Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dad in "heated divorce and custody battle" charged with murder of 5-year-old son during weekend visitation (Decatur, Georgia)

Dad GARY DETOMA SR. has been charged in the murder of his 5-year-old son, who appears to have died from suffocation. The boy died during Daddy's weekend visitation. Note that Daddy was in a "heated divorce and custody battle" with the mother, which is basically code for a violent abusive father punishing the mother by threatening to take her kids away. Well, Daddy managed to do that. Permanently. Didn't he? Any other questions regarding motive here?


5-Year Old May Have Been Smothered By His Father

Posted By - Ben Mayer
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Last Updated On: 7/12/2010 10:00:42 PM

DECATUR, Ga. -- A Decatur man is accused of doing the unthinkable. He's charged with murdering his own child, a 5-year old boy.

Police have issued a warrant for Gary DeToma Sr., who was taken into custody at the Eastlake Drive apartment where his son was found dead Monday afternoon.

Though neighbors were relieved the murder wasn't random, they were struck by the fact that a father was accused of killing his son.

"It's very disturbing, that's what it is," said neighbor Terry Broughton. Broughton and his wife Twana have lived in the neighborhood for years. "It's just heartbreaking to know that kind of stuff is happening in your neighborhood," said Twana Broughton. "Especially a child being killed."
Another neighbor said she just learned it was a child who was killed. "That hurts real bad," said Nicia Taylor.

Neighbors knew the 5-year old boy and his 4-year old brother, who played at the Oakhurst Place Apartments on East Lake Drive. They're father lived in apartment #20.

Now their father, Gary DeToma, Sr., is charged with murder.

One of DeToma's co-workers went to his apartment at about 1-PM according to Decatur police. The co-worker told police DeToma didn't show up for work Monday.

Deputy Chief Keith Lee said the co-worker was able to coax the 4-year old brother to open the door. "When he went inside he found the five year old child, who appeared to be deceased, laying in a bedroom upstairs," said the Deputy Chief. "The father was in the room with him"

Deputy Chief Lee said it appeared the child was suffocated but a final determination will be made by the medical examiner's office.

Police were at the apartment two hours before the co-worker arrived, according to police. They were called by an attorney who represents DeToma's wife, because the children were not returned to her after spending a weekend visitation with their father.

"Out officer initially went to the residence, knocked, checked around the residence, it was secure, it was locked and no one answered the door," Lee said. "There were no legal grounds to enter the home for our officer."

According to DeKalb County court records, DeToma and his wife, Melanie, were in a heated divorce and custody battle.

Gary DeToma is in the DeKalb County Jail charged with murder. Police said his 4-year old son has been returned to his mother.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is also involved in the investigation.