Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Non-custodial mother of boy slain by custodial father sues state (Stanton, Michigan)

The surviving non-custodial mother of a 9-year-old boy killed by his abusive custodial father in 2007 is suing the state of Michigan. Dad OLIVER BRAMAN killed himself, his (third) wife, and his son in a murder-suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning. At the time of the murders, Daddy had already been found guilty of child abuse (using a cattle prod on two older sons) and had failed to appear in court for sentencing. The county prosecutor had urged the state to get the boy out of his father's home, but as usually happens, the HHS idiots sat on their hands. HHS NOW ADMITS that they should have removed the boy and placed him with his mother. A little late now, guys.

Note that in an article from 2007, the mother says she hadn't even seen her son in the two years prior to his death as she had been REFUSED visitation. And that she had tried to get custody back and was denied justice, even as she got custody back of the older boys.

SO WHO GAVE ABUSER DADDY CUSTODY TO BEGIN WITH? Anybody want to own up to that?


Mother of Mich. boy slain by father sues state

12:19 p.m. CDT, July 20, 2010

STANTON, Mich. — The mother of a 9-year-old boy killed by his abusive father in a 2007 murder-suicide is suing, claiming child welfare workers failed to remove him from his father's home despite a prosecutor's warnings.

Rebecca Jasinski, of Saginaw County, contends that her son, Nicholas Braman, could have been saved if the state had removed him from his father's home in Montcalm County, according to a lawsuit filed earlier this month in federal court in Grand Rapids.

Oliver Braman killed himself, his wife and Nicholas by filling a room with carbon monoxide nearly three years ago. Their deaths came days after Oliver Braman failed to appear in court for sentencing in a child abuse case in which he was convicted of using a cattle prod to discipline two other sons.

A month before the deaths, the Montcalm County prosecutor's office urged the state to get Nicholas out of the home but nothing happened, according to the lawsuit.

"The death of Nicholas Daniel Braman would have been avoided if defendants had simply done what they were obligated to do by law to protect (Nicholas) from further abuse and neglect," attorney Gregory Wix said in the lawsuit.

A watchdog inside the department, the Office of Children's Ombudsman, investigated and found that child welfare workers should have stepped in to help Nicholas as soon as they became aware of the abuse of siblings, the lawsuit contends.

The state Department of Human Services has acknowledged the boy should have been removed and placed with Jasinski, who lived 80 miles away. The agency declined to comment on the lawsuit.

"We're very concerned about the safety of children," spokesman Edward Woods III told The Grand Rapids Press.

The boy's death led to a new law that established rules for how child welfare workers in different counties must communicate, among other things.

The lawsuit claims gross negligence and names seven people who are current or former employees of the department and its Child Protective Services arm. It seeks an unspecified amount of money exceeding $75,000, the threshold for a civil case in federal court.


Mother of 9 year old murder victim says she tried to save her son
Chris Fleszar
Updated:10/17/2007 11:32:46 PM - Posted: 10/17/2007 1:47:04 PM

DOUGLASS TOWNSHIP - The Montcalm County prosecutor says she was trying to remove a 9 year old boy from the home where he died earlier this week during a murder-suicide.

The body of 46 year old Oliver Braman, his 43 year old wife Nancy, and 9 year old Nicholas Braman were found yesterday afternoon at a home in Douglass Township in Montcalm County.
Montcalm County Prosecutor, Andrea Krause, tells WZZM 13 her office was attempting to convince the Department of Human Services to remove the 9-year-old Nicholas.

Krause says DHS believed there was not a threat to his life.? DHS is now referring all calls to Lansing offices.

Local authorities were not aware of abuse regarding the 9-year-old but because of abuse to the older children officials say the younger boy should have been removed.

The biological mother, Andrea Jasinski who lives in Saginaw spoke with our newspaper partner the Greenville Daily News. "I haven't seen Nicholas in more than two years," Becki Jasinski of Saginaw said today. "Friend of the Court refused me visitation."

She was in Stanton last Friday and did try to get custody of the boy but was denied. She did receive custody of her 14 and 15 year old sons.

She also told the Greenville Daily News, "I've been trying to get Nicholas out of the house ever since," Jasinski said. "The (Montcalm County) prosecutor's office was trying as well."

The Montcalm County Medical Examiner will perform autopsies Wednesday on a family of three found dead in their home. Sheriff's deputies believe 46-year-old Oliver Braman and his 43-year-old wife Nancy committed suicide Sunday along with his 9-year-old biological son Nicholas.

Neighbors say they are shocked and heartbroken to learn of the news. Duane and Ellen Bushada describe Oliver Braman as loving and generous.

"We were just glad to live next door to a guy that worked hard. We work hard and saw that he did too," said Ellen Bushada.

Deputies with the Montcalm County Sheriff's Department arrived at a Douglass Township home early Tuesday looking for Braman, who failed to appear for a pre-sentencing hearing in the 8th Circuit Court of Stanton on Monday. Braman was initially arrested on September 4th in connection with an August 3rd child abuse investigation on his two older sons. Authorities say Braman was accused of using a cattle prod to discipline the teens, something he admitted to doing.

Bushada says a deputy asked her if she had seen Braman, but she did not.

"I didn't have any idea what was going on or what was going to come down. I left to do some errands and when I came home there everybody was, I saw an ambulance and I thought well they found him-- oh my gosh what happened?"

Deputies then called the man's oldest son to check inside the home. When he arrived with a friend they found a pick-up truck parked behind the house running with a makeshift hose connected to the outside dryer vent.

Inside they found three bodies. They were lying on a mattress in one of the bedrooms. Sheriff Deputies also found what appears to be a detailed hand written account of the events leading up to their deaths. It appears from the notes that all three took large amount of Tylenol PM prior to lying down on the bed and being overcome by the exhaust fumes.

"She loved him, and she was devoted to helping him raise his kids," said Ellen Bushada of about wife Nancy Braman.

The Bushadas say the Bramans were a broken family with some trouble. Older sons had moved out, and the couple struggled to make ends meet. They never sensed danger or abuse.

"I don't buy it." said Duane Bushada of the alleged abuse charges. "He was a gentle spirit."
According to the note it appears the deaths took place late Sunday.

The Bushadas say they no matter what information comes to light about Oliver Braman. They felt he was a good person.

"He will be missed and just because I prayed today I believe I will see him in heaven. All three," said Ellen Bushada.

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