Friday, December 17, 2010

Murdered dad of murdered 6-year-old was drug dealer; why did he have "shared custody"? (Phoenix, Arizona)

I haven't posted on this case until now, as it hasn't been clear what happened in the violent deaths of this father and son. But here's one thing that is truly crazy: What idiot would give a dad like XAVIER JAQUEZ "shared custody" of a 6-year-old child? Daddy clearly had an "arrest history" involving drug possession and the "intent to sell." It short, he was a drug dealer, and in that "line of work," it is not unheard of for your family members to become the targets of gangs or other violent thugs. And yet this child was deliberately put in danger through a "shared custody" arrangement with a father who was likely to attract (or be involved in) violent activity.

Was this "shared custody" court-ordered? Or merely a "voluntary" deal on the mother's part? Not that "voluntary" shared custody means much in Arizona anymore. If you don't "agree" to it, the judges will be happy to inflict it on you anyway. Or give the father sole custody to punish you for your "selfishness."

So much for the line that daddies are discriminated against and can't get shared custody....

Murdered Father of Murdered 6-Year-Old Was a Drug Dealer
By James King, Thu., Dec. 16 2010 @ 9:42AM

​A Phoenix man found shot to death at his home the day before his 6-year-old son was found murdered in an alley was a drug dealer, court records show.

The boy, Xavier Jaquez, was found shot to death Tuesday morning in an alley near his mother's home, near 65th Avenue and Indian School Road, by a City of Phoenix sanitation crew. The boy's parents shared custody of the child.

Angel Jaquez, Xavier's father, was found by his brother on a couch in a duplex at his house at 2719 East Broadway Road in Phoenix on Monday night. He was shot once, police say.

At least six people have been questioned about the murders by police, but no arrests have been made.

Angel Jaquez reportedly has "an arrest history," and police say the family was targeted -- possibly because Jaquez is a drug dealer.

Jaquez's "arrest history" includes a September 20, incident, in which police responded to a burglary call at his duplex and found marijuana inside, according to court documents first obtained by KPHO.

Jaquez took a plea deal and admitted to drug possession with intent to sell. He was sentenced to two years probation.

Police haven't said whether the murders are drug related. They continue to look at all possibilities.