Friday, July 23, 2010

Custodial dad, step arrested in death of 3-year-old girl; charged with 1st-degree murder (Sterling, Colorado)

We've posted on this case before. But the lack of answers and (deliberate?) confusion continue. First of all, the "parents" of this 3-year-old girl were not arrested. The CUSTODIAL FATHER, MARK WEEKS and the step were arrested. Mom--we are FINALLY told--"lives out of state." Based on previous information, that's probably in California.

So lots of answers needed here.

1) Who gave MARK WEEKS custody and why? Were there prior allegations of child abuse that were ignored? Was there a history of domestic violence against this girl's mother, also swept under the rug? Usually, these killer daddies have a track record. They don't just up and decide one day to beat their kid to death because it's raining on their day off.

2) Given that many moms can no longer get moveaway "permission" anymore, how and why was Daddy allowed to relocate?

3) How much do you want to bet the mother was denied visitation? That's a pretty consistent theme in these stories where abusive fathers murder the children.

Parents arrested in Sterling girl`s death
Charges include abuse, first-degree murder

By FORREST HERSHBERGER Sterling Journal-Advocate
Posted: 07/22/2010 12:54:03 PM MDT

STERLING -- The Logan County Sheriff`s Office announced this morning the arrest of Ginger and Mark Weeks in the death of 3-year-old Alexis McClain.

On July 8, the sheriff`s office was contacted by officials from Sterling Regional MedCenter after the toddler was admitted to the hospital with critical injuries. She was transported to Children`s Hospital, where she died July 10.

Ginger and Mark Weeks, Alexis`s parents, were arrested and booked at the Detention Center Monday night on charges of child abuse-knowing/reckless cause of death, a class 2 felony, and murder 1, a class 1 felony. The indictment was signed by presiding Judge Michael Singer on Monday, July 19.

Mark Weeks is the father of Alexis McClain and Ginger Weeks is her stepmother. The child`s biological mother lives out of state, according to LCSO Investigator Joe McBride. Both of the accused are scheduled to be advised of their rights in Logan County District Court this afternoon.

Ginger Weeks also goes by the name of Bishop Neguinness, and Mark Weeks has also used the name of Adam Weeks.

An autopsy has not been released yet, according to McBride. Logan County Coroner David Tennant is in charge of the autopsy. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the 13th Judicial District Attorney`s office are also involved in the investigation.

McBride said the Logan County Department of Social Services believes this to be the first child death resulting from abuse in Logan County for 40 years.

McBride noted that this announcement will likely be the last release of information given until after the disposition of the case.