Wednesday, July 14, 2010

6-year-old boy predicted dad would kill mom; why don't we believe the children? (West Haven, Connecticut)

Kids are a hell of a lot more perceptive than a lot of adults want to give them credit for. Evidence now shows that the 6-year-old son just knew that his father would kill his mother--and sadly, he was exactly right. The little boy even told a neighbor about his concerns, who taught him how to dial 911. Why don't the authorities listen to the children? Why was a dad like SELAMI ODZEMIR allowed to violate a protective order TWICE in the twelve hours before he murdered this poor little boy's mom?

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Report: Conn. boy predicted dad would kill mom

10:58 a.m. EDT, July 14, 2010

WEST HAVEN, Conn. — Newly released documents say a West Haven murder-suicide suspect's 6-year-old son was so sure his father would eventually kill his mother that a neighbor taught the boy to call 911.

Reports by police and the state's attorney's office on the January murder of Shengyl Rasim (SHEN'-gill Rah-ZEEM') and the suicide of her husband, Selami Odzemir (Seh-LAH'-mee ODZ'-eh-meer), were obtained by the New Haven Register through the Freedom of Information Act.

The reports said the couple's 6-year-old told his neighbor months earlier that he believed his father would kill his mother, prompting the neighbor to teach the child how to call for help.

The documents said witnesses told police Rasim was about to leave Odzemir, who violated a protective order twice in 12 hours before the killing.