Friday, July 30, 2010

Dad murders mom after being released from jail on bail for assaulting her, menacing kids (Hyde Park, New York)

It is an utter scandal the way these abusive fathers are let out on bail. Back in late June, Dad ANTHONY JOHN RICCARDULLI SR. had been arrested for assaulting his wife and menacing their children with deadly weapons. Mom had a full order of protection. But the system betrayed her. They let him out of jail on bail. Almost immediately, this @$$wipe returned home and shot his wife to death. This was a PREVENTABLE CRIME. As a former Dutchess County resident, I can tell you that this is typical of the basic contempt that officialdom has for the safety and well being of women and children. A COMPLETE OUTRAGE.

Investigation continues in Hyde Park murder-suicide
Emily Stewart • Poughkeepsie Journal • July 30, 2010

HYDE PARK — Officials are continuing to investigate why man released from jail Tuesday after posting bail on domestic violence charges shot his wife to death Thursday before turning the gun on himself.

The incident occurred at 46 S. Quaker Lane.

Anthony John Riccardulli Sr., 55, was released from Dutchess County Jail on Tuesday on $25,000 bail. He was charged June 27 with multiple felonies, accused of assaulting his wife, Linda Riccardulli, 47, and menacing her and two of their three children with deadly weapons.

A full order of protection was in place when Anthony Riccardulli shot Linda Riccardulli with a .38-caliber handgun early Thursday morning, first wounding her at 4 a.m., then shooting her fatally with a bullet to the head around 4:50 a.m. Riccardulli shot himself in the head a short while later, as police were coming down the hallway of his house, authorities said.

Police would not say if Riccardulli had returned home after his release or just before the killings. Dutchess County 911 received a call around 4 a.m. A woman could be heard crying in the background, said Dutchess County Sheriff's Deputy TJ Hanlon, a spokesman for the department.
Deputy Nicholas LaMonica was assigned to the call, he said.

When LaMonica arrived, Danielle Riccardulli, 17, the couple's daughter, said from inside the house that her father had shot her mother. Anthony Riccardulli shouted from another window that he would kill the police if they entered the house, Hanlon said.

LaMonica radioed the Sheriff's Office, and deputies from the Sheriff's Office Emergency Services Unit were sent to the home.

Hanlon would not say if police negotiators were able to make contact with Anthony Riccardulli.

While police were outside, they heard a shot, Hanlon said. Emergency Services Unit police entered the house and were coming down the hallway when Riccardulli shot himself. The fatal shots were fired around 4:50 a.m., Hanlon said.

Detective Sgt. Jason Mark said Anthony Riccardulli was taken to a local hospital.