Monday, July 26, 2010

Mom files for order of protection; dad seeking custody of 3-year-old daughter from adoptive mom (Dayton, Ohio)

More information on Dad BENJAMIN MILLS, JR., who is currently trying to obtain custody of his 3-year-old daughter from her adoptive mother. We recently learned that the County has spent $4,000 subsidizing Daddy's "visitation trips" to California. This guy gets all the breaks--just like fathers do in general these days. But now, the birth mother has filed for a civil order of protection, after Daddy "allegedly" grabbed her in public while she was trying to get on the bus. This baby would be so much better off with the adoptive mother....

Baby Vanessa: Birth mom files for protection order against Mills
By Lou Grieco Monday, July 26, 2010, 11:25 AM

DAYTON — Baby Vanessa’s birth mother, who is supporting the child’s adoption, filed a petition for a domestic violence civil protection order on Friday, July 23, against the child’s father, Benjamin Mills, Jr.

The petition, filed by Andrea Conley, states that she was downtown in the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority hub when Mills came up behind her and grabbed her. He let her loose after she screamed, and she had someone escort her to her bus, according to the sworn statement she gave.

“Benjamin still stayed outside the bus trying to talk to me,” Conley wrote. “I was fearful and scared that he could of followed the bus and was going to grab me when I got off at my stop.”

No incident report was filed with Dayton Police Department, and Mills does not currently face criminal charges in relation with the allegation. The civil protection order is civil, though violating one can lead to criminal charges.

Conley, 31, and Mills, 29, have a long history of agitating each other. Both have been convicted of domestic violence against each other — in Mills case, it was a felony that resulted in state prison time. Both have had prior protection orders against each other, according to police and court records.

In December 2007, Conley pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of violating Mills’ protection order against her. In August 2008, she pleaded guilty to three felony counts of violating his protection order.

Mills is currently fighting for custody of Vanessa with Stacey Doss the California woman who adopted her.