Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dad, step indicted for 1st-degree murder of 3-year-old daughter (Logan County, Colorado)

Dad MARK WEEKS and the step have been indicted for 1st-degree murder and child abuse of Dad's 3-year-old daughter. No explanation here as to what Dad's custodial arrangements were.

INVISIBLE MOTHER ALERT: One again, this child's mother has been erased from the picture. Is she alive, dead, incapacitated in some way? If she is alive, did this child's death happen during Dad's visitation or did he have full custody? No explanation at all.


Sterling dad, stepmom held in toddler's death
By Howard Pankratz
The Denver Post

Posted: 07/20/2010 11:39:02 AM MDTUpdated: 07/20/2010 11:40:27 AM MDT

The biological father and stepmother of a 3-year-old girl from Logan County who died at Children's Hospital in Aurora have been indicted for first-degree murder and child abuse.

The child, Alexis Rose McClain, was taken to Sterling Regional Medical Center on July 8 suffering from critical injuries, according to the Logan County Sheriff's Office.

She was transferred to Children's Hospital and died the next day.

The indictment against Ginger Weeks, 34, and Mark Weeks, 27, was returned on Monday. Both are being held at the Logan County Detention Center without bond.

The indictment alleges that the injuries suffered by the child occurred between October 2009 and early July.

Both Mark Weeks and Ginger Weeks were indicted under a Colorado murder law which was specifically directed at people who are in positions of trust who fatally injure children under 12.

The child abuse charge accuses the pair of knowingly or recklessly causing the child's death. Specifically the charge alleges that the pair engaged in a "continued pattern of conduct" that resulted in cruel punishment, mistreatment or an accumulation of injuries.