Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dad arrested for fracturing skull of 2-month-old baby (Tyler, Texas)

We reported on this case just recently, when Dad had some cockamamie story about the the toddler jumping on the baby. Now we find out that dad SAUL MINO has admitted hitting the 2-month-old baby--basically because Daddy was drunk and "frustrated." Shouldn't really be a surprise to anybody, since Daddy has a history of assault. Why anybody thinks a parent with a criminal history of assault should be doing caregiving of babies and small children is beyond me. This is the common result with these idiots. And yet fathers with histories like this are granted unsupervised visitation or custody all the time....


Father arrested for infant's factured skull
East Texas infant in critical condition with fractured skull

By Cody Spain - Reporter/KETK News
Monday, December 20, 2010 - 6:22pm

TYLER- Smith County Officials now say the boy's father admits to hitting the child in the head out of frustration while under the influence of alcohol.

23-year-old Saul Lino is now behind bars charged with injury to a child.

Lino's bail is set at $500,000.


TYLER - What started off to be a nose bleed for a two month old has turned into something far worse.

Authorities say the incident happened on County Road 328 in Smith County. The child, authorities say had a bloody nose and a cut lip.

Child Protection Services made the call to Deputies after the child was taken to East Texas Medical Center in Tyler and later transferred to Children's Hospital in Dallas.

The child's father told Deputies the baby's sibling a 13 month old girl was jumping on the infant while they were in their crib. After the father picked up the child, he told deputies he accidently dropped the baby on the floor.

Deputies tell us the father of the child has a history of assault.

The case is still under investigation and no arrest have yet been made but, they do believe alcohol could have contributed to the child's injuries.