Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Custodial dad jailed for 10 years for attempted murder of 16-year-old daughter; didn't want her to "leave him to fend for himself" (Salford, England)

This is classic male pattern violence, the father who is utterly obsessed with total control of his family. No doubt his wife, the mother of these children, left LEE KELLY (IF, in fact, that is what happened) because she couldn't stand living in such a prison camp. This father pulled the daughter out of school for 3 years because she said hello to a boy. She and her brother weren't allowed to have friends either, because that was also a threat to Daddy's dictatorial control. The son was regularly physically abused. (And frankly I would not be surprised in the least if the father was sexually abusive of the daughter. He sure sounds like he was.) The father was obviously very paranoid as well , and as soon as the daughter expressed an interest in going to college and "leaving" the father to "fend for himself," he came up with some flimsy pretext (not supporting Daddy in a pool match) to nearly kill her by punching her and stabbing her with a knife.

I have a feeling that the mother of these children KNEW she would have been killed if she had challenged this father for control of these kids. And I think she would have been right. That's assuming the mother is in fact still alive....

Father who stabbed his 16-year-old daughter for not supporting him in a pool match is jailed for 10 years
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 2:52 PM on 22nd December 2010

A father who stabbed his teenage daughter for not supporting him in a pool match, has been jailed.

Lee Kelly, 35, was locked up for ten years after being found guilty of attempted murder.

He struck after taking the 16-year-old on a shopping trip to Manchester.

Kelly lost a pool contest at a pub and became angry, saying he had lost because the teenager had not supported him.

When they arrived home Kelly threw her on the couch and began to hit her around the head.

He went into the kitchen and returned with a three-inch knife and stabbed her in the hand as she tried to defend herself.

Earlier Manchester Crown Court heard that Kelly also feared the girl would leave him to fend for himself.

The thug was so possessive, he prevented 16-year old Jade Kelly from going to school for three years after he caught her saying 'hello' to a boy.

The father-of-two told neighbours he 'wasn't going to let anyone take Jade from him'.

He added: 'She's my keeper, my world, she stays with me, nobody is going to take her off me.'

He eventually snapped after a row with Jade over his behaviour during a shopping and cinema trip to Manchester city centre.

Kelly decided to go on a drinking spree during the trip and as he stumbled home drunk he began blaming his daughter for not supporting him when he lost a pool match.

Back at their family house he tried to smother Jade then grabbed a knife and tried to stab her 13 times as she tried to protect herself with a cushion. She managed to flee into the street and jumped into a nearby taxi telling the driver her father was a 'psycho' as he stood praying in the street apparently begging her not to leave.

A jury took just under 90 minutes to find Kelly, of Walkden, Salford, guilty of attempted murder.
He was jailed for 10 years but told he must remain under supervision until the year 2025.

The sentence was passed despite his daughter's pleas in a victim impact statement for a short jail term because she 'still loved her father and wanted a relationship with him'.

Jade burst into tears as her father walked into the dock and wept uncontrollably as he was led down to the cells.

Earlier the trial was told Kelly was said to be 'not just a disciplinarian' but so controlling that Jade and her brother Stephan could not have friends outside the house.

He used physical violence so regularly that his son Stephan had lost count of the number of times he had been hit.

The children's mother had moved away from the family home when they were young, leaving them with their father.

Kelly would spy on his daughter and he claimed she and Stephen were 'conspiring behind his back'.

Mr Mark Kellett, prosecuting said: 'In the weeks preeding this incident Jade had started to show an interest in resuming a normal life of a young girl - starting a college course Clearly this was incompatbile with his desire for his daughter to be his keeper.'

The attack occurred when Kelly drank ten pints of lager and double shots of whiskey during the day after he visited a number of pubs when he took Jade shopping.

On the train home, he told Jade - who had been drinking soft drinks - 'I really hate you I wish you were dead'.

He then slapped and bit her in front of other passengers.

After getting off the train he fell into a ditch, before staggering home and launching into the attack on Jade when they arrived.

Mr Kellett said Kelly punched Jade 20 times to the head and body, before picking up a kitchen knife telling her he was going to kill her.

Mr Kellett continued: 'He took that knife as she cowered on the sofa trying to defend herself begging and pleading with him to stop.

'He stabbed at her some 13 times.'

Jade used a cushion to defend herself, but the jury was told that three of the knife thrusts went almost straight through and that she received wounds to her hand.

Mr Kellett added: 'At that stage he threw the knife to the floor, went upstairs and came back down repeating his threats that he wanted to kill his daughter.

'He dragged her from the sofa and put his hand over her face, pushed her into the floor and started to smother her. She struggled against her father and managed to get away from him.

'He returned to the kitchen to get another knife, repeating his threats.

'At that stage she ran from the house into the street and into a taxi that was fortuitously in the street and made her escape.

As police arrested him, Kelly retorted: 'There's no point in arresting me, you'll be letting me out tomorrow - she'll never give evidence against me.'

He accepted inflicting the injuries on Jade but said he was too drunk to be capable of forming the intent to kill.

Passing sentence, the judge Mr Justice Colin Mackay told Kelly: 'You see Jade here today and she thinks it is all her fault, but it is nothing like that - she is the victim in this case, not you, never forget that.

'You kept her out of school I am satisfied on the evidence because you wanted to keep her to yourself. You drove your son away, you lost him. What will happen with Jade I don't know.

'There is a risk that you are such a possessive parent that if ever you get the chance in the future to form a new relationship to which there are children attached, you may start doing the same thing.

'I am satisfied that you are a risk - specifically to people with whom you have a personal relationship with which may challenge

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