Friday, July 30, 2010

Dad to stand trial for attempted murder of wife, son (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia)

UNNAMED DAD will now be standing trial for the attempted murder of his wife and son. Seems Mum had wanted to leave the marriage (wonder why....), and Daddy wasn't having any of that. Looks like his hope was to burn them to death. Fortunately, they were able to fight back and escape. Daddy now says he was "depressed." Yea, whatever.... That's what bullies and abusers always say.

Father on attempted murder charges
Janine Hill 31st July 2010

Police investigate the site of the fire and alleged attack.

A SUNSHINE Coast man will stand trial for the attempted murder of his wife and son although a similar charge involving his daughter was dismissed yesterday.

His wife gave evidence in Maroochydore Magistrates Court that her husband told her “Til death do us part” as he pushed her and their son towards flames in their burning home.

The man, 37, fronted court on charges of attempted murder, deprivation of liberty, arson and wilful damage following a fire at the family’s home on November 3 last year.

His wife said she had been in the bath when her husband came to the doorway with a jerry can, a lighter and their son, and lit a fire.

She said she called her son into the bath with her before the two of them escaped into a walk-through wardrobe, then a bedroom and into the hallway, where they were again confronted by her husband, who tried to push them back towards the burning bathroom.

“I was pushing back against him and we struggled. There was just pushing and shoving and then we ended up back down the start of the hallway,” she said.

Her husband asked, “Now will you stay with me?” after they all tumbled to the floor.

She told the court she believed she and her two children would have perished had she not agreed to his requests not to leave their marriage.

She said she fled to a neighbour’s property with her son while her husband carried their daughter, who had been standing on a lounge chair during the drama.

The woman appeared calm and did not falter while giving evidence, although her husband, who still wears pressure gloves on his burnt hands, fought back tears several times during the proceedings.

The public gallery was full to overflowing with family and friends supporting both parties.

Under cross-examination by her husband’s legal representative, Peter Sagger, the woman agreed that her husband “could have” burnt her more seriously or stopped her from escaping from the burning bathroom through the wardrobe in the first place.

The woman agreed that she had been sceptical of her husband’s claimed depression and illnesses, and had had enough of their troubled 19-year marriage.

Mr Sagger had sought to have the charges of attempted murder and deprivation of liberty against his client dropped on the basis of a lack of evidence.

Magistrate Dennis Beutel dismissed the charges of attempted murder and deprivation of liberty involving the couple’s daughter, but ordered the man to stand trial for the attempted murder and deprivation of liberty of his wife and son, for the arson of the house and wilful damage to a neighbour’s property.

Mr Beutel refused a fresh application for bail for the man, saying there was still an unacceptable risk that the man might re-offend or attempt to contact the witnesses.

The man will face trial in the Supreme Court on a date to be fixed.

The Daily cannot publish the family’s names because of laws which prevent the identification of child victims of crime.