Monday, July 19, 2010

Father of 4 barricades himself in home with young son; threatens to blow himself up (Perth, Australia)

A father of four--identified only as JOHN--seems to have responded to a "domestic dispute" by barricading himself in his home with his son and threatening to blow himself up. There was even a concern that this guy had doused the house with gasoline (petrol). Question: When are reporters going to quit blaming "domestic disputes" for why these nutcases start these police standoff where they threaten to kill people? It's as if daddies are exempt from ever taking responsibility for their own sh**.

INVISIBLE MOTHER ALERT: Of course, there is not a word on the mother of these children and what she has had to endure with this idiot. She's been totally erased--except, perhaps, for vague references to the ubiquitous "domestic dispute"--which, of course, tells you nothing about who did what to whom.

Father of four triggers home siege
From: AAP July 19, 2010 2:03PM

A 41-year-old father of four is believed to have barricaded himself and his young son inside their home in northern Perth and is threatening to blow himself up.

The man, known as John, rang police with threats about 7.50am (WST) today from his home in Sinagra along Wanneroo Rd.

The street was quickly cordoned off and houses near the scene were evacuated while Tactical Response Group officers arrived at the scene and attempted to negotiate with him.

Police confirmed another person was inside the home and it is believed it is John's young son.

Outside the home, John's brother Damien told reporters he had no idea what caused John to barricade himself inside his home and make the threats.

Damien pleaded with his brother to come to his senses and end the siege.

"Just pull your head in, get your s*** together," he told reporters he had said.

"Your family's out here wanting to talk to you, we love you heaps and we hope for a positive outcome."

Damien, who did not give his last name, said there was no way his brother would hurt his son.

"But if police storm the place, he might not think straight," he said.

He said whatever the issue was with John, it had built up over a long time.

Police have cut the gas to the home after it was thought the man had covered the house with petrol.

As well as the young son inside the home, John has three daughters.

Sergeant Greg Lambert said it was believed the man was involved in a domestic dispute prior to the siege.

"My understanding is he's got some sort of gripe and he's having a bad day and is threatening self harm," he told Fairfax Radio.

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