick O'Malley requests child custody after obscenity conviction
Published: Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 6:00 AM
Updated: Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 8:31 AM
Leila Atassi, The Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- After spending 15 months in a federal prison for storing obscene material on a home computer, former Cuyahoga County Recorder Patrick O'Malley wants a judge to grant him full custody of his two children.

The dispute is the latest drama to unfold between O'Malley and his ex-wife Vicki, whose domestic feuds have been highly publicized since their bitter divorce proceedings began in 2004.

A trial to settle the issue of custody was scheduled to begin Monday before visiting Judge Judith Nicely in Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court. But it was postponed until early February, and the parties spent the morning hammering out a holiday visitation schedule for their children, a 9-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl.

Although the O'Malleys agreed to a shared parenting plan when their divorce was finalized in 2006, Vicki O'Malley has been the children's temporary custodian since 2008, when her ex-husband was sentenced.

Patrick O'Malley pleaded guilty in May 2008 to obscenity after FBI agents raided his Chagrin Falls home in 2004 and seized two personal computers. A search warrant revealed they were looking for two things: records related to a billboard deal involving the city of Cleveland that O'Malley brokered and images of child pornography.

A sentencing memorandum filed by federal prosecutors detailed the nature of the pornographic images found, including bestiality, bondage and other sexually deviant acts. Investigators also found child pornography on a computer and several floppy discs. But prosecutors decided a child pornography charge would be too difficult to prove because that evidence had been in the possession of too many people, including O'Malley's estranged wife.

The memorandum points to the scope of obscene material, however, and the length of time O'Malley was receiving it.

"As the father of five children, Defendant sought out and received, for over six and one half years, numerous stories glorifying and salaciously describing sex between adults and children, including children who would have mirrored his own children's ages," the memorandum states. "The scope and depravity of the material Defendant sought is made exceedingly more disturbing by the fact that he was the custodial parent of small children at the time."

O'Malley was released from prison in September 2009 and sent to a halfway house for the last month of his sentence.

In January, he filed a motion asking for full custody of the children. He argued that his ex-wife violated the terms of their agreement by discouraging the children from visiting him in prison and failing to send him regular cards from the kids, pictures and school records. 'He accused her of launching a "campaign of denigration designed to alienate the children from their father."

"The O'Malley children deserve a stable, nurturing environment within which they can be free from their mother's vitriolic and inappropriate behavior," the motion argues. "They deserve to be raised with respect and concern for both parents ... They deserve so much more than their mother can give them."

Vicki O'Malley countered by requesting her ex-husband's pre-sentence investigation report from the federal court, which could contain further details of Patrick O'Malley's crime or state of mind. O'Malley protested the request, and the court denied his ex-wife access to the records -- which are not public.

If the parties cannot reach an agreement on parenting time before the February trial date, expert witnesses -- including a psychologist who performed a sexual risk assessment on O'Malley and an FBI agent involved in the obscenity investigation -- are expected to testify.