Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dad with "anger issues" pleads guilty to breaking infant daughter's legs (Keenesburg, Colorado)

Dad JUSTIN BRANDON ROTH has pleaded guilty to child abuse after breaking his infant daughter's legs while changing her diaper. Poor daddy had "anger issues" and was "frustrated," see. Also seems Daddy had been babysitting while Mom went out. Yup. So tough.


Father pleads guilty to breaking infant's legs

A Keenesburg man with “anger issues” pleaded guilty Monday to child abuse after he broke his daughter's legs while changing her diaper in February.

Justin Brandon Roth, 21, is still being held on $100,000 bond, and his sentencing date has been set for Aug. 23.

He was arrested in February after his wife discovered their daughter's legs were broken. The night before, Roth admitted, he was changing the baby's diaper and she wouldn't bend her legs. “Justin admitted that this was frustrating and that he might have applied more force to her legs than he intended,” according to court affidavits.

The girl sustained fractures to both legs, but also had bruises to her collarbone, ribs and jaw.

The girl's mother was gone that night, but discovered the injuries when changing the girl's diaper the next morning. She took the girl to Children's Hospital in Denver.

In Weld District Court Monday, Roth pleaded guilty to felony child abuse involving criminal negligence. Although there is no mandatory sentence, he could be sent to prison for two to eight years.