Monday, July 26, 2010

Dad pleads not guilty to beating 5-year-old son over game of hopscotch (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Dad CHRIS ROBISON has been charged with felony abuse for beating his 5-year-old son over a game of hopscotch. The guy is a schoolteacher too. Wonderful....

Dad Accused of Beating Son Pleads Not Guilty

Last Update: 11:45 am

A local father accused of beating his child over a game of hopscotch appeared before a judge today for the first time, to enter a plea of "not guilty." Chris Robison is charged with felony abuse.

Police say he beat his five year old son with a belt on July 4th during a game in front of the family home, in the presence of other neighbors.

Robison is suspended from his job as a teacher at Camp Ernst Middle School in Burlington. Robison told Local 12 that he spanked his son with a belt for talking back and that the boy was not hurt.