Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Killer dad did not act alone--he was aided by the Quebec courts, RCMP, FBI (Coldspring, Texas)

Be very careful before you wring your hands and get too caught up in the "tragic" aspects of a father murdering his kids. Often there is a back story where the authorities have dirty hands in the affair as well. In other words, it's often not just Daddy--even if he's the one who actually pulled the trigger. And it appears the governmental authorities in both Canada and the U.S. were sucking up to killer dad PREDRAG PIRISIC every step of the way--clear up until the mother was (finally) granted TEMPORARY custody in late October.

Too late. Daddy had already gone missing with the children by October 26.

Notice that Daddy gained possession of the kids back in April, after an unnamed Quebec Superior Court judge ordered the kids be yanked from their mother's home in Montreal so they could move in with their father in Texas--and on only one day's notice. And notice that the Hague Convention was cited, which was presumably designed to support mothers in these situations. Now research has shown that abusive, violent fathers have been amazingly effective in using the Hague Convention to solidify their control over their former partners and children. Sure looks like it in this case. These kids were Canadian citizens--why were they ordered to go to Texas?

And notice the list of agencies that failed this mother and children by supporting Pirisic and his "fathers rights": The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Amber Alert system. Not a lot of evidence that daddies are oppressed here, is there?

Ex-Montrealer charged with murdering son, 10

Daughter shot 8 times but survives fusillade

By JAN RAVENSBERGEN, The Gazette; contributed to this report December 15, 2010

In late April, 10-year-old Deyan Perisic and his 12-year-old sister Danyela "were crying and begging" not to be uprooted from the home they shared with their mother and grandmother to move -on one day's notice -to live with their father in Texas, their cousin Vicky Pololis said yesterday.

But a Quebec Superior Court judge, citing The Hague Convention, ordered the two youngsters to leave for Texas immediately. Danyela was yanked from Gardenview Elementary School, missing her graduation ceremony.

Dean's body now lies in a Texas morgue -while his father, 55-year-old Predrag Perisic, formerly of Montreal, had been charged with the boy's murder Monday evening near Houston.

Danyela remains hospitalized "with eight bullet wounds," Pololis said: "I know she got out of surgery at 5:30 (yesterday) morning, and that she was in surgery for at least eight hours."

Vera Vuceralovich, the 46-year-old mother of the two, flew to the bedside of what is now her only child, arriving mid-afternoon yesterday.

Pololis, 23, who grew up "like brother and sister" with the two youngsters directly above her in their three-generation family duplex in St. Laurent, spoke through a veil of grief and anger: "Why did they get sent back to Texas? These are Canadian children."

In late October, Vuceralovich was granted full temporary custody of her youngsters by Quebec Superior Court -but Perisic went missing with them Oct. 26.

Perisic, Deyan and Danyela were found Monday about 5 p.m., after police heard gunshots when they arrived at a home in Coldspring, Tex., to serve an arrest warrant on Perisic for child custody interference.

For the past six weeks, Pololis said, "nobody wanted to help us -not the RCMP. Not the FBI. They refused to put out an Amber Alert because they said the kids were with their father, and that they were not in danger.

"Just because children are with a parent, it doesn't mean an Amber Alert should not be put out."

"Missing Children was the only one to put up the poster."

The children and their mother had moved to La Porte, Tex., in August 2009, in an unsuccessful attempt to live as a family. That ended last January. They returned to Montreal, and Gardenview.

Both were "really good kids," Pololis said: "Polite. Kind-hearted. Good students. Very active. Very joyful. Deyan ... loved sports. He was always very active, playing soccer, baseball, out front with his friends."

Danyela "likes to read, she is much more studious. She was always into reading and drawing, things like that."

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