Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dad arrested for leaving 6-year-old son a bus stop; told boy to "go live with your mother" in California (Kansas City, Missouri)

Okay, what's up with dad CLIFTON R. WILLIAMS SR.? Did this nitwit have custody of this 6-year-old boy? Or did he "share" custody with the mother, who lives in California? Either way, he's a freaking disaster of a father. Seems Daddy abandoned the boy near a bus stop with some clothes, a toothbrush--and a phony bus ticket. Hah, hah. Funny joke, Dad.

This is how low the bar has been set for custody/visitation these days--at least when you're a father.


Father Arrested for Leaving Six-Year-Old at Bus Stop with Bogus Ticket

11:54 a.m. CST, December 14, 2010

KANSAS CITY, MO — A Kansas City father was arrested Monday after he left his six-year-old son standing on the side of the road. According to police, the child said he was stranded after his father told him to not get into trouble at school. Police said Clifton R. Williams Sr., 34, dropped his son off at a bus stop near Blue Ridge Blvd. and 91st Street and told him to "go live with your mother" in California.

According to police documents, Williams had packed some clothes and a tooth brush for his son and gave him a piece of paper, saying that it was a bus ticket. After Williams drove away, a female driver stopped and talked to the boy and let him in her car. She proceeded to drive to the nearest school and called police.

Approximately an hour later, police said Williams called to report his child missing. After further investigation police determined Williams' son and the boy found at the bus stop was the same person.

Williams told police his truck broke down and that he told his son to wait for the bus at a nearby bus stop while he worked on his vehicle. Williams claimed a stranger helped him fix his truck and when he returned to pick up his son, he was no longer at the bus stop. Williams said he drove around looking for his son and when he could not find him he reported him missing.

Williams was arrested for endangering the welfare of a child and the Crimes Against Children Unit was notified.