Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dad shoots mother 3 times when she drops off the kids at his mother's for "visit" (Leavenworth, Kansas)

This is another example of piss poor article on an attempted murder. There is so much here that is reported badly or in a misleading way. And then there is important stuff that's barely mentioned at all.

Let's start with the headline. From the headline, you would have NO IDEA that dad ALAN ROBINSON shot his "estranged" wife three times and that's she's in critical condition.

There is no explanation here as to why batterers and abusers are the most likely to kill (or attempt to kill) after their partner leaves or files for divorce.

There is no attempt to explain the actual dynamics in these relationships, that these are not "volatile marriages" but marriages with controlling violent men who are typically sociopaths . Sociopaths who often make good on their threats.

And what is this part about the "estranged" wife dropping of the children at HIS mother's house so SHE could visit them? Was this required by the courts, that the mother-in-law got to visit? If so, why? And was HE entitled to visit them as well? Why isn't this reported?

And why not point out that it's actually COMMON for frightened women NOT to call the police against these guys? Why would they, when these guys are so violent and apparently "unstable"? (Actually, the "unstable" part is often an act--especially when you see no criminal record related to any other part of the would-be killer's life.)


Man Kills Self After Wife Files For Divorce

POSTED: 5:55 pm CST December 10, 2010
UPDATED: 6:17 pm CST December 10, 2010

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. -- Leavenworth police said a man who shot his estranged wife on Wednesday later killed himself.

Police said the Amber Robinson filed for divorce on Wednesday to end what officers called a volatile marriage. A few hours after the filing, Alan Robinson shot her three times and then took his own life, police said.

"She went to his mother's house to drop the children off so she could visit with them," said Maj. Robert Smith from the Leavenworth Police Department.

Police said Alan Robinson was hiding near his mother's house at Rees Street and Third Avenue, and when Amber Robinson got back into her van he ran up to her window and shot her three times -- once in the head and twice in the shoulder.

"When the officers arrived at that time she was still conscious and able to tell us that her husband had shot her," Smith said.

Police said they went to the Robinson's house on Central and Randolph streets to find Alan Robinson but the door was locked so they left.

"We were later called back there by his family who had forced entry into the house and found him in the basement," Smith said. "He had taken his life."

The Robinsons have two young children. Amber Robinson remained in critical condition at a local hospital on Friday, but relatives said she was showing signs of improvement.

Police said they were told the couple had a history of domestic violence but officers had never been called to their house. They add that Alan Robinson had no criminal record.