Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby killer dad plotted murders to silence three other family members (Cicero, Illinois)

Dad JOSE GALVEZ, who has already been jailed for the death of his newborn daughter, has now been acccused of trying to hire hitmen to kill the family members who could testify against him. Charming.

We previously posted about this case here:

Police: baby killer father plotted murders to silence three other family members
July 16, 10:55 AM
Chicago Crime Examiner
Deborah O'Malley

A man charged in the throwing death of his 3-week-old daughter is now charged with trying to hire hitmen to kill the baby's relatives who could testify against him.

The case of Jorge Galvez, 20, of Cicero, made headlines earlier this year for the Galvez's alleged cruelty and callousness.

Authorities say he threw the crying infant against her crib and then took a long nap while the baby's mother frantically tried to get help for the dying baby.

It's the second disturbing story this week of horrific treatment by a father to his child.

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In the Galvez case, the Cook County Sheriff's Department says Galvez began shopping around Cook County Jail for someone to carry out the murders of the three unidentified relatives. He's been in jail since his March arrest.

An undercover officer posed as a potential hitman and said he discussed the alleged plot with Galvez in detail. When asked how the killing should be carried out, Galvez allegedly said just "run up on them and blast them," with a gun.

Galvez, who is a Latin Kings street gang member, is now charged with three counts of solicitation of murder, in addition to the charges filed against him for the baby's death.

He is in bond court today on the latest charges, though that is just a formality since he was denied bond under the murder charge.