Monday, December 20, 2010

NGO intervenes to save 2-year-old daughter tortured by father (Sana'a, Yemen)

UNNAMED DAD so abused (tortured) his 2-year-old daughter that she now has permanent disabilities. This f--ker bit this child and poked her with needles--so much so that she almost died. Notice that there is mention of a grandmother and an aunt's husband, but no mention of a mother. Is the mother dead? Or is this case of a divorced mom who lost all contact with her child? Not one word here. I almost expect this in Yemen. But you increasingly hear the same silence about mothers in the western press too.

NGO intervenes to save abused two year old girl
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Written By: Fares Anam
Article Date: Dec 20, 2010 - 4:11:30 PM

Dua’a Abdulhakeem, a two year old girl from Sana’a, was exposed to cruelty torture by her own father causing her permanent physical disabilities. The Seyaj organization for childhood protection has managed to intervene on her behalf and save her from her father.

“She was tortured all over her body where her father admitted that he beat her, bite large parts of her body with his teeth, and poked her with needles, causing her wounds and contusions and almost caused her to die,” said Ahmad al-Qurashi, Chairman of Seyaj.

Amar Al-Refa’e, who helped the girl and relieved her to the hospital said, “I was in Al-Asrah Hospital and saw here by coincidence with her grandmother and aunt’s husband waiting for the doctor,” he said, “I asked them why they didn’t treat the girl but they said they don’t have money to treat her in a good hospital,” he added.

Al-Refa’e took the girl to al-Gumhori hospital and treated her using his own money. “Then I contacted Colonel Ahmed Al-Awdi from the Criminal Investigation unit and he immediately came by in his own car and ordered the arrest of her father,” he said.

“There are many families’ problems and poor economical situations that cause the parents beat their children,” al-Qurahi mentioned. “The psychological pressure and lack of ability to deal with their problems lead to these criminal acts,” he said.

After reporting to the Criminal Investigation unit, the forces tried several times to arrest the father but he succeed to escape. “We succeed after several attempts to capture the father and he admitted what he did to his child,” said Colonel Ahmed Al-Awdi, an officer of the Criminal Investigation unit.

“He admitted that he is at fault and that he beat and tortured his child several times because he has problems with his father,” Al-Awdi said. “The man is not insane and he is in a good mental health,” he added.

Qasim appealed that the father has three sons and if he put in jail, his family and sons will be alone without any care. “He is very sorry and shamed of what he did,” he said. “We will go to try solving this problem peacefully with the Criminal Investigation unit and make strong pledges that he will not do it again.”

Seyaj called the on the courts to inflict the heaviest penalties prescribed in the Yemeni law to the father to be a lesson to others and to achieve the principle of deterrence and restraining especially in the light of high crimes of parents and relatives against children.

According to the press release that the Yemen observer received a copy of it, Seyaj thanked Mr. Ammar Al-Refae’e, the businessman Hael Abdulhaq the manager of Mercedes cars in Yemen, CID department in Sana’a governorate that led by Colonel Ahmed Al-Awdy the general manager, Al-Saeedah channel and the lawyers: Nabeel Al-Selwy, Khaled Al-Akwa’aand Nabeel Gaddr for the great humanitarian roles they have made and will make to support and advocate the child victim.