Friday, December 10, 2010

Dumbbell threat dad picked up again by police (London, England, United Kingdom)

Courts in the UK have always been pretty lenient towards abusers--though they're far from the only ones.

Check out dad IAN SEXTON. This father threatened to bludgeon his infant daughter to death with a dumbbell. That was after he grabbed the sleeping baby and threatened to throw her down the stairs. He also "attacked" the baby's mother and his own brother, though little is said about that here. Something about a "drunken rage" is blamed.

Despite all that, Daddy walked free from court (big surprise). Daddy more or less admitted to all the charges against him, but complains about being "hounded" and how he didn't "deserve" all the negative attention. I mean, he didn't actually "harm" the baby, did he? (This, my dears, is how abusive narcissists think--unfortunately. It's always about them and their suffering.) So to prove how wrong and misguided the public's prejudices against him really were , Daddy starts screaming at the mother and baby in the streets--despite a no-contact order. And that 's only two weeks after getting out of court.

Is the legal system ever going to rank the safety and well being of mothers and children higher than the rights of violent fathers?

Dumbbell threat dad Ian Sexton is picked up again by police
By lucy buckland

A FATHER who threatened to bludgeon a baby to death with a dumbbell has been arrested just two weeks after walking free from court.

Ian Sexton, of Coulsdon Rise, Coulsdon, was picked up by police on Saturday after allegedly harassing the mother of the child he attacked.

The 23-year-old, who is serving a suspended sentence for ABH against his policeman brother, battery on the baby's mother and child cruelty, was charged with breaking a court order.

He was bailed to appear before Croydon Magistrates' Court on December 20.

Sexton narrowly avoided jail last month after admitting flying off the handle in a drunken rage and attacking the woman and her baby along with his brother Barry Sexton at home in Kenley in July.

During the court hearing on November 13 it emerged Sexton grabbed the sleeping baby from the bedroom, dangled her over the landing and threatened to throw her down the stairs.

He then dangled a weight over her head before taking her to an electrical substation and attacking the baby's mother.

Despite the atrocity of his crime Sexton contacted the Advertiser to say he didn't deserve to be hounded.

He pleaded: "Because of stories that have been published, I am being hounded and I don't deserve it.

"I am not a child attacker, the baby was not harmed at all."

Sexton was allegedly seen screaming at his victim and her baby in the street – he is not allowed to contact them as part of a court order.