Friday, December 10, 2010

Dad "waterboarded baby girl to stop her crying" (Lyons, New York)

We first reported on this case yesterday, but it's interesting that the UK press is reporting more information than the local press. Now we find out that dad AARON IACONO is not only abusive to his infant daughter, he's also abusive to her Russian-born mother.

Keep that in mind next time you hear (some) American men complain that American women are all ballbreaking bitches and how "foreign" women are better. What that means is that they prefer "foreign" women as wives because these women often come from desperate circumstances, so they may be more willing to put up with abusive treatment. In addition, because these women are often unfamiliar with English or the American legal system, they have a much harder time getting help when they or their children are being battered.

Father 'waterboarded baby girl to stop her crying'
By Paul Thompson
Last updated at 8:18 AM on 10th December 2010

A father has been accused of 'waterboarding' his 10-month-old daughter in a shocking attempt to stop her crying.

Aaron Iacono allegedly held the baby girl under a running tap on several occasions to shut her up.

Police said the girl's face and head were forcibly held under the cold water for up to five minutes, causing her stomach to swell with water.

When his wife tried to intervene he is said to have choked her with his hands before throwing the baby to the ground.

Iacono,30, is also accused of smashing his daughter's head against a shower head while trying to stop her crying.

He is being held without bail in Lyons, New York, on multiple charges including attempted assault, a criminal sex act and endangering the welfare of a child.

Police said the baby girl, who has not been named, was treated for cuts and bruises and a broken leg following the alleged abuse.

The horrific incident allegedly took place at the home Iacono shared with his Russian-born wife.

Police say that on November 30, Iacono held the baby girl’s head and face under a stream of cold water in the bathtub for approximately five minutes.

He repeated the act in the bathroom sink three times, hitting her head on the taps.

Iacono then reportedly threw the child to the ground.

When his wife tried to intervene, Iacono is said to have choked her before demanding oral sex.

In another incident, he is accused of slamming the baby’s head against a shower head.

The child was treated at Newark-Wayne Hospital before being released.

Wayne County District Attorney Richard Healy said the incident was one of the worst cases of child abuse he's seen in Wayne County.

'We've dealt with a lot of child abuse cases,' he said.

'But I've never seen or read anything like this. Running cold water on an infant to teach her a lesson or to prevent it from crying. That's just outrageous conduct.'

Waterboarding was a torture perfected by the CIA to extract confessions from terror suspects.

It involves water being poured over a suspects head until they have the sensation of drowning.

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