Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dad facing felony child neglect charges; 2-year-old found wandering, covered in own excrement (Glen St. Mary, Florida)

So what was up with dad ADAM SALT? Was he babysitting? Did he have visitation with these kids? Either way, it seems he couldn't manage to stay awake and monitor his own children. The 2-year-old was found wandering the neighborhood in nothing but a T-shirt and covered in her own excrement. And in 50 degree weather. This is the kind of crap that mothers are usually blamed for--mostly because they are the majority of caregivers. But the statistics show that fathers tend to be even worse once they are given supervisory responsibilities.

2-Year-Old Found Wandering Alone
Father Arrested On Felony Child Neglect Charges

POSTED: Tuesday, December 21, 2010

GLEN ST. MARY, Fla. -- A Baker County father is facing felony charges after his 2-year-old daughter was found wandering their neighborhood earlier this month.

Adam Salts, 26, was asleep and he said he had no idea his toddler got out of the house, deputies said.

The girl was discovered by a caregiver from the Baker County Council on Aging, who happened to be in the neighborhood visiting a client.

The woman told authorities the girl had nothing on but a long-sleeved T-shirt in 50-degree weather and was covered in her own excrement.

Baker County deputies said they received 911 calls about a child wandering in the street.

"What he did, you know it's not right because it is a small child, and she's a little tiny thing," said neighbor Paulinda Harvey. "He's not a father; that's a neglectful dad."

Salts was arrested and charged with felony child neglect. The girl and a 1-year-old child found asleep in the home when deputies arrived were turned over to their mother Tuesday evening.