Friday, July 23, 2010

Dad busted for meth labs in home after being investigated for child neglect (Raymond, Mississippi)

Dad JASON SANDERS was being investigated for child neglect when DHS caseworkers found 3 "shake and bake" meth labs in his home. This guy had 6 CHILDREN living in his home. Guess he was a real big stay-at-home kind of daddy, huh?

INVISIBLE MOTHER ALERT: And while Daddy was busy with the six kids and his "home business" thing, where is the mother of these children? Not one word. It's as if these kids all came out of a cabbage patch. The kids are now in DSS custody.

Hinds Father Busted With Three Meth Labs

By Ross Adams Reporter
Published: July 22, 2010

A Raymond man is busted for using “shake and bake labs” to make crystal methamphetamine in his home, where his six children may have been exposed to potentially deadly chemicals.

Officials tell us 34 year-old Jason Sanders is charged with possession of crystal methamphetamine, manufacturing the illegal drug and possession of precursors to make meth.

Investigators discovered three “shake and bake” meth labs in Sanders’ home.

Deputies were lead to the home after DHS social workers first visited to check out complaints of child neglect.

We’re told Sanders’ six children are now all in the custody of DHS.